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YAP proposal #95: The Farm That Grows a Farmer (Alpha Sennon, Trinidad and Tobago)

Being outrageous to be inspirational are the perfect words to use to introduce ourselves and our reality. My name is Alpha Sennon, I am a 28 year old “Farmerpreneur” from Trinidad and Tobago currently pursuing an MPHIL degree at the University of the West Indies in Agricultural Extension with training in Agricultural Entrepreneurship and Supply Chain Management. I was able to successfully found this organization entitled WHYFARM and guess what – I’m also a farmer.

Mr Luke Smith is 26 and the AgriEduTainment & Information Communication Technology Officer. He is the man behind the scenes working his magic with photography & videography of which he has been acknowledged locally & regionally. He has vast experience in social media with a background in agribusiness and passionate about making a positive change for future generations.

Lets cut to the chase of Why farm?

WHYFARM is a not-for-profit organization that was developed to help young men and women capitalize on the opportunities and overcome the challenges in the agriculture industry by becoming stronger leaders and more dynamic voices in their local communities. WHYFARM was developed to re-brand young existing farmers and create new ones for the food challenges faced of the 21st century. We start by answering the question “Why farm?” to the youth, through innovative projects while simultaneously helping them farm.

Our mission is to help young farmers farm more efficiently and effectively in order to create the next generation of farmers and farmerpreneurs to develop bold, disruptive innovations that help solve the greatest challenge facing our collective future: food security.

WHYFARM’s Motto is Growing Future Feeders from the Ground up

AgriVenture through WHYFARM

We seek to foster a commitment to agricultural development that promotes a sense of hope for the future in a sustainable and food secure economy. Our primary objective is to develop a new generation of food producers by using innovative agricultural educational entertainment strategies to capture the youth, starting with their thought process to influence their decision making with regards to food security.

Educating the Future in the present: AgriEduTainment

WHYFARM believes we have found the new way of reaching out to potential future feeders through AGRI-EDUtainment – a combination of agriculture education and entertainment utilizing the arts and digital tools. Thus we have created a farming superhero…drumrolls please….entitled “AGRIman

The story must be told of an adventure that encourages youth in agriculture .Starting with a main character whose responsibility is to be the world’s food saviour. Guess what? He happens to be a farmer branded as the world’s most powerful superhero food provider! Developed to combat and destroy the wicked food imposter and show children why they should adopt the culture of agriculture.To ensure they avert drought and starvation in the future, initiating, tilling, ploughing, moulding, nurturing, and growing a farmer

To ensure the sustainAGRIlty of this initiative we started “AGRIman Fan Club” for kids to ensure that there is continuity of practical, fun and creative activities to engage the members in Agri-EduTainment. Our aspirations are to eventually have this adventure as a cartoon series to air live on television globally.

Let’s be real

The main concern remains that the average age of the farmers in the Caribbean is above 45 years and many are actually over 60 years (Greene 2010). In a study entitled Youth in Agriculture- Challenges and Opportunities, stated that the average age of farmers in the Caribbean is 55 years and the life expectancy in the region averages about 65 to 70 years ( Lalji 2009).

By 2050, the population is expected to be 9 billion people. Therefore in the next 35 years, 5 to 10 year olds will be 40 to 46 years of age. They are the ones that will be responsible for producing our food. For the sake of food security, focus should be on youths starting as early as three. For there to be any revolution and evolution of this culture of agriculture to be rebranded, it is important to note that the formative years of conditioning is birth to twelve.

We need to condition the minds of generation next to take this culture to the hands of the youth. Therefore there must be new approaches to ensure that they (children) eventually take up this task in order to ensure food security occurs and hunger is eliminated.

Making it Happen

Let’s move with speed, fast like the lightning not slow like the thunder otherwise people will only hear us and not see us. We have certainly been breaking the sound barriers and lighting up the minds of both young and old. Our seed has borne fruit as we have successfully launched our startup organization “WHYFARM” in the island of Tobago at last years’ Tobago World Food Day celebrations. We have since been travelling to schools throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

Having successfully published our first AGRIman Adventures comic book series, we have introduced this into other countries including Grenada, Barbados and about to travel to Switzerland. WHYFARM has already partnered with reputable regional organizations like the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development institute (CARDI) and the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), and is in partnerships talks with International Association of Students in Agriculture (IAAS).

