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YAP Proposal #96: Sholzy Integrated Farms (Bukola Idris, Nigeria)


My name is Bukola Idris, a young Agripreneur and owner of Sholzy Integrated Farms; I am 30 years of age from Nigeria. A wife and mother of 3 beautiful children, I have been unemployed for 5 years and I recently decided to go into animal husbandry due to my personal experience seeing my parents rearing animals on a subsistence basis and my desire to key into the government’s policy with emphasis on diversification of the economy, private sector provision of employment opportunities to the millions of unemployed youths and equally to be able to support and contribute to the growth of my family financially.

I acquired a small piece of land in a remote village in the outskirt of where I currently live in Nigeria through personal savings and my husband’s support. I have, with the help of my husband, put a brick fence round the this piece of land and built a pen-house and a basic goat-house to accommodate birds, locally breed goats, sheep and rams. Because of the adaptable nature of these local breeds of animals, the mobility rates are very low and the availability of feeds for these animals is easily accessible and relatively affordable to buy during the dry season when feeds are scarce.

The establishment of Sholzy Integrated Farms is aimed at providing affordable proteins, bridge the gap in unemployment rate among Nigerians, contribute to the per-capital income of Nigeria and increase the foreign exchange earnings of Nigeria. I also built a security house and recruited a farm attendant that doubles as security man for the farm. The farm currently boasts of 11 local Fulani breed goats (9 females and 2 males), 3 sheep, and 11 Rams of Balami breeds. Also, clean water is a necessity and factor to a successful animal husbandry business and well-water has been dug within the farm premises, to ensure that the animals have access to clean drinkable water.

This farm project intends to expand and put in place some other facilities that can ensure the vision behind the establishment is achieved. The farm needs to procure more animals which includes addition to the goats, rams and birds, while hoping to get its first set of cows to join the rest of the animals currently in the farm and this is guaranteed within 2 to 3 weeks with funds at my disposal. The well-water dug requires a pumping machine and piping of water to strategic points around the farm, this will make the needed frequent changing of water easy, guaranteed and the community members will benefit from fetching of clean water at no cost as a tap will be make available outside the farm for this purpose, all of these is achievable in less than 3 weeks if funds is made available. A greenhouse within a section of the farm will be an additional income and put to use, the animal waste generated from the farm, acquiring additional space close to the present farm will enhance the possibility of establishing a greenhouse where selected vegetables will be grown.

Sholzy Integrated Farms intends to start the packaging of feeds for animals on a commercial basis, especially with the agitation of many Nigerians asking animals to be keep in ranches across the country, this feeds will surely have large patronage. With availability of funds, the machine for milling this feeds can be purchased, installed somewhere around the farm at least within 3 months from the date the machine is ordered and paid for and this will surely create additional employment opportunities by engaging women to go round and source for the available abundant raw materials for the feeds and another person who will be trained to handle the machine, while it will also serves the feed needs of my animals in the farm.

The need to engage a permanent veterinary doctor is vital, as the animals will requires consistent monitoring and treatment and this cost extra money which the farm cannot afford at the moment. When this is put in place, it will avert loss of animals to diseases. My farm business is yet to be registered with Corporate Affairs Commission; the advantage of having the farm register is enormous, it is prerequisite for getting government or private contract to supply farm produce and this cost some money but can be done within a period of one month, if funds are available.

A good accounting system and tools that will help monitor financial expenditure and cash inflow is necessary and this can be achieved by printing of basic accounting tools such as stock cards, cash flow register, inventory/assets register, box files, stationaries and engagement of a part time accountant to take charge of the farm’s account related issues and documentations. All these is achievable in 4 weeks with access to funds. Though the farm has been fenced but still requires additional security measures, with funds made available, under one week, a barbwire will be installed on the top head of the fence, to provide additional measure in securing lives and properties on the farm.

The number of persons employed by Sholzy Integrated Farms is an important indicator that will determine the success of this farm project. The vision is to provide 5 direct jobs and at least 10 indirect jobs all coming within the host community where the farm is situated within the next one year of access to funds.

Having at least 80% of the female animals deliver a newborn will be considered a great measure of success while the male animals get sold at least 40 to 50% higher than what they are purchased. Production of 500 bags of feeds by end of one year of installation of the milling machine will be a great deal in measuring success. With the proposed greenhouse in place, water pumping machine installed and a good piping water system within the farm equally in place, supplying of fresh vegetables to the local community and even some major super stores like Shoprite will be made possible and extra incomes aside the ones coming from animals sales will be made possible and this surely will be a yardstick for measuring success of Sholzy Integrated Farms.

Blogpost and picture submitted by Bukola Idris (Nigeria) – bukeshi1131[at]

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108 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #96: Sholzy Integrated Farms (Bukola Idris, Nigeria)”

    1. I hope you will use total organic produce to rear the animals.?Meanwhile, it is a good initiative. All the best.

      1. Thank you, organic methods of feeds is what the animals are fed with, we will continue explore the best methods of feeds, following the approved standard operational procedures.

  1. Wow. Its a good idea if people are seeing and understand the important of agriculture through meat production andvegetables. I must commend you for this great job.

    The lord will be with you. Good luck

  2. This is very impressive. I like the fact that you are also thinking about empowering youths in your immediate neighborhood. Whatever happens don’t get discouraged and keep at it. I also agree that registration of your farm with the CAC is very important. I wish you success.

