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YAP Proposal #82: Sweet Potato Flour for Health and Wealth (Hudson Shiraku, Kenya)

A Child eating a plate of Sweet Potatoes


How does it feel to have the same damn thing in your diet over and over? And how about when it’s the only thing you can afford? Well, this’ what I had to put up with the entire period of my childhood growing up in the village.

I am Hudson Shiraku, a 32 year old young man from western Kenya whose nickname growing up was Mabuni. Mabuoni in my native dialect translates to sweet potatoes and I earned this name because we eat boiled sweet potatoes every day. We eat them boiled for breakfast, eat them boiled for lunch and eat them boiled for supper. As kids; we eat them raw or roasted playing in the fields. My friends taunted me that my intestines would turn as yellow as sweet potatoes. My primary school classmates avoided sitting next to me because I emitted pungent fumes characteristic to bad stomach from eating potatoes. Very humiliating.

I am have now schooled and grown to be an environmentalist, a blogger and a writer currently working at the Biovision Africa Trust as a programme assistant. The nickname ‘Mabuoni’ has since disappeared.

Someone once said, there are clouds so that we can enjoy sunshine. Can you imagine what it would have been like if we had sunshine throughout without clouds? We would have taken it for granted and we wouldn’t have enjoyed it. I see my challenges as a kid – eating potatoes everyday and being humiliated in school, as a business opportunity and a chance to help the community. The bad fumes are associated with boiled potatoes only so I want to eliminate the problem by providing alternatives to boiled potatoes.

I want to make it possible for people to make baked goods, such as breads, cookies, muffins, pancakes, and doughnuts, and thickener for sauces and gravies from sweet potatoes. With these; no fart fumes and there will be a variety of sweet potato products to grace our tables at meal times. I want to start making sweet potato flour.

The Business Idea

I want to establish a sweet potato grinding mill. Sweet potato flour making process is fairly simple once you have the hammer mill. After harvesting potatoes or buying them from farmers as will be my case: they need to be cleaned and trimmed in order to remove soil and other foreign material from the surface. They then need to be thoroughly washed and brushed as the quality of flour depends on how the washing has been conducted. The brushing is also a relevant step because it reinforces the removal of the soil and an important portion of the skin, especially when red skin colored sweet potato roots are being processed into flour.

To increase their surface area for faster drying, they are then sliced. Drying can be either traditional solar drying, technical solar drying or drying using sophisticated industrial equipment. I will adopt traditional solar drying. Dried potato slices can then be ground using the hammer mill, packed and sealed immediately to avoid re-hydration and insect infestation. Materials with little permeability to water vapor, such as cellophane, polyethylene or polypropylene should be used. I will use polythene bags to package mine.

Why Sweet Potatoes for Health and Wealth

Potatoes on the marketWomen will get ready market for their sweet potatoes: By opening this venture, our women who are often exploited by middlemen will get premium prices for their produce. I will buy their Sweet potatoes at higher price than their gate prices. The venture will also open up other businesses for the community members as besides hiring some, they will open up eateries where they will serve sweet potato juice, cakes and other products. Sweet potatoes are among the healthiest foods known, a fact that is increasingly getting recognized the world over. People are becoming more conscious of what they eat and my community members stand to gain from these health benefits.

Besides the economic gains that I will accrue as the entrepreneur, I am motivated by my desire to help my community. Where I come from sweet potatoes are in the league of the so-called “orphan crops”, alongside cassava and millet. Many who can afford have abandoned these crops because they are considered the poor man’s food. I want to change this mentality by helping people make money and keep healthy by eating and trading in value added sweet potato products.

My motivation is also partly due to the challenges I went through as a kid; eating boiled sweet potatoes everyday because it’s the only thing we could afford and also we didn’t know about the options of baking bread, cookies, crisps, chips, jam, juice, chapati and mandazi. Neither did we know about the health benefits. Its flour is high in fiber and contains a higher level of carbohydrates and lower level of protein than common wheat flour. It is more healthier and is commonly used in gluten free cooking and baking. I am convicted by all these reasons to venture into this business.

Execution Strategy

I am already conducting my research about the venture and I believe this is a very vital step. I already know where and how to buy the hummer mill and where to get my raw materials (sweet potatoes). My first step will be ordering for one or buying one locally.

I will then rent two rooms at the market place where one shall be the miller and the other shall be a warehouse cum shop. I will also have my business registered legally. To create a wide customer base, I am already preaching and will continue to preach the gospel of the health benefits of sweet potatoes as opposed to wheat.


This US$5000 grant is all I need to fly into the world of self employment and economic empowerment.

The hammer mill will cost me about US$2000 and buying can be done immediately fund come in.