WHYFARM have completed the motion comic series of AGRIMAN Adventures and is about to release at schools and AGRIevents. We have been receiving overwhelming requests globally for AGRIMAN to attend events and introduce the message of WHYFARM in their local communities.

So What’s next?

​The adventure has just begun, the next step to have WHYFARM AND AGRIMAN Adventures on main stream. We intend to develop AGRIMAN as a cartoon on global television, also having products such as toys, bags, clothing etc. An animator has already began drafting the cartoon characters and is expected to release an advertisement by middle April 16, however we expect to get the cartoon on stream at least in the Caribbean by September,16.

Designing and Publishing of future Agriman Adventure comic book series 2 and 3- $1000USD

Equipment to aid in the creation of audio/ visual content to promote Agriedutianment- $1500USD

Travel fee to launch WhyFarm and AgriMan in other caribbean islands-$1000USD

Development of school/community agriculture based programme – $500USD

The remainig 1000USD will be used to have an Agriman cartoon on global television, also having products such as toys, bags, clothing etc.

An animator has already began drafting the cartoon characters and is expected to release an advertisement by middle April 16, however we expect to get the cartoon on stream at least in the Caribbean by September,16.

“The world has seen a Spiderman, a Superman and Batman, where is our farming superhero? help the world see the newly invented AGRIMAN”

Blogpost and picture submitted by Alpha Sennon (Trinidad and Tobago) – whyfarmit[at]

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272 thoughts on “YAP proposal #95: The Farm That Grows a Farmer (Alpha Sennon, Trinidad and Tobago)”

  1. Most people mainly focus of increasing food production towards achieving food security but WhyFarm has turned the table focusing on the ones who will grow the food In the future . Awesome Idea and much needed. Agriman to the world

    1. You said it correctly, You cannot think about growing crops when there is not anyone to grow the crops.
      Real pleasure to work with you on WHYFARM, could not ask for a better partner.

  2. Great guys what you’re doing !!! I so much love your concept and have faith in it that Agriman will make agriculture cool for kids allll over the world !! I fully support you in this 😀 !
    Keep up the good work !

    1. Thank you very much Lisanne. I am happy that you share this vision. Agriculture must become AgriCOOLture.
      AGRIMAN can make this happen to attract the younger generation.

  3. Good job with the promotion of food security and the encouragement shared for young farmers that are upcoming like myself. The Agriman adventure is a great way to get kids / children involve in farming, blessings to you and your #whyfarm team, Fully support form on this :- Troy Jason James.

    1. Troy
      WHYFARM wishes to invite you to join our Cyber Farm Collective Movement, where we help each other to go, grow and glow.Please see Thank you for the realization that Agriman Adventure is a great way to get children involve in Agriculture.

  4. Great initiative and impressive ideas! One suggestion I have is to broaden your target audience and include content for young adults like myself to join the fight. Best of luck!!!

    1. Dear Shane

      Thank you for your comment and your brilliant remarks.
      At this point in time our main focus are the pre- teenagers, recently we have been geting many request to visit high schools, so last Saturday I took an opportunity and visited a high school presenting to them and the results was amazing.
      So with some more of these visits , testing the concept with young adults, we can now focus on persons your age.
      What I would love to know from you though, is what would someone your age be looking for in AGRIMAN?
      Feel free to share

  5. Love the vision…..if I had a million dollars I would invest in this innovative strategy to grow out future feeders from the ground up….. Great job guys…..

    1. Dear Alison

      This is inspiring, to know you would have been ready to invest. We will love to have you volunteer at WHYFARM and join on General Assembly.
      Thank you

  6. If I think back to how my childhood made me who I am, I can’t possible overstate the importance ideas like Agri-man have for the formation of the next generation’ mindsets…congrats on taking it back to the fundamentals, would like to see him be outrageous and inspirational in Belgium!

