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Wouldn’t you like to share your work, interests and visions with a world-wide community and join others in addressing what concerns you? The GFAR Blog is an open space for diverse voices and opinions, which our Partners can use to share stories and information, give their take on an issue and initiate public discussions.

Why should I submit a post?

First of all, because the GFAR Blog already boasts nearly 21,000 subscribers and is growing all the time! And with an all time readership of 896,170 users, that’s a lot of eager readers!

Second, because as a Partner in GFAR who actively engages with other Partners across all sectors, you can influence the global agenda on research and innovation in agriculture, food and rural development!

The Partners in GFAR all share the mission to advocate for and catalyse Collective Actions that contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. This mission touches on a lot of areas of work and involves a wide range of sectors, but we all believe in the added value of working together to achieve more effective, equitable and responsive agri-food systems and greater development impacts.

But wait, am I a Partner in GFAR?

Well, if you are asking, probably not. But it only takes a few minutes to register your organization and join the over 600 organizations that have expressed their desire to shape the global agricultural research and innovation agenda, and engage in collective actions for change.

So, if you haven’t already, join us as a GFAR partner! If you’re already blogging from the desk of a Partner in GFAR organization, contact us about putting those blogs to work for you as part of a week-long Partner Spotlight on your organization! Write to charles.plummer(at) to learn more!

What makes a good blog post?

Your post should be enticing and geared towards engagement. Remember: if you think your submission sounds too much like a scientific article, it probably does! Make your title catchy and move those stories and examples up to the front. Talk with the reader rather than at him. Ask questions. Avoid (too many) acronyms. Find good pictures.

Importantly, your post needs to tell a story that demonstrates collective action at work!

Your post should answer questions like these: Why is this story or event significant to you and to all GFAR partners in the context of the global agrifood system? What outcome are you working toward that will change behaviors and lead to (or has already resulted in) transformation in the way agricultural research and innovation is done?

So, how do I submit blog posts?

Please follow these guidelines:

  • Your blogpost should not be longer than a maximum of two screen pages, so about 600-800 words.
  • Your post should be submitted in MS Word format (or a compatible editor). The MS Word file should only contain basic formatting (e.g. no tables), making it easier for the blog editors. If links are to be embedded, links should be added with the MSword hyperlink function.
  • Your photo or image (which will be displayed at the top of your post) should be at least 450 pixels wide, and be of good quality. You can submit your image in .jpg or .png format. Do NOT embed the caption text in your image, but mention it in your blogpost text. Please do not include the image in your MS Word file, but send them as a separate attachment in your email.
  • At the bottom of the blogpost, there should be two mentions:
    • “Blogpost author:” with the name of the person who wrote blog, eventually with a link to the website of the author and his/her email address. You can also submit blogposts anonymously.
    • “Photo:” followed by a description/caption of the photo/image, the name of the photographer and eventually a link to the website of the photographer. Make sure to respect the copyright in (re-)using the picture.
  • We can embed videos or other media. Attach the media to your blogpost or include a link to the media (e.g. on YouTube or Slideshare)
  • Your blogpost can be in English, French or Spanish.
  • Submit your blogpost by email to our blog editor: esther.kimani(at) at least five business days in advance of your desired date of publication, attaching the MSword file and the picture(s) or other media

If our editor finds that your post makes a clear link with the mission and the collective actions of the Partners in GFAR, then your post will enter an editing cycle. If not, he/she will return it to you asking you  to paint a clearer picture of how you/your organization are making the change in agriculture research and innovation!

During the editing cycle, your submission will be checked for grammatical errors or typos. We might also do some light structural editing, such as splitting up longer paragraphs or rearranging them, to make the text easier to read. We will not check for detailed factual errors in your post. Each author is responsible for the factual content of his/her own blogpost.*

Once your article is online, we will send you a mail with the link to your post. We encourage all authors to check their posts regularly for incoming comments. Those comments are manually screened for spam and published daily, by the blog administrators. We strongly recommend blog authors to moderate the discussions on their blogpost via the comments, by providing answers/replies in the same comments section.

If you have any questions, please contact our editor: esther.kimani(at)

Now…get writing!

*GFAR does reserve the right to decide whether your blogpost is appropriate for our blog. If we approve it for publishing, we may deem it necessary to include a disclaimer to the effect of, “The views expressed are personal, and cannot be attributed to GFAR Secretariat.”

Picture courtesy Pixabay

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