Rent for the rooms will cost US$600 for six months to be paid up front before starting,

Registration of my company will cost US$200 it takes two weeks but can be done as the business runs

Branding attractive packaging bags will cost US$300 and it’s a week long activity

Labor (two people) will cost me US$200 per month

The rest shall be invested in buying raw materials from the women farmers on need be basis and voila!! I’ll be en route to success. Success is equal to profits made where (profit = revenue – expenses)

Blogpost and picture submitted by Hudson Shiraku (Kenya) – hudson_wereh[at]

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626 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #82: Sweet Potato Flour for Health and Wealth (Hudson Shiraku, Kenya)”

  1. All women and health conscious people should support this project. Leave a comment and like to offer your support

  2. That’s a brilliant idea gentleman. You have to put more effort in educating people in your rural area especially those who grows sweet potatoes all these benefits coz I understand majority can’t access the information from the internet. Keep it up

  3. A very viable idea.This will uplift the community in areas of security as preservation of sweet potatoes is tricky,it will encourage many to grow as their will be a ready market for the produce thus eradicating poverty.

  4. great stuff this will be, probably i will be the first customer at your premise. we need more enterpreneurs in the agricultural economy to utilize local resourses into wealth creation. i like the value addition part, the nutrient needs for children,attitude change that potatoes are for the poor and creating employment for youths in rural areas. This is great stuff we need more of such creative minds.

  5. Very creative – this will change the mentality we have on sweet potatoes. A poor man’s food.

  6. Hey Mr. Wereh. We work with farmers in Western Kenya and this sounds like something we could exploit together with them

  7. Hey boss, this is an interesting idea and I bet it has not been fully exploited here. Good thinking.

  8. The idea of a sweet potato mill makes a lot of sense because of the value addition component that will contribute to higher returns for farmers in the cited area. All the best!

  9. Great idea. The diet diversification will make the sweet potato more acceptable. The health aspect is great too as it will lead to a healthier diet due to the high nutritional value of the sweet potato. This will contribute to nutrition security which is just as important as food security.

    1. Thanks Pauline. I would appreciate if I can be allowed to work with your groups who produce potatoes.

  10. Sweet potatoes are very healthy and I believe you will find clients. I only see this flour in big supermarkets. Bon courage hudson

  11. This sounds like a really good idea. I do know that sweet potatoes are really healthy. It is also a great idea to diversify the diet. Would the same people who grow the sweet potatoes also buy the flour, or would that be more expensive for them?

    1. Hi Mag, Thanks for your comment and concern. The community will be my number one client. I will therefore make my products affordable to them.

  12. That is just a smart idea. I wonder how sweet potato porridge or ugali would taste…… anything that works for my skin goes. Am in!!!

    1. Muriira. This actually a beauty product. Sweet potato products have amazing effects on the skin

  13. You are right Hudson. Sweetp potatoes are considered a poor man’s food. This project will change this perception.

  14. Nice idea,keep it work. this will really improve the living standards of our local farmers,especially those who depend on sweet potatoe.

  15. Sweet potatoes are a great source of nutrients and I find them very tasty! In Europe, Sweet potatoes become more and more popular. They are even hyped for their nutrient density and healthy form of carbohydrates. I wish you all the best for your project!

  16. Hi Hidson,
    Do you have recipes on how to make these different sweet potato products? Especially the chapati.

  17. The sweet potato mill is sure to be of great value to farmers by earning them the much needed income. Great idea!!!!

  18. Good idea to solve farmers problem on marketing . Farmers will support that brilliant idea.

  19. Thats great Hudson. The so called orphaned crops are very nutritious. The idea will help poor resource farmers get ready market for their produces without being exploited by middle men. In Gilgil we are also promoting indigneous crops.

  20. Hey Hudson, this is a viable business opportunity. If you plan well you will go far.

  21. its a good idea,i do like it and please go on networking that project in various parts of the country to improve our grassroot potato producers uplift their lives.

  22. the idea is cool,waiting to taste potato juice,establish one in narok please,we produce potato and that way we will have market for our produce

  23. Thats impressive for one to use their past for the good of the future..sweet potato is considered poor mans food but if properly exploited as you have suggested in the bussiness idea the mindset will definitely be changed all the best.

  24. this is the kind of business idea that should be given first priority hope you get it Hudson.

  25. This is very nice..many young people should follow suit and embrace their culture hence nice opportunities like this will arise,,hope you get the grant.

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  32. This is very nice..i like the business idea all the best hudson the sky is the point of view

    1. Nice link there. Will definitely follow up when I get resources to pursue this project.

  33. Hi Mr Wereh, There is a group in Western who’ve specialized in sweet potatoe farming and they sell their produce to middlemen who sell it in Nairobi. I here then complaining of poor prices – maybe working with them on value addition is something you’d like to pursue. You cant contact me via email

  34. Haha funny but true Hudson. Boiled sweet potatoes can mess your day and even that of your classmates. I really like your project and it’s going to save many. Our village women produce a lot of potatoes but they get very little from them. All the best

    1. Please don’t laugh at me like that. I got sick from eating boiled potatoes. Hope to save others

  35. The idea is nice hope many people upcountry would learn of how they would exploit their indigenous plants. Take the challenge Hudson all the best though hope you win.

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  43. Hi Hudson, This is a very good business idea what a way to financial freedom thru doing something constructive and healthy. Sweet potatoes are very sweet and healthy i bet the byproducts will be just as nice.

  44. Hope you would share this link to manyso that many young people would find a way to curb unemployment. The indigenous crops are yet to be exploited and they have much to offer all the best Hudson.

  45. The sweet potato i ate also while growing up. The idea will be very beneficial to both the farmers and the consumers. I wish you well Hudson.

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  48. The business idea is quite impressive and very convincing good job your future is bright.

  49. is agreat idea,please spread it to kisumu county as well,there are alot of sweet potato producers in the region

  50. woow! i never imagined that sweet potato is that valuable. now i have a reason to grow potato so that i can sell to you. nice idea man

  51. so how can someone like this? am being told to have a portal,but the idea is perfect,keep it up.

  52. Hi, this is a nice project. It is unique and it’s time has come since everybody is conscious of what they eat. All the best.

  53. Hi Hudson, this is a fantastic opportunity. There are many farmers out there who stand to gain from this project. All the best.

  54. very interesting story. your past was hard. With this peoject you will change the lives of other children facing what you went through.

  55. The project is very nice considering how dearly i hold sweet potatoes to my heart good luck Hudson all the best.

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  59. Hi Hudson, This is a great idea. Hope it gets support so that we can work on it together.

  60. Sweet potatoes are gaining popularity fast. Your project is therefore well timed and I hope you get the support you need to have it started

  61. Mr Wereh, If you don’t mind we can work on something together – we have farmers in Eldoret who produce a lot of sweet potatoes and as you rightfully say, people only consume them boiled. You can help us with value addition.

  62. This is a nice idea and should be replicated to other sweeet potatoe producing areas. Sweet potatoe farmers go through the same problems

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  67. Am wondering if the project has many challenges and how do you plan to tackle them? you have shine light on the positive side thats also great all the best

    1. Just like any business, this will have challenges too but planning in advance and anticipating for such makes a whole difference.

  68. Thank you for portraying sweet potato on such good virtues you totally deserve the grant Hudson very proud bro.

  69. I like the idea that you are an environmentalist set out to do great with the orphaned crops. Kudos to the business plan

    1. Yeah, my field has given me an advantageous position where i can see environmental opportunities

  70. Thanks for sharing your story not many people would do that. The idea with the sweet potatoes crops is so wonderful a very healthy option indeed. Good luck

  71. I must agree you took me back to the days i would wake up to sweet potatoes in the morning also. I would still choose it today over anything given the different forms it will be portrayed. Good luck and all the best.

  72. I like how well structured your business idea is. The orphaned crops are a great way to be independent economically and also promote healthy living. Thumbs up.

  73. A friend of mine referred me to this post and i must admit am amazed the indigenous crops are a healthy way. All the best in your future business.

  74. All the so called orphaned crops have much to offer in this era where people are constantly suffering from lifestyle diseases. This is a good way to a healthy nation.

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  75. This is a good way to give back to the community by creating employment opportunities through self empowerment and the grant hoping you will get.

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  103. Am happu to see that you have women empowerment at the back of your mind with the business idea through the market availability. Your project needs the grant honestly.

  104. A great idea indeed.This project i bet it will produce healthy flour and the cost won’t be that high.

  105. Hey Hudson, Do you already have an established market where you will get your supplies? Good project tho

  106. Quite a viable idea, Kenyans are more health conscious and would rather do sweet potato products due to its health benefits of vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B6, P, K, Cu, Mn, Niacin, dietary fiber but to mention a few. I hope this reality will be realized as its also easier to snack on the value added products. All the best!

  107. Hi Hud.Do you plan to do this project all by yourself or you will start something like an organisation or a company,

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  112. Continue to preach the good news of of
    the benefits of eating sweet potatoes don’t tire my friend.

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  130. The high nutritional value of sweet potato should be well explained to people who cant stand indigenous crops. Good luck with the project its a nice one

    1. As part of my strategy to succeed, I will launch a massive awareness creation to educate people on the benefits of sweet potatoes

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  155. Hey hudson,
    Am wishing you all the best the proposal is very nice and already sounds as a success to me.

