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YAP Proposal #37: “The African Desert Greenhouse” (Lillian Beauttah, Kenya)

Magadi, Kenya
Magadi, Kenya

“African Desert Greenhouse” – The Oxymoron that could

It was probably in 2011 when I realized that I had seen the same picture over and over again for the past 17 years. You know the one with the starving African child with flies round his mouth? Yup! That’s the one! I’m 26 now and that image has not changed, a large portion of Africa is still at the mercy of foreign assistance as her people languish for all international press to see…Hi, I’m Lillian Beauttah, a civil engineer turned social entrepreneur and I intend to feed these people (I also approve this message, just incase you were wondering).

As Afrika Jilishe[1] our aim is to increase the resilience and adaptive capabilities to climate change of nomadic pastoralists and other communities within the ASALs ( Arid and Semi-Arid Lands) by making use of high tech, low cost, innovative and considered solutions. As climate change turns what were already unfavourable conditions into unlivable ones, Kenya that is made up of 80% arid land, still relies heavily on rain fed agriculture.

Between July 2011 and mid-2012, a severe drought affected the entire East Africa region. Said to be “the worst in 60 years” the drought caused a severe food crisis …that threatened the livelihood of 9.5 million people.[2] Almost 50 years post –independence, we were still unable to adequately feed our people.

So the question now is how are we going to do that, right?

Answer: Building desert green houses based on Terrarium Crop Cultivation Technology (TCCT).

Terrarium Small Scale Model Showing Bean and Maize Plants at 7 Days After Planting
Terrarium Small Scale Model Showing Bean and Maize Plants at 7 Days After Planting
The Terrarium is a glass biosphere modular unit containing growing medium in the form of an engineered soil layer that is closed off entirely to the natural elements.

Within the unit, water vapour is transpired and condensed on the glass surface producing water enabling the sustenance of plant life. This cyclic water generating process as well as the humid atmospheric conditions within this artificial ecosystem mimics that of the earth creating viable crop growing conditions that require a minimal amount of water.

Seeds are sown within the unit, housed in a shipping container (12.0m x 2.3m x 2.4m) clad in acrylic glass which is sealed off to air tight specifications opened only for harvest. TCCT is designed specifically for low maintenance and intensive farming practices making it suitable for those nomadic inhabitants of ASALs with little to no agricultural expertise.

As an efficient agribusiness, Afrika Jilishe will lower the cost of agricultural production allowing for a considerably more intensive production system on smaller acreage. Its menial moisture requirement design eliminates the need for irrigation infrastructure thus further reducing production costs. The method also eliminates the need for farm implements.

Mechanisms and channels incorporated into our business model allow for these ‘pastoralist farmers’ to sell their produce directly to distribution markets building an equitable and just partnership that in turn natures a stronger more dynamic community through economic empowerment and improved living.

As social enterprise, Afrika Jilishe’s sustainable business model is based on product sales of our modular units.

Individual households within a pastoralist community purchase these units jointly (allowing for direct ownership) on the basis of a small-scale business loan. On sale of agricultural produce, a sum of the profit is employed in paying off the micro loan over a period of 2 -3 years.

We are currently at a development phase that includes rapid prototyping and testing using small-scale terrarium replica models through which establishment of the most favourable crop growing conditions in terms of temperature, humidity and soil type is being undertaken. On completion of this stage, the model will be scaled up then after several iterations it will be ready for beta testing.

Of the US$5000 grant, US$2500 will go into Research and Development, this being split into US$500 to compete prototype testing and US$2000 to manufacture two working models that will be set up in the Magadi and Makueni regions of Kenya. The criteria used to establish these two locations is proximity to Nairobi, in a bid to reduce transportation costs at this phase and that in the recent past both have been on relief rood assistance.

US$200 will be required to purchase seeds and an additional US$800 to eliminate any flaws in the design. The remaining US$1000 will be split into US$500 for an awareness raising program within these communities and US$500 for operations. The steps we need to take to ensure success of this project include sustainable human centric design for the model, grass root data collection and prior community and local government engagement.

Our indicators for potential success will include a harvest 3-4 times a year compared to the current twice a year status and our ability to fully engage the women who we intend to be fully responsible for the management of these units and sale of produce. Failure to launch of previous initiatives within ASALs is primarily due to the socio-economic differences and lack of agricultural know-how. Due to the low-maintenance and self-sustaining nature of TCCT, infringement of traditional cultural practices will be minimal. This sign of respect for socio-economic differences will be a win not only for Afrika Jilishe as mark of social sustainability but more importantly will be valued by the community.

