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YAP proposal #159: Bridging the Gap: Motivating Farmers, Creating Wealth (Ojonugwa Nicholas Alifa, Nigeria)

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How can I win the hearts of my consumers with my products without a proper understanding of what their needs and desires are? How can production be effective without the appropriate technical know-how? How can I be motivated to produce more when my old stocks are still in my storehouse? How can
production be complete when the products have not reached the final stage (i.e. consumers)?

These and many more are the major questions bugging the minds of African farmers. What could be responsible for these challenges and how can these questions be answered? This is exactly what we want to address with

I am Ojonugwa Nicholas Alifa, a young man with a deep passion for the development of food and agriculture in Africa. I was born in 1993, in Nigeria. I hold a BSc in food science and technology from Kogi State University, Anyigba.

In 2012, while I was an undergraduate, I founded Afrifood Initiative, an initiative that is taking a pragmatic approach to developing, improving, and promoting African indigenous food products. This happens via grassroots agro-awareness in rural areas and building passion for agriculture among youths.

In the course of this project, I discovered a major problem in the food and agriculture sector of Africa: it lacks good connections between the four principal players: the farmers, the researchers (in research and academic institutes), the agro-allied industries, and the consumers.

Each player has a major role and, like soccer, they must work together in order to win the game. The research and academic institutes make findings and come out with new and improved technological ideas. The farmers apply these technological ideas and produce improved products for the agro-allied industries and consumers. The agro-allied industries make use of these products from
farmers and process them into finished products for the consumers.

In Africa, each of these players is on its own. They work independently.

The research and academic institutes makes powerful findings but they end up only in the journals and consequently on the universities library shelves. The farmers who cannot access this information continue to use their crude technologies, resulting in an inability to meet industrial demands and global standards.

The agro-allied industries that do not know where and who produces what have resorted to the import of their raw materials, even when these products can be found locally, resulting in overdependence on foreign countries for survival. Consequently, the consumer has to pay more.

A powerful tool that can bridge up this gap is information and communication technology (ICT). And this is exactly what Afrifood Initiative wants to accomplish with ‘Ajaoko’ is an Igala (a Nigerian dialect) word which means ‘farm market’. is an online platform I’ve created to handle the holistic activity of African food and agriculture, with the aim of promoting and improving the standards of agro-products as well as expanding the Africa market by bridging the gap between the major players.

On this platform we have: an online agro-market—where buyers meet the sellers. This will provide opportunity for agro-allied industries to meet with the farmers and carry out business transactions irrespective of the distance. It will also:

  • Provide opportunities for consumers and agro-allied industries to let the farmers know exactly what they want, so distribution and logistics can be improved.
  • Enable agro-products to be purchased directly from the rural farmers and
    distributed to the consumers and agro-allied industries, in the comfort of their homes and offices with just a click at an African agro-resource centre.
  • Enable farmers and extension officers to assess the latest research findings on African food and agriculture and apply it to improve their productivity, training, mentoring, and consultancy services.
  • For young food and agriculture entrepreneurs, and farmers, it will enable partnerships with academic and research institutes, though an agro-minds interactive forum where African agro-players can network and exchange ideas.

Returns will be made by charging a percentage commission from every successful transaction, the home-delivery of fresh, dried, and processed agro-products, and creating space for advertisements of food and agro-industries on the platform.

This platform will have a smartphone application so that, with a click in the comfort of your home, you can assess basic information about how to sell or buy your agro-products. With the aid of our mini delivery vehicle we will also be able to make home deliveies of fresh fruit, vegetables, and other food stuffs, in a highly hygienic and professional manner.

For the farmers, we will organize a sensitization workshop; teaching them how this platform works and encouraging them to form cooperatives, so that they will be able to regulate and control the price of their farm produce.

The farmers will be able to produce more, sell faster, and consequently create more wealth. With our logistics and distribution channel we will be able to identify where production happens and who produces what; go there to confirm and place the advertisement on the platform. The agro-allied industries will be able to know where and who produces the raw materials needed, thereby discouraging imports.

