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YAP Proposal #94: Expanding our maize Production (Majja Allan, Uganda)


My Name is Majja Allan, a Ugandan Resident and Citizen; I am a 27 year old male and a land surveyor by training. My project location is in Kaliro District, in Eastern Uganda, Bulamogi County, Namwiwa Sub-county, Bukonde Village.

My wife and I are currently involved in maize farming in Kaliro district, the project site is about 23 Acres of family land, and we are currently using 8 acres, however, the yield is low compared to what FACOM claims, considering that growth and yield are at the mercy of nature, we are unable to follow the recommendations, mostly due to financial limitations since its financed by small incomes put aside from my employment salary.

We need the US$5000 grant to expand our project and also diversify production. We intend to make the project more intensive by utilizing most, if not all, of the 23 acres of land; applying fertilizers to better our yield. We shall utilize 10 acres for maize, another 10 acres for cassava and beans inter-cropped in both portions. The essence is that, maize and beans are for the short term whereas cassava is for long term production, this implies that at every moment, we shall have something to sale on the market, considering that agriculture here is dependent on the two rainy seasons we have in the year.

Maize, beans and cassava are food crops and are consumed while both fresh and dried, thus, are always on demand, in the vicinity of the site, nationally and for export. Maize and cassava while dried can be processed into flour, which is a very nutritious meal for home consumption, schools and other institutions, beans whether fresh or dried are also a delicious and nutritious sauce to accompany the posho. Therefore, rendering them a very marketable product but also an affordable meal for any household or school or community.

The project once fully operational will benefit our community by providing employment opportunities to youths, men and women since intend it to be very labor intensive at the planting, weeding, harvest and post-harvest stages. The project will also act as a model farm to the community for best farm practices and commercial farming since most agricultural activities carried out are very traditional and basically for home consumption.

We are passionate about our project because farming has always been my childhood desire, to date I have helped my dad establish his orchard, and I know beyond any doubt that this project will elevate my young family’s financial standing. My wife is in her final semester at Makerere University Kampala, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and this project will provide her a platform to put into practice what she has learned over the past four years at college.

It is our desire to see our community transformed by obtaining employment on the farm to earn a living but most importantly learn from the practices we will use on our farm and probably apply on their own farms.

Of the US$5000, we will use:

US$500 to hire a tractor to plough the land, we’ve been hiring an ox plough;
US$250 to buy high quality maize and bean seeds plus cassava cuttings to plant
US$1000 to hire laborers at planting, weeding and harvest stages;
US$250 to buy inorganic fertilizers to apply at planting stage and at three weeks;
US$1000 will be spent on labor and machinery during drying, removal from cob\pod\peel and bagging.
US$1000 will be spent on storage and transportation to market costs,
US$1000 will be spent on operational costs, i.e. mobility, communication, feeding, etc.

We have hired laborers who have so far cleared four acres of bush, work is still progress since they are clearing portion by portion, in preparation for the planting season, which coincides with the first rain season in late March 2016.

The success of this project will first of all be measured by the actual average yield per acre of the maize, beans and cassava compared against the expected yield if all procedures are religiously followed. The success will also be measured by the actual profits realized after the sale of all produce and finally be measured by the community involvement at every stage of production, i.e. how many workers employed at each stage.

It is therefore my desire that you will partner with us in liking the post, commenting on it and more so funding this project proposal to see it come to fruition and see Bukonde village and Kaliro district as a whole transformed.

Many thanks to you all for this opportunity.

Blogpost and picture submitted by Majja Allan (Uganda) – allanmajja[at]

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184 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #94: Expanding our maize Production (Majja Allan, Uganda)”

  1. I know you(Allan Majja) to be a very hard working and focused have a great vision..wishing you all the best as you fulfil your child hood dream and positively change lives of many through your project

  2. This is a great project basing on the fact that Uganda is an agricultural country with maize being a major food crop. I strongly support this project and I recommend it to for support. It will be a great break through in the community and country at large. For God and My Country

    1. Agriculture is indeed the best for Uganda but for the whole world as well, every moment people all over, take time off to have a meal. Someone somewhere is got to produce the source of that meal, I wanna be part, or at the start of that chain to put food on someone’s plate, at least for my part of the world.

