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YAP Proposal #345: Vegetable farm with drip irrigation (Jide Anjous, Nigeria)


Greatness starts with giant strides towards paths that men fear, and the existence of men has only ever depended on reproducing agricultural flukes which have also evolved with the sophistication of the human race.

I have no doubt that the spero lucem (light after darkness) thrown into my life was by association, as it is often said that with the right guidance and interactions even a blind man will find his way to El Dorado.

In this context, I am the blind man who found light by mingling with farmers. This is my story and this is how the 3 weeks of leave from my white collar IT job turned me into a farmer.

I am Jide Anjous. I was born in Lagos, Nigeria, in 1990 and have lived in the city all my life. I Studied at Crescent University Abeokuta, Ogun State, where I acquired a Bachelor’s degree in information and communication technology.

Abeokuta is the state capital of Ogun state, which of course is another city, so I can be called a City Boy. I was lucky enough to work in the E-Commerce sector after my NYSC (National Youth Service Corp) ended.

I was settled in my city, as the stories for the urgent need for diversification of the economy due to our current sole dependency on oil hit the papers. I started to read and research on agriculture, and the more I read the more I fell in love with agriculture and vegetable farming in particular.

But of course, the fear of leaving the city for a village in pursuit of my vegetable farm illusions was drawing me away gradually. I kept asking questions: Why are there are no vegetable farms in the city? How does life in the village feel? Do some vegetables grow on trees? I was really a novice at this, trust me.

The search for answers to my unending questions led me to cross paths with Mr. Kunle Ore, Chief Farmer at Blooming Gardens, whom I met through a friend of mine. Blooming Gardens wasn’t located in the city, so we kept communication going via phone calls and social media apps and soon our friendship grew stronger.

Mr. Ore invited me to hang out with him on the farm, which I obliged of course! I applied for my leave of absence from work as soon as I could. My stay at his farm, which is in Epe Lagos state, was pure magic for me – life changing to say the least. I fell in love more every day for the 3 weeks I stayed, which led to me submitting my resignation letter on the day I returned back to work.

I soon returned to Epe to start my little vegetable farm I had longed dreamt about, and since then (3 months now) I haven’t looked back. Living in the rural environment is actually fun!

What We Do

Our farm, Duke of Anjous (DOA) is currently in operation in Epe Lagos State. We cultivate sweet pepper, also known as green pepper, paprika (also known as Rodo) and onions.

JideAnjous2We plant all year round irrespective of the seasons with the aid of our drip irrigation system. We wait for no rains!  Soil replenishment is carried out by our trusted research consultant Blooming Gardens, which helps to supply us information on the right dose of fertiliser to help the plant at various stages.

They also conduct regular inspection of the plants for pest attacks and suggest insecticides and fungicides to help combat the attack, if the need arises.

We see the wider business prospect in our field, which can only be taken advantage of if we expand the land space we currently occupy. We will be using the seed fund acquired from the “YAP” Young Agripreneurs Project to expand our land to a hectare and also kick start our Farm To Live movement.

Farm To Live is the brain child of myself, Jide Anjous. The main goal of this movement is to help transform our young people’s mindset on farming, to see agriculture as a viable profitable and honourable business.

I have seen the present state of unemployment on the rise daily and the frustration of employed staff hating their respective jobs by the minute for reasons best known to them. So I see the need for Farm To Live to come to life.

We will kick start this campaign by paying a visit to the community senior secondary school closest to our present farm location, Molajoye Community Junior/Senior High School Epe Lagos State.

We will be inviting 15 students presently taking agriculture as a subject in school to visit our farm.

Three groups will be formed of 5 students each, and each team will have the privilege to be mentored on how one of the three vegetable we cultivate is being grown up to the point of sales. Each group will be assigned 1 plot of land, seeds and input and be given strict supervision and practical tutorage.

A weekly update of all the latest goings on from the farm will be uploaded on our blog. Students would have access to share their experience on the blog and see the huge benefit of the social media on agriculture.

Friends from the city can have a chance to mingle with us weekly by visiting the blog and remember, with no doubt in mind, that I know they will see that farming is the very first primary industry. It is the oldest job in human history, and the biggest job on earth.