What skill sets will I be levering on?

My background in engineering comes with a transferable skill set, primarily oriented towards solving complex problems that I tap into through the design, innovation and testing processes.

In terms of experience, I completed 20 weeks (900 hours) of social enterprise management within the IDEX Global Fellowship Program, working in Mumbai in a sustainable engineering social enterprise. Through IDEX I underwent approximately 100 hours of intrapreneurship training, capacity building and curriculum content that focused on Managing Social Innovation, Advocacy & Outreach, Resource Mobilization and Impact Measurement with specifics to building a Social Return on Investment (SROI) calculator.

And finally, what keeps me going?

The innate need to shed a different light on the African story, one of innovation and ingenuity but primarily to reaffirm a dignity of her people once obscured by hunger and dependency. The only other appropriate time to do that is now. I invite you to assist in your own capacity in making this a reality.

[1] Swahili for ‘ Africa Feed Yourself ‘.
[2] Humanitarian Crises Analysis ( Somalia including Kenya) – 2015

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588 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #37: “The African Desert Greenhouse” (Lillian Beauttah, Kenya)”

    1. Creative idea, very well thought out. Meets the SDGs completely. Really, hope you get successful 🙂

      1. Thank you Erica ! Yes, if young Africans put their minds together SDGs will become a reality soon.

    2. It’s a wonderful idea. Keep it up.
      Is the source of the raw materials for the green house local or overseas. How will it retail?

      1. We are currently exploring the possibility of different retail models , franchising them out to the community is one of them. We appreciate your support.

      1. Thank you Beth! ASAL areas need to be given the tools they need to flourish, this is what we are proposing with TCCTs . High tech, low cost solutions adapted specifically to address the needs of inhabitants of these areas !

  1. I am an agronomist from Australia and has worked in Africa since 2012 in Mauritius,Sierra Leone,Tanzania,Senegal n Zimbabwe.
    I see your initiative a very interesting one and i am interested to know how i can be of any help.

    Chris Meunier

    1. Thank you Sharon . Africa if given a chance can bring out a plethora of innovative concepts.

  2. WOW!!!!!!!! Its time we jilisha!!! May God continue to nourish what He has deposited in you. All the very best!!!

  3. There are great innovators doing amazing things and you are right there at the top,Lillian. This is a practical solution to a problem that has plagued most of Africa for decade after decade! I hope you win!!!!

  4. As the saying goes –
    “….When you give a man a fish you will feed him for one day.But when you teach him how to fish you will feed him for for a life time …..”
    Keep it up ! This will be a more sustainable solution .

  5. All the best with the initiative… Hoping that your efforts pay off and we become the World’s food basket.

  6. Very convincing Prose. I hope it all comes to fruition(excuse the pun). You’ll perhaps explain to me what work goes in to this “engineered soil layer” and it’s typical composition and also what crop are you primarily targeting, as this may transition to a commercial model based on the success of the subsistence model. Otherwise, two thumbs up 👍 👍.

    1. George, your questions are wonderful ! Would be willing to discuss them in-depth soon ! Really grateful for the support !

      1. Our inability to discuss the ‘ engineered soil layer’ at this juncture is because we intend to patent this particular technology . As for crops, our first version will include subsistence crops, beans , potatoes , carrots, leafy greens . For commercial purposes , mushrooms. Once again thank you for your support !

  7. Simple yet genius!
    We need to have more of such projects in Kenya. This is a wonderful idea that if given the financial support required and if managed properly, will go a long way in ensuring food security in the country’s arid and semi-arid areas.

    1. Dear Emily,

      You have completely comprehended what it is that we are trying to achieve here. Thank you for your support !

  8. This is a very good idea. Food production is still very low compared to the growing population .. wish you the best.

  9. This is a wonderful idea. Most of Kenya is semi-arid and as the population grows we have to find ways of feeding our people. This a an ingenious project and will begin to bear fruits almost immediately.

    1. 80% arid & semi arid land . We hope that we will be able to have TCCT as a readily available solution . Grateful for your support!

  10. Hi Lillian! Wish you all the best from a fellow IDEXER ! This is an interesting intervention has implication not just on food security, but on expanding green cover, livelihood etc. Wish you are able to make it a success.