  3. that’s a good project Allan. Iam also into farming this year and we shall share alot otherwise all the best.

      1. Allan Ds z a great step n idea of agriculture…I believe u will gt da best out of agric..wsh u all da best.

  4. This is avery good project. I support his ideas most especially because he has tried to do some bit of farming already. I believe that he will use the money well. This is the best project

    1. Thanks for believing in me and this project.
      The money will indeed be put to great use in taking the farm to the next level.

  5. Thank you Allan for that innovative idea! Agriculture is the heart of our nation and this is a good venture worth being supported! Thank you again!

  6. That’s a great proposal Allan, I hope you win cause you’re such a hardworking young man. All the best

    1. Thank you Moreen,
      I too hope I will win this contest. I’m delighted about the project and I know the funding will surely make it a success.

  7. Allan this great idea; i see this becoming a project that will impact the lives of the community that lives in the neighborhood of the said property. GO FOR IT!!!!

    1. It is indeed a great idea, thanks for seeing it like we do.
      It will definitely uplift the community of Bukonde village in Kaliro District, both directly and indirectly.

  8. Agriculture is the heart beat of Uganda, it is also true that as of 2015, Uganda’s demographics show that 49% are youths, therefore, if Uganda is to benefit from agriculture, more youth need to get involved, there is strength in numbers. Those in rural settlements are predominantly elderly, thus are lacking on energies to drive this sector of our economy forward. I am taking a stand to elevate Uganda’s economy through this vital sector _Agriculture.
    Thank you for partnering with me.

  9. Great project Allan. And great proposal too. All the best in this endeavour. Hope to join you on that road too. I highly recommend the project for support. I know for a fact that if its supported, the people of Busoga will have a model to learn from thus will be able to improve their own efforts. God grant you success in your persuit.

    1. Thank you David.
      I very much recommend that you get on board in Agriculture. From the earliest days of mankind, food has been an essential need, it doesn’t seem to cease being one. The world is in need of more food producers, on the large scale for better impact.

  10. Dear Allan,
    This is a good idea and I highly believe that once the finances are provided, they will boost your potential to get the best of the land. The breakdown is feasible and good job.

    1. Thank you Percy,
      The grant will surely take us a long way in expanding our farm enterprise and fully exploiting the farm’s potential.

  11. Great work Allan, I believe you can and totally appreciate this brilliant project. Wish you the best.

    1. My wife is brilliant and passionate about our farm,this grant once availed will motivate her to move this project to greater heights, applying all that she has learned in the pursuit of the BSc: Agriculture.

  12. I like the proposal my dear. I just hope n pray to God that it materialises so that you make a great impact on the lives of the people in the community.

    1. Thank you Miriam,
      I too hope that this proposal will win us the grant to implement our project and transform Bukonde Village.

  13. Hey Allan. that’s a whole great deal your working on..its so great and wish you all the best…..

    1. Thank you Henry,
      This project once implemented will be a great inspiration to us but more so to the youth in Kaliro and all those that will learn of it and from it.

  14. Allan, This is a brilliant initiative. I know you to be a disciplined and hardworking young man. I therefore have no doubt at all that you will succeed in this endavour. My best wishes to you.

    1. Thank you Charles,
      I’m honored by your confidence in me to accomplish this project, with the grant in our favor, we shall see it to fruition.

  15. Allan I believe the proposal is great and has alot of potential. I know that all your goals will be achieved because you are dedicated and hardworking.

    1. Thank you Angella,
      We too believe that this project is great and the funding can aid us in achieving its potential to be commercial, provide employment and be a learning center.