The diversification starts with you and me!  #FarmToLive #YAP

The project’s success will be measured based on the following:

  • Total sales at the end of the year.
  • Amount of students able to complete the practical part of farming at our facility.
  • Traffic on our blog.


Land Preparation: $750 USD
Borehole and Pipe Fitting: $700 USD
Drip Tapes: $1700 USD
Seeds: $320 USD
Insecticides: $175 USD
Fungicide: $175 USD
Fertiliser: $430 USD
Labour: $300 USD
Herbicide: $100 USD
Running Costs: $350 USD


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109 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #345: Vegetable farm with drip irrigation (Jide Anjous, Nigeria)”

  1. Anjous. After reading this I’m really impressed FAM. Follow the dream cause there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. I really hope you win this, God bless. Up Cuab

  2. Really good seeing how passionate you are about agriculture. A lot of young people now don’t look at it as a viable career path or source of income but with the current predicament on Nigeria I believe we will have to embrace Agriculture as it really is a viable career with great benefits andthis could be something that moves our country off over-dependency on oil.

    Well-done Jide

  3. Nice information. However, the post was silent on the important information that could encourage people to join in the business. For example, no information on yields from specific plots of land and possible income. Nothing on cycle times (planting to harvesting) is on the post. The costing is better done in NGN (Naira).

    1. Many thanks St.davids, the yield per plot and cycle life of various plants and more information will be included in out subsiquent write up on the blog please watch out for it. Writting in USD was based on a required format

  4. Great initiative man, but I feel you will probably face the same challenges convincing young high school students in choosing Agriculture over the white collar jobs, until they get to study engineering or comp sci for themselves for 4-5years to discover the scam and emptiness in it.
    So kindly consider extending your program to graduates who hv been job hunting and those who presently don’t derieve satisfaction in their jobs. I believe it would help in the long run to restore the lost glory in Agriculture, then the young ones would definitely pickup a career in it.

    1. Hi akingbade, we will be reaching out to the graduates via our blog and we will be ready for consultation and assistance when called on to, we believe the high school students wouldn’t have to wait till graduating from the university to face the heat if they are properly trained now to see the light in farming.

  5. Awesome move, Regardless of the current economic situation of our dear country. Agriculture stays booming.

  6. I’m glad I read this and even more glad it’s coming from you. You always talked about these things but it’s good to actually see you making it a reality. Not too many people can resign from their job and start something like this. Your effort and energy is highly appreciated because in the end, many Nigerians would actually benefit from this initiative. Baby steps bro! Fluorish!

  7. This is a very nice idea, bringing vegetable farming to the city and involving our youth. We need to reduce the logistics cost of food delivery, and start engaging our young hands in what will be the economy of the future. Keep up the good work, and I wish you the best in your enterprise.

  8. Anjus Baba am impressed of your Research work Agriculture is one of the important solution to our nation economy crisis. I wish u success in this research work.

  9. This is good work.. Jide.. providing food for the nation.. and investing in the youth of tomorrow towards Agricultural knowledge..
    Instead of wallowing at the hands of white collar employers.. .. I hope this gets implemented. Keep it up.

  10. Great Initiative. ..We should not let Agriculture die in our time…we need to start cultivating all what we eat. More grease to your elbow Anjous.

  11. Brother this is exactly what we are talking about it why would you be want to continue slaving all in the name of white collar job ……… Bro you are on the right path and very very soon you would see the result….. Well done bro

  12. With passion, hardwork and good luck, you’ll get there bro. More blessings #Jide Anjous

  13. Hmmmmn, what can i say. Nice path you’ve treaded. Ill agree with what a reader said. Extend this to graduates who are job haunting or aren’t finding satisfaction in their jobs. Im super proud of you

  14. Hmmmmn, you’re treading the right path. I want to agree with what a reader said. Make this open for graduates who are job haunting or not satisfied with their jobs. Im super proud of you

  15. #farmtolive is a brilliant idea…big ups Anjous. The misconception of the youths of the present generation is that they don’t know that “doing agric pays” as u eradicate hunger n make money at the same time…am down with you blad…we can make agric live to the way it used to be by enlightening ourselves on d benefits of agric n actually do as we preach by practicing agric…Jah bless the movement to greatness…

  16. I’m so proud of you Jide… Keep up the good work. May Almighty Allah continue to guide and strengthen you. Insha Allah

  17. Amazing idea! You are taking natural elements putting them together to influence and create jobs, finance, a way of life and education. Well done Jide I Pray you win InshaAllah!

