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Youth Agripreneurs Project – Call for sponsors

young agripreneur CCAFS

Youth are pivotal for the future of agriculture and the world’s food security.

As such, GFAR is committed to integrate, stimulate and mentor involvement of youth in all of its collective programmes. In GCARD3, the Third Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development, we will take any opportunity to live up to that commitment.

We want to use the upcoming GCARD3 global event to pilot a number of innovative projects and approaches. One of these projects is “YAP”, the Youth Agripreneurs Project. “YAP” is a pilot project targeting young agricultural entrepreneurs (“agripreneurs”).

Within “YAP” we want to select ten young agripreneurs from all over the world, and provide a seed fund to facilitate the startup of their project. During one year, we want to mentor them within their project by linking the youth with seasoned researchers and practitioners and integrating them in the YPARD (Young Professionals for Agricultural Development) mentoring program. We also want to train them on new ways to advocate and network using innovative communication tools.

“YAP” is a pilot project, a proof of concept. If successful, we want to refine and expand the project, combining the seed funding and mentoring program, to give youth a chance to realize their projects, and to give them a platform to showcase their projects. It is our hope this will inspire other youth and prove that agriculture and all its value added services ARE a viable, respectable, profitable business and livelihood.

To fund the “YAP” project, we are looking for sponsors who will collectively contribute to the seed fund, for a total of US$75,000.
This will be used to fund US$5,000 to each of the 10 selected agripreneurs’ projects (The number of finalists being dependent on the available funding). An additional US$2,500/person will be used for their participation at the GCARD3 global event (travel and accommodation) to kick-start their mentoring and training program.
There is NO administrative overhead in this entire project. All funds are directly allocated to the young agripreneurs.
Potential sponsors can be institutes, organizations, private donors or companies.

Here are the full details of the “YAP” project (PDF).

Interested? More information and expressions of interest for funding can be sent to Thomas Price (GFAR Secretariat): Thomas.Price(at)

CGIAR (the Global Agricultural Research Partnership) and GFAR (the Global Forum on Agricultural Research) co-organize the global event of GCARD3 (the Third Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development) in April 2016. This event will be held in Johannesburg, co-hosted by the Agricultural Research Council of South Africa.
In cooperation with YPARD (the Young Professionals for Agricultural Development), we aim to fully integrate youth in the whole GCARD3 process and to showcase their crucial role in the future of agriculture.

Picture courtesy Vivian Atako (CCAFS)

44 thoughts on “Youth Agripreneurs Project – Call for sponsors”

  1. Hi
    The email address “” seems not to exist. I tried sending her a mail. Can you please give an alternative e mail address?

      1. i have vast amount of land and have been trying to venture into piggery but i have a few resources .how can u assist.

      2. At this moment, we have no new funding available, but keep an eye on this blog. Once we start a new phase of YAP, we will announce it here!

        best, – Peter

    1. Hi Ajibode!
      Yes, rest assured that we will be thoroughly scrutinizing all applications from young agripreneurs to ensure the best projects get the funding. Please monitor the blog for updates on this project (and to see when we launch the actual call for project proposals).


  2. This sounds very similar to an idea launched last year by Mediae makers of Shamba Shape up makeover on small holder farms TV series in Kenya.
    This is a new TV and radio series called “Don’t lose the plot” and is a competition where 4 young farmers (2 from Kenya and 2 from Tanzania 2 men 2 women) compete with an initial investment farm 1 acre each side by side and supported by experts in the field and mobile and internet advice from viewers will lead to a winner. The farmer who makes the most income in the most sustainable and climate adapted way. The winner gets a plot back home.
    We are partly funded by USAID and need further partners. We started this project over one year ago and will start filming in 3 weeks time and follow the farmers over the next 9 months – the growing season da

    1. Hi David,
      We’re all loving Shamba Shape Up, here…!

      Yes, the seed funding concept is the same, but “Don’t lose the plot” probably has more of an ongoing “reality show”-like competition throughout the year. Cool idea to make everyone see the struggles and victories of individual farmers. 🙂
      Our is more focused on the training and mentoring aspect, though we will follow the progress of all funded agripreneurs throughout the year, in the form of blogposts…

  3. Waow,this is a great opportunity coming at the right time for youth agripreneures especially in Nigeria,Borno state where we have a similar project of which I am a’s called borno youth agripreneures and it has positively changed our minds about youth and agriculture.

  4. To what extent are you reaching on in agriculture. Does water quality enhanceenhancement qualify aswell.aswell . Mean looking at its status in Botswana

    1. Hi Baone, if you are thinking of a proposal relating water quality with agriculture, then I would surely think this is applicable! Sustainable agriculture is all about “feeding the world without wrecking the planet”!


  5. In GCARD3 , the Third Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development, we will take any opportunity to live up to that commitment. Where is this information?

  6. Pingback: njoyablog
  7. It is good project if it is done in poential areas like Hassan, Karnataka district, as milk production is high.As calves are the future production cows, definitely the initial growth and colostrum play vital role in fertility and immune system.Calf starter including colostrum replacer and microminerals using local agricultural byproducts or extraction from agricultural byproducts could be better option.

  8. Nice one. thanks for appreciating youths and giving us a platform to showcase our entrepreneurial abilities. when is the next phase of entries. i want to participate. i will be most grateful if am updated on the next date of submission of project proposal.

  9. This is a global farm supporting project to we yoiths .
    Indeed agriculture is the best way of earning money
    I hope various youths should enge in this activity

  10. Great initiative, agriculture is one realistic tool for wiping away poverty. Am in a group of youths who have come up with a forum where we would like to be having a biannual agricultural event focusing on the youths but bringing together all stakeholders in the different value chains. Our main aim is to ensure youths are extensively involved in agribusiness. we already have a main sponsor in Shell Tops ltd. Through this we are hoping to support the youths in any way possible.We would like to partner with any like minded people. How can we fit in your project?

  11. am Alex,20years In Nyahururu Kenya And Aspiring To Do Mushroom Farming But I Lack Capital,with A Seed Capital Of 60-70 US DOLLARS i would be able to do it,i have a ready market for the mushrooms,please assist me to achieve my dream,thanks

    1. Dear Alex,

      The pilot phase of our YAP project is well under way, and we’re currently designing the new YAP project. But in the mean time, I have added you to our Email group where we post new opportunities (by now you should have received the confirmation email). This way, you will be kept up to date with any upcoming opportunities — Best, Peter

  12. dear admin

    can i receive direct funding to rural areas in Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and USA? as an individual farmer. i dont have organization

    1. Hi Isaac,
      within the YAP project the grantees were from all over the world. However, the grantees for this pilot project have been identified back in April already. We’re launching a new YAP2 project in 2017, so stay tuned!
      Do note also, there are many opportunities for microfunding around, beyond the YAP project itself. Check on for updates!


  13. Hello Am Jeremiah From Kisumu I Need To Improve Food Security In Our Country By Large Scale Production Of Vegetables But That Hard To Me Because Of Lack Of Initial Fund Yet There Factors Of Production Including Ready Market And Land Are Available.
    Please Help Me Fulfill The Ambition By Helping Me With $20000 To Make Ambition Successful To Save The Life Of Many.My Contact Is 0706394671, Email

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