  16. hey Allan. Great proposal. You are onto something here. It’s a great project and vision and I pray that you get the financing you need. Best wishes.

    1. Dear Brian,
      It is indeed a great project and we have a vision to see it come to pass and be great as it is in writing with this kind of needed funding.

  17. That is a good project. Considering that most agricultural work is done on subsistence scale. With this project, I can see you want to get out of category of farming. The better farming methods you intend to use will make you become a commercial farmer and supply more food into the chain. I wish you all the best and hope to learn from you upon successful implementation.

    1. Thank you Emmy,
      The future of Agriculture, especially in Uganda whose economy is heavily dependent on agriculture, is to transition from subsistence to commercial farming. This project is one of such initiatives and will be a model center to compel other farmers to make the transition to commercial farming. This will tackle the ails of food shortage and poverty that have plagued many African countries.

  18. it is a very good proposal and very beneficial to the country. Allan is a hard working and focused man, he will surely see it through. all the best my friend. GOD BLESS YOU.

    1. Thank you Doreen for the best wishes and the faith you have in me to see this project come to be. It will surely transform Uganda village by village.

    1. Hello Albert,
      I love that phrase, “improving food security , one village at a time.” I hope you can permit me to adopt it in inspiring us to achieve this target through this project. Meeting #SDG2_Zero hunger.

  19. Dear Allan,
    Unemployment is the biggest single challenge that Ugandan youth face today. At over 60% Youth unemployment, Uganda needs such initiatives as this one, especially from the agricultural side which employs approximately 80% of Uganda’s total population. It is my hope that your project indeed receives the grant and gets to reduce the number of unemployed youth within your community as well as contributing to food security.

    1. Hello Gilbert,
      I’m pleased by your thoughts on our project, it will go a long way in addressing SDG’s 2 and 8, i.e. Zero Hunger and Decent work that you point out in your feedback, among other SDG’s, at least from my village outward. The funding will surely make such an initiative a reality.

  20. I know Allan as a very hard working person. I played with him rugby. He is very committed. I wish him all the best in his endeavours

    1. Thank you Derrick,
      I’m pleased to note that you see such qualities in me, they surely come in handy in helping me achieve dreams, such as this quest I am on.

  21. This is such a great initiative where local industry is supported- I am proud to identify!

  22. Great staff bro.
    we are right behind u. May God’s favour be upon you to take u to the top.

  23. The goal of having all the land used is great. Hiring of the tractor and access to high quality seeds is key and that is where full support is need.Besides other persons shall directly benefit through employment on the farm , if the farm is enlarged to32 acres.

    1. The funding, once availed, will enable us to use best farm practices for this project to thrive and achieve its social economic benefits.

  24. helo, a wow project proposal it is.
    well, as regards to your blog notices, I think it will be great too, if in the long run the project can act as a research centre/ consultation site for both the locals and institutions.
    Thumps up for that!!!!

    1. Thank you Sir,
      I’ll be glad to have our project site to be turned into a study center, we desire to make a difference in the lives of others through direct employment on the farm and indirectly by being a model farm that others can learn from and implement individually or as a group.

  25. This is great Allan,maize remains the buzy consumed source of bread in the entire African continent,thus an answer to famine,food shortages. I pray it all works out for you.

    1. Maize and its products is indeed a vital source of nutrition to many families in Uganda and Africa as a whole, with the success of this project, we will contribute to feeding Kaliro, Uganda and Africa at large.

  26. Keep it up Allan. Speaking from my 3 years experience in the agric field, we the graduate youths are the solution to improving and fully exploiting the agric gold mine in Uganda. This is beacuase we have the ability to carry out ample research in terms of better farming practices thus improving output.
    Given a chance with the financial input at stake, am very sure the project will be a success and more graduate youths will be encouraged to venture into agriculture. This I believe is the immediate solution to the many unemployed youths in Uganda.

