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YAP proposal #158: Empower a Woman, be Certain of the Future (Caroline Aoko Okong’o, Kenya)

IndigenousChickenFI_resizedI am Caroline Aoko Okong’o, 26, from Kenya. I have a bachelor’s degree in agribusiness management and currently I am pursuing an MSc in Agri-enterprise Development.

Home sweet home! I really love my rural home and this is one of the motivating factors for me to venture into the agricultural field. Milk and eggs are among the important sources of protein for human life. When they become scarce then there is a problem.

I want to see my village flourish in subsistence and commercial agriculture, specifically in the production of milk and eggs, which are a challenge. Most of these products we consume come from other regions of Kenya. I believe we can do it as well and that is why I want to establish these projects.

As an agri-entrepreneur, I believe in starting small. In addition to the twenty indigenous chicken I already have, I would like to add other 300 purely as layers from the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO).

This breed is more productive compared to the current breed in my village. It’s known that farmers believe in seeing and touching, so I intend to use my project as a demonstration to teach them that it can be done. This I will do through a series of training sessions from the onset of the projects.

Milk is sweet in any form. Getting it directly from your cow makes it even sweeter and selling it to others to get money that will enable improvements in livelihood makes it the sweetest.

‘Indigenous cows are too demanding and expensive to survive here.’ That is what my people believe in and that is the notion I want to change. Just like the case of chicken, I will get an expectant cow from KALRO, take care of it till it calves, and use it for demonstration.

When a woman is empowered in the agricultural sector she will automatically increase her income, develop a stable rural livelihood and contribute to ensuring food security, hence promoting economic development.

However, true empowerment of women should move beyond livelihoods to wealth creation and business leadership in agriculture. This is my major motivation and, for these reasons, my projects will focus specifically on women. They are the majority in my village and most of them are widows, with a big number of children and grandchildren to take care of.

These two projects are very viable and realistic since, once established and properly managed, they will sustain themselves. For instance, in chicken production, after a maximum period of four months, they will start laying and the proceeds from the eggs will then be used to run the project. Similar to dairy production.

Once the cow calves, milk will be sold and the income will be used to take care of the project. The market is readily available. There are several schools, polytechnics and even individuals in my village who love these products. In future, I am certain that we will be in a position to supply the entire county and even be part of the leading companies in these industries.

To be efficient and effective in ensuring the success of my projects, I have selected Fridays and Saturdays as my days of practice, after acquiring the theoretical knowledge in class.

I have attached myself to a large-scale dairy farmer close to my university where I do hands-on practical management of the farm. By doing these, I ensure that I develop all round in knowledge and skills to run the projects.

For the success of my project and attainment of my dream, I will come up with ways to ensure that finances are available for willing farmers to engage in these businesses. These I will do by making use of the table banking among the women, where we support one woman at a time.

I will also purchase a group incubator, which will enable us hatch our own chicks to reduce the cost. In the long run, I hope to get financial support from the Ministry of Agriculture and non-governmental organizations in my place.

I will consider myself successful when I have at least ten women engaged in the commercial dairy and poultry production. They will be self-employed, hence reducing poverty levels.

My Budget

I intend to use the first batch of the USD 500 in establishing the poultry unit and the second and third to establish and develop the dairy production unit respectively as follows.


Assumed exchange rate: USD 1 = KES 100

200 chicks @ USD 1.1 = USD 220
Feed for four months 41,117 bags @ 2700= USD 1,111
Two brooders @ USD 15 = USD 30
Five drinkers @ USD 2.5 = USD 12.5
Vaccines for the first four months = USD 30
Salary for the first 4 months @ USD 25 = USD 100
Transportation = USD 30
Miscellaneous = USD136.5

Total USD 1,670


Purchase of expectant cow USD 1,300
Feeds for four months USD 240
Salary for four months USD 80
Transportation USD 20
Miscellaneous USD 0.3

Total USD 1,670


Purchase of intermediate cow at USD 2,600 with the remainder for transportation and miscellaneous.

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508 thoughts on “YAP proposal #158: Empower a Woman, be Certain of the Future (Caroline Aoko Okong’o, Kenya)”

    1. The project sounds feasible. This would help create jobs for youths reducing on crime rates. Good job here

  1. Someone said a long journey starts with one step…you start with small investment n be4 u realize it you are supply Kenya with the best Chicken n Milk….This project will help women a lot I have been to Nyanza ..I guess ur home area…n for sure this women need empowerment in Agriculture Cz there is very little Agriculture going on there…This is a very nice n a very realistic proposal.

  2. Great project, with women empowered development is due, the project is viable and demanding as well, in terms of time and the budget.All the best and good work.

  3. Good projects indeed. I suggest u add extra chicks using the USD. 100 you set for salary & instead offer your labour inkind. many start-ups require sacrifice. kudos!