  11. Dear Lillian.. Best wishes from a fellow IDEXER. This is an interesting initiative which will have impact not just on food security but also on expanding green cover as well as rural livelihood! I wish you make this a success

  12. Awesome idea. I like the creative name too, really catchy :). very inspiring Lillian, push through with this initiative, it will help many Africans help themselves. No doubt this is the next big thing. Watch this space.

  13. Ingenious.. Indeed Africa need to sustain itself. Your proposal address the issue of food security for Africa. It is clearly innovative and a road towards sustainable development. I must say that Afrika Jilishe is a sustainable Entrepreneurship.

    1. Sudi, we thank you ! You clearly can see the path that we aim to walk. Addressing food insecurity and dependence on aid will free Afrika to begin to be a master of her own destiny . We have great faith in her people’s ability to do this ! Homegrown solutions !

  14. This is a great initiative and one that will surely provide a significant economic benefit as it develops, hopefully becoming a model that is in wide-spread use in the near future – I was interested in finding out more about why previous initiatives failed, but the article doesn’t go too far into depth on that particular subject.

    1. Projects within these regions have failed mainly because the locals are not able to feel the sense that this project belongs to them and is view as more of a handout . Also reasons like the infringement on their cultural practices in the form of ‘forced farming’ have been viewed as detrimental to the potential success .

  15. This will turn out great. I hope you get the assistance needed. I’ve seen you at work, so I 200% back you up and believe you can make a difference.

  16. Simply love it. A great initiative and I look forward to see you implementing this on ground.

    1. With the kind of overwhelming support and positive response that we have received it will definitely succeed ! Thank you!

  17. This is a great initiative, Lillian. You certainly have the ability to make the future better than the present! Stay positive, work hard and make it happen!

  18. This is certainly a great idea from a great mind. Cant wait to see the implementation of the project.

    1. Bottom of the pyramid solutions , allowing for direct impact and sustainability ! We aim to make a difference in these communities !

  19. Lillian

    Brilliant idea you have . Wish you success as you become an achor in transforming this world to a brighter future.

  20. I am thrilled by the innovative farming method as it is purposefully designed to deal with drought. I look forward to offering any assistance in order to make this a reality! So proud of you Lilian….

  21. I personally Enjoyed the piece. So sad how people think little Of Themselves. This Was A Good Case Study !

  22. A very useful initiative! I come from Nothern Kenya and I can guarantee that this will solve a tonne of issues. Thank you for doing this!

  23. This is a really great idea. From what little I studied about terrariums, I feel this has a high chance of success. And with the support of government and some large businesses, this is gold. Bless you Africa

  24. This is a wonderful idea and I hope you get the opportunity to pursue it. I wish you the best of luck!

  25. Wonderful Idea. Keep it up.
    Is the source of the raw materials for the green house construction local or overseas. How will it retail?

  26. This is a good initiative towards food sustainability and Agri-technology especially for the ASAL region.This is a great initiative especially how it’s predicted that Agriculture is the next big thing,this is so because of the surging population and the kind of infrastructure that is blooming each day.It’s quite interesting to see this region feeding the other region which were leading in Agriculture.

    1. Yes, Martin . We aim to increase resilience at the bottom of the pyramid ! Thank you for your support !

    1. Yes, like we mentioned above these areas are lacking but still close to the base of operations where we will be building from. We thank you for your support !

    1. A high tech, low cost sustainable, organic solution is what we are proposing Cyrus ! We thank you for your support !

    1. Thank you Zulfa for your support ! 74 ,000 Metric Tonnes of relief food delivered to Kenya in 2015. We aim to provide a sustainable solution !

  27. This is an awesome idea. It’s about time we stopped depending upon food donation and focus on becoming a self sustainable. Keep up the spirit and all the best.
    Tracey Mangi

    1. Thank you Tracey ! Freeing ourselves from food aid is paramount to our development ! Accusing to Food Security Situation information provided by FEWS NET and UNHCR as of January 2016, $ 83.0 Million has been used to provide Kenya with relief food. 50 plus years post independence , this sum is disheartening . We want to change this.

    1. Thank you Edith ! Creativity and innovation is innate in all , let’s all be brave enough to tap into that !

    1. Thank you Stacy! Ideas like these are plenty , the youth just need the platforms and opportunities to speak up and execute them .