    1. Yes Edgar! For a long time, Agriculture in Uganda has been looked at as an activity for the uneducated or villagers, its high time we transcend to the reality that we the educated should engage in Agriculture and even excel at it with all the knowledge we’ve attained in school and the ability to seek more knowledge through research to better our agricultural prospects.

  27. I like everything Allan has proposed and his dream. Beans, maize and cassava are foods which are eaten by a majority of the population: young, old, rich and poor. The project is another way of providing employment to the young population. If this project is chosen to be offered a grant, I believe it will benefit the community and provide food not only for the area where the project is located but the various regions of the this country in different forms.

    1. Thank you Denis,
      It is very true that Maize, Cassava and beans, in all forms are constantly on demand to all ages and classes of people, this project will thus endeavor to meet that demand, thereby, attaining turn over of all output thus generating revenue that will be reinvested to boost growth of the project exponentially, season by season.

  28. All an, I agree with u on how critical maize and cassava are the the livelihood of Ugandans. Agriculture is the largest employer of labor and so this project has a real potential to transform the community and benefit the entire country. Thank you.

    1. Thank You Constantine,
      There are countless schools and homes that consume posho and beans as a meal thereby, making the produce of this project highly marketable, thus a potential and sustainable employer to many in our community.

  29. this is an amazing project in Uganda this is exactly what we need to boost our economy, centering on activities that we can internationally find market

    1. Thank you Mwanje,
      This project surely has the potential to produce so much and therefore even tap into the international markets, especially in neighboring countries like South Sudan.

  30. Given the unemployment rate in Busoga Budoga sub-region, tjw project will be a redeemer to many youth and women
    many families in Budoha jave lost land to sugarcane out growing causing food shortage that area
    We van be of use at a later time but funding for now is not ready

    1. Very true Stanley, Busoga sub region is infested with sugar factories, this has enticed many to become sugarcane out-growers, however, sugarcane needs 18 months to mature for harvest, yet it can’t be consumed as food, this thus leads to food shortage because the land has been committed to a non-food generating activity for a long period of time. Our project will contribute to alleviating the food shortage in the region but also be a pointer to put land to economic activities that also bring food to the table, both in the short term and long term.

  31. I love the idea and the fact that its going to address the issue of food security in the nation. That’s a great piece of work brother. All the best

    1. With a 3.3% population growth rate in Uganda, projected to be at 53.5M in 2025, there is need to address food security, now and not then. A project like ours can go a long way in doing so, and also encourage young agri-preneurs to come on board to collectively ensure that we will have enough food to feed the ever increasing population.

  32. This is great Allan. Am impressed with the progress you’re making. Go for it brother

  33. Allan, I know you are capable of even much more than that. The sky is the limit. Thanks for being agri-minded, agriculture being the backbone of our nation. Go…Feed the nation…

    1. Thank you Godfrey,
      To boost agriculture is to boost the economy of Uganda, I wanna be actively involved in the crusade of elevation Uganda’s economy. this project is my tool in doing so.

  34. Great initiative Allan. This is the only way that we can increase our country’s National Income,well done!

    1. Thank you Gerald,
      I’m glad that you believe the same in regards to improving our nation’s GDP. agriculture is surely the way to go for Uganda.

  35. Hey Allan, this is what Uganda needs to be investing in – agriculture. It is fantastic that you have realised this and will be able to create jobs through this project. All the best! I hope that you get the grant.

    1. Thank you Helen,
      This project is good for our community and ultimately Uganda as a nation, many inherent benefits in the area of food security, job creation and economic prosperity.

  36. What a nice project Allan, l know you have what it takes to make it a success, Go on, the sky is the limit.

    1. Thank you Fazali,
      We are surely determined to realize the full potential of our project, the grant will be a big boost in helping us achieve that dream.

  37. This is a good initiative I know that with your determination you will definitely make it.all the best

    1. There’s so much un-tapped potential in agriculture. The youth need to discover it like we have done, be mentored & funded to realise this potential. Its our desire that we will win this and make our project an example to many.

