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Join the #CFS43 social media bootcamp!

Join our social reporters team and sharpen your online media skills
Join our social reporters team and sharpen your online media skills

The Committee on World Food Security (CFS) and the Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR) are joining forces to extend the social media outreach for 43rd session of the CFS (#CFS43). #CFS43 will be held in Rome on 17-21 October 2016.

CFS is the foremost inclusive platform for all stakeholders to work together to ensure food security and nutrition for all. As well as the official #CFS43 session, “CFS week” also includes a wide range of side events on a variety of themes as well as other activities.

“#CFS43 is one of the world’s main events for anyone working on food security and sustainable agriculture, so by itself, the yearly Committee meeting features a vast array of interesting sessions” says Peter Casier, GFAR’s social media coordinator. “So for GFAR, it comes natural to support the online outreach of this event with all means and tools we have.”

In a nut shell

We aim to build an super-duper onsite social media team, combining experienced social media experts, professional communicators, and newbies. While we build up the team’s social media skills, we want to use the momentum to significantly increase the online outreach of #CFS43 to involve the offsite public.

We will provide a two days classroom training, followed by a five days live social reporting from the #CFS43 event.

The workshop program

Based on our previous bootcamps, we will combine theory with practice: Two days of classroom training will be followed by five days of live reporting from the #CFS43 event:

October 15 (classroom training):
09:00-12:00 – The Social Media Plethora: Overview of all tools, and their use for nonprofit causes
13:00-16:00 – The Social Media Plethora (continued)
16:00-17:00 – Introduction to social media outreach strategies

October 16 (classroom training):
09:00-12:00 – The art of blogging: How to write good blogposts. What makes a good blog?
13:00-15:00 – The art of tweeting: How to use Twitter
15:00-16:00 – Introduction to social reporting
16:00-18:00 – Preparation of all social reporting tools for the practical exercise

October 17-21: (practical exercise)
The trainees will use their acquired skills and tools to report live from the #CFS43 event. During these five days, a team of onsite trainers and mentors will assist the social reporters with their live reporting.
We will provide one-to-one assistance and hands-on mentoring to build up the participants’ social media skills and output quality.

Practical details

The bootcamp and the event will be held at FAO headquarters in Rome, Italy.

Participation to the bootcamp is open to individuals and institutions working on food security, nutrition, agriculture, sustainable development and natural resource management.

Participants have to master a working knowledge of English (as the main training will be given in English), and be fluent (writing and speaking) in either English, French or Spanish.

The bootcamp participation is free of charge, but participants will have to fund and arrange their own travel, visa and accommodation. We will provide participants with a visa support letter, if required.

Lunch and tea breaks during the two days’ classroom training will be provided by us.

How can you register for the bootcamp?

If you are interested to participate in this bootcamp, email the GFAR Social Media Coordinator via peter.casier(at) In your application, kindly outline:

  • Your name, nationality and email address
  • Your profession and affiliation (institute, organization, university…)
  • How you have used social media within your professional environment, what you would like to learn, and how you would like to apply the training experience in your future professional life.
  • Clearly confirm you (or your organisation) will cover your travel and accommodation

By applying for this bootcamp, all applicants fully commit to use their best efforts and skills, to work within a well motivated and active team, to engage into the virtual discussions prior to the event and to fully integrate in the social bootcamp group, as well as within the social reporting team at the #CFS43 event.

The vision of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) is to be the most inclusive international and intergovernmental platform for all stakeholders to work together in a coordinated way to ensure food security and nutrition for all.

The focus from the Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR)is to ensure that agri-food research and innovation – whether through research, extension, education or enterprise – delivers the best development outcomes to resource-poor farmers and rural communities.

Blogpost and photo by Peter Casier, peter.casier(at), GFAR Social Media Coordinator

9 thoughts on “Join the #CFS43 social media bootcamp!”

  1. Very good initiative by GFAR. Wonderful platform to connect all stakeholders in agriculture around the globe. Hope the farming community derives maximum benefit by sharing the views of all stakeholders.

  2. Thank you for this initiative and for this opportunity. I environmentalist training and youth volunteers to Green Association of Cameroon ( AJVC ) . I am in regular contact with the rural and forest world since I myself son of farmers and I also do family farming . This participation I wish you offer me not only allow me to better equip me but also to share my knowledge and experience with urban and rural populations of Cameroon precisely . I ‘m also on my return initiate communication initiatives on food security .

    1. Ngantcheu, if you would be interested in joining this bootcamp, you will have to apply as outlined in this blogpost.


  3. Good evening. I am very interested in this opportunity you offer us. As actress Cameroonian civil society and member of the Green Youth Association Cameroon I would like to take this opportunity to edify me to accompany rural women of Cameroon with whom I work regularly.

    Thank you

  4. L’agriculture intelligente face au climat est un lien qui permet de définir les mesures nécessaires pour transformer et réorienter les systèmes agricoles dans l’optique de soutenir efficacement le développement de l’agriculture et d’assurer la sécurité alimentaire face au changement climatique.

  5. Ce qui est intéressant dans notre collaboration c’est qu’on crée des ponts, en faisant des activités ensemble, on fait rencontrer nos différents réseaux et nous favorisons les rencontres, ce qui est profitable pour faire avancer les choses concernant plusieurs enjeux sociaux

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