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Just released: Farmers’ Right to Seed – Experiences from Guatemala

Smallholder farmers seldom have a direct voice in shaping policies and understanding of their needs. To celebrate the often unsung work of farming communities, GFAR has commissioned a series of short videos telling the farmers’ stories in their own words. In this second video in the series, farmers in Guatemala relate first-hand their challenges and successes as guardians of crop seed and the breeders of new varieties. The videos tell a vital story of why the living conservation and use of these irreplaceable resources are crucial, not just to the communities concerned, but to all our futures. We hope that these videos will help understanding at all levels and enable many other farmers to gain from these successful practices.

Farmers’ Rights to Seed – Experiences from Guatemala” is available in Spanish, English and French. To download the video click here.

The first video in the series, “Farmers’ Rights to Seed – Experiences from Malawi” is also available for download. 

We hope you enjoy watching and sharing!


Over the last four years, GFAR has played a leading role in mobilizing awareness and learning about farmers rights, to help farmers continue to benefit from the crop varieties and traits they have developed over generations, both in their own use and when used for further breeding. A range of farmers’ capacity development materials have been generated by Juanita Chaves Posada of GFAR Secretariat, working with GFAR Partners in Malawi and Central America. Find out more about this work and how it supports seed policy developmentat the dedicated page on the GFAR website.

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