    1. Dear Emile
      This is awesome, thank you for sharing some deep thoughts there, If AGRIMAN was around as long as super man maybe there would be more youths in Agriculture and maybe less hunger. Its all about the foundation ad you said, the ages between birth to 12 is when children brains are conditioned to particular things, If you want to change and re brand agriculture then you must do it with them. #talkdone Thank you Emile for your very outrageous positive response.

    2. Dear Emile

      Thank you for this comment. I am happy that IAAS in Belgium is considering developing WHYFARM franchise for the local communities and local AGRIMAN t go to schools. Lets make this happen.
      Yes the fundamental ages in formulating ones mind is birth to 12 so this is why our approach is this important.
      Thank you Emile.

    1. Dear Michiel

      We will love to hear your ideas on how we can make AGRIMAN deveop further so that children around the world can endorse him just as you did.
      Please contact us at

  7. It is important to educate youth about agriculture at an early age and through WhyFarm’s efforts so far, they are definitely on the right track! Keep pushing forward!

    1. Dear Kristyn
      Thank you very much for sharing this and supporting our project. This is not about us now but for the future generations to come.

  8. The why farm effort is very innovative an necessary. In terms of the global economy farming is needed now more than ever, cause this effort of producing farmers is cheaper than always importing foreign food and goods for consumption. Also the youth needs a program like this cause it can help with eventually the crime suitation in trinidad an to a larger extention the world. So me an my company endorse Why Farm fully. WHY FARM thanks for giving the youth hope. Thxs Mr Sennon.

    1. Dear Mr Ansil Sennon
      I must say thank you for these words and where you see WHYFARM helping youth in Trinidad.
      The one that touched the most is WHYFARM being able to help with crime. Through our Cyber Farm Collective Movement we have already began helping, taking youths of the streets and putting them in programs to grow food and contribute to Agriculture.
      We would love to hear more from you on how you see us helping the situation further, please contact u at

  9. Already many evidences showing that agriculture starts to lose its attractiveness especially among youth. I personally find this worrying if this still happens for years to come. Who would feed our planet then? Then I came across Agriman, a hero figure that will save the world by introducing school age children of the sexiness of agriculture. This project may not feed the world now, but imagine our future filled with young agripreneurs! Go ahead, Agriman!

    1. Waw Dear Ratih

      Thank you so very much for sharing same vision all the way in Indonesia. It is interesting how AGRIMAN is relevant and needed in all corners of the globe. Interesting how you said sexiness to agriculture and I have realized that it has started to work especially when we go to secondary schools.
      lets make this happen together

      thank you Ratih

    2. Dear Ratih

      You hit the nail on the head. You said it perfectly and I quote” This project may not feed the world now, but imagine our future filled with young agripreneurs! That right there is inspiration for us to keep on. Thank you for seeing this and applauding it.
      AGRIMAN will soon be in Indonesia through your support and commitment to youth in Agriculture.
      Thank you IAAS Indonesia

  10. *permission to scream*
    This initiative, should it get the support and financing needed would change… no… would REVOLUTIONIZE… the way agriculture and its related facets is perceived not only in Trinidad and Tobago, but the region and the world. I remember asking once “how can we change the mindset of our youths towards the sector?” “How can we make them more interested in what now is an aging profession?” And to be honest I knew we had to influence the mind but I didnt know how. Then….. suddenly… very superhero-ish this “no its not a bird, nor a plane but AgriMan” appears and is doing the right things… I know my comment is a bit long… but I cannot contain my enthusiasm. I love love the idea. The possibilities are endless.

    1. Dear Ms Mapp

      Your comment is very thrilling and exciting. We really do appreciate this and wish to work with you soon in the near future. With regards to your questions which you once asked, we really hope to answer them and being someone who have been in and around the sector for quite sometime, we would love for you to further assess our methods.

      Thank you oncemore

  11. I am delighted that I have gotten to know you two gentlemen. I look forward to working with you with my students as we surge forward to teach our kids to eat local, grow what you eat and eat what you grow!

    1. We are indeed looking to expand into schools very soon. Thank you the support and you will be hearing from us soon

  12. The idea is a sustainable one for generations to come, with a world changing view of how people look at the agriculture industry and the enormous benefits to individuals, families, community, country and hopefully the world. We all eat and that’s WHY FARM!!!!!! Every success to you all 100% support

  13. This is such a brilliant idea. What food security can we have without the “elbow grease” . Well thought out……stepping in the right direction esp in these times…luv it

  14. Fantastic initiative!! I love this approach to dealing with food security….this needs to be pushed and given full support by all stakeholders (everyone who eats food!). Hope to see more out of this initiative!!