  28. Awesome!!! Awesome idea!!! Wish you the very best!! I have faith in you!!
    Best Regards

    1. Thank you Joseph ! We have faith in the innate talent and capabilities of everyday average Afrikans !

  29. Lilian, this is awesome. You are indeed a force to reckon with. Go go go girl. I know you can do this, not just for this generation but for generations to come. Making the world a better place.

    1. Phostine, I’m grateful for your support ! The line goes ‘ Whatever you can do or believe you can do begin it. Boldness has genius , power and magic in it.’ We are all capable of so much !

    1. Bila shaka hapo umenena Edward. Afrika lazima ijitegemee ! Asante sana kwa usaidizi wako! Twashukuru !

  30. Great initiative Lillian, let’s get Africa fed. It’s good to go beyond depending on rained agriculture only. Let me know how I can be of help in terms of research on what’s on the ground and more ideas on how to make your outlook holistic. Is Africa hungry because of lack of land or because of the inability of its people to see beyond their immediate needs? Additionally, there could be enough land but not enough manpower to till it … This project would do well in urban areas too 🙂

    1. Dear Sonia,

      We welcome your assistance wholly ! Thank you!
      I would say that both reasons are , true because Kenya for incise is 80% arid land but still 50 years post independence for us to e in food aid raises a question on governance. There are irrigation schemes that have been introduced lately to curb this but unlike TCCT this would consume large amounts of water and thus not be completely sustainable.

      Manpower in a populous land like our own has never been the question.

    1. Let the world hear a simple message: the narrative of African despair and indignity is false – indeed, it was never true (Source: 2015 GES Summit Opening Speech – H.E. Uhuru Kenyatta, President of the Republic of Kenya.).

      Thank you Liz!

    1. Thank you Liz for the support ! We have moved from ideation, currently at a small scale test phase ! Moving on up !

    1. Thank you Martin ! We a grateful ! …Loads of potential in Africa. We need to train our minds to be able to see that!

  31. Great idea!we realy need such minds to secure our countrys security major issue in our country.

    1. (March 2012) Nearly 240 million people in sub-Saharan Africa, or one person in every four, lack adequate food for a healthy and active life, and record food prices and drought are pushing more people into poverty and hunger. At the same time, the world’s population has now surpassed 7 billion, and news headlines that in the past have asked “Can we feed the world?” are beginning to ask the equally important question, “How many will there be to feed?” ( Population Reference Bureau)

      Afrika Jilishe vision is to make hunger and malnutrition a thing of the past, one nomadic community at a time.

  32. The problem with Africa is not lack of resources but mismanaged resources. You idea is amazing and put,s resource control in the hands of those that can really make a difference; the people themselves. Amazing idea girl and let me know how I can help out when you need a hand. Cheers. 🙂

    1. Not only in the hands of the local but also in the hands of women who since time immemorial have proved themselves to be the most reliable human resource asset possible ! Thank you so much for your support ! And we shall definitely be in touch !

  33. Lilian glad to see you making this a reality… Always a proud supporter !!All the best.

    1. Entrepreneurship, B Corps and Social Enterprise are an answer to the corruption that greed and capitalism have brought on . Thank you Jem for the support !

  34. Your innovation is a solution to hunger epidemic that affects millions of poor people in Africa.Proper funding and implementation would go along way in building hope to the poor especially school going children who commonly suffer malnutrition. Wish you success!

  35. Always happy seeing us young people of Africa coming up with innovative ways to help solve some of the challenges that we do face. Please do let me know how I can be of help.

    1. Herbert , thank you for your offer of assistance . We will take you up on that. Afrikans for Afrika , that is what we aim to bring about , homegrown solutions . We thank you !

  36. Great project Lillian! We need more young people like you thinking about our fellow Kenyans! All the best!

    1. Faith, humans are inherently creative .It is in all of us to do and think like this. We thank you for your support !

  37. SMART, very convincing,in the event that its successfully implemented it will turn our pastoral communities into a case of a food basket, uniquely outstanding and exceptional.go! go! go!

    1. Galgallo , thank you for your sentiments . What we are yet to understand as a people is that any disadvantage can be turned into advantage . With the use of TCCT we will be using the ‘ disadvantageous’ qualities of high temperatures and nomadic lifestyle into advantages .

  38. Africa jilishe is no longer a dream but a reality! This type of innovative idea is exactly what we need. Let’s get on with it.

    1. We aim for Afrika Jilishe to embody the realisation of a dream , the dream of returning dignity to a people once forgotten . Thank you for your support !

