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YAP Proposal #21: “Growing Golden Grains” (Alabi Taiwo Jacob, Nigeria)


Growing Golden Grains securing our future food security in Nigeria. – 3G’s Networking farming

I am Alabi Taiwo Jacob, a Nigerian and citizen by birth. I am 32 years old. A graduate of Agricultural Extension and Management from Federal College of Forestry, Ibandan Oyo state Nigeria. I worked as an extension/facilitator with world cocoa foundation/cocoa livelihood programme under the ministry of agriculture in my state where I trained 270 cocoa famers and 360 observers within a time frame on good agricultural practices (GAP) in cocoa production and revive hope in cocoa production in my state, Osun State Nigeria. Also worked with other farm enterprise before I started my own arable and vegetable farm on 13 acres of arable farm land.

This is as a result of my passion for integrated high-tech farming, and to train and empower good numbers of unemployed workable youths who have passion for farming. On my farm, I grown Golden Grains as a primary crops and I love growing it for its economic and nutritive value. Golden grains are either legumes like soybeans, beans and groundnut or cereal like maize, wheat, sorghum and the likes.

My Project

IMG_20150704_161153My project is tagged “Growing Golden Grains” (3G’s Networking Farming). This project will focus mainly on youth farmers in different rural communities in a selected growing regions to be actively and practically participate. The project will Create awareness, train and empower workable youth with passion for farming on growing golden grain for its economic importance and nutritional value.
For the first phase of this project, soybeans will be focus majorly and I choose it for its economic importance, nutritional value and high demand in the market in the midst of lesser grower and least supply in my region south-west Nigeria, compare to other grains. Soybean is been produce for its edible oil, feed mill uses soybean cake in feed formulation for livestock, soybean meal/flour is incorporated into infant food to increase their protein contents to fight against malnutrition, it is a cheap source of protein from plant compare to conventional livestock products which its price has risen beyond the reach of ordinary man in Nigeria.

Growing communities with a favorable climatic conditions for soybeans growing will be selected and 50 experienced youth farmers with at least 5acres of plough able farmland for growing soybeans will be selected from all the communities, trained and empower to grow soybeans. The farmers will be supply with the inputs and provided with the technical know-how needed and monitor for the success of this project. At least, 2-3tons of soybeans is expected from an harvest of 2½ acres of soybeans farm. After harvest, the produce is then aggregated and purchase back from the farmers at the market price at the moment. All incurred cost on the production will be deduct from the sales. This project is realistic and sustainable as it continues to enroll new farmers and empower them yearly, increase famers income thereby improved their living standard and it also has a positive impact on the community as it gain new market, and being a nitrogen fixation plant, it improves the soil fertility.

I am motivated to do this project because there is a ready market for soybeans locally and international, even, the local market demand is yet to be met. And also motivated because of it nutritional value and cheap protein to fight against malnutrition.

Improved seed varieties with high yield potential will be source from a near by seed research institute which will be supply to the farmers/growers, the growers will be engage in one week training program on soybeans production prior the commencement of the project, there will be a weekly assessment, record and report from all the growing communities to monitor the crop’s growth and performance. As an extension worker/facilitator and soybeans grower, I believe I have every necessary tools to get this project started and to surely achieve our goals. Our goal is to produce up to 1000tons of soybeans within a growing season time frame which is four month, also to make a positive impact in the living standard of the grower and their community, and all these are measure by attaining our goals.

If anyone ask me how to use the $5000 grant, I will say; in training and empowerment of youth farmers in growing golden grains, source for high yielding soybeans varieties, logistic and managerial function of 3G’s networking farming project, awareness campaign, and to source for inputs and land preparation. This project has a time frame of six month from start to completion.

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641 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #21: “Growing Golden Grains” (Alabi Taiwo Jacob, Nigeria)”

    1. For those who are asking is to state how the #GCARD3 grant will be use in this project, here is it,
      This is how the budget will go, $3000 will go on seed, organic fertilizer(because I grow organic crops) and weedicide, $1000 will go on logistic and training of youth farmers in various selected farming communities, $500 will go for logistic during monitoring after planting and $500 will be reserve in our bank account for any emmengent occurrences

      1. Thanks for commenting Ajiboye. Share with others to give their opinion o. This project. Together, we shall make Nigeria great through agriculture.

    2. He is indeed a highly committed young Nigerian agic businessman whose passion is global in nature. He dreams of being a solution to agric needs all over Africa.

  1. Proud of the fact that young minds don’t see farming as a thing of d dark ages again but see it as our future now….really wishing u d best of d bests

    1. Taiwo, when people submit comments, they are held in a queue for us to release them (technically called “moderate them”). We screen each comment manually to avoid spam and duplicate comments. We typically release comments at least once a day. So, when people submit comments, they will NOT see these comments immediately.
      Count on us to do our very best to release queued comments as quickly as possible.


    1. Thanks Toyin Ola. To be part of this program, pls share this project to others on any social media and endeavour people to make more comments and like to qualify this project.