  15. One of the greatest programme put together well organize Whyfarm. Influencing the youths and inspiring farmers world wide Agriman!

  16. Absolutely positively wonderful initiative!!! And even better coming from a fellow youth! Wish more of corporate Trinidad and Tobago would invest in this venture.Not only is this a way to educate our youth on agriculture, it’s importance and its absolute necessity but a way to occupy easily idle YET gifted hands and minds to further develop themselves holistically and by extension contribute to the development of a much “starving” nation. Continue to spread this interesting absolutely have my support!!

    1. Dear Chrystal

      Thank you sooo very much. Coming from a fellow youth this means alot, this is powerful and inspiring.
      Yes I wish more of corporate Trinidad and Tobago would invest in this venture, but we cannot for them to do so. We have to d what e have to do in order to get somewhere and just from your comment I realize that we have your support,
      Thank you.

  17. This is the great way to be a hero in the world right now, we need superhero to save our wolrd to face feeding 9 billions people across the world at 2050 which need all support from us. Hopefully this project initiative will create youth in agriculture who be the next a superhero.

    1. Dear Sapto

      Thank you very much for seeing this and agreeing that e need a superhero that makes sense to save the world.

  18. Great work as always! 🙂 There is so much talent among the young people of Trinidad and Tobago and you take it to the world!

  19. Wow! This is a great step into the future. I love that you guys came up with this and it’s just amazing. Hope others will follow your lead, because you are an example for our and the next generations. God bless what you’re doing. Have faith and keep on going. You guys are the ones who will help make the world a better place.

  20. An engaging and innovative way and method to be place in the classroom. Agriman need to come at my school. …. The children will be excited. .. Great work WHY FARM

    1. We would most definitely make that possible in the future . The schools are future minds are being molded and Agriman must be apart of that

  21. I have started my own urban gardening from being inspired by what WHYfarm is promoting. I am proud to have sent pictures to Alpha of wat i have grown thus far. As AGRIman inspire more youths it can certainly become a true super hero with the power to positively influence youths to have pride in farming and entrepreneurship.

  22. Excellent initiative! Creative, fun and inspiring 🙂 Agriman appeals to all ages- my son is almost 3 and already says “I’m AGRIMAN!” it is exciting to think of a future filled with young people who respect Agropreneurship as a transformative force in the world. Great job!!!

    1. Awesome, glad to know there are Agrimen in the making for the future and with a super mom like you i’m sure greater adventures are instore

    2. Dear Ms Gould

      Thank you very much. This means a lot coming from the Founder of Global Organization Thought for Food.
      We are happy your 3 year old, considers him self AGRIMAN, this change is already happening. Yes a world filled with agripreneurs, how would it be possible for anyone to be hungry?

      Thank you once more.

  23. Amazing idea! My mom is an Agri teacher and the dwindling interest is real. This is a great way to get such an important subject back into schools!

  24. Lovely enterprise! As was rightfully said we need to encourage greater involvement in agriculture and its importance and targeting the youth is a great start!

  25. What a breakthrough! So impressed with the idea. But how can we measure the success of this AGRIMan?

  26. Wonderful & essential idea guys! We definitely need the younger generation to buy into the importance of agribusiness and whyfarm & Agriman & great initiatives, to spur such trends. Keep it up guys & all the very best!

    1. Thank you for taking time to comment we do appreciate everyones input. As our motto says We are growing future feeders from the ground up

  27. The idea of rebranding farming to make it appealing to children is certainly a step in the right direction. Its about time you hear more children say “I want to be a farmer when I grow up” especially given the amount of food we import.

  28. We have to make the minds of new generation take agriculture to the hands of them,
    and i think your idea is the best approach,
    there so many people who struggling for the same idea but they dont know how to start,
    so, you have to make them hear then you will get more support
    keep it up dude!!

