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Webinar Alert! Is a picture worth a thousand words?


Back by popular demand, GFAR is holding another webinar open to GFAR and CGIAR partners as well as other nonprofit organisations and individuals working in agriculture, agricultural research eco-systems and sustainable development.

The online webinar will be held on June 22nd at 13:00 CET (and will last about 1.5 hours).

The topic will be “Pictures: a website’s blessing or curse?”, a practical webinar, showing how to find, and process pictures which are a blessing, rather than a curse, for your website or blog.

Part 1: How to find appropriate pictures for your blog/website (or web content). 

This means pictures which are:
– appropriate in topic
– good quality
– and most importantly, are not copyrighted.

Part 2: How to process pictures before uploading them

Here we want to share some of the inside workings of a web browser, when viewing pictures, and explain, why so many blogs and websites are slow, just because of the pictures they use.

We’d like to show the one and only (free) tool we use, to process (edit, enhance, crop, shrink and compress) pictures before uploading them, while maintaining an excellent quality. (hint: and it ain’t Photoshop!).

Register now!

This webinar will be done via a tool called “Webinars on Air” which is supported by Google Hangouts. It requires participants to have a good and reliable Internet connection and a computer running any browser.

You can register for these webinars by filling in your name and email address via this link:

Once registered, you will be automatically reminded as the webinar date comes closer.

About the GFAR webinars

These webinars are open to GFAR and CGIAR partners as well as other nonprofit organisations or individuals working in agriculture, sustainable development or ecosystems. No matter if you are a researcher, an agricultural practitioner, a student, a communications officer, a policy maker or any variant thereof.

We do not ask for a participation fee, but we’d appreciate it if each participant would actively engage in the webinars.

The webinar is funded by the Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR), and our friends at YPARD are kindly supporting the web conferencing. It will be facilitated by Peter Casier, the GFAR Social Media Coordinator. Peter is a freelance consultant who has worked with many nonprofit organisations on their online media outreach projects and strategies.

Blogpost by Peter Casier (GFAR Social Media Coordinator)
Picture courtesy Wikipedia Commons

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