  2. Hi,mr taiwo alabi, dat is a nice proposal,I also study agricultural extension and management @ federal college of agriculture here in apata Ibadan.,. Am into moringa and jatrova ….. I only need people to back up my vision….. U can get me on 08064797559

    1. Good of you olaoluwa sunday, you can also submit your project proposal on this blog and if its consider that is your good luck. Together we will make Nigeria a food basket of the world.

  3. really Encouraged by this…..never thought you’ve gone this far sir……more power to your elbow…..

  4. We use a similar model in seed multiplication here in Kenya, It works well especially where you have competitive prices for the farmers produce,simplified payment systems and no hiden costs/deductions

    1. Thanks Cornelius for your contribution. Its a model I worked upon before and it really helps the grassroot youth farmers because one of their major problem to production is access to fund to grow large acreage of farm despite their vast fertile land. But with this help, I believe they will go far and have a better standard living.

  5. Lovely project. It comes at a time when there is a need for our country to depart from oil and source for other funds. More grace

  6. This is one important way to drive agricultural development and simultaneously improve household welfare through the empowerment of young people. I hope detailed data on everyone participating in the project will be accurately collected and recorded and made open access, for possible econometric evaluations of the project’s impacts. Kudos and all the best.

  7. Excellent idea, pls my question is can people from other discipline or field who has passion for farming join and if yes how can they join the success train. Thank you.

    1. Yes you can so far you has passion and ready to boost crop production. I will get you informed when the program begins. Pls share this blog link to others on your social media for them to drop their comments also.

  8. This is trully a wonderful welcome development. I would be glad to be part of this project.

  9. Interesting project and very much needed at this time. Agriculture remains a veritable means to reduce malnutrition, create job opportunity and wealth for a growing Nigerian population. I wish you all the best Taiwo.

    1. Yes Ibrahim you are right. Let all join hands together to make Nigeria a better place for us to live. Enough of this foreign products and important I on dependant, let depends on our endow natural resource. Pls do share to others to comment.

  10. Wonderful idea but this isn’t a proposal in its true sense. What’s the cost of cultivating an acre of land, its expected yield, the soil requirement etc. Thanks for bringing it up though…

    1. Thanks for your comment Adedayo, from your point above, I have much to say as regard your point but I was given limited space, just two page to condensed all my points. As the project was planned, household farmers will be grouped and provide the land and they will manage the farm, and will supply the inputs and the technical know-how. It was stated in the proposal that at least 2-3tons per 2½ acres of land harvest. Thanks for your contribution and please help in sharing this project for other to comment their view.

  11. Hello Taiwo,
    Interesting…But I need some clarity: Are you engaging the youth/farmer on a contract agreement or you are strengthening them to stand on their own and any details of how to really market this products..fine there are ready market made market but how? and what don’t you justify the way your budget will go and not just assure the money will be use wisely.


    1. Thanks Agboola for your keen interest in my project. From my study and experience in growing soybeans, I discovered that we have less grower in the southwest Nigeria and bulk of comes in from the a northern part of Nigeria. We have a greater and potential to grow this crop here successfully with our vast fertile land, but many people believes that any crop grown in the northern Nigeria cannot perform well in the south west Nigeria which I see as a fallacy. This project will create awareness that we can grow this crop and it will perform better on our land because I have grown it, also let youths know that there is available market for this crop and again train them on how to grow this crop right from land preparation to Harbert and to marketing of the product. The grant from #GCARD3 will be use to empower the successful youth, they will provide land, clear it and mange the farm, we will supplty them improved soybeans variety, work on the land preparation, planting, harvesting and marketing of the product. There will be a contract papers sign between we and the youth farmers that will participate in which all this will be stated and also the buying back price but before we buy the product back all expenses incurred will be deducted because it will be a yearly program that will want all youths to benefit from. Those will train in the first year will not participate in the following year, it will be another set of people.
      This is how the budget will go, $3000 will go on seed, organic fertilizer(because I grow organic crops) and weedicide, $1000 will go on logistic and training of youth farmers in various selected farming communities, $500 will go for logistic during monitoring after planting and $500 will be reserve in our bank account for any emmengency occurrence.

  12. A Wonderful initiative that will help drive to an extent the Agricultural sector of our economy, create employment opportunity for the youths. It’s the season to look inward and move away from the oil craze and diversify our economy, no nation grows on being a consumer nation but rather a producing entity, let’s shift our base. I love the farming profession. Great plan Mr. Alabi, more grace.

  13. Wow. This is really impressive. With a few more like you, I know the economy will turn around for the better.

  14. This is inspiring. Weldone Mr. Taiwo. I am confident that you deserve the grant. Young agripreneurs like you should be encouraged. Weldone again.

  15. Don’t actually know which gives you the confidence and higher probability for the grant, either the Likes or the comments, but I like and support such a vision. Had it been I am attain the Financial height I aimed for supporting such development has been my prowess.

    1. Mr olorunlanatemiloluwa, I really appreciate your comment. Together, will well make this country greater and better. Just keepsupporting by spreading this project for more comments.

  16. In the light of our current economic challenges, Nigeria requires brilliant ideas like this one. It will empower the youth, create food security and it will be a source of foreign exchange earnings for our country. Keep the dreams alive Taiwo, you will succeed.

  17. We’re you involved in the OYES programme? Let’s meet at the Headquarters & look into possible collaborations. Kudos, but the like button is not functioning properly, you may need to alert your hosting Admin.

  18. I find this encouraging, and glad that the revolution going on now is taking us back to the LAND. Agriculture is the future, we can never go wrong with it. I have a question though: after the first set of people are trained and all, what happens to them, any follow up? Will they be well equipped on their own to keep growing the crop the next season? I hope this isn’t going to be a one-off thing!

    1. Thanks Seun. This program is basically all about coming to the aid of our youth in agriculture, not training them and abandon but empower them, monitor their success and for them to be self dependant and even create markets for their produce. It will be a yearly program so as to give room for enough youths in agriculture. We can even but them in cooperative and register them with government for aids from government. Its not a one-off thing. God help us, Amen.

  19. What a great job, May God crown your effort with success…I an a farmer too and know what it entails.More strength…what a great feat.Well done.

  20. I am totally inspired when I see young, talented and enterprising Nigerians being busy, thinking about the future and also helping others achieve their goals in life. Enjoy tremendous success and profits as you embark on this agroeducational project.

  21. How good would this initiative be if it could pursued to letter without holding back. Is it possible for you to involve Secondary school pupils having a target of 50hecters of ariable land per LG in Osun state? That’s 5hecters to a passionate interested student. A minimum of 10 student per local goverment will do. I look forward to buying produce from you when the harvest time comes. Good luck.

    1. Thanks Mr. Adefila, I commend your response. With God on our side and our sponsorers and any other local sponsorers, this project will be follow to letter because its what I determined and passionate for. We can go beyond 5acres per individual farmer participant but we are working around the grant budget. If Only we can get other sponsorers locally or international to also sponsors this project, we can even go on thousands of acreage. To be a buyer of our produce, you are highly welcome as we even want more buyers like Nestle, food and beverages companies and host of others. I welcome more comments from you as regard this project. Thanks for taking time to put in your comment.

  22. I am really impressed to this program and this project as you choose lesser grain (soyabean)production among the farmers but have great nutritional benefits to the consumer and great economy benefit to both potential producer ,organiser and country at large.

  23. How can I be a part of this. I’m young, from osun state too and can provide the needed land. Please reply

    1. Its easy to be part of this, we can do it together by getting more view and comments from people as regard this project, because that is the criteria for passing this first round. Pls help share this blog link to other on all social media for more comments. Thanks for your comment and I appreciate you. Feel free to ask any questions as regard this project.

  24. a great n very interesting project from a young nigerian dis goes a long way to show dat youths of dis generation are not bunch of never do well as d older people thought

  25. In an economy where the price of oil has fallen drastically,Agriculture to me becomes a palative to cushion the effects of the fallen oil price,great project brother,great work.

  26. Wooooow! “Show me a man who gives food and I will show you a man that gives life”. what a great innovation from a young mind for the betterment of World. Mr. Alabi, I wish you the best.

  27. I think with this nigeria youth will stop violence and being idle and go back to farming like our fore fathers. Kudos to you Alabi Taiwo

  28. Taiwo, I am deeply impressed and encouraged by your vision it goes to prove that Nigeria has a great future. I am also of the opinion that the reason we have low turnout agriculture produce is because most of what we eat come from the north and is barely enough for export I opine that this is a great avenue to help our country. Regards.

    1. Thanks for your commendation and I really appreciate this. Pls help in sharing this to others on your social media for more comments as this is the criteria for passing through this first round. More comments are required. Thanks once again.

  29. A brilliant idea, if so many people can have this idea there will be more work for youths who are in love with agriculture. We need more idea like dis in our society. GOD bless u mr Taiwo for this idea.

  30. That is a goo d work, on agro based enhancement, I want to be a participant in this program, How do I get enrolled. reply me.

  31. What a good initiative.But my face is how marketable d soya beans is…more so,how demanding is d soya bean..
    Actually,soyabean contain highly content of protein compare to other plant protein…….but the populace needs to av sound orientation about this product……..
    May Thy Lord continues to strengthen u anyway……

    1. Soybeans market demand locally and international has not been met, there is a big market for this produce, and in this project, it is included that young farmers will be train on how to grow this crop.

  32. This will go a long way and a positive impact in our communty through creation of jobs for our idle youth. weldone and keep it up.

  33. You should have done a better breakdown of how the money is intended to be used in your proposal but nonetheless I am wishing you success.Hope your project is picked as it help youth farmers and soybean production in Western Nigeria.I do hope your project will be transparent and that you would keep folks updated so others can learn from your success and failures.

    1. Thanks colonial pikin. I was given a limited space of just two pages to condensed my project write up, even I have more than this to write but I have stated it as a comment above.

  34. As a Nation and as a citizen this was one of the major brand that made us and gave us a name ” The giant of Africa ” but unfortunate that things fall apart. For this Mr. Taiwo, it is a good signal for the Nation from young minds like you. Well done!!!!!!