    1. i will look into that that Robert though i desire to have one woman do it through my instructions so that she gains the skills for her own enterprise and at the same time gain something for herself

  4. This is a SMART project Caroline. Demonstrated passion and knowledge through inputs that translate to greater outcome.

  5. awesome awesome piece Caroline. I totally agree that this will change the lives of many women out there

  6. Hi Caro…
    This is a good project proposal. This is the begining of the race to eliminate poverty in the rural areas.
    Wish you all the best.

  7. This Is Awesome Caroline. I am inspired by it. I come from Nyanza And i know the poverty levels, this will help the women To Be self employed. Cheers!

  8. Carolyne, this wonderful , the project is very economical, sustainable and envirommental friendly. I must try it home too. I like it.

  9. Its a small beginning that will ultimately cause a massive change of the economy. ##am proud of u Carolina!!

  10. What an awesome idea! If only we could all buy this idea, then poverty could be unheard of in our societies. This will definitely break the poverty circles in the rural regions. Keep the spirit and positively impact on lives and livelihoods in the rural regions. I see women being empowered economically.

  11. You have the fire in the belly. You are strongly motivated and you have the requisite training and exposure to achieve this dream. What’s more! You are not selfish. You see the collective good to society and commit yourself to lead the way. I have no doubt that you will receive the support you require and sooner than later your story will be told in celebration and greater hope for the future

  12. Great idea Caroline. In agriculture we trust. You are an inspiration to me and many other young minds who thinks agriculture should be considered as an idea of last resort. Now I know agriculture and women empowerment should not be debated about.

  13. Great!!! I like the simplicity and the entire vision and vigor. God bless you & make it happen

  14. Great Caro….. Everybody live and Eat Agriculture! It is the backbone of our Kenya’s Economy….. Thumbs up, great idea…..

  15. big up Caro you are targeting the right people with the right products, that is what we need as a society faced with poverty and bad attitude towards innovation in agriculture. GO FOR IT!

  16. big up Caro. that is the attitude we want , the women are the right people and agriculture just awesome. Go for it

  17. Good stuff for the rural development,,,especially that this will be empowering women.Farming for business unlike the normal farming for consumption which has no income…all the best my friend.Looking forward for your success and becoming your partner.Congrats for such thoughts

  18. We can begin by doing small things at the local level,like this idea that you have. That is how change takes place in living systems, not from above but from within, from many local actions from people like you Caro. Wish you well.

  19. i believe we realise our dreams with the first step we make.You did, and since the backbone of our livelyhood is agriculture and it is women who play a bigger role,you are destined to greater future.So this project will be a big support to the community and more so to empower the women for big achievements.

  20. Great idea Caroline, it will improve the livelihood of people around. Go for it and all the best.

  21. Nice idea Caro . j apprecie l idee de checher a nourrir notre chere et bien aime continent Afrique. Ou la population souffre de malnutrition . la realisation de se reve sera une grande contribution .

  22. This is so good once you empower a woman you have empowered the whole nation… cheers carol

  23. Nice project Caro, That’s part of empowering the community… I am also part of Economic Projects Transformational facility EPTF Kenya…. Changing lives through viable projects… Go on manager, you can make it and also it can be done!

  24. Wow! Quite comprehensive Carol. I already like the project. Wish you well. You are more capable than you think. My support all the way

  25. I love this passion. I believe in you dear. May God expand you beyond your expectations in Jesus Name

  26. good idea Caroline ,women empowerment is one person idea that can transform the Nation

  27. You have my wish Mum, I didn’t know you could have such a bright idea! From your post, am persuaded that you can do just as well. All the best

  28. This piece of art is tremendous Caro. U have made a great spurt ahead. Thumbs up n may God reward for your hard work.

  29. I am really proud of what you are doing Carol. Going ahead of some of us to start a Social-Agri-enterprise. This is a bold move.

  30. its a very smart and encouraging idea. empowering women in agriculture tremendously leads to reduction in poverty level in the community

  31. As an environmentalist I believe that empowerment of women will contribute to better envirinmental sustainability so I think this proposa is great in the similar aspect.I love it

  32. Great idea caroline… Show people you can start it small and at long last be something great that will even create employment for our able youths in rural areas who are idle

  33. Change is all we need in our society ,empowering women through agriculture is so real when it comes to development, go for it Caro and may God bless the work of your hands

  34. That is a great invention Caroline in Agricultural sector, your project will solve unemployment issue that currently a disaster to many Kenyans

  35. As an entrepreneur in agribusiness, I highly commend You Caro for the noble initiative. Keep going you’ll succeed in this.


  36. wonderful realization of our purpose to live and touch people life through changing alleviation of poverty in our country esp the rural development via women

  37. great idea ,atleast people from the
    rural will be able to understand and get motivated to venture into into Agribusiness ,this will automatically change their lives, keep it up

  38. great idea ,atleast people from the
    rural will be able to understand and get motivated to venture into
    agribusiness activities

  39. If you empower a woman , you empower the entire society…..excellent work Caroline Aoko.

  40. Good work Carolyne, this project will have a positive impact towards women empowerment.

  41. Great project. This will create job opportunities to people like us.I’m an animal scientists and whenever such an idea comes I feel happy.
    Let them support you and have an in-calf heifer of good genetic merits for milk production and definately succed.

