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YAP Proposal #2: “The One Muscle Borehole” (Andrew Kang’ang’i Machina, Kenya)

The borehole with a manual lever pulley
The borehole with a manual lever pulley

My name is Andrew; a young passionate farmer aged 32 years, based at the heart of Nyandarua-county in Kenya. I grew up and schooled in this part of the world, my parents were small scale subsistence farmers, venturing in dairy, wheat, pyre-thrum, maize among others.

My love and passion for farming was ignited then while a very young boy, as most of the time I was in-charge of the daily activities of the farm, though we used to experience perennial droughts, since the farm is located on the leeward side of the Nyandarua ranges, and now with the global warming, farming depending with rainfall water has proved to be ineffective.

It’s in regard to this; the ‘young one muscle’ farmer dug a water borehole to facilitate his passion of farming late last year-2015 . With the help of my parents, we managed to extract a 50 feet deep water borehole; this has helped not only the other members of the community to access water for their basic needs, but the growing of greens and vegetables in small portion for domestic use thus improving eating healthy.

With every breakthrough it comes forth with enough portion of challenges, one, pulling water 40 feet deep has proven a strenuous task and being the only young man in the family and a left handed my left hand has developed a bulging muscle, thus “ONE MUSCLE BOREHOLE”. 🙂 Two, there is no electricity power within the farm to help pump water.

My plan and desire is to have a solar pump to pump water from the bottom of the bore hole to the tanks. Two, start a green house with a drip irrigation kit, thus increasing the growing of vegetables and other farm produce for local consumption or commercial. I have inquired from various agriculture organisations and they have given quotes ranging from $2,000-$7,000 USD.

The solar Pump will cost around $1,500, the drip irrigation kit will cost around $2,000 for an acre of land and the green house measuring 40ft will cost around $2,500.

With these in place will be able to grow tomatoes and vegetables among others which will sustain the community and sell others to the nearby markets. The farming will absorb if few 7-10 members of the community directly and others indirectly.If granted this grant it will help achieve my vision and passion of farming without relying much with rain water, while I shall motivate other young farmers as I mentor the upcoming ones.

(signed: One Muscle farmer, Andrew-Kalampton)

Blogpost and picture submitted by Andrew Kang’ang’i Machina (Nyandarua county, Kenya) – cheleqventures(at)

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3 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #2: “The One Muscle Borehole” (Andrew Kang’ang’i Machina, Kenya)”

  1. If the Nyandarua -Kenya farmers can adopt the modern farming methods, they can not only feed the capital city of Kenya but the entire nation. One method is adopting irrigation methods either tapping water from the Nyandarua mountains, construction of dams or drilling of boreholes. During the colonial time 1950’s-60’s the white settlers managed to do serious farming of wheat in large scale, beef farming and pyrethrum. I see Nyandarua-Kenya coming back to that end.

  2. The idea and thoughts towards youth and agriculture can’t be timely like now, thank you; Agriculture is the way and will remain the backbone of the world,regardless of how many tech innovations, they will trickle down to Agriculture,and the earlier the youths engage and participate the better for the nation and our environment. I like the spirit towards youth in the agriculture field ……. -YAP Proposal #2: “The One Muscle Borehole” #GCARD3

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