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YAP Proposal #197: EduMala Mentoring Program (Dinesh Panday, Nepal)

EduMala Mentoring Program

I am Dinesh Panday, a YPARD member as Nepal representative and Communication officer at YPARD Asia and Pacific Coordination Unit. I am 28 years old and currently pursuing PhD degree in Soil Science at University of Missouri- Columbia, United States.

The YPARD, where I am working, emphasizes the importance of youth to youth empowerment by networking and provides platform for information sharing and dissemination, as well as online and offline meetings and events. YPARD Nepal is a national chapter of YPARD, established in 2012 and currently 45 members are working as a national team including different agricultural development sectors.

We know that education is important, however, there are lots of things missing in education in terms of soft skills (like, interpersonal skills). If a young professional has lack of competency, we cannot think that s/he will be able to deliver right message to targeted audience or how others can be benefited?

Very fortunately, in the past year, I got chance to read YPARD Mentoring Program in Kenya and my own learning experiences from 2015 Youth In Landscape Initiative, which motivated me to develop a program called, EduMala (Edu= Education, and Mala= Connection) as an educational training module.

EduMala: Raising Your Career Potential, a blended online/offline mentoring program, run by YPARD Nepal in technical support of Dream Work Solution to build the interpersonal skills of Nepalese young agricultural professionals. Our network of professionals belongs to diversified background with specialties in agriculture sector who serve as mentors in volunteer basis.

We are adopting peer-peer assessment technique using e-learning, downloadable content (English and Mother language- Nepali), and online conference meeting to interact among mentors and mentees. However, regarding existing problems of electricity and internet access in Nepal, offline module is also available. The benefit for us is an opportunity to grow up professionally by improving our sharing skills. For mentees, it will enhance skills, confidence, understanding of agriculture in rural development, also helpful to expand their networks and knowledge of their own fields.

The 5 weeks long course with 5 mentors which means, every week different mentor with same mentees. Everyday mentor uploads his/her 1-2 pages long brief document as PDF prior to exact session date and mentees are supposed to make a discussion after reading that material. With the materials supplied the mentees can put their queries to the mentors.

We received 114 applications to participate in YPARD Nepal- EduMala Mentoring Program, however, only 34 were able to join first session. We offered assignments (as blogpost, group discussion and report writing) to measure the success factors, and used survey and online conference meetings to provide feedback from mentees to the mentors and also to improve EduMala in future.

The first batch of the mentoring was held in between 3rd January and 13th February 2016, saw 34 mentees learn how to communicate more effectively, network, write proposals, publish in academic journals, about government youth policies, entrepreneurship and event management. Additionally, there is another better chance of individual to work closely with YPARD Nepal, where we can measure his/her performance in long term basis. Read more about us, and one of the mentee’s feedback.

Based on our progress, now we are planning to start second session from 27th March to 7th May 2016 with 40 mentees. We will take applications on a rolling basis by considering you for entry into our third session later this year. After this, we will upload all of our course modules publicly on EduMala website.

3-month EduMala Mentoring Program

Starting with June 2016, we are going to launch a 3-month EduMala Mentoring Program including young farmers, students, entrepreneurs, researchers and development workers from across Nepal to promote agriculture networking, mentoring and entrepreneurship skills. In 2015, YPARD Nepal organized a workshop, “National Youth Forum on Agro-based Entrepreneurship Development”, where we identified the lack of mentoring or access to entrepreneurship skills is one among the six different agro-based entrepreneurship problems in Nepal.

The mentoring program will include 10 mentors and 20 mentees with use of online e-learning, downloadable course and training modules, face-to-face interactions, webinars, case study, business plan development and analysis etc. The grants will be used to hire experts, mentor’s travel cost, manage onsite trainings and to develop course modules in English and Nepali languages.


  • Call for applications of 3-month EduMala mentoring program- 17th April (deadline, 3 weeks)
  • Screening of mentors and developing outline of course modules (English/Nepali)- 8th May (deadline, 3 weeks)
  • 3-day orientation workshop (Chitwan district, Nepal)- 4th -6th June
  • Field visits- 1 visit per month in between June and August
  • Mentor-mentees interactions at least 2 hours per week- June to August
  • Project completion meeting and summary of progress- 10th September 2016.

