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YAP proposal #332: From Farm To Face: the Journey to Natural Skin Care (Kellyann Allicott, Barbados)


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The skin is the largest organ of the body. Therefore it’s as equally important to pay close attention to what we put on it as to what we put inside of it.

One clear solution is to provide unadulterated skincare through the production of raw materials from naturally derived sources. One source identified is the organic produce (herbs, spices, and fruits) from local and regional farmers.

My name is Kellyann Allicott and I reside in the beautiful island of Barbados, one of the many gems in the cluster of islands called the Caribbean. I am 30 and I indeed consider myself privileged to be able to call this my home.

I have recently completed the Youth Agri-preneurship Incubator Programme in which I currently serve as a Youth Ambassador. Its aim is to showcase how science and technology work hand in hand with sustainable agriculture. Completing this programme equipped me with the missing key that allows my love for nature, agriculture, science, and business to be interwoven.

I hold an Associate Degree in Chemistry and Biology, a Diploma in Cosmetic Science, and I am in my last year of my Bachelor’s in International Business from the University of the West Indies.

This knowledge provides the platform needed to make this new project successful. This, coupled with the proven track record of incorporating local goat’s milk into the production of soaps and lotions, shows that we possess the necessary skills to provide a positive outcome when undertaking our proposed mission. This was done under the brand Ibis Bath & Body, one of the product lines of Ibis Wellness Inc.

The Big Idea

The vision we wish to bring to light is the utilization of organically grown herbs, distilled for the production of hydrosols and essential oils.This is to incorporate more dynamics in the production of raw materials for green beauty cosmetics as crop farmers would be targeted.

The passion and motivation to execute this project stems from the the desire to illustrate that agriculture is one of the necessary pillars, in industries which may seem unrelated.

It’s also to provide new revenue streams for organic farmers both locally and regionally. Moreover the project wishes to attract youth and more women in Barbados and the Caribbean to this arena, through the provision of a more interesting spin on the endless possibilities agriculture provides.

The Reason Behind the Reason

There is a popular Bajan saying, ‘Bucket gine up and down in well evah day, de bottom boun’tuh drop out.’ This means that sustained pressure and exertion will eventually lead to a breakdown.

As it pertains to the economy of Barbados the high amount of foreign exchanged lost due to a high import bill, on items that could be produced locally and regionally will eventually have an adverse effect on the economy.Something we bear witness to at the current moment.

success with goat,s milk‘Fresh is best’ is a saying we’re all familiar with. When you have a greater control on the quantity and quality of raw materials the end result is always better. Creating closer relationships with providers (farmers) of such materials and having them in near proximity, serve as assets in providing a truly authentic farm to face skincare line. Which is clearly the direction that the best wrinkle cream companies are taking.

It also contributes to the promotion of green economy by the reduction of the carbon footprint as imports would subsequently be reduced.

Bull’s eye!!

Our measure of success on a macro level would be indicated by the creation of better networks between providers of raw materials and current or aspiring natural skincare producers in the region. On a micro level, job creation throughout the value chain of producing these products in local communities would be another indicator.

The necessity for the company Ibis Wellness Inc. to establish its own farm to help produce some of the raw materials, plus, an increase in the production of a new skincare line would also indicate success.

To see this come to fruition there will be a key focus on marketing and sales of the finished products at trade shows, workshops and farmers’ markets to name a few and the establishment of our own website.We will also become affiliated with the Organic Farmers Association in Barbados and other similar associations in the region to push this concept more.


To see this project flourish the sum of USD 5,000 would be used to:

  • Purchase the distiller (USD 1,450) and procure the necessary raw materials (USD 700) needed, by within three months.
  • Training (USD 1,315) would also occur in the first three months.
  • The remaining funds(USD 1,535) will be used to create a website in five months time.

So as we take this journey, with the motto in thought and action, ‘Preserving nature to preserve mankind’, I hope you take this opportunity to be a part of being the change.


Blogpost and picture submitted by Kellyann Allicott (Barbados): ibisproducts[at]

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30 thoughts on “YAP proposal #332: From Farm To Face: the Journey to Natural Skin Care (Kellyann Allicott, Barbados)”

  1. I have tested your rose soap and I loved it. The soap has a rich texture, great lather, and the scent makes me experience the color and sweetness of fresh roses. l love this blog and hope you will continue to blog about skin care after you have received this funding. May you business prosper

    1. Hi Sonia.I’m glad your please with our rose soap,Yeah!!
      I will be blogging very soon and this competition really helped me prepare for that venture.So stay tune for some tips, diy concepts and basically life learning experiences as it pertains to the natural/organic skincare arena.

  2. As you said ‘Fresh is best’ and I wish you great success with this much needed venture!

  3. This is a really interesting project! I see it as a great way to improve local production and job creation. Supporting more local producers needs to be done if the countries of the Caribbean are to be truly self sustaining. Hope to see more of this!

  4. I have the pleasuse of retailing IBIS products in my Boutiques. These skincare products namely the soaps, are popular with our customers. The price, the product and the packaging makes them quite attractive to the Customers. I met with Kelly-Ann extensively before making the decushion to retail her products and she won me over by her knowledge of the ingredients and their usefulness, her attention to detail and her desire to produce the best product possible.

    At What A Woman Boutiques we are committed to offering local products in our store, which addresses the issue Kelly-Ann raised of our burgeoning imports bill for our country. As a good corporate citizen we want to do our part to contribute to our economy as well as support young local entrepreneurs.

    I expect that any new products and concepts developed by IBIS will be well received by all her customers.

    I pray her continued success.

  5. Excellent Kellyann. I took pictures at Lush on their seaweed products and their fresh face masks that I told Ayanna I would share with you. Your ideas are always so fresh and it would be so wonderful if you got to make your own essential oils.

  6. Positively, sounds of an honorable cause that should be beneficial to many.

    Constructively, better explanation of costs could be detailed.

    Best of luck!

  7. The skin is the largest organ on the human body and must be treated the same as any organ found within. To this end, what better way to care for the skin is by treating it with organic products that does not harm this precious organ we love so much. I support this project especially when I have tried these products !!
    Good luck 🙂

  8. What a fantastic proposal. In the skincare industry its so important to understand that sustainability comes from leveraging ingredient source localy. This sounds like a very great approach towards locals and future skincare users.

  9. Excellent Info. And Ashera, I think you’re an inspiration to other young people. Keep up the good work!

  10. I like the way this is going. Especially the vision and the attention to the primary development of the raw materials, which sorely lacks in many projects. Great to see this unique and innovative approach!

  11. The way you explain this idea is quite brilliant. Much love and success. Nurturing nature will nurture us.

  12. Thanks for reaching out to the organic growers and consumers Association. I know we have been in discussion with you in the past and never got it to click, but since talking yesterday I mentioned your interest to a few growers and I believe we have something tbat can be mutually beneficial. Lets work out tbe details. Blesd

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