  18. This sounds quite interesting and motivating. I look forward to seeing more of this, it will surely help more young men get a grip on their dreams and ambition. Good job.

  19. My bro the farmer, that’s very brave of you not everyone can dare to even think of doing what you did big ups to you bro. Would make it a must to visit your farm whenever am in Lagos.

  20. This is awesome…i can see you achieving your goals already…dont relax till you are the best at what you do…keep up the good work dear…#dreamchaser

  21. Jide, am rlly impressed of what you are into, ds is d only survival way for us in ds country now, may almighty Allah cont to stand by u. Good inovation keep it up.

  22. Jide, keep this up. God is with you and will see you through. Nigeria is able to feed itself and the whole of Europe. We just need more people like you

  23. Awesome job Jide this has inspired me to not just seat but courageously follow my dreams like you.

  24. How else would we diversify from over-reliance on crude oil,especially at a time when we do not seem to have much say and the drop rate of oil prices is continually taking it’s toll on our economy.
    In my opinion,provision of food and raw materials through the development of agriculture is the most feasible solution to Nigeria’s longest lingering crisis.
    I laud your courage Jide,one can only hope you get the required encouragement you need to actualize that big picture you have always imagined. #GodblessNigeria

  25. This is absolutely remarkable, as Nigeria in terms of agriculture can be a very profitable business, but it seems nobody has noticed. Not only will this provide a great opportunity to young students, it will also open many opportunities for agriculture in Nigeria as a whole.

    This will also push younger people to not follow paths, but to break down societies notion of white collar jobs as being the only form of having a respected career.

    This executed on a large scale, will have a domino effect and benefit not only the individual but the Nigerian economy.

    The youth of today need not to conform but to create their own paths.

  26. Truly Remarkable,for a young lad to think this big is an eye opener for all youths.Agro entrepreneurship is the next big thing in Nigeria everyone should support it.To my friend Jide Anjous this a the Most amazing thing I have heard and seen this year and am sure you are the next big thing,God guide you through this good life,might be rough on the way but I promise you,you will go places.God be with you.

  27. May Allah put His continuous barakat upon this path & (win or lose), may He grant you all the good, wealth, wisdom & support you require to forge on with ease.

    All the best Bro…your vision will be a reality soon in shaa Allah


  28. This is a really good and redefined form to help reduce unemployment. On behalf of the Man in charge I appreciate the sponsors. Let’s make Nigeria greater.
    This is for Jide; I’ve always known u to be a man of his words and someone to look up to. Continue with the great works and don’t attempt to stop cause I would gladly be a part of this anytime. 👍🏻

  29. Bros anjous!!! I see u av been planning and managing time and space well…… good one boy

  30. I’m impressed! I wrote an article about drip irrigation for my NGO a couple of months ago. When you invite the students to the farm, I think why drip irrigation is used on the farm instead of other forms of irrigation is one of the things they should learn about (it retains more moisture, uses the water more efficiently, etc). I’m happy that you see agriculture as the ‘new oil’.

  31. Nice one, I like that you took the bold step of pursuing your dream. I wish you the best of luck!

  32. This is how fate and circumstances can lead one to greatness and brighter future if viewed properly and with the right mind and attitude. Am glad experience has propelled you to this current level and how far it will take you. More grace bruva.
    I will like to add that the young ones be fully taught the business dynamics to agriculture.

  33. Wow.I admire your courage and saw an opportunity..a good one at that and went straight for it..which is proud to know you right now..I pray all works out for u!!!Bigup

  34. Its very good to see a present and future in Agriculture ,because day by day people consume food/vegetables etc.with the help of dedicated and passionate youth who have passion for agriculture.we will revive our personal economy and that of the nation.
    Dont let be scared of the initial challenges ,one overcome it with time.

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