  39. Good job! I am happy to know that young minds like you understand that solutions for Africa will work if they come from Africa.

  40. This is a very practical solution to solving hunger problems; it sounds like it could work. Thumbs up!

  41. It’s a ver inspiring project. To dream of doing something is one thing, but to start and follow through is the hardest part. I do hope you reach your goal😊

  42. Lilian, this is awesome, their is so much to be done in our farming in these areas if only water and ideal conditions are enhanced. It is a worthy project, and you are a very enterprising young lady. I keep tabs on your progress with your mum and I am proud of you. I read this independently of mum so you are winning this. Regards

    1. Wow ! Thank you so much Fay ! I really appreciate the kind words and support ! So grateful ! …Yes, Mum is my biggest cheerleader !

  43. This is what engineering is all about, applying your knowledge to come up with brilliant solutions for major problems faced by various communties

  44. This is what engineering is all about, putting together different concepts to come up with a brilliant idea like this.

  45. This is a marvellous idea! The project is very promising and I urge you to make it a reality.

  46. This is a marvellous idea! The project is promising and I urge you to make it a reality.

  47. Congratulations on all the work already done! Good luck for the continuation; I am looking forward to hearing more about your progress!

  48. Congratulations on all the work already done! Good luck for the continuation; I am looking forward to hearing about your progress!

  49. Wonderful idea from a girl I only knew as an Aga Khan Pr. Sch. Kisumu.
    I cannot believe.
    Go Lillian, go!

    1. Dear Rose,

      Thank you so very much for the support all this while all they way from Aga Khan Kisumu. Mum and I appreciate it !

  50. A very good and promising concept worthy of funding. It would a long way in mitigating the effects of drought and greatly reduce the reliance on food aid while empowering the community a the same time. Well done and all the best

  51. A promising worthy of funding. It has the potential to reduce the dependency of communities on food aid.

    Well done and all the best!!

    1. Philip, I welcome any further questions . The ones you posed earlier were quit thought provoking . I appreciate the insight and support !

  52. Great work Lillian. This is a wonderful and practical solution to a perennial problem in Kenya. I wish you all the best in securing the funds to grow this project!

  53. Excellent initiative! We need more “doers” like you! Wishing you all the best

    1. Yes, we aim to improve the lives of those whose lives have been affected by changing times and climate. We appreciate your support !

  54. This is a wonderful idea. Being a farmer I see a great opportunity to increase the arable land and increased productivity in this country and beyond.
    Keep it up.

    1. Afrika has untapped potential , as Afrikans we need to be at the forefront of that exploration ! Thank you CN.

  55. Amazing idea Lilian.All the best in the project .I’d love to see its benefits in the near future.

  56. Doing things that have not been done yet is called inspiration and ful;filling them is success. Keep up the Good work!

  57. You know what. this is outstanding Lillian. Love it. Africa needs thinkers that have a passion for the greater good.

    1. By virtue of being human Annah, we are all creative ! We aim to use these solutions to bring much needed help to where it is most needed ! Thank you !

  58. Our prayers and support go out to you in this initiative Lillian. i like the vision behind Africa jilishe. The TCCT sounds quite practical & sustainable because the locals in the ASAL areas require little to no agricultural expertise to handle the greenhouses. Let me know how i can help further.

    1. Yes, as a socially sustainable enterprise we aim not to disrupt existing socio-econimic practices . We, appreciate the support ! Thank you very much.

  59. This innovative and world changing!! In light of International Women’s Week……Power to you!! Looks like you’re already contributing to achieving the SDG’s with this. Keep it up and let’s change Africa!!

    1. Daisy, thank you for the support ! In light of Women’s Week…more power to all of us ! We are capable to so much if we put aside what Sheryl Sandberg in Lean In called ‘ Imposter Syndrome’ . Breaking through glass ceilings one woman at a time !

  60. Nothing as fulfilling as seeing a young entrepreneur develop solutions to avoidable circumstances
    Keep it up Engineer. Let’s kick famine out of this country and Africa too

  61. Nothing as fulfilling as seeing a young entrepreneur develop solutions to avoidable circumstances
    Keep it up. Let’s kick famine out of this great and able country and Africa in general

  62. This is an amazing solution for a local problem. It’s great to see sustainable engineering in practice at the base level.