  3. Nice one. Good concept. This is highly necessary as most of the beef and meat we eat in Nigeria are from the neighbouring countries, we need this investment and revolution in the way we rear our animals, we cannot be practising 1700 method and expect good result.
    This method is necessary. All the best

  4. Your vision to promote agriculture is laudable and I pray you get the grant you are seeking for to achieve your ultimate goal. However you need to ensure proper monitoring.

  5. this is a very Good and welcome initiative, dat wud really profit Nigerians and possibly people in diaspora!

  6. Encouraging young enterprenuer like Busola Idris through this innovative business provide not only the means to be self employed but also contribute towards the national GDP.This proposal contains a well laid plan and strategy to achieve the set goals and should be supported.

  7. this project is undoubtly a necessary and good one in the light of economic diversification in Nigeria; this will not only increase our country’s GDP but will help provide employment while reducing the ever increasing unemployment rate in Nigeria. thus, supporting this project is a necessary step toward encouraging agricultural enterprise.#agriculturetheonlywayforward#

  8. Nigeria needs this brilliant initiative and it is highly commendable for support by any meaningful agency.I must also start agriculture but will focus on fish.

  9. It is a really nice idea to not only provide needs but also beat that unemployment menace that is bedevilling our country..kudos to you and all the best in this surjourn

    1. Thank you YINKA for your comment and questions. A greenhouse is made of glass wall and glass roof. Vegetables are mostly grown in a green house. The glass traps heat from the sun to help in growing of the vegetables. The heat can’t escape the glass so the greenhouse is always warm during the day and at night.

  10. Credible! Credible!!…. From a mother of 3? Wow i must say. This is a a wonderful project at least event for the fact that these animals are conserved in a secured compound there by doing away with communal/individual clash as a result of farm tresspass by animals. Pray u get the grant to help u improve. God help!!!!!

    1. Thank You Henry, am encouraged by your comment and i totally agree with you on it potentials to avert communal clashes.

  11. This is a project that would change the course of nigeria’s agricultural investment. Women are the bedrock of any society and every single investment from a woman has an immediate impact on the well being of the family and the society at large. This project is well planned by her and it stands every chance to be part of the agricultural revolution that nigeria so much desire. It is imperative to state that the project facilitator is detailed, intelligent and resourceful.

  12. wow, this is absolutely excellent. Dreams come through, when you make them happen. May God open every required door to bring this to reality. i love it

  13. This is an amazing project,Nigerian will benefits i wish all the best and i hope you get it

  14. This is awesome. ..Nigerians will be proud to have things like happening. It’s a great idea.

  15. Starting a small business takes courage and strong will. I can see you have that.. Excellent work!

  16. A very good initiative for wealth and employment generation, a laudable
    effort that should be encouraged.

  17. I must commend that this venture is a step in the right, I am glad that finally Nigerians have risen to understand the importance of agricultural, the enormous importance of agriculture can’t be overemphasised, the job creation, feeding the nation etc are great advantages attached to it. I pray that people like you will get the right support from government or agencies to take this innovation to commercial level. Nice work & keep it.

  18. Nice innovation and impressive.There will be empowerment opportunity for the umemployed ….may god grant your heart desire to achieve all you have planned.

  19. I sincerely believe that this is a great idea both in the area of generating employment for the numerous unemployed youths out there. Kudos and all the best.

  20. Wow! Am really impressed! Very good initiative! May God see you through the project and beyond! This is what should encouraged in our country! All the best!

  21. Wow! Very good initiative! Wish you the very best ! This is what should be encouraged in our country ! Am impressed! Nice one!

  22. Wonderful, been speculating on going into the same kind of business ; will contact you for further advice. Keep it up

  23. Wonderful, been speculating on going into the same kind of business ; will contact you for further advice. Keep it up

    Stephen Obidiwe

  24. If only the fulani indegens can practice this type of farming scheme it would reduce communual clashes in the country

  25. This is a very good project, n it will provide employment for people. May Almighty God Guide an strengthen you (Ameen).

  26. wowww i really love this project all bcos it will help a lot of people in Nigeria,so am asuring this Sholzy integrated farms that this project is a laudable one.the contact of a milling and packaging of feeds for animals (goat,ram,cow, sheep) is a very good one this will encourage ranches to spring up rapidly and averts the increased communal clashes between nomadic fulani cattle rarer and farmers.

    1. Hmmmm, I love your comment, communal clashes caused by grazing of animals on peoples farm can surely averted when animal husbandry is encouraged. I hope to benefit from this grant and we can become a role model for others, thank you.

  27. Great job, agriculture is the best way to improve our nations economy, and this idea is top notch . More grease to your elbow.

  28. Good job iyawo sholzy. I really think this is a way to go in this present country to get the unemployed means to work and to take care of their families. May God fulfill all your wishes and make your dreams come to past.

  29. Well thought out business proposal and road map. The requisite financial requirements to see this proposal into fruition is all that is left. I’m positive that with necessary empowerment you will be a solid employer of labor. Thereby, contributing to the overall economic development of your immediate environment, and by extension, the nation at large.

  30. Its a good initiative and should be encouraged,let all join hands to make us go green as she has done.welldone sholzy

  31. A very fantastic idea that needs to be encouraged to avert further animal rustling by walk about rearers.

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