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YAP Proposal #318: Piggery from humble beginnings (Wellington Hadebe, Zimbabwe)


Wellington Hadebe is my name,i was born on the 19th September 1983,i was born in a family of six,three boys three girls,of which i am the fifth born. I live in a tiny country in southern Africa called Zimbabwe,i resides at 11900 Chasi road, Dzivarasekwa two, Harare Zimbabwe.

I have a vision of doing a project of piggery,starting from the humble beginnings. I would like to start with few little piglets like five, then i will grow them and make them multiply, the reason being that i would like to empower other youths to start to do the same project for their self-sustaining.

I will incorporate five youths in this project and sign them a contract,the contract shall be based on giving them a seed of piglet when the pigs gives birth to the litters. This shall have an impact to our socio-economy,cause everyone who takes a seed of a piglet shall also go with the mandate of also giving others the seed of a piglet to start rearing pigs. This project shall be under close monitoring,that the chain is going on and on like that. The project intends to occupy the lives of the youth so that they will not indulge themselves in drugs and all sorts of alcoholism. Also it shall bring the employment unto many since there is no much employment in the country.

The main reason that motivates me to write this proposal is that people will see and know what we want to do in our area,and also that world will see where can they help us to achieve this dream. At the same time this is my passion to raise pigs,also to assist people to do things on themselves.

These are the steps that i shall take to make this project a success.
-I shall clear the land that we have in Darwendale and built the pig sties.
-I shall want to buy the food for the pigs that will last for a year till they begin to bring income.
-Do a contract with five youths,that i shall pay back with one piglet each to start their own project and continue with the chain.
-At the age of 6-7 months we shall breed them with a hired bull.
-The five youths shall work with me for free until they got a seed of a piglet, this also means they will be getting an experience to rear pigs.

I would like to measure my success with the more input and effort  that i will be putting to this project. Also within a year i intend to produce fifty piglets based on these five pigs,one might produce ten piglets per litter or more. Then i will do a sell and take other five again that i will contract them for the next piglets. This shall be a success story within two years, when i begin to see youths doing their own piggery projects. Also the ones that i shall give the piglet,i will help with the construction of the sty and the first pack food for the start. The money shall come from my sells.

Material to construct the sty,that can cost U.S$1500,and to pay the builder U.S$500. Buying five pigs at U.S$200 each. Then i shall buy food that will last for a year at U.S1500, lastly U.S$500 for vaccines. 2 years we shall see results.

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