  35. Wow! This will really help our unemployed rural youth and keep them away from idleness. Good work, just keep it up and we support you

  36. But what is the likely future of this young farmers you want to train after their training. Welcome, its a welcome development in our community.

  37. This is a good project if all what is said here will be follow up to letter. Soybeans has a good nutritive value and economically boost our country revenue in international market. Welcome dear.

  38. My brother, kudos to you ooo, very brilliant ideal to solve country unemployment among the rural youth and it comes at the time oil market is crashing. Keep the good work up. You get my vote.

  39. Hmm… Its a nice one. Its high time youths ignite the passion for agriculture and move away from white-collar jobs that are not anywhere close by…more clarity on how the youths come in.. Contract stuff or a full empowerment to become start-up of their own

    1. Thanks Ebony, my brother from the southern part of Nigeria. Youth comes in into this program by selection from the growing communities and its going to be youths with farming experience. Basically it is on empowerment basis with a concrete agreement to sell the produce back to us, from their will recover all our expenses from the sales of the produce to carry on the project for the next growing season and they also will have their own profit from the workdone and sales of the produce to be dependant to continue growing this crop.

  40. You are doing a great job and I have always believed in this dream. May God continue to empower you for more exploit. Weldone pal.

  41. What an amazing loudable project, it will really liberate our jobless youth. God will see you through.

  42. It is a welcome idea at this time that we need it very much to rescue of crashing oil sector. Kudos to you.

  43. This is a nice project that will give hope to our youth in the rural communities, but the number of youth you want to begin with is smaller compared to the number of youth that will have interest in partaking in this program. What can you do to integrate more youth into this program.

    1. Thanks Akhare, I am working within the grant to be given, if more grant and support is received, I will surely expand our horizon to integrate more youths into this program. Thanks once again for your comment.

  44. I am so impressed by this your vision, it is rare among our youth of now a day that dream this far, in fact you make me to believe that our dear country Nigeria has a future youth. I support your dream and it will come to reality. Welcome job.

  45. Indeed Nigeria need youth like you and to support your vision. You really amazed me, I don’t know you are so rich in talent like this. Great work.

  46. Its great, I like it but pls ensure full implementation if granted. Because this is the only way through but our youths are moving away from it. Pls keep moving farming is our pride.

  47. It is an awesome project, I love to partake in this work too, pls how can I be part of it ?

  48. The future of our great nation is in the hand of great youth like you. I welcome you initiative.

    1. Making a good positive impact in my society and giving hope to hopeless individual, changing individual perspective on farming that youth also can be involve, that farming is more than using how and cultlass and that a good furtune can be made out of farming.

  49. Great job done mr Taiwo. Pls how can my community participate in this ? We have large fertile land and youth who want to do this.

    1. They can but I have to qualify this project for the next round and I assure you it will get to the next round. Let keep on Sharing this blog to other to comment and support those project.

  50. Friend, you are indeed an embodiment of solution to our country’s menance. Oil pump price is crashing on daily basis, our economy is getting deteriorating, companies are retrenching workers everyday. Unless we go back to farming our furfather’s work, our basis which you have shown us. Infact , you really inspired me with this work. More grace to your elbow, just they carry on I dey for your back.

  51. Your project. Is really embodiment and can assist upcoming youth and energetic farmers to expand their thinking beyond maize, cassava etc alone and let them realize how good and profitable the soybeans project meet it up my brother More blessings

  52. It is a life changing project because it increase the rate of employment and youth will not be dependant on government for employment. It is a employment opportunity.

  53. The program is good because it will increase the living standard of people in the society and reduces poverty.

  54. It is good innovation that will help youth either in education line or any other skilful work to have the idea on agricultural sector and and it will make youth dependant and reduce poverty.

  55. I am totally in support of this project simply because it will reduce unemployment among our youth in Nigeria.

  56. good work,well done
    the lord will bless you more and more.pls an interested in agricultural but I don know how to go about it pls help me out

  57. Mr. Taiwo, this is interesting, we really need this for our youth at the moment for it provide job for the youths. Nice idea.

  58. Taiwo, you have done well to have put in mind the youths of this great nation Nigeria, it is now we should believe that our government cannot do everything for us, and we should not always depend on our government for everything. What ever skill or ideal that we have to help others, we should use it. It is a good idea to save our youths from unemployment. You have my vote,

    1. as you have said Ewaoluwa, govt can’t do everything for us, this is my own quata to contribute to the national grid, God crown my effort and give me success in this, amen. thanks for your comment.

  59. could you be more specific about its demands, especially in local areas? And if you are planning to export them, how could you ensure that the quality of the soybeans is good enough to meet the standard requirements?

  60. thanks prodept Undip, I really appreciate your question and comment. locally, soybean demand is yet to be met, I mean in Nigeria, because there is an increase in the number of companies using it as food fortifier because of it nutritional value, not only that, because if it cheap plant protein, feed mills uses it as an inclusion at a certain percentage in animal feed. food and beverages companies in Nigeria include it in their products as protein fortifier, all this has increased the demand for soybean locally and buyers or aggregators are ready to pay higher price for it during scarcity. meeting international standard or requirement, I believe every buyers have a specification for what they are buying and that will give value for their money and that will suit their production, this specifications will be require to know which variety/varieties to be grown for international buyers.

