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Josine’s journey, as a young agri-preneur

Youth really are the future of agriculture.

GFAR is committed to youth through many projects we do. One of them is YAP, our Youth Agripreneurs Project, where we encouraged young agricultural entrepreneurs to submit their projects (early last year).

Through “YAP”, our purpose was not only to find some genuine innovative projects we could sponsor, but also to provide young agripreneurs a platform to showcase their projects, and prove that young people DO engage in agriculture and agricultural projects, many of which were truly innovative.

Through a public voting process and a jury, six young agripreneurs from all over the world were selected as our finalists. They received a $5000 seed funding and with YPARD, we provided them hands-on support through a one year of intense mentoring program.

One of those six finalists was Josine Macaspac, an inspirational and motivated young entrepreneur from the Philippines.

Watch the video of Josine introducing her YAP project at AgTalks, organised by our partner IFAD, last December.

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