Budget ($ in USD)

  • Communication, Event Management and Coordination- $400
  • Field Visits (1. High-value Crop, 2. Agricultural Marketing, 3. Processing Plants)- $900
  • Orientation workshop (3 days)- $1200
  • Course Module Development (English/Nepali)- $600
  • Video Project and Traditional Media Coverage- $400
  • Experts (up to 3 based on field visits) and Mentors (10) Travel Cost- $1300
  • Brochures/ Fliers and other Publications- $200

We invite you as a professional and your entire organization to serve as a mentor and share your course modules related to entrepreneurial skills. If you are bringing your module at EduMala, it means you are supporting for capitalization of knowledge as well as publicizing your organization. We want to make it live and need your support.

Blogpost and illustration submitted by Dinesh Panday (Nepal) – ypardnepal(at)

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944 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #197: EduMala Mentoring Program (Dinesh Panday, Nepal)”

    1. Thank you so much Dax.
      We are encouraged by our experience of online mentoring program, and now we are trying to conduct onsite (face-to-face) mentoring program with the support of YAP.

      1. thanks for ur encourage ment in nepal.I hope dinesh will success in ur programme.I hope,I this programme will great achieve in nepal.thank dinesh pandey

  1. This is a very nice concept for students’, farmers’, agripreneurs’ and other people who get involved to enhance knowledge and skill they have. It makes one more and more professional. This idea should have to be emphasized and encouraged.

  2. Great effort. Being a part as mentees in the first session, i know how much this program is fruitful to the participants. all the best

  3. Agri-entrepreneurship is what Nepal currently need to increase productivity and raise the living standard of Nepalis. This is a very good initiative which will help many farmers and people involved in agribusiness.

  4. I have always admired you Dinesh bro for whatever you have done to endorse the goodwill of Nepal at the Global level..and I think this proposal is another great initiative as well..I wish you good luck..and I will be willing to help however i can 🙂

  5. It’s an great iidea for Developing the knowledge and professional level of farmers in Nepal. Everyone (including me), is eagerly waiting for this valuable project. I appreciate the great effort of Dinesh sir for this project.

  6. A very great initiative feasible to Nepalese student’s, farmers and professionals. Well done!

  7. Inspiring and noble project, investing in young professionals/students/researchers like us and sharingh what you learned. Great project bro. Keep on introducing these great initiatives..

  8. very good initiatives… I am also eager to share some ideas to the future agriculturist….. Hope this plateform will be used to make students think out of box…..

  9. I was lucky enough to have been through two mentorship – both have a significant impacts on me and how I plan my future. I second the idea – while many people are passionate, the majority does not have the necessary guidance on how they can pursue their goal, or to put their skill and their knowledge to use in a real societal setting.

    1. Agreeing with you, Praiya.
      Thanks for your wonderful sharing. Yes, we are also growing from same level. We used to share based on our knowledge and experience by thinking, it might be good for beginners.

  10. Great initiative! This has a potential to help a lot of people from diverse backgrounds.

  11. I liked the idea of focusing on developing interpersonal skills the most. I do believe that the exposure to a new learning environment, utilizing the methods of learnt skills will be very effective in achieving this goal and will lead toward professionalism. All the best to the team for such a creative effort.

  12. I’m one of the mentees of the first batch of Edumala Mentorship Program. What I learned from the mentorship program has been of great importance to me to develop my interpersonal skills. I strongly believe that mentorship programs are of great importance towards improving the base of knowledge, and developing the professional skills. I’m much encouraged with the new plannings of YPARD Nepal team to include farmers as well in this program. This is surely going to encourage the youths to be agri-entrepreneurs. Great Initiation Dinesh Pandey Bro…. Good Luck…

  13. Good project. A way of fusion of agriculture, youth and use of modern technologies for the generations coming and sustainable development.

  14. Dear Dinesh and YPARD Nepal team, I strongly support your proposal. If there is anything likely to bring change in Nepal, that is ‘the youth-force’. We should promote ideas that drive youth to the right direction. So, great job for this initiative. I think, the next level of our focus after these basic educational training should be incentive-based involvement of youth in agriculture production and marketing. Let me know if I can assist some of the programs. My interest is educating youth about healthy crop production systems, and how can we stop the haphazard use of chemical pesticides in our crops, what are the legal and moral obligations that growers should have when they supply fresh produce to the market. We ( have recently finished ‘pesticide safety training to 190 farmers’ in Nepal from our organization, and will continue to work on similar areas in Nepal. Let us know whether we can work in collaboration to engage youths.