The USD 5,000 grant, if received, will cover the following fixed and operating costs for one year:

  • USD 2,000 will go into mobile app development for the platform
  • USD 200 for mini delivery van, for distribution and home delivery services
  • USD 1,500 for marketing and sensitization of rural farmers
  • USD 600 for office accommodation, wages, and other logistics
  • USD 700 for purchase of agro-produce from the farmers.

This platform’s long-term vision is to give African agriculture a global outlook; presenting the African’s agricultural potential to the entire world; attracting foreign investors while improving the capacity of the local industry.


Blogpost and picture submitted by Ojonugwa Nicholas Alifa (Nigeria): nicholasalifa[at]

The content, structure and grammar are at the discretion of the author only.


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316 thoughts on “YAP proposal #159: Bridging the Gap: Motivating Farmers, Creating Wealth (Ojonugwa Nicholas Alifa, Nigeria)”

    1. Thank you Nyanzi, I believe that Africa must develop herself, no one will do it for us

    2. Nicholas has done well in putting these together. He sure knows the subject well and is quiet innovative. I have confidence that, if given the grant he will sure deliver accordingly. I vote for him all the way.

    1. Wao gud innovation…this will boost d Nigeria Economy as it has always being before the discovery of crude oil! May God perfect your ideas.,may God bless Nigeria.

      1. This is good may God give u more inspiration on this .great idea bro

    1. Thank you Ayo. But as a food scientist do you think they is anything we can add to this idea to boost food preservation?

  1. this is really nice, will really be of great help to farmers, consumers and the economy of the country as well

    1. That’s exactly our focus, to bring a total rejuvenation in the food and agriculture sector

    1. Have gone through this since morning, because Amodu Oliver share the link. The idea is so so good that it became infectious, now I am already seeing myself become a farmer after the service year. This is too good to be true, but it stick to my mind since I read it and that is why I have to make it to this comment. God bless your Mother @Alifa

  2. this proposal deserves maximum attention cause these farmers are obviously frustrated from a break in communication with potential consumers.

  3. You have a very nice and lucrative idea. Have you taking any step in proffering solutions to the problems discovered in AFRIFOOD INITIATIVE?

    1. Definitely, at Afrifood Initiative we have been actively involved with mobilizing and encouraging the young farmers in the rural areas in our own little capacity. During this exercise, we discovered that they really don’t have access to research findings so we tried our best to get some from the university library and help them with it

  4. Nice piece! Young entrepreneurs like you should be encouraged to restore the fame and worth of agriculture in Africa.
    Good job Nich!

  5. Men, you are too inspiring… I just see that it doesn’t matter how old you are or level you are to be creative.
    Your proposal is fine, and I wish you luck.
    I also suggest you keep it up even if u don’t win the prize, you can still make. You’re already at the top.

    1. Thank you a lot sir. We already started something before this opportunity comes. We hope to boost it up, covering the entire Africa continent

  6. Wow! wow! wow! Great idea Mr Nicholas and it’s also timely. I believe and support this over and over again. The communication gap must be filled. Who says we can make agriculture interesting and rewarding just like any other profession?

  7. Wow! This is a great idea Mr Nicholas, and its timely as well. I support this over and over again. Who says agriculture can’t be interesting and rewarding?

  8. Great idea Mr Nicholas, I believe Agriculture could be done with less stress which will make it more interesting and more rewarding. This is great one.

  9. I really want to commend your initiative. Keep it up. However, let me draw your attention to the proposed fixed ad operating costs. The sum total exceeds the USD 5000 grant anticipating. What type of a mini van do you intend to acquire with USD 200? I personal consider the amount budgeted for the van inadequate.