  29. Re-branding farming in a way that it would appeal to young people ultimately translates into developing a nation that can feed itself, and what better place to start than with the children. Terrific idea!

  30. This Is a great initiative and I hope that this could be the baseline for promotion of food security world wide. Keep up the good work #continuousimprovement

  31. What a creative project! I’m looking forward for this ones. We need to engage Youth to be change-makers in Agriculture, it means that we need to educate them to do more in agriculture.

  32. The concept of AGRIman is ingenious enough to overcome adverse attitudes linked to agriculture. I see AGRIman as a step in the right direction. No longer would agriculture regulate itself to farm. Instead it should be integrate into other mainstream industries through the media and technology. Your proposal is passionate, creative but most of all it offers something different. WHYFARM’s approach will re-brand agriculture as fun, creative and profitable. Thus, creating a future where we can see an increase in food production.

    Global suggestions are often made for diversification in the sector. But this path seems a bit traditional in its method. For example, from raw products to value added goods as a means to increase economic growth in the sector. Your proposal outlines television and comics books to diversify the industry. This method is unique to the Caribbean and could change the mindset of our leaders. It will also help to develop the capabilities of future farmers.

    I am fascinated by the terms you used such as “Farmerpreneur” and AgriEduTainment. From where I sit this is revolutionary. Its a game changer. I can see a lot of children asking in future “how can I become a Farmerpreneur?”.

    Alpha, you mentioned creating an AGRIman Cartoon for Global Television. But after reading your proposal I was thinking why stop there, why not make a movie as well. Just another ingredient to add to the pot your brewing.

    I am a Marvel ‘Comic’ Fan and have been so for years. No other comic strip could every compare. But, I am now an “AGRIman” fan too.

    Keep up the great work.

    1. Dear Enricka

      I sit here in full amazement to the comments you made here. This is not just support in nice words, I can feel te realness and the passion you placed into this comment box.
      WHYFARM definitely brings something new to the table and I am happy that you are able to see this. This rebranding of the culture of Agriculture which we wants to transform into AGRICoolture for the children has began to happen through AGRIMAN.
      I so love your remarks on why stop at the animated series, who said we stopping there lol
      But biggggg thanks to strengthen and identifying that thought and we will love to have further discussio with you on this. We are all about collaboration and not competition.

  33. We think, you and your team came up with a good purposes and visions for the better agriculture. But there’s some lack between the conception of agriman and impementation that should be done to reach its goals that we are dreamed about. Here’s the things:

    1. Your team have to create a good stories which can be used to compete with marvel heroes and DC Comics.

    2. Your storyline have to be strong enough to ensure that there’s some connection between the story and the implementation that you hoped for.

    3. To be honest, we think you’re taking too much step than you should. Lets say, the first thing you have to do is ensure that agriman is sustain at least in one prominent country before it globalized\

    1. Greetings

      Thank you very much for your very inspiring and well thought out response.

      We appreciate you taking this time to give these constructive feedback.

      Please allow me to respond in sequence to your comments above.
      1)Yes we totally agree that we have to create good stories with a powerful message to the likes of Marvel and Dc comics. Our first series which has already been published just gives an introductory story to Agriman to the market. Have you gotten a copy of this series?

      2) Fully agree with your second point as well, in our second series which will be launching soon gives a very powerful message in line with world water day, creating that impact among the youth of importance of safe and healthy water usage etc.

      3) With regards to your third point, in suggesting that we are taking too many steps, I wish to advise that WHYFARM have been doing school tours throughout the island of Trinidad and Tobago. We have made appearances on local television programme and published stories on local newspapers. In understanding the culture of the people of my country, although you try your best to get your project fully going locally, when they see it happening internationally this is when they become more excited and then the people fully endorse.
      So what do we do? wait twenty years for them to accept WHYFARM and AGRIman or go out to the world, apply for international grants to get the necessary resources to build AGRIman better in the local communities. I say we go out there and get what the world offers to assist our project.
      I wish we can have more discussion on this, because we really appreciate your comments and suggestions and I would love to know what prompt them.

      Thank you very much.

  34. Agriman is hands down the way to capture our future feeders. Grow them WhyFarm team as best as you can! All the best in the project!!!