    1. Dear Jhalendra dai,

      Thank you so much for your comment. Also thanks for your interest to work together to engage youths, we are very proud with your willingness. Currently we are running 5 educational course modules (those mentioned on our promotional picture). After this we are expanding our modules, and definitely I will contact you 🙂

      If we got this fund, we will also contact CARD Nepal for implementation of project in possible ways. More about us,

  15. Great!! I have experienced the edumala mentoring being a mentee myself, and can proudly say this is one of the best online platform ever in Nepal for knowledge dissemination. Thumps up Dinesh and the whole team .

  16. cool: looking forward to get started..
    souns promising new opportunity for the youth like us 🙂

  17. As a participant of mentorship program, i can say it is very foredeal for students and farmers who will be able to lift up their skills needed for professionlism. It is really a great initiative idea which will help in boosting up the scopes of agribusiness. I am eager to contribute from my own side as far as i can. For effective impact it is better to have a pulverised team work.
    I am sure YAP will help for better access to the diverse backgrounds of Nepali farmers.

  18. An effective platform for knowledge sharing and skill development. Looking forward for it.

  19. Involving farmers; students; entrepreneurs; reserchers and development workers in a same programe is a great idea

  20. Nice. I am sure this will help alot to the country which has much more to learn in the field of agriculture. Keep going bro. All the best

  21. In the country with endless potentialities in agriculture but lacking to attract youths in the field for required development, Nepal, this project will be great opportunity to educate and attract youths. With such efficient members in YPARD Nepal it will be a great platform to potential youths through this.
    Dinesh Da! Best of luck!
    SUPPORT SUPPORT “YAP Proposal #197: EduMala Mentoring Program (Nepal)”!!!

  22. Hello dai,
    Having participated in the first session of Edumala Mentorship Program, I found my interpersonal and communication skills much more refined than before. It’s been really helpful to carry out different agriculture related projects and and conduct them effectively.
    As I have experienced the real changes it brought to my professional life, I strongly suggest that this program be extended not only to the students but also among the smallholder farmers working at grassroot level so that they can promote their activities more efficiently. And recognition in GCARD will definately help in doing so.
    I appreciate your efforts and believe that it’ll be a changemaker in the days coming forth. I wish u all the best!
    Thank you.

  23. wonderful… all the best for future endeavors.. will be glad to support for such noble cause in anyway i can..

  24. wonderful.. all the best for future endeavors.. will be glad to support in such noble cause in anyway i can..

  25. In the country with endless potentialities in agriculture but lacking to acquire required development and to attract youths in the field, Nepal, this project will be great opportunity to inform and educated youths. With such efficient members in YPARD Nepal this will be great platform for potential youths.
    Good luck Dinesh Da!
    SUPPORT SUPPORT “YAP Proposal #197: EduMala Mentoring Program (Nepal)”

  26. It’s a nice concept you are working on.. It’d be great if this mentoring initiative delivers. Hope this would be helpful to emerging entrepreneurs.. Best wishes..

  27. Great program to ensure that youth are given the right tools to become successful with help from mentors!

  28. Great project t To attract youth! Your team just tackle what young people need to fine their road! The mentorship program will ensure youth involvement and engagement in agriculture. And for sure, all YPARD Countries Rep should replicate the project.
    Good luck dear Bro Dinesh and your team! Valuable work.

  29. Really a new initiative with diverse dimensions of community development through agriculture

  30. The proposed mentoring program is an innovative idea for awareness in Agriculture. Good look Dinesh Brother

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  32. Wonderful concept, which will surely benefit many youths for their progress… good luck

  33. YPARD Nepal has been a source of my inspiration since my engagement as Local Representative. I highly appreciate the productive idea of Edu Mala online/offline mentorship and I wish all the best for project!

  34. Its a great initiative for youths- students, farmers, enterpreneurs and researchers. I wish all the best for this endeavor!

  35. great job bro… happy to see u following d ypard n giving n youth vision of agriculture….

  36. It is great initiative and I believed every body is benefitted. We need to continue this efforts.

  37. I am totally amaged by this thought and working mechanism.No doubt this will act as the milestone for the entire development of youths, students, farmers and other professionals too. We are all enthusiastics behind of you so keep on going.
    Great work. Good luck.