    1. Thank you very much Prince for your observation, really do appreciate. Actually the sum total is Exactly USD 5000. For the van I saw the product and the price tag online from the company. Thank you alot

  10. Thank you all for your comments. I’m open to your counsel, corrections and advice on how to make this project better

  11. I love what you are trying to do.. But the ICT thing and local farmers? How does that work.. we know how the farming works down here in Nigeria, it’s being left for the old men and Old women, so to say.. how do they get connected to the ICT that you mentioned as the answer to bridge the gap..

    1. Thanks Franca, this is exactly what we want to discourage. We want to let Africans Know that agriculture is not only meant for old uneducated people by making it attractive.
      Before now we have been passionately involved in building agro passions among the youth via afrifood initiative. Quite a number of them have started production at least I know about 20. We want to use this platform to fetch such youths out and motivate them by creating market for their produce online.

      For the rural farmers, part of out initiative is to go to the villages and help them advertise their farms to the agroallied via this platform and to also take the latest farming technology to them.

      For example, there is a very big orange farm in my village but because investors are not aware of these they still import orange concentrate to make orange juices, as a result most of the orange fruit from this farm get split due to lack of good market

      We intend to connect them on this platform

  12. I must commend this well articulated write up/proposal. I share in this and trust it will go a long way in addressing whole lot of issues/challenges in our society.

  13. if we really want a food sustainable economy then ojonugwa’s ideas are a necessity. good one

  14. It’s a very nice initiative which I also strongly believe will enhance productivity if thoroughly implemented..

  15. This initiative is a welcome development and I believe it will go along way to helping and improving the Agricultural sector of Nigeria and also the farmers in the rural setting . I think the issue of extension agents should also be highly considered so as to bring proper understanding to the local farmers. Once again the initiative is a good one.

    1. Thank you very much sir. In our resource center we plan to train youth and motivate them to pick the responsibility of the extension agents. We will truly look into that sir.

  16. A brilliant idea from a rare genius!!!This is the kind of initiative Nigeria needs,especially now our economy is staggering…More power to your elbow my boss and may God strengthened you more to come up with more promising and fulfilling ideas.God be with you boss…

  17. Wow… I tink this is exactly what we’ve been missing.. A wonderful initiative to take Africa’s wonderful indigenous products to where it belongs.. Kudus

  18. Nicholas has done well in putting these together. He sure knows the subject well and is quiet innovative. I have confidence that, if given the grant he will sure deliver accordingly. I vote for him all the way.

  19. Wonderful idea in solving the aged long limitation in agriculture. The food shortage in most African countries is due to the gaps experience between the said players above. I so much agree with the initiative coming from MR. NICHOLAS in connecting all together and making them work harmonously as one. we need to support this move in making agriculture what is suppose to be. KUDOS to Mr. NICHOLAS for this.

  20. Nicholas, this is an indepth findings which will greatly increase the GDP of Nigeria in particular and Africa in general. May God makes it a reality.

    1. Thank you so much Mercy. Nevertheless I’m open to further ways this idea can be worked on.

  21. Wow!!! This will work in Nigeria with the right motivation…I support this initiative..God bless Nigeria

  22. I am sharing this right away to get to even wider community,this is to show my strong believe in you and your ideas. This one is super innovative.

  23. Oh! My God exactly what we have been waiting for. Yes AfricAgric we can do this. Thumbs up bro. Good ideas

  24. Oh! My God, exactly what we have been waiting for. Yes AfricAgric , we can do this. Thumb up bro. Good ideas.

  25. God bless your vision, exactly what we need right now in our nation, we have too many hardworking farmers in our land yet to be exploited and they are getting more and more discouraged by the day hence resulting to subsistence farming just to feed their families, when this dream is actualised it sure will go a long way

  26. A wonderful ideal in solving the aged long limitation experienced in most African countries. The food shortage experienced in this part of the world can be attributed to a very large extent to the subject discussed above. I will appreciate MR. NICHOLAS for these noble and couragious move in bringing to bear what will benefit ALL and i mean ALL. THANK YOU FOR THIS MOVE.