  42. The proposal is an excellent one. A food secure country is a stable economy. Milk, especially, is a luxury in rural Kenya. Increasing supply will make it more accessible and affordable to the people benefiting from this project. Kudos!

  43. This is great Caroline. You are so on point. empower as many women as you can. I really hope you project goes through.

  44. The project ideally sets a good platform for development,as it gives back to the society especially to the marginalized gender{women} ,Agriculture being the backbone of our nation Kenya,all resources are worth being put in place to help support such constructive projects. Its a Master piece project.

  45. Great work Caroline.Keep going.The idea is great an will impact peoples lives in a positive way.

  46. What a perfect idea.Agriculture being the backbone of our nation,you get my full support.

  47. This is a great idea and should be translated into action to eradicate poverty in our societies….

  48. A remarkable starting point for ensuring food security in Kenya. Empower the woman in a household, be assured of a healthy future generation!

  49. A good project it is, for a dairy cow ensure you will get reliable feed source mosly fodder.

  50. Supporting women through this IGP (INCOME GENERATING PROJECT) will be very unique in reducing their vulnerability in the Kenyan setting as they form the larger percentage of the workforce in Agriculture

  51. This is a great idea caro. It will empower soo many people and contribute towards development.

  52. This is a very nice project, very captivating. If implemented will really help improve farmers livelihoods.

  53. This is a very captivating project. If implemented will really help improve farmers livelihoods. Lets promote agribusiness. Way to go Carol.

  54. It is a good Income Generating Project (IGP) for which the vulnerable women in that target area will be empowered as they form the major labor force in the crop and livestock sector.

  55. This is a great venture,keep it up,Agriculture is the backborne for any existing economy………wish u all the best

  56. Nice! This is a great stuff. U r targeting the right people. I can see a long chain of benefits that will come out of the whole project right from individual to societal level.

  57. Ensure u implement this brilliant idea because it increase farmers income. All the as u endeavour to implement. God bless u

  58. This is great in that it will aid in altering the mental models of the community and help them view things from another perspective. May you succeed.

  59. wonderful idea Caro. In my country it says: Empower one women in one village it is all village which has been empower

  60. It is good idea through that project she will contribute to reduce extreme poverty and food insecurity

  61. this is a brilliant idea… it will be of great benefit to our people… we need people like you to transform our society… .. very nice.

  62. With this brilliant idea, the future really looks bright. Journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single step. Make the first step. I am happy it is an economical and environmental friendly project which to create employment. Kudos…!

  63. Wauw.This is a great work done with the heart of ellevating the living conditions of people.Wish u well

  64. women empowerment is the best way to alleviate poverty in most of the sub Saharan Africa countries. keep it up and I wish you all the best

  65. women play an indispensable role in agriculture which is the backbone of many developing countries. Empowering women translate to increased agricultural production,increasing food security and alleviation of poverty. Good work Caro. I wish you all the very best

  66. women empowerment in agriculture is the answer to food insecurity and poverty alleviation in countries depending in agriculture as the backbone of her economy. keep it up the good work Caro

  67. Women empowerment in agriculture is the solution to the main problems facing Africa.Good work ,keep it up

  68. This is awesome! Bearing in mind that the female population is higher than men and then every woman follows your path of agriculture… Our Kenyan economy would grow by 3digits!! Bravo. What a viable project !!!!!

  69. as the wisemen once echoed “The secret to a rich life is to have more beginnings than endings….” this is a new phase of life you will impact to the dwellers of the regions and the world at large..keep up the spirit.God bless

  70. Great work are exactly on point, empowering women is like empowering the all community, keep it up.

  71. You know Caroline,this is how great projects start,with a great idea….i beleive that you can pursue this to accomplish your dream…..good job!!!!!!

  72. Every big projects always have a noble start like this. Go a head and change lives in our societies.

  73. Simple, precise, and hands-on innovative intervention for empowering my mothers in the rural villages. I will no longer be malnourished. My sister’s innovative approach to women empowerment will lift hundreds of families out of poverty. Let us embrace this project.

  74. Nourish a woman and the nation will feed.A good proposal to prosper us both economically and healthwise.good work

  75. Empowering women through such a great project will completely change our communities positively. Keep the good work Carol!

  76. This is a great project that will not only empower the brainchild but will also feed the people within that jurisdiction. Keep it up Caroe, run with it, farthest!

  77. Great project, I would like to initiate also in my country Mali, West Africa
    with women empowered development is due, the project is viable and demanding as well, in terms of time and the budget.All the best and good work.

  78. Awesome. I like this. Agriculture the backbone of our economy. Women empowerment very important.

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