  35. Great initiative to educate children on agriculture, hope to hear more of your amazing project in the future.

      1. Luke it is good to see you involved in this project. No doubt I expect that you would continue to be one of agriculture’s assets to the ICT world that is continuing to ufold. Keep it up!

  36. An innovative and much needed approach to a matter that impacts the entire World. This can be the first time Food Security moves from being a ” talk ” and become a “walk”. WHYFARM to the World and Beyond
    AGRIMAN to the World and Beyond

    1. Mr George

      This can be the first time Food Security moves from being a ” talk ” and become a “walk” all I have to say is wowwwwwwww
      Thank you Mr Caesar

  37. Wonderful proactive, positive initiative by young people. Instead of waiting for others to act on their promise to develop the agriculture industry, WHYFarm is taking matters into their own hands. Kudos and all the best! You have my support. Change starts with the execution of ideas and the education of our youngest citizens.

  38. Great Iniative.. lets focus on the future of agriculture and bring change in the minds of the youth!!

  39. I believe that this is a great initiative. We as a people and as a species must think about the fact that we are growing and also about where will we get food. Alpha Great job.

  40. Very good initiative Mr. Sennon
    As a youth involved in the agricultural sector I look forward to new innovative ways to promote agriculture among the Nation’s youth. Keep up the good job

  41. Excellent work to stimulate “early childhood grounding” in Agriculture. I look forward to the launch of WhyFarm and AgriMan in the rest of the Caribbean.

  42. I love this venture. This is a great method of sensitizing younger ones about Agriculture.

  43. The future is with Agriculture. Keep up the good work, I am in full support of your venture. We need more persons to be pushing agriculture above all things because without we cannot survive. Lets make Trinidad and Tobago a food secured nation

  44. Love and appreciate this initiative. Great work. Looking forward to seeing this going global.

  45. Excellent initiative!!! This is just the beginning.. Keep up the great work Alpha and WhyFarm along with AGRIMAN 😦

    1. Dr Davis
      We appreciate the support always coming from GFRAS. I hope we can find a way to work together in the near future. At whyfarm we love Collaboration and not competition. We see WHYFARM as a great extension tool for children, if the Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services can adopt this in their local communities around the world then the message of AGRIMAN will give greater and more beneficial reach.
      Afterall we must have an extension provider for the children shouldn’t we?

  46. Fantastic work guys. I really like the fact that you are targeting young farmers who the most impotant and energetic. It’s really nice to hear and the fact that you are youth targeting fellow youth. Go on guys. The sky is the limit.

  47. The thought of an agriman just excites me. I am so happy to know that from the word go, toddlers and young kids will have an agriman to look up to. This concept may be that one thing that will bring the solution many are seeking to get more youth interested in agriculture.. thumbs up. #Agriman

    1. Thank you soo very much for recognizing what AGRIMAN could do to children from an early age, in understanding the importance of Agriculture. We already started to have that impact among the children and though our Agriman fanclub it’s already happening
      Thank you again for your support.

  48. I support this project 100% Agriman to the world. Starting from the youths is a great strategy.

  49. Way to go WhyFarm! Looking forward to having Agriman launched in Malawi! 😊😊

  50. Different is what’s needed….Different is “Whyfarm”. Loving the taglines and catch phrases but moreso, know they will be backed up with action….Moving fast like lightening and not slow like thunder. Definitely a group to support and one to keep and eye on. So many possibilities to bear fruit and where better to be but at the seed and seedling stage, our youths. Great initiative. Keep up and expand the good work. Hope more support comes by way of resources.

  51. Incredibly innovative ideas in this initiative! Keep up the amazing work and good luck on making this possible!

  52. Innovative, relevent and just may be the solution to many ills in the body as well as society. Keep at it guys, this initiative will Yield much much more that was sown.

  53. The concept of AgriMan is the future of Agriculture. I am looking forward to the development of this brand, and its contribution to Trinidad and Tobago and the wide Caribbean region.

  54. Great Job!! Agriman is the future of Agriculture. Looking forward to this brand contributing to the development and awareness of opportunities in Agriculture, in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean region.