  27. Great idea, I think this is what is needed in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. we need dis type of idea to sustain and improve the country economy and to change the notions that youth has concerning agriculture. This is a great innovation

    1. Waoo… What a fabulous innovation. With the above initiative rural farmers will definitely be optimistic in their production. More grace to your elbows fellow agrarian. May God see you through..

  28. thé idea was beautiful and fantastic i give u My full support may God bless u for that initative

  29. I believe God is about to do something for Africa the why he put this type of initiative in you. God we continue to enlarge your vision in jesus name. Amen

  30. Honestly this is a laudable initiative that has the potential of revamping and restructuring our agricultural sector. it is a well articulated Agro-development model that if, thoroughly implemented and sustained, would profer lasting solution to the country’s economic crises. Nicholas, the lump -sum of the rural farmers are illiterate which will serve as impediment to easy access and efficient abduction of the findings of the research and academic institutions and also, the awareness and sensitisation your app would hoyst. My suggestion: Nicholas, the services of agricultural extention workers should be be deployed to the rural areas and farmers who are mostly victims of the above, to present those research findings and awareness on one on one basis.

    1. That’s really very true. Part of our plan is to massively train young people that will pick up the responsibility of the extension services. Its time to launch into action without waiting for the government.

  31. Great proposal in the right direction . l believe that if this initiative will be given maximum attention , it will alleviate the sufferings of farmers and solve the problems of Agriculture in Nigeria .

  32. This is really insightful for as an Agricultural Extension specialist, building a career in research and agricultural program evaluation. Well I have a concern about how particularly in Nigeria we have so much Agricultural products wasting because of the poor processing and value addition. in what ways can this your effort help? Look at the the market currently, many tomatoes farmers have pushed the processing and preservation of their products to consumers and middle men. being a highly perishable product, little gains are made by these farmers while many other actor in the commodity circle just take advantage of that. Please consider this also as a food technologist.

    1. Thank you very much sir. I believe one of the major reason for food wastage in Africa is due to the gap between the farmers and the food processing industries. The agro allied industries don’t even know where this farmers are located. This plarform is aimed at bringing out this rural farmers from the villages, place them online so that when food processors needs raw materials, with just a click on our platform, they will know were their products are. And also as a food technologist, i have discovered that many wonderful research has been carried out on improved tradition method of preservation, but the findings only ends up in journals, not reaching the farmers. Via this platform we intend to take this findings to the farmers and train them on how to use it.

  33. Honestly this is a laudable and timely initiative that has the potential of revamping and restructuring our agricultural sector. it is a well articulated Agro-development model that does not only attach value, shift preference and dependency to local agricultural production and product, but also diversify and strnghten the economy and profer effective and lasting solution to the country’s economic crises if only the model is holistically implemented.
    However, the lump -sum of the rural farmers are illiterate hence defeating the place, aims and objectives of research and research & academic institutions . My suggestion: Nicholas, your model should be reviewed to inculcate the Agric extension workers whose role would be to sensitize the rural farmers, who are mostly victims of the above, on research reports on improved ways of farming and to guide them on the practicality of same. The Government as part of their incentives can take responsibility or subsidies the fee of these extention workers to the bearest minimum for easy patronage by the farmers.
    I wish you all the very best. always Pls, if you need support in any way. God bless to you. (EDITED )

    1. Thank you so much Rose. We will definitely put that into consideration. We intend to partner with NGOs, GOs, research and academic institutes to be able to get to our dream land.The place of extension workers cannot be over emphasized even when it seems it is not really active in this part of the world. It is our vision to revive the extension work. I will contact you ma

  34. Great one Nick. Your propositions are quite true. Here is wishing you Goodluck. Please do remember to carry us along because am certain this project will pull through Godwilling.

  35. This article is timely and strategic especially now that circumstances is preaching to us the need for us as a nation to restore focus to the agricultural sector. The introduction of the ICT to this local and unexposed farmers will really be a heaven on earth experience as this will go a long way to boost their productivity.