  61. I believe Nigeria need to invest more in agriculture due to the crisis we are having with crude oil sales. it is a good project and it will help provide food food for the nation and income for youths and the general population.

  62. it is a nice project but my question is, why is it rural populace only you focus and not urban and rural because I see it that it will provide job opportunity and it is obvious that most Nigerian youths need empowerment. it will be a perfect one if this can be consider.

    1. Bamidele, thanks a lot for your contribution. Rural populace is focused on because, largest percentage of the world food comes from the rural farmers, rural farmers needs more assistant and grant for more food to be produce and taken to the urban centre, most of farmland is in the rural settlement, rural settlement is where we can find farmers who are ready to produce more food for our daily increasing population.

  63. it is a nice project but my question is, why is it rural populace only you focus and not urban and rural because I see it that it will provide employment opportunity. it will be a perfect one if this can be consider.

  64. Is it only on rural youth that this project is focusing on ? what about the youth in the urban area. because we can see that the most successful people I. the nation are farmer and they live in the city.

    1. thanks Sunday for your comment. truly most of the successful farmers live in the city but they do their farming in the rural settlement because it provided an enabling environment for farming. urban youths who have interest in farming can also start farm business if there is a space for it in the urban setting too. the aims and objectives of this project focuses on rural dweller and that is the reason. Thanks once again.

  65. it is a good thing to empower youths for agricultural purpose to produce more food for our nation.

  66. empowering youths for agricultural purpose to feed our nation is a welcome idea. kudos to you Taiwo.

  67. it is a good and important that youths should participate in farming but what can we do to bring youths into farming because a lot of youths are running away from farming.

    1. youth are truly running away from farming saying it is a rigorous work but youth can be motivated into farming by providing an enabling environment and everything need for successful farming to be at hand reach and likewise, a well structure market for agricultural produce that will absorb all farm produce should be provided for farmers.

  68. thanks Bayo for your comment. our government is doing everything possible to boost food production in Nigeria and diversify our economy from crude oil production.

  69. Good works,
    Nigerian needs soyabeans and maize in food formation for poultry feeds. I will like you to educate me on how to go into arable, getting land at cheaper cost and effective training on arable. Presently am into poultry in Lagos. Have sent a friend request to you on FB.
    I love your work please keep it up.

  70. I support golden grain initiative, as this is one of the solutions to our malnutrition problem in this part of the world,

  71. the soybeans farm is a very good project in Nigeria. I have used soybeans to treat children with malnutrition in the past year and it is very effective. I support your project.

  72. Legumes are sources of cheap proteins, and it can enhance quick recovery from sickness and good growth for children. I love it and you have my support.

  73. This project will go aong way to enhance food security for the populace if approved.

  74. This is a laudable effort. This emerging Agripreneur is indeed making impact on our society. He must be encouraged to achieve a greater height of his effort. What he has achieved is laudable and worthy of emulation.

  75. great project ! this will go along way to make positive impact on the nation’s economy if fully adopted as well as on the youths. this is sure one way to involve the youths in the nation building.

    1. Thanks charity for your comment. I will continue to do my best to involve your Agripreneur in boosting food production for our daily rising population. thanks once again.

  76. This is a laudable effort, as the progressive altitude of the emerging young agricpreneurs, it will go along way to alleviate the nation from jobless and poverty.

  77. The project is a good project and Nigerian youth need to be encourage because as time goes on we are going to be back to square one in Nigeria in the sense that petroleum is going to dry and back to farming system as our way of exporting.

    1. You are right Aminat, farming is our forefather basic work and it is high time we return to farming and produce quality food to feed our family and for export. thanks for your comment.

  78. Good concept. It takes courage and believe to find youths like you. I believe in your writeup, I believe it is achievable and you will be a door for other youths to open their minds and brains.

  79. this is the kind of project I love to support as it encourages food security in the nation. carry on,u’ll make it.

  80. This project is great, a means of enhancing good nutrition, youth empowerment and healthy living. Good work and all the best!

    1. Thanks Kayode for your comment. you can add me on Facebook to follow up this project as it progress. add alabi Taiwo or my page Greenfield farms and agricultural services. thanks once again for your Intrest on this project.

  81. I am proud of you my co farmer. I earnestly look forward to seeing this project been the best. Best wishes, u have my vote.

  82. I want to be a part of this, how can i be involved? I didn’t know soy-bean is of this high value.

  83. Wonderful, thanks for bringing hope alive on soybean production. It’s of high demand but of low production. All the best bro..

  84. You sure have my commendation, Nigeria has capable hands to feed the world with people like you in the field. Hmm… The Golden Grain has my vote. Good work Taiwo.

  85. I recommend you for global summit on food production. A determined mind to achieve success. The very best wishes from me.

