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YAP proposal #297: Pig Keeping for Improved Household Income (Ernest Lucas Hizza, Tanzania)

IMG-20160308-WA0019My name is Ernest Lucas Hizza from Tanzania, 37, with an MSc in Natural Resources Assessment and Management from the University of Dar es Salaam. Currently, I am working as Lecture at Moshi Co-operative University in Tanzania.

I have a pig-keeping project that I started in February 2015. I started the project by procuring six pigs with the expectation of increasing the number to 50 by February 2016.

The main goal of the project is to rent a shop and be a supplier of frozen pork at the centre of Moshi town, where the market of frozen pork is very high to individuals and hotels.

Since the start of the project, it has been facing the challenge of getting adequate and reliable water because the existing piped water system does not suffice the demand of the community in the area where the project is implemented.

Sustainability of the project will depend on the availability of adequate and reliable water. This requires a sustainable solution of drilling a well at the site so as to have adequate water that can be used by pigs as well as watering fodder for feeding them.

Having reliable and adequate water, then raising the number of pigs to 50 after every six months will be achieved and the target of starting the supply of frozen pork will be achieved.

The expected profit for very six months is USD 3,000.

Project funds (USD 5,000) will be used as follows:

  1. Drilling of water well and installation of equipment     USD 2,000
  2. Construction of a new house to accommodate more10 pigs USD 1,000
  3. Renting a shop for distribution of Frozen Pork USD 1,000
  4. Procuring feeder for more10 pigs USD 500
  5. Procuring pigs vaccination USD 500


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11 thoughts on “YAP proposal #297: Pig Keeping for Improved Household Income (Ernest Lucas Hizza, Tanzania)”

  1. The scrutine is well detailed and expectations ca meet as per authour plan if the project is implimented.In addition;water quality should be considered for project sustainability.

  2. The project is highly commendable. Speaking as a customer, it is true that the pork demand in town is higher compared to the supply. The project sounds feasible and sustainable. Keep it up Mr. Hizza and all the best!

  3. The best project idea I like it !! The widely needed project with alot of opportunities direct and indirect ! I recommend it..!

  4. Good idea to have engaged into this project because you will reap fruits of your investment within a short time. I highly recommend for expansion of the project. Looking at your operational area i propose that your farm structures should be highly cushioned from extreme heat. You can do this by planting as many trees as possible around your project area. choose fast growing type of trees like mwarobaini, dakika tatu and the like. This shall be possible if you get adequate supply of water as per your project ideas. Congratulations.

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