  36. nice one sir, but I think there is a need for ICT personnel or experts, who will teach famers (since it is believed that majority of them are illiterate) how to operate the ICT gadgets or better still, a periodic seminar should be organised for farmers on how to operate these ICT gadgets.

    1. Thank you very much for that wonderful observation. We really put that into consideration. First we will have to register our farmers via working with the farmers associations and track them, just that whenever they have a product, they can just put a call or text message through to us and we will take up from there.

  37. impressive
    U r a great motivator
    U acquire all d managerial skills
    U will excel
    No Mata wat

  38. Nick, That is really a laudable project. I believe it is going to bring about a total revolution in the world of agriculture in Nigeria and Africa as a whole

  39. Wao!this is great,it’s a nice idea. All the best and the good lord will help u to carry out this great innovative plan ijn.

  40. I believe this is a welcome and a timely step towards rescuing the nation (Nigeria) from over dependence on foriegn countries for agro-allied products which has led to high cost of living in recent time. as a nation, it is high time we began working to improve our agriculture system for better output.

  41. That is a nice inspiration. an I pray you will get there by the special grace of God.

  42. Nick, this is really a wonderful concept that can proffer a lasting solution to the agriculture crises in Africa, I believe you need all the support possible. Great one

  43. Agriculture is very important as its products take care of basic human needs as well some higher needs. Africa has the potential to be a global hub for Agricultural significance. Nick well done.

  44. This is quit amazing. Nice concept Nicholas, ur preposition here are true and I wish you luck in all your endeavours

  45. Nice one Nicholas, I see the passion in you founding an initiative at that tender age shows with people like you Nigeria won’t be a monoculture economy for long.

    Keep up the good work!

  46. This young man is really taking the world by storm. Since I met him during my undergraduate studies, I have an unprecedented and unparalleled passion to contribute to the growth of the agricultural sector most especially in the developing nations of the world. Many chose music or sex as their area, but Nick has chosen one of the most important area that the world is still taking as a pinch of salt- AGRICULTURE.

    I most respectively surmise that if the proposal of this young but talented man is taken and expanded upon. by this initiative, then in a few years to come, the issue of hunger and related deaths will be reduced world wide to a reasonable extent.

    Kudos Nicholas.

  47. entrepreneurs whose interest is in food and food security are rare this days.
    Ojonugwa Nicholas, you have chosen to thread on a path that many are avoided.
    I salute you courage, you got my support full time.
    Keep soaring higher to greater heights.
    God bless you real gud.

  48. Love the idea. Agriculture needs a lot of boost in Nigeria and the connect between stakeholders is a major determinant of success. My suggestion would b e to commence documenting your database anyway (farmers, consumers and industries) to provide a springboard for the app when ready.
    Also, I assume operations will kick off in a localised area/state for starters. Where will this be? West or North central?

    1. Wow, Zainab. This is really mind blowing suggestion. We will kick start that immediately We hope to start from the North central region of Nigeria as this region is the agro concentrated region in Nigeria. And if you have a better suggestion you can help us with it

  49. There is no point to be confused over which discipline or profession is best, if agriculture is done the correct way which this project is all about, you all Will come to believe that Agriculture is the mother of all profession. Do you really want to know if I’m right about this? Then support Nicholas that this project might be a reality then you will be convinced to be an agriculturist. Can i bet you on that?

  50. That’s nice Nicko,,,xo please with ICT products can be produced effectively nd efficiently,,the gap between the farmers,researchers,agro allied coys and consumers can be resolved xo please how best can this locally produced products be exported?? I mean if importation of product is blocked or reduced and exportation is increased surely there will b increase in the value of naira,,there will be recognition and even employment and there will be no over reliance or Dependant in petroleum because agriculture will be another strong source of income…..

    1. Thank you so much Elizabeth for the question, since it is a blog post and we have to summarize our idea so we could write down all our plans. However as regards improving exportation of agro products we are working on a project called “re-branding African agriculture(RAA). Here we are committed to telling the African agro stories ourselves to the wider world. Letting the world realize the African agro potential .With our rural sensitization campaign we will train the farmers on how well to packaged their product to meet with the global standards hence encouraging exportation.