  55. Great initiative love the use of agriman which targets and makes it very appealing for our young ones #brilliant

  56. WHYFARM has successfully developed a sustainable mentorship model using education and entertainment to ensure our present and future food needs are met. I am impressed by the vision and look forward to the continued growth and success of this organisation.

  57. WHYFARM has successfully introduced a mentorship model in food sustainability empowering youths through the education and entertainment. Food secure is truly at the core of this initiative, I am impressed by the vision and the momentum of this organisation. Great things ahead 

  58. WHYFARM has successfully introduced a mentorship model in food sustainability by empowering youths through education and entertainment. Food security is truly at the core of this initiative and I am impressed by the vision and the momentum of the organization. Only great things ahead with AGRIman. 🙂

  59. Excellent initiative that targets the younger generation through education about the basis of food and agriculture which also is the basis of good health, growth, development and nutrition. Very relevant in a time where convenient processed foods are the foundation of our diets from very tender ages. Bringing awareness of food security is so crucial in the times that we live in and the times to come. yes the country needs doctors, teachers, business professionals but this initiative narrows in on the importance of farmers/agri professionals for sustainability.
    Keep up the good work. Looking forward to its growth and expansion in T & T and the Caribbean.

  60. Whenever I come across an initiative that opens the eyes of the youth specially our girls/young women I always stop and read and share. This is a good venture and I am sure that the information and activities you bring will be one that can help with the sustainability of an industry. Love it guys! forward ever backward never.

  61. Big congratulations on the success of the project thus far Alpha! The plight of the Caribbean Farmer is arduous when a culture of self-sustainability isn’t embedded in our region. Keep up the good work as education is the key to culture change.

    1. Dear Berisford

      Your comment is well received and most appreciated. Most importantly I love how you said Education is the key to culture change. Thank you for sharing.

  62. I am from Panama Republic and I have never heard or read such a thing in my country, but I think it is such a great idea to share not only with kids but young adults about agriculture… I hope to read more about this in a future!! Keep it up guys…

  63. Farmers matter! It’s important to keep young people engaged and there’s no doubt that television is widely influential.

  64. I’m impressed with the innitiative. But what about revamping the knowledge of Older Farmers? While the traditional farming techniques have brought them so far- are there any “new” or improved farming awareness that hasn’t been brought to the spotlight? I can appreciate the AgriEdutainment for kids-its great that we can introduce children to connecting with the environment via agriculture and educating them on food security with AgriMan, but more needs to be done on the forefront of agriculture and its advancement. No pressure just Something to think about on your next endeavor Alpha 😊

  65. I must say.. I was there for the launch.. help promote why farm and also presented it as a successful agribusiness for which it is. This is the beginning of something great. I think this is one of the major tools which can help revive agriculture

    1. Tracy
      You supported WHYFARM fro start for this I say thank you and you continue to support.
      Together we can make that reviving a reality

  66. I admire Alpha’s work, it is a paradigm shift in Agri Education and God willing it will be successful. Tageting the young folks is a fantastic idea by moulding their minds to the reality that Food Production is a GREAT NECESSITY. He is a true inspiration and has me made strive to further my dream to become an agropreneur. See you soon brother. God’s blessings to you in your endeavours.

  67. God looks down the earth he created and said that I need a care taker for this world which I have created and so god made a farmer. This lines are truly proved by you Mr. Alpha Sennon. The work which you are doing for the Farmers in your country is awesome and they are going to be benefited by your programme.
    You are promoting sustainable agriculture in your country which is great idea.

  68. Great to see your active thinking about ways to attract the younger folks to agriculture. The idea of agriman must work and it has universal appeal, congratulations! I am sure you will find funding options.

  69. I am so proud to see what you’re doing. This is a beautiful thing to teach the children, our future. Once taught this they will always have a way to survive. You guys keep up the great work. It is greatly appreciated and respected!

  70. Great initiative and very creative. An idea that is needed in urgency to get our youths involved. I applaud the young mind of Mr. Alpha Sennon for such an innovation which.

  71. This is the type of initiative we read about in other countrues. So refreshing and exciting to have it happening right here right now 🙂

  72. Alpha and Agriman. Nuff respect my brothers. I know that Agriman is targeted towards the younger generation, but I’m not ashamed to say that he has inspired me to work harder and aim higher in my agribusiness. Just keep forwarding in this time and the next. Ps. Waiting on my action figure and comic. Lol.

