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YAP Proposal #346: Mung bean production (Abdurahman Haji, Somalia)


My name is Abdurahman Haji Ahmed Osman, from the Afgoi district of Somalia. I am 23 years old and I am in my last semester of a Bachelor’s degree in the faculty of agriculture at Benadir University, one of the oldest universities in Somalia.

AbdirahmanHaji2My dream is to rescue my country and my people, who are in shortage of food in the last two decades, by the use of agriculture.

As the title implies, my aim of this project is producing, adopting and maintaining mung bean production to eradicate the Somalia’s food shortage. This dream project will motivate the local farmers as it will help and facilitate their adoption of mung bean production.

Mung bean is a food crop that requires that producers provide special cultural management and attention. Proper management is essential, from cultivar selection, field selection and planting through harvest, plus marketing for maximum profitability. This guide helps producers meet those production challenges.

The project will get help from the Somali Agricultural Technology Group, “SATG”. SATG has over 1500 lead and contact farmers. It values farmer participation in the testing of new varieties and recognizes the importance of joint ownership of the new technology. This is the key fundamental in SATG’s working approach.

My primary incentive for doing this project is that I identified mung bean as a crop with huge potential not only to fight hunger and malnutrition but also to generate income and create jobs for many youth groups. I am very sure if local farmers adopt this project, they will appreciate it and multiply it in their communities.

Steps to achieve my project

  • Good Agriculture Practices (land preparation, timely sowing, proper weeding, irrigation, fertilizer application, control of pests and diseases, safe use of pesticides)
  • Assistance of SATG and local farmers
  • Monitoring and market information gathering

In my career, I have worked with two to three agricultural projects that are carried out by SATG and Benadir University, along with seminars about agricultural production. In addition, I am a local farmer who has been practicing farming since childhood.

The actual measure of my successes includes activism of local farmers to produce mung bean, of high quality and income generation, etc.

The USD $5000 budget

  • Hire a farm, machinery, and labor at a cost of USD $450, USD $800, and USD $1600, respectively
  • Purchase quality seeds, inorganic pesticide, and organic and inorganic fertilizers at cost of USD $250, USD $300, and USD $500, respectively
  • Irrigation water for pumping USD $400,
  • Storage and market monitoring at cost of USD $300
  • The rest, USD $400, will be for improvements


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12 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #346: Mung bean production (Abdurahman Haji, Somalia)”

  1. hi my friend this project is very important to our country to encourage our youth…wish you success

  2. my friend this is good idea, but my advice is to grow with another crop along with the mung been

  3. Mr Abdirahman what you are creative person, Reliable Idea, suitable for somalia, i will hope you good lucky.

  4. Mr abdirahman what you are creative person, reliable idea , suitable for somalia hope you good luky.

  5. In my opinion, it’s very important and interesting PROJECT to anyone of Somali citizen bcz evey counrty in the world has a particular program about its development so the economy of our country depend on AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTION.this project can be create job chances and facilitate the highest maximum productivity of somali’s famers. saying go-forward wish u the best,, mr Abirahman.

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