  51. Nice one, i salute u sir we need people like you in our country……God wil help you to achieve what u what to achieve

  52. May the renaissance of Africa begin with food security. May yours herald good things to come to this continent and her peoples. Good idea and it is worth spreading!

  53. Nich this is a great idea and in the long run I know it will help restore Nigeria to where we should be in agriculture depending no longer on crude alone but feeding the world. great idea bro.

  54. This innovation is great. One that if it’s fully implemented will help solve the agricultural crisis in our nation and help boost the economy as a whole.

  55. Wahoo!! This is a great innovation and if put into action will help solve the agricultural crisis been faced in our nation and also boost our economy.. God bless you nick

  56. This is a laudable project with a lot of opportunities for Nigerians especially the young. And timely as we seek for diversification in our economy considering the recent happenings in Oil Sector. I do believe if this is given maximum attention it will be a new dawn for our Nation Nigeria. God bless Mr. Nicholas Alifa and make you wiser

  57. Wonderful! D’s is mind blowing! U’v got a nice proposal there! Nice innovation! U have my support. All the best.

  58. without any form of exaggeration,it is a wonderful idea..proper means of preservation have to be in place to sustain the confidence of buyers in the products..the team really needs a wider network so as to widen the choice of buyers..its a nice idea indeed

  59. This is a laudable initiative which would substantially mitigate the gap between local farmers and researchers. I also suggest that the initiative should be extended towards exposing our rural farmers and their produce to the international community.

    1. Thank you Samuel. Giving African agriculture a global outlook is our big dream. We are looking forward to not just feeding ourselves but also feeding the wider world. This is the central aim of our project

  60. thank you very much, is a great idea! am proud of you, keep it up am behind you.
    Am suggesting that the responsible for the challenges is “to ensure that the capital (money) and the idea generation must be make available to execute the plan.
    I think the question can only be answer when all the resources needed will be provided, so that as soon as the farmers will be motivated by the input (resources) the output (product) we be well defined.

    1. Yes, Mr Isaac I believe that nothing is too small to start with if the determination and passion are in place. With the limited resources within our reach we have been doing something and we intend to make it big with time. Thank you so much for your suggestion.

  61. Now that Nigeria’s economy is looking upto investing in agriculturer products, i think your idea is great and its worth it. I wish u all the best Nick.

    1. Thank you Anita, I will love if you can make any suggestions on how we can make this idea work better

  62. MR Nicholas Ojonugwa Alifa

  63. MR Nicholas Ojonugwa Alifa

    1. Thank you for the question. I see an African becoming a global Agriculture hub in the next ten years, I see an African who will not only feed itself but will also feed other nations in the next ten years

  64. Brilliant innovation here, our farmers will be encouraged 2 produce n will ve more passion for farming, it will as well go a long way in encouraging our youths to take up farming and not look at it like a job 4 our grand fathers, a waste of tym n energy. As well as reducing dependability on foreign produce, boosting the economy, empowering youths n depending less on the oil sector which is considered d Life of the Nation. This is interesting, implementation of this project will go a long way.

  65. This is the exact ideas that this country needs right now… considering the fact that, the country is diversifying the Economy… This idea will encourage the market of local product, uniting the Farmers, Consumer, Agro Companies etc… this is another form of devaluing foreign currencies, importation and improving our own local product and Naira.. This ideas carry many solutions more than what is stipulated here.. Well done Sir Nicolas..

  66. I strongly believe in this initiative and so i support it completely. I pray that my brother Nicholas will win and develop this powerful concept into a transformation key in the Agricultural sector of Africa. GFAR please keep this your legacy.