  38. Seems like a beneficial course.I hope more and more students will be informed about it.keep it up bro best wishes 🙂

  39. Wow, very nice approach.
    I believe this should be one of the winning proposals among ten.

    Also, I would like to request others, please support this proposal by COMMENT.

  40. I’m impressed by your program and also the website, the video your team created, excellent! You deserve our support .

  41. the programme seems to be truely revolutionary as it focuses on the agricultural aspects….!!! thereby uplifting the nation’s development…!!! as it is mentioned that via brainstroming the mentor programme is going to be held.. it is pretty good approach too…. but still i have one query ….. how the programme supports the actual involvement of farmers in the program? please could you help me out?? anyway hoping the best output of the programme…..!!!!

  42. Purposeful concept. This site and both are resourceful and easy to navigate. Wishing success for the team.

  43. Great initiation Dinesh ji
    I hope your effort will give proper shape for development through youth involvement in agriculture. You are the strong initiator, keep it up

  44. I am wondering with willingness of you guys. Thoroughly enjoyed by reading a proposal. Good luck.

  45. Great job Mr. Pandey. Since I know, you have been proving that you are the the most energetic personality and you can do for agriculture. Yes I can say that you proved yourself.I’m happy that here are some youthin Nepal like you,who don’t think only for themself – nation first.
    Truly proud of you

  46. Dear Dinesh! EDUMALA sounds great. Well this will certainly help the youths to hone their skill and also built their confident in comunicating withothers. Good luck for your initiatives.

  47. Great initiative! I hope many youth will benefit from this program and increase the economy of Nepal, and in turn tackle th challenge of feeding the 9 billion people in 2050. Best of luck!

  48. If this project works then there will be lots of people will be benefited and i wanna give u suggestion instead of Nepali language, can we put on there own language so that they cant forget their own language now a days all the people are forgetting about there language why should not we start from now so that the saying of Late king Prithivi narayan shah become true. Anyway nice project and have a good luck Mr. Dinesh and His team

  49. If this project works then there will be lots of people will be benefited and i wanna give u suggestion instead of Nepali language, can we put on there own language so that they cant forget their own language now a days all the people are forgetting about there language why should not we start from now so that the saying of Late king Prithivi narayan shah become true. Anyway nice project and have a good luck Mr. Dinesh and His team.

  50. Great initiatives for capacity building and intervening in marketing of agriculture commodities, high value crops promotion and processing of them!!

    Keep up the good work…

  51. Interpersonal skill development is where our education system is lacking the most. Despite being one of the most important qualities for both personal and professional development, it’s always been overlooked in our curriculum. So, ideas like this can be of great significance to motivate youths and build their confidence level. Really glad that somebody took this initiative. All the very best.

  52. Great effort which help youth nepalese agrigulturist for opportunity to get more knowledge through it.

  53. I`ve been friends with Dinesh for a few years now and I can honestly say that he`s been involved in many great initiatives. I strongly think that this should be the next one.

  54. A very great initiative feasible to Nepalese student’s, farmers and professionals. Well done!………………

  55. Brilliant work….. wish u all the teem members… lets do hard bring happiness n fully support in agriculture…..

  56. Great initiative for a country like Nepal. I am sure, such a noble educational tool will bring tremendous amount of knowledge the time entrepreneurs of Nepal. All the best.

  57. A very great initiative to say… U did had a good inspiration DINESH…. promoting ICT4Ag to youths is a vision all countries worldwide needs to bear in their minds and develop. The outcome of such actions shall be for the benefit of all especially those in rural communities who aspire to urbanize themselves but don’t have the means to do so… thanks to that.. Wish the very best for this project…

  58. A great initiative effort… Good luck bro… Keep up the hard work on… By best wishes for you…

  59. Best of luck with the project and hope this concept of edumala will benefit more youths like us in coming days and gurantee overall development of sustainable agriculture . I am hopeful for a fruitful achievement of this brilliant project concept 🙂

    1. Thanks for comment.

      In 3 days orientation program, there will be 20 mentees, 10 mentors, 3 experts, progressive young farmers (and their food and logistic management), and stationary materials. We will also invite media persons and student from AFU who will be interested to join during opening session to share our concept and hear their voices.

  60. It is an good initiative to engage students in technical sector and others too in order to expose them to the new forms of technology . Hope such program continue in long run and make every individual skilled. Best wishes.