    1. Thank you Ann,
      Our farm is indeed a hands on one because it will be labour intensive thereby providing employment to many in our village.

  38. Big up Mr. Majja this is the backbone of our Economy, Wish you the very best your hard work shall surely pay, Regards

    1. Thank you Ray,
      This project is in line with our nation’s competitive advantage sector thus join in building our economy from bottom-upward.

  39. Allen,you have always been ahard working gental man,i strongly believe,that what this couple is doing is what Uganda being a thrid world country needs to pay more focus on,investment is needed more in the agriculture sector due to the fertility of the country’s land and need for food all around Uganda and diaspora . with this big dream i pray that this proposal will be highly considered for funds as u work so hard to see a change and development toward the country in general.

    1. Thank you Viola,
      Uganda surely needs to increase funding in the Agricultural Sector, more so, many people need to get on board and actively be part of agricultural activity. External support, like this grant, plays a great rile in kick-starting investment into such a vital sector of Uganda’s economy.

    1. Thank you Joanita, YAP and #GCARD3 is aimed at supporting more youth to get involved in agriculture. My project too will employ and encourage more youth to take part in agripreneurship.

  40. This is great…. am sure i will be running to you for advice when i start mine. Great work!

  41. Allan dear, am happy at your hard work and meaningful proposal. I wish you all the best brother. You can also follow on Twitter especially for advice on fertilizer use. Good luck.

  42. I know,anything Allan puts his mind to turns out successful, and I know this will surely come through love the break down in expenditure and workout plan,this will surely work out Allan,and for your wife since she has all that college experience it will have a great outcome in this project.#smiles

    1. Thank you Alan for the faith and confidence you have in me to accomplish this project. The financial plan is straight forward and very feasible. The funding and mentorship will coupled with my wife’s agricultural study will all be vital for the success if our project.

  43. Thanx Allan for the initiative. The labour expectation could be established, possibly in the production period and expected average income output to the post production (marketing) period.
    Secondly, is the market going to be a local based output or are you also putting the bigger global market in mind?

    1. The initial production is targeting the local market, over time with increased output and better value addition, we will then seek for market beyond borders. Our focus is on local market and when we have inspired more people to engage in similar produce we can combine produce and have collective bargain on external markets.

  44. Just like any business needs mentorship, agribusiness too requires mentorship. I’m delighted by the opportunity I will have when selected as a YAP Champion to be mentored to successfully implement our project and in turn mentor others seeking to start an agribusiness.

    1. Thank you Andrew,
      We too hope we get the funding, it will help us hit many mile stones to bring to the success of the project,

  45. I know you as one who sets to accomplish what you set yourself to do.
    All the very best with this one too.

  46. This coming from a person as hardworking as the Allan i know, am pretty sure once given the opportunity all is going to come true. All the best Allan

  47. This so great Allan. It’s a great proposal and am sure u can take it even to a higher level. All the best

    1. Thank you Jean,
      I’m pleased by your view on this, this project is pumped up with so much potential and we are gonna unlock it with such funding.

  48. Agriculture being the dominant sector of the Ugandan economy, its an engine and major source of future inclusive growth. Thus it should be given more attention and budget allocations to harmonize its activities. I’m for the project, go for it Allan, you can do it.

  49. This is a bold step for a young person in this country to take. Allan, you’re walking the talk- I appreciate the fact that you already have something going on and not just sitting and crying ‘Government etuyambe’. I highly recommend that you be given the grant. The subsequent success of the project (of which I am persuaded knowing the kind of person that you are) will act as a blue print for many other young people in this country. God bless you

  50. Thank you Sandra for reading through our proposal and giving your feedback;
    Although I did not make it to the finalists, we still believe this project will be a great contribution to my village and the nation at large, we will relentlessly pursue it until we see it come to pass because we believe in the many advantages it will bring to our community.

  51. Congs on your project i knw it Will be à success , i knw u well though i think u dont really remember me but u àr hard working

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