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    1. Thank you Paul hope many youthmen could see the possibilties and opportunities agriculture brings.

  157. Indigenous crops should be given more light. We would rarely be hearing of cases of diabetes and the likes. Nice project all the best.

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  160. Glad to see women in small scale farming who often suffer through the hands of middlemen will highly benefit from this very wise move.

  161. The only way to tackle food insecurity in a country is for the people mostly the youth to learn to appreciate the disliked indigenous crops. Happy to see that in practise. You need to get the grant.

    1. Thank you Zaina thats surely among the top ways. Indigineous foods are very healthy and quite beneficial.

  162. Keep up the good job Hudson i know you are a hardworking person and you’ll make it all the bestn

  163. This information should be accessible to many people who would like to venture on such a business with no idea on how to start.

  164. If the mindsets would be broken I see Kenya being transformed into a better place. Goodluck Hudson

  165. If many people would realize the health benefits they would reap from exploiting the likes of sweet potatoes we would result in a healthy working nation.

  166. Great idea. Value addition of the sweet potatoes will lead to increased income to the farmers as well as reduced post harvest wastage.In terms of nutritional value the flour will provide a great supplement and an alternative in the baking.Go go Hudson.

  167. its really good one but tell us if the sweet potatoes will need the removal of its bark before you crush them or you will mix all of it.

  168. the idea is great. from what i know potato is very sugary therefore we will save the amount needed to buy sugar.

  169. according to what i have read, your project is simple,clear and affordable. it is also beneficial not only to poor people but to all potato consumers

  170. That is awesome,,,my grantma have been producing potato since my childhood,,,i see this as aturning point to those producing potato like her. keep up

  171. Great. now that most of the farmers are concidering potato instead of maize in my region,i believe you will harnest this raw material at alower cost

  172. Wonderful idea. scientifically coloured potatoes contain both protein and cabohydrates which is essential for growth. keep it going man.

  173. Yes hudson,am also from western and the truth is most of the households depends on sweet potato as their major diet. through your innitiative and creating people’s awareness will change the mentality of most consumers towards sweet potato for the best. am in pal,come we work together.

  174. Hudson,sweet potato does not reguire fertilizers to grow healthy,therefore i suggest that you educate farmers to produce it in large so that you have enough for your project

  175. i agree with you Hudson. if we make sweet potato marketable and change the minds of people that sweet potato is for poor only,then we can creat aviable market not only locally but also foreign

    1. Yes Kevin. The secret is changing attitudes and creating opportunities for the changed attitudes.

  176. Farming is currently the big player of our national GDP,your project will improve and increase the involvement of youths in farming. I like it

  177. very good idea. if you dreamed of doing this then is your time,i don’t any problem with your idea.

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  181. Hudson I salute you for the idea the sweet potatoes need to be recognised. I always love them and cant wait to try its by products 🙂

  182. Wondering why we never learn such healthy foods from school with much emphasis. It all begins from there. Keep up the good job.

  183. The government uses alot of money in importing food without realising there is much that can be saved if it well exploited its indigenous crops and fairly paying the farmers for a constant supply. Am very proud of you Hudson For this information. If granted the project can be very useful.

  184. I see pride in such creativity from a young person. Who would have thought Sweet potatoes could have such great value all the best Hudson.

  185. As a woman in my right senses am very happy that women in farming will cease the frustration that comes with middlemen. If only manyem would step up for the challenge. Thumbs up Hudson.

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  193. well done Hudson. I see it as one of the ideas that will help to fight food insecurity among our grass root people

  194. Am concerned how healthy sweet potatoes are? Do they require fertilisers? what’s their timespan for growth?

    1. Sweet potatoes are easy to manage. They take about three months to mature and with sustainable farming practices, no need for fertilizers.

  195. Its true that people are becoming very conscious of what they consume, many people are in dire need of a healthy choice of diet hence sweet potatoes wi be the quickest healthiest and certainly sweet alternative good job Hudson for putting it well. All the best.

    1. Yeah Njoki. It is from this need that opportunity sprouts. Hopefully I will get the support I need

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    1. Thanks for your support. Hope I get sufficient comments to push through. I need your support on this.

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    1. it would be amazing. If every county took up the initiative to combat food insecurity by adapting healthier options which would in turn create wealth opportunities.

    1. Yes other orphaned crops have as much health benefits as sweet potatoes I will see to it that they are included in the expansion.

  218. I really hope you win, We need people like you in this country. That’s a really good idea and I would like to see it succeed. Count me as your No 1 fan. Cheers

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  220. The call of every woman and health conscious people to support this is very nice. It deserves recognition

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  235. Sweet potatoes are nice and sweet i pity anyone who looks down on them as poor mans food they dont know what they are missing. Be blessed Hudson for such a proposal.

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