    1. Imagine your idea is motivating the older ‘young people’ like Brent. As you know Brent is a champion with his agribusiness operation. . This is great. Also someone from South Africa saw the presentation and insist that you are invited to our workshop in August 2016. I told her you are already on the list.

    2. Dear Brent
      Wowwwww this coming from you is really encouraging. I am happy to hear that AGRIMAN has inspired you to work harder. While AGRIMAN is busy out on the field assisting a farmer with some drought issues in Antigua I will let him know and have him deliver the action figure and comic to you.
      Nuff respect Brentos
      Thank you Again

  73. Alpha…. you are on to something great. Very well-written post. I am looking forward to collaborate with you on this project.

  74. This is a much needed initiative in Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean and the world. It is indeed projects like these that literally give LIFE to mankind. It is my desire that Alpha and the WhyFarm team continue to empower this generation of human beings to grow, go and glow. it is going out and growing food, that we allow out citizens to glow. I yearn for the day when our region can truly actualize the significance of agricultural enterprises. I pray that this team continue to be pioneers in the Caribbean. May God bless all of you.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, we intend to continue pushing the boundaries and taking agriculture to new levels in the Caribbean.

    2. Nolana as you received the Commonwealth Youth Award for Excellence in Development for the Caribbean and Americas, for your work in Sustainable Livelihoods and Poverty Reduction, we are absolutely pleasured to have you commenting and supporting WHYFARM.
      We really intend to allow these future feeders to grow, go and glow. You have spoken strong words here to which we appreciate.
      Thank you very much, look forward to working with you.

    1. Abu Adam

      Thank you for this very powerful analogy, we will hold on to that for a very long time to come.
      Appreciate your support.

  75. WHYFARM adopts a very unique, revolutionary approach to creating a food secure world. “Growing future feeders from the ground up” is the guiding philosophy of WHYFARM. There currently exists an ageing population in the sector, when most of the current farmers retire, which may be sooner than later, who would feed the world-It’s the kids in the elementary schools and those that are yet to come.
    Welcome AGRIMAN, the world’s most powerful food provider who has taken up the mantle to spread that message of the importance of farming to youths.
    WHYFARM taking agriculture beyond the beyond…………..and beyond.

    1. Mr Cooper

      I have read every word which you have typed there and you could not have said it better.
      Thank you thank you thank you.
      Coming from a historian, musician, artiste and farmacist as yourself, this is really appreciated.
      Mr Cooper you are an champion to this cause.

    2. Your involvement in WHYFARM is absolutely necessary for its’ growth and continuance.
      We appreciate all what you do for WHYFARM.
      This message is powerful and really inspiring
      Thank you again Mr Cooper, together we will grow future feeders.

  76. When my colleagues at the Deltones Institute of Steel Drums and Music first saw this, we realized that this re branding of Agriculture is absolutely necessary for us to be able to have food in 25 years to come. We assisted and supported this cause by producing the AGRIMAN Jingle for Agriman Adventure. Spreading Agriculture through Music is great and brilliant idea. We believe that WHYFARM has an approach that’s realistic, thought provoking, disruptive, and innovative. We support WHYFARM, so should YOU.
    Congrats from the Management and Staff of Deltones Institute of Steel Drums and Music

    1. Deltones Institute of Steel Drums and Music has supported us from the start.
      We thank you for you comment and your willingness to always support WHYFARM in one way or the other.
      With many new and exciting projects we have coming up, we wish to continue this relationship with this institute who is also doing great work in steeldrums and music.
      Thank you once more

    2. DISDAM
      Thank you very much for this support. AGRIMAN JIngle is now playing on radio stations regionally.
      This is amazing and thanks to you this was made possible.
      Thank you for continuous support.

  77. What a wonderful venture…youth centered indeed. I await to see this WHYFARM venture move from strength to strength….Alpha you have my support!!

  78. Great venture, great moves towards sustainable growth and development. Investments in this regard are encouraged especially in education . Next project Alpha Agriman text book for primary and secondary curriculum use…

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