  67. Bro. This Is A Welcome Development And If Only Famers And Nonfamers Will Understand And Give Time To This Development, It Wil Lead Us To A Greater Place.
    I See This Development Taking Nigeria, Africal And The World To A Great Place And To Achieve Batter Tomorrow. Nice Work (Nico) God Bless You And Keep You To Show And Carry This Development To Were It Support Too. I Like This

  68. Wonderful proposal….I believe dis initiative is already a success cos I no u are a goal getter

  69. Way to go. Timely innovation, will help the Agricultural sector in Nigerian. Best wishes.

  70. Great ideas from a great mind.i only hope financial hitches wl nt be a reason why ds revolationary ideas may nt see d light of d day.Let all who can help do so wtout fears.

  71. The Agricultural sector has been facing a lot of challenges, great to see a young mind profering solutions which will not only feed the nation but boost the dwindling economy. This is great.

  72. We need a revolution in the Nigerian economy, & agriculture is the means of attaining that. Woh great proposal, i recomend you for this task.

  73. With this idea,i strongly believe that there’s hope for Africa.
    Nicholas,sincerely what Africa need for survival in years to come is in you.

    1. Thank you so much Shedrack. I believe with God we can transform Africa using out major strength: Agriculture

    1. Thank you sir. I actually saw on online that the price was $150. So I added cost of importantationimportantation. Thank you so much for ur observation.

  74. Nice one sir, all we need in this country are men like you in all sectors who are highly intelligent and innovative and most importantly, “spirit filled”. Indeed this is an eye opener and just a starting point for there are yet more things to discover to move the country forward. An alert for us all, soldiers of Christ are rising up from their fields, rise up as an ambassador of Christ today. Let’s support our brother. God bless you sir.

  75. I have seen the true essence of agriculture and with this I have developed interest in agriculture. Together we can achieve this.

  76. Nice and innovative idea at a time when the Nigerian economy needs to be built with the agricultural sector……I recommend you Mr Nicholas Alifa for the task

  77. Great job from you on this proposal. I appreciate the fact that you want to bridge the gap between the four sectors. One concern i have though has to do with your budget,Why do you need a van? And would you think #200 will be enough for that purpose.

    1. Thank you sir. The Vanis for home delivery service of agro produce purchased from the farmers. I actually checked online and saw a van for $150, that is why I estimated $200

  78. Great idea…..bridging the gap between research and practice. However, I feel a plan to collaborate with other agricultural extension schemes won’t be a bad idea in order to make rapid progress. Welldone my brother…

  79. This is nothing but divine idea from an insider. African young man whoo grew in the soil of Africa has a better understanding on how to grow agriculture. I am your number one fan.

  80. Wow…wow; This is really beautiful. I can’t wait for the full actualization of this! This is beautiful. Thumbs up sir

  81. Great Idea! Great Innitiative! Perhaps people like u should be consulted & carried along by government if really they want to diversify our economy in d area of Agriculture.

  82. Great Idea! Great Initiative!

    I think there should also be credit facilities to most farmers to purchase mechanized tools which will enable them implement the technological ideas to produce in larger quantities for the agro-allied industries and consumers. This will enable a move from subsistence to commercial/mechanized farming.

    Buying “a Van” is a good starting point, but are we looking at a specific area/LG as a case study?

    God bless your ideas.

  83. Ojonukwa is a great wrk. Hope Nigeria will build on this for the diversion of the economic. Thank for the great ideas.

  84. the idea is a welcome idea most especially now that the country wants to be proud of is own product. with ideas of this nature I believe the era when the youth will be moving about looking for job will be a thing of the past

  85. That’s is a great work from you brother. Keep on the good work. I celebrate you indeed

  86. Mr.Alifa Nicholas, this is a great idea and it is motivating. I believe this project can be actualized if it is a collective responsibility. I believe if actualized hunger will be minimal.
    Good luck!

  87. Mister of agriculture must have a copy of this piece since Nigeria is into diversification of economy. Diverting our economy can’t be successful without the endorsement of this piece.

  88. This initiative is superb, I’m patiently and prayerfully waiting to see this materialized.

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