  86. I love this concept. keep me posted with the update. Our neighbourhood is anxiously waiting and hoping you come out best

  87. A very nice initiative.This forum is a good platform to encourage our youths. Thanks to GFAR.

    1. Nice one Olaitan, I also say a big thank you to GFAR for this privilege to show case what I can do to help my country, our youths and the whole world.

  88. Thanks for the opportunity to make our elders know that we are actively involed in economic growth through agriculture. Yes from me

  89. it is a good project that will help the future of Nigeria youths and the coming generation, and also for the government at large. it will discourage importation of foreign products and food.

  90. it is a nice project. training more youths on growing food for our daily increasing population will help sustaining our economy for there will be less dependant on importation. this is waoh! keep it up.

  91. though it is a good project but is it possible to export food from other countries in large form ?

    1. importing food from another countries of the world is wreaking our economy. therefore, it should not be encourage. we have all what it takes to be self dependant in food production . thanks for your comment.

  92. yes it us good to empower our youths in agricultural programme to develop our nation and provide food for our teaming population. it is golden project In real sense because it can sustained itself. ride on brother.

  93. since our crude oil is not yielding much income again that can sustain our economy, we need to go back to our once known way generating revenue I.e agricultural sector which we believe can generate revenue and employment for the youths and food in surplus. I support your idea, it is a great one that can turn round d our nation for better.

  94. this project is a new dawn for Nigeria youth if they can really involve in it as it will brings about good food production practices in the area of training and empowerment. I vote in for this great work. welcome.

  95. To decrease unemployment in our nation Nigeria, youths should be train and empower in a similar programme like this thereby creating more job and giving a better future to our youth. this is a great vision for Nigeria food security. I give you all my support.

  96. This is fantastic and a welcome idea in this time of crude oil crashing. I am supporting this and I will like to be involve in this too. Good work Taiwo.

    1. really fantastic ? waoh! thanks for your support. to be involve in this program, I will keep updating it on my facebook page and twitter. you can add me up. thanks once again.

  97. This is fantastic and a welcome idea in this time. I am supporting this and I will like to be involve in this too. Good work Taiwo.

  98. Yes, it is good to involve our youths in farming, only that there is no empowerment from no where that will encourage youths to go back to farm but with this project, I believe youths will be ready to return to farm and produce more than golden grain but all food. welcome job Taiwo.

    1. really, this program is put together to encourage youths to return to high-tech farming and we will do our best to give our rural youths the best of farming practices. thanks for your comment.

  99. This is a very good idea from Taiwo.Train and empower rural youth on growing soybean for it nutritive value to feed our daily rising population and the world at large. May God bless your effort.

  100. Soy oil is highly nutritional because of its low cholestrol, if the planting is supported it will enhance nutritional diet. I really like this work.

  101. With this idea, I believe more food will be produce only to fully utilize the grant for the purpose to which it is giving for.

  102. this is a good plan for our rural youths for it with enhance rural farmers living thereby, youth will stay back in rural community and reduce pressure on urban centre so far they are engaged.

  103. so amazing project that really take the rural youths into consideration to engage them and assist in training and empowerment. you have my vote. keep it up.

  104. soybean is a less growing grain in south west Nigeria, that is true. it is a welcome idea and I support it if our youths can be train on how to grow it because it has a high nutrient in it to treat malnutrition. You really have a good plan for our youths and young farmers. I like this.

  105. This is a good idea planned for our rural youths, it will assist them to know that not only maize or cassava can be grown on our land but also soybean. I don’t know that soybean can perform well on our land until I read this article. Taiwo God help you to fully accomplish this aims.

  106. I feel this is great idea and will encourage you to press on for there is hope in growing soybean. I wish you success.

  107. pls what makes soybean and the rest grain golden grain ? it because soybean is golden in color. Nice work plan, I support your project.

  108. kudos mr alabi. i have similar project but still perfecting my theory of change. i support your program wholeheartdly as a social good advocate and #DoAgric campaigner and i will do everythng in my capacity to direct trafict for comments through private and public platforms i belong to. As a young farmer, i also look forward to benefit from the progrm, hence the nececity to contribute my quota.
    im starting my PR with twitter. you can tweet at me to copied you if you have ID otherwise relax…
    @Yemillionz_AIA is my handle

  109. Opeyemi, your comment gives me confidence that I have an inbuilt potential in me that I can attain any height I aimed in life if I don’t relent. youth like you and I are needed in this era to prove to other youths that farming is not met for old age people but for the youths. Qualifying this project for #GCARD3 is so paramount to me, pls help spread in all social media for more comments though the closing date is fast approaching. Once again, thanks for your commendation.

  110. This is a good plan for the rural youths and for national development as it will engage rural youths in farming. kudos Taiwo.

  111. Giving youth farmers an incentives will really encourage them to participate in this programme. I love this, it is a good initiative.

  112. let’s do more farming and encourage our youths to be more involve so that we can do more exporting rather than importing. Nice write up.

    1. Together we can do it, together we can encourage our youths and together we can stop importation of junks food into this country. thanks for your comment.