    1. Thank you Michael ! As engineers it is our duty to put in practice what we’ve learnt to bring about emergent solutions . I appreciate the support !

  63. Wow Lilian, what a thought provoking and innovative venture this is! I see it going very far especially in arid countries like ours, where lots of land is left barren that could feed millions. Keep up the good work and let me know anytime how I can contribute and help, as Ur friend and also as an African❤️

    1. Yes, we aim to change the landscape of these arid lands. Thank you for the support Anne ! Really grateful !

  64. You are doing it – right in front of our own eyes… Thanks Lilian for taking the mantle of leading solutions to Africa problems. We are with you, full support guaranteed!! Can’t wait to market the first basket of harvest and bring back healthy smiles to hunger – stricken families! Go for the skies girl!

    1. Thank you Veronicah ! I’m really grateful for the support . Let’s return that much needed health and happiness to a deserving people !

  65. This is what we like to see. Giving people control of their destiny rather than having them be dependent. The ability to feed oneself is about more than nutrition. It’s about dignity. That’s why I think this is a great idea.

    1. The dignity of a person is intrinsic , a fact that today’s world seems to have forgotten. Like you mentioned Yvonne , we aim to abolish this ‘ Feed Africa’ mentality that has corrupted mindsets and reconciled the image of Africans to that of perpetual beggars. Truly grateful for your support ! Many thanks!

  66. This is a wonderful project that has the leverage to ensure food security and no reliance on other countries for food production. It can abolish poverty, sickness and nutrition deficinecy in one generation! In today’s world where Monsanto is looking to sell its PR message of food security in Africa through GMOs, it is imminent that African people empower themselves and reject any proposals for “aid assistance” by growing their own food, using their own natural resources, bulding their own industries and educating their own people. This is the century…and I believe this project has the power to lift the Kenyan people from poverty and empower them to be self-dependent. BRAVO!!

    1. Anesa , I wouldn’t have been able to put that any better . I will definitely quote you on that one day ! The time of capitalist greed killing our planet has come . May we all be brave and wise enough to call for and accept that. Really grateful for your support !

    1. Thank you Walty ! Really appreciate the support ! Let’s keep the true spirit of Afrika alive !

    1. Great innovation Lillian, the success of this project will mean so much to my own County. Keep it up.

  67. How noble! And inspiring! Go on, do your bit toward feeding a desperately hungry Africa. And may God look upon these plans of yours with favor.

  68. Innovation is diverse indeed! Great concept all the best and kudos to solving food insecurity.

  69. The so called “wabeberu” came to Kenya to farm. We took land from them, but Kenyans failed to use the land in a proper way. Kudos.

  70. `the whole concept of feeding afrika is something i also endorse, as development studies major i also look forward to a Kenya that is dependent and free from constant foreign food aid. i would love to see these whole concept in action. the blog is passionate, informative and intellectually worded and presented. thumbs up lilian lets make these a reality.

    1. Shalom, great to find kindred spirit in all things ‘ Africa is Capable’ ! I love it ! Thank you for the support ! Grateful !

    1. Thank you Purity ! As Africans we need to be aware of the fact that we have the ability to save ourselves !

  71. Great Idea! Its never easy,but don’t give up ! Our prayers go out to you and your team.We want to be there to celebrate with you.Keep it up!

    1. Thank you Annette ! We’ve received overwhelming support from all these wonderful people here and we do not take it for granted !

  72. Great ideas ….thanks alot if Kenya could help people with such great ideas to make them come true, kenya would be very far

    1. Thank you Kipkorir! The potential that we have as Africans is immense , we need to tap into that.

  73. Lillian kudos for such a remarkable initiative. It is one of the best ideas I have across in increasing food security while making local communities resilient to the pernicious effects of climate change. My best wishes are with you and as we tackle the same challenge we could potentially collaborate.

    1. Amit, coming from you with the good work you are doing this is really appreciated ! All the best with your work and will keep you posted on progress . Thank you !

  74. it is sometimes really sad to see that the world has stagnated… For the less fortunate, the poor are still poor, the hungry are still hungry. I hope his works out Lillian!

  75. Lilian, It’s wonderful to see you, our youths thinking and innovating on the real issues holding back the progress of our societies. Until people are full in their stomachs, they cannot think beyond the search for food. When your great idea bears fruit, we can expect to see our ASAL communities moving into the next level of development. Kudos! I’ll be watching this space closely….

  76. Lillian, with God’s help you will grow from strength to strength. This is just a tip of the iceberg. Go girl, feed the world!.

  77. Hi Lillian, Happy to see this …. Such a great use of technology for a good cause 🙂

    All the best dear .. …

  78. Hey Lillian , Happy to see this….. Such a great use of technology for good cause .
    All the best dear.

  79. Your life has purpose. Your story is important. Your dream count. Your voice matters. You were born to make an impact.
    Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

    If not you, who? If not now, when❓

    You can do it Lillian🔜

  80. Great Initiative and powerful innovation for people who live in ASALs ( Arid and Semi-Arid Lands). A successful plan requires not only intelligent ideas and people but practical action plans and compassionate mindset. Go ahead!

  81. I am inspired by this a local problem is only solvable by a local solution. Lilian I would love to apply to volunteer in your project.

  82. This is a great project…. Such innovation will help us to be self reliant by using our resources better… All the best!

  83. Food (production) sustainability is a sure way of eradicating poverty. Great idea. All the best.

    1. Creativity, as has been said, consists largely of rearranging what we know in order to find out what we do not know. Hence, to think creatively, we must be able to look afresh at what we normally take for granted.”

      — George Kneller

      This is what we aim to do ! Thank you Michelle for the support !

    1. Tizzita , thank you . Social entrepreneurship , is the key to direct and sustainable impact in my opinion.

  84. Content and context is what makes your proposal so powerful. The integration of not only understanding the problem but also the environment in which the problem exists. I hope you get to see this through Lillian! Here’s to rewriting Africa’s narrative, one brilliant idea at a time. Well in!!

    1. Wackily colonialism still wields its power on us economically but socially young Africans have begun to break away from their mental prisons. Here’s to content and context in the light of bringing forth the African renaissance !

    1. Yes, Pomai ! Initiatives and enterprises at the bottom of the pyramid are bound to make impact . Thank you for your support !

    1. We are determined take it from this prototype phase to one of mass production , thus improving the lives of many ! Grateful for the support Lynda !

    1. Thank you Wambui ! Young African minds are ready and capable of elevating their continent out of the debt poverty trap .

  85. A dream doesn’t become reality through magic, it takes sweat, determination and hardwork and all that have seen you put in place, it’s such an awesome initiative to cub food shortage in the Arid and semi arid areas great idea, great plans, great project.. wishing you the very best as you pursue it.

    1. Wallace, we thank you . What people don’t realise is that in 2011 an estimated 13 million people were affected across Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia. Countless people were left without livestock, harvests or livelihoods. Food security is a goal that when achieved opens up to economic stability. Thank you for recognising this !

    1. Many a times what is required only is for us to take a step back and view the problem from a different angle . This is what we have done. Thank you Betty for the support !

  86. It’s true we really need to stop looking at that pictures of starving people and thinking how sad it is and how we can’t do anything self sufficient/or long term to help…I personally love the initiative,I think it’s a step in the direction we all need to go. All the best with the initiative.Tujilishe indeed.

    1. There is nothing unachievable that our minds can conceive . In today’s day and age my go to example is always Elizabeth Holmes with Theranos ( multiple lab tests from a single drop of blood) . This is is just beyond brilliant and groundbreaking ! … Nothing is impossible ! Afrika can tear herself in a different direction, tujilishe !

    1. Dissi, it’s riding on the shoulders of all her sons and daughters ! We need to be the change we want to see in the world ! Thank you!

    1. And the way to ensure that difference is made is to persevere even through the difficulties ! Thank you Michael !

    1. We thank you for you support Gladys ! With a great team , idea and mindset , nothing would be impossible !

  87. All the best girl. I look forward to implementation because l like the way it has a friendly approach to a highly illiterate population. God bless your endevors bunkie😉!

  88. It’s a very good idea. How can a normal citizen such as myself assist with this project? Especially in terms of prototyping and beta testing?

  89. I like this idea! Work on it to the end and publish the research paper in the various credible website(s) for other researchers. This is an idea that can change the dry area to food baskets. Keep up!

  90. This is just sooo inspiring and touching at the same time. May God see you through your project.

  91. Lillian this is a noble idea. We need to support the vulnerabile communities and make gud use of our land. Great idea!

  92. Great to read your blog…We wish you all the best in your work and I am sure people like you are going to be change agents…..

    Nikki Pilania Chaudhary
    India – YAP Finalist (Blog 7)

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