  61. A very nice approach to promote youth in agrienterpreneruship. All the best Dinesh. Keep it up..

  62. Hmmm..This is great module.
    Edumala Module seems like new concept for young professionals in Nepal. This concept and program gonna have wide scope in Nepal, even wider in future days.
    Best wishes to working team.

  63. Hmmm..
    EduMala is great module and it seems like it has wide prospects in our country, and it seems like it will attain wider prospects in future days. Young Ag professional can take good advantage by being the part of this program….Go on young professional..
    All the best to the working team.

  64. Reblogged this on Farming Matters ! and commented:
    Being a mentee myself, Edumala Mentorship Program is a huge source of inspiration to the young professionals like us. And this mentorship has lot more to give. So, lets flourish this mentorship culture to whole new level.
    Best of luck , to us , Edumala and ofcourse Dinesh Dai.

  65. YPARD Nepal has aleays been a source of inspiration to me. I has encourage to spred my wings and fly. Being a mentee myself, Edumala is a great piece of workand i hope this has lot more to give. So, this mentorship worth it.
    Best of luck, to us, Edumala, YPARD Nepal and of course Dinesh dai

  66. Dinesh sir, it is appreciative idea and helps to open a new horizon for the young farmers and entrepreneurs. we would like to wish very success of the program. thank you

  67. Great one. This will for sure help youth to get engage, empowering them with leadership skills and many more, for better agriculture, research and development. All the best for team YPARD-Nepal.

  68. Undoubtedly , brilliant initiation.
    Its worthy and a very active way of empowering agri-youths like us…
    I have already learnt a lot Through Edumala… and i feel really blessed for every opportunities
    Edumala is assuredly lucent shade 🙂

  69. It’s our pride…
    Good job keep it up..
    But it’s a bit costly….
    How can we afford this?
    Make it accessible to the poors…..

  70. Good initiation. ..
    It’s our pride….
    Applicable to all aspects of carreer…
    But it’s looks costly..
    Make it accessible to all…

  71. disesh sir, its very much appreciative idea concept, which helps to open new horizon for young farmers and entrepreneurs. we wish for the success of the program. thank you

  72. Dear Dinesh Pandey,
    You have tried to work on the most important aspect of agro entrepreneurship in Nepal. I hope this proposal will be approved and you have a challenging task to perform in Nepal.
    Good Luck
    Damber Khanal

  73. Edumala is something which can bring a huge difference in networking skill among youth to promote agriculture throughout the world.

    People do have knowledge of communication but not of proper communication. Edumala makes realization of public relation and networking. Edumala is something that build diplomatic skill on an individual and add something to make “better and best” from “good”

  74. I liked the offline module concept of communication regarding the current situation. Adding new knowledge to the existing one will help them learn new techniques, which otherwise would have been carried out in improper way. Good luck Dinesh.

  75. I am surpried to see that this is a piolt project coordinated by YPARD itself…good luck for ypard Nepal coordinator.

  76. Dinesh sir, its very much appreciative idea and concept. we wish very success for the program. thank you

  77. Being a young professional myself, I can only underscore the importance of soft skills for a budding entrepreneur. As the world is going online, its a great initiative to connect people across continents. I would also suggest to organize with rural libraries in remote places of Nepal, facilitate and invite rural youth in agriculture to join. Despite I have not done any agriculture, I can tell you how much I love gardening myself and have been growing potatoes, tomatoes in bins, and preparing for some aquaponics. I think youth in remote places of Nepal can definitely benefit from mentors who are involved in green house farming and other existing ways of growing crops. Perhaps its a topic that fits within your edumala mentoring model?

    1. Dear Nishant dai,

      Thank you so much for your wonderful comment and I highly respect your sharing.
      Agriculture is base for all of us in this planet- no food, no live. Definitely, we should respect farmers and promote rural young people in farming. Your topics are completely fits in to EduMala mentoring model and we will incorporate more in coming session.

  78. Citrus granulosis is also one of the major issue/affect of citrus greening. The taste of infected fruit is bitter, acrid and yields low.

  79. Yeah, Nepalese students as well as farmers need such kind of support and motivation. People need help to support the agriculture development in nepal and the thing you’re doing can be proven very supportive. Keep it up 🙂

  80. I appreciate for your initiation. Know how on subject and skill development is stepping stone for entrepreneurship. Converse your effort on selected issues while mentoring but put in place intensively for better outcome. All the best young guys.