  113. creating awareness on the importance of growing soybean a nutritional and value added crop to our economy. it is really a source of cheap protein.

  114. I want believe that this project is very timely for Nigeria. we are at point where youths involvement in agriculture or farming rather is been practically ignored and too much attention on leaving for the urban centre. with this project involving rural youths in farming, more food will be produce and not only soybean. It is welcome project, I give you my vote.

  115. perfect work done, and nice initiative’s. Indeed you are a farmer. Agriculture is the next in line now in Nigeria so far oil price has been down for a couple of months now. This project will create job for our rural youths and reduces thuggery in our society.

  116. youths involvement in agriculture is one of the issue Nigeria need to tackle right now, thanks we have youth like Taiwo who can reason to this extent and put down plan like this for our rural youths. I give you my support.

  117. It is a step in right direction. it should serve as a positive influence on the youths in rural communities as well as s a shift in the ideologies of our youths towards. agriculture. But why soybean only is selected as crop to cultivate ?

    1. Thanks Ellis for this comment. Soybean is selected because of it economic importance and nutritional value. though other crops too are considered but let start with soybean in this first phase of this project. Thanks once again for your comment.

  118. With this project achieve, hunger will be reduce to a minimum in our society, malnutrition in Africa will be to the nearest level or totally eradicated because soybean is very rich in protein. and likewise, with this project, if youths are well train in farming, there will less attention. on white collar job. Taiwo, you are doing great job.

  119. creating awareness, teaching and educating farmers on new techniques of farming as you have stated here will help our farmers and intending farmers to do it right. we really need this project at this time to have surplus and non dependant on importation of food in Nigeria.

  120. train and empower youths in soybean cultivation, every youths need to participate in this because I see it as a life changing project. how can I participate in this soybean farming ?

  121. investing on rural youths for food production, to me it is an impacting project. brave idea.

  122. this is a welcome project. though I know nothing about agriculture but if I can be train on how to grow some crop, I will appreciate.

    1. Thanks Tolani for showing interest in farming. to be train on any aspect of farming, what is your area of interest ? that will help you to build more interest in agriculture. you can connect me on my Facebook page to discuss more on this.

  123. this will surely boost our economy and create job opportunity for rural people. Wish you the best.

    1. Samuel, Thanks for your comment. this program is a production of farm produce in a hi-tech way which is mechanized way of farming and not in the odd way of doing farm. It is pure mechanized farming.

  124. Training our rural youths in sour west on how to grow soybean, is a fantastic ideal, though we grow it less here compare to hthe northern part of Nigeria. You impressed me with this project. I support.

  125. Taiwo, this is a wonderful idea. before the discovery of black gold, farming has been our way of life. I fully support the golden grain project for it will empower our rural youth to produce more quality food.

  126. Great mind, great thinker like you is needed in our agricultural sector. You are indeed great.

    1. @Dacosta, soybean as a source of cheap plant protein has a numerous uses. many of our food companies used it as food fortifier to give the essential protein needed.

  127. Actually the program if follow as stated above it will really help our economy and alleviate poverty in the rural area because rural area is the most vulnerable to poverty. I wish you best Taiwo.

    1. Truly, rural people are the most vulnerable to poverty and I am saying that as it has been stated above, so we will follow it and make it a continuous program on yearly basis to help rural youths. thanks for your comment.

  128. There young Agripreneur, I am very much happy for you, such an idea you display is scarcely among among our youth of today, their reasoning is how to make money quickly with less effort and not ready to make positive impact on others as you are doing. My prayer for you is that you are already qualify to represent the interest of our rural youths and the rest in this our nation Nigeria and beyond. Good work, good plan, God help you to the end. I support 3Gs Farming Network to grow golden grain.

  129. if not for the training and empowerment, I would have prefer the white collar job than a work that deal with dirt.

  130. very good and wonderful initiative that will better the life of our rural youth and our country at large. the programme will bring out the productivity in our youths and in the other way boost our economy through sales of farm produce at local and international market. Very wonderful idea.

  131. Very important project that we should not let sleek out of our hand. Nigeria should take this serious And sponsor.

  132. Beautiful and innovative project work. we need more considerate, creative and enlightened intellectual individual like you. Good work Taiwo.

  133. Brilliant objectives for moving our nation forward, to be self dependant and produce more grains locally for our industry thereby improving our economy and depend less on foreign products. You are brilliant.

  134. I think the objectives of this project is a good one, rural youths and rural communities will benefit more like engaging rural youth in farming and empowering them thereby the communities too will gain new market. Nice thought.

  135. This project solves a tangible problem in the rural communities by carry them along in the changes that is happening in the country now. I give you my support.

  136. I give thumb up this good initiative, it is a great one empowering youths in producing food for the nation. I wish you success.

  137. This idea will produce more raw material for our local industries there dependant on importing from other countries will be less so far we produce soybean in large quantity. and likewise, it will increase the nation gross income.

  138. At least, we will be able to feed our self and leave a good life than dying in abject poverty. pls, I have a keen interest in this work, can I be getting the update ?.

  139. Donald I appreciate your comment. I will be glad if people can come and venture into this project. Sponsoring is highly welcome, and I will not let you down.

  140. Yes we need to invest on rural youths to retain them on farm and reduce their concentration on urban area for job that is not available and to also stop violence in our society.

  141. Temi, you have spoken well, thanks for your comment. You also can be involve in this or similar project to rescue Nigeria youths and this nation as well from joblessness. Thanks for your comment.

  142. soybean can be use as infant food fortifier to aid growth in children and fight malnutrition. this is a welcome idea.

  143. A man that plan for another man to succeed, need to succeed too. Indeed you want good thing for Nigeria youths. I am in support of this project .

    1. Yes I want Nigeria to be a better place for everyone to leave in, but I only cannot do it, we not need each other to contribute our quota. this is mine that I am doing, you need to do yours too by sharing this blog link in all social media for more comment an to qualify this project. thanks for your comment.

  144. is it possible to export soybean to foreign countries ? if yes, what are processes because I have interest in it.

    1. Yes quadri, it is possible t export soybean to other countries. there are foreign buyers in Nigeria here despite that the local demand is yet to met, we still export to foreign countries.

  145. Are you sure you can provide as much as up 1000tons in a year as you said ? though its a nice project.

  146. involving youths in agriculture and empowering them, we are securing our future and building our nation. I wish you good luck in this contest.

  147. youths involvement are indeed needed in farming of today because those adult are wearing away gradually. its a good thought.

  148. Growing your own food is like printing your own money. grow food locally is just like investing in the future to make our national a better place and dependant. thanks Taiwo for this vision. Best of luck.

  149. The surest way to revive Nigeria economy is through agricultural sector. you have show a vibrant idea to assist rural youths also in food production. Good work.

  150. Youths involvement in food production or let me agriculture in Nigeria has been ignored before but thank for this present dispensation that is reviving agriculture. This project comes at the right time that we need it and it will benefit us if accepted. Good workdone Taiwo, I wish you the best.

  151. Are you sure this grant will be allocated rightly for the right job ? Though it is a good program with cultivation of soybean which has not been fully practiced in our region here. best of luck Taiwo.

  152. Rural youths in agriculture, here is a chance for you. support this work so that you may benefit from it. best of luck.

  153. Farming is tedious but kudos to those who provide food for populace. we need this now to save our youths from unemployment and thuggery.

  154. well done Mr. Taiwo. I can see this as a project that will uplift rural farmers especially youths from poverty into wealth, it Worth’s supporting.

  155. This is a good start to revive hope in farming in rural area among the youths in agriculture. I with you on this project.

  156. I appreciate this project work for it will be very helpful to rural farmer through the assistance it will render to them.

  157. Taiwo, you see a problem and you provide a solution, health wise, career wise and in the nation as a whole. kudos to you

  158. the crop soybean is very much beneficiary to health and the concept also is beneficiary to rural youths as it is cornered towards rural youths. I am fully in support.

  159. A laudable project. The success of this project and the likes of it would pave way to our economy becoming a diversified one. The Federal Government should encourage projects of this nation.

  160. this is a good idea, its an opportunity for we youth to embark on to solve the financial condition of this country.

    1. sir, we continue to encourage youths to return to farming because I believe that the richest man in the world is farmer, farming is the oldest occupation in the world, and if no farmer, no nation. thanks for your comment.

  161. its Indeed a good concept that will help the nation at if we this project is establish. the level of poverty in the rural and urban areas will be minimise.

  162. It is a good Initiative. youths should be encouraged to get involved in this programme.

  163. it is a good innovation and interesting. But how will the awareness go and are there youths in the rural setting to propagate this programme ?

  164. But how will the awareness go and are there youths in the rural setting to propagate this programme ?

    1. Adebayi Elizabeth, there are workable youths who are agile and ready to farm in the rural area. creating awareness among the youths will be done among the community leaders and the youths.

  165. How are you going to create awareness on how to grow soybean among the youth farmers. Nice idea.

  166. The aims of this project are relevant especially in the light of current economy situation in Nigeria. keep it up.

  167. Agriculture is one of the best source of income in Nigeria and this is a good project.

  168. it a nice project but I will want more NGO to be involve in this kind of project, Good work Mr. Taiwo.

  169. Here is a plan that will alleviate joblessness and poverty in the rural setting. well done guy.

  170. Though it may be hard in the beginning but success will be record at the end. Good initiative.

  171. I have been looking for this kind of opportunity along time, nice concept. but I am interested and how can I be part of this.

  172. I know God is taking you somewhere, the great farmer of our generation. I wish you success in this project.

  173. The well known cultivating crop in the South-west Nigeria are maize, cassava, potato, and some tree crops. soybean is cultivated by few farmers due to the fact that may be no one is using it as food or not knowing its health value and economic value or where to market it, it may even be not knowing the practices involve in planting it. Communities leaders, farmers association leaders and farmers will be met an d organise a farmers meeting where all these points will be discuss and we proffer a solution to them. Doing this, we are creating awareness on growing more of soybean to meet the local and international market demand.