Past Conference: GCARD 2010

Organization of the first GCARD in 2010

  • The 2010 GCARD is organized by GFAR, in collaboration with the CGIAR. The conference is set to be held in Montpellier, France in March 2010.
  • The GFAR Steering Committee has appointed the GCARD Task Force [click here to see the members], chaired by World Food Prize Laureate Dr Monty Jones, to oversee the organization of the Conference and the consultations preceding it. The Task Force reports to stakeholders via the GFAR Steering Committee.
  • A GCARD Working Group [click here to see the members] has been set up to work with the GFAR Secretariat to support the GCARD Task Force in its day to day functions.

The elements involved

1) Regional reviews through a synthesis of existing national and regional studies and reports on agricultural research and development needs and priorities. The reviews will produce a summary of regional research and development needs within the global context of agricultural research. The outcome of these reviews will also be used to frame questions for the e-consultations at regional and global levels.

2) Electronic consultations and face-to-face dialogue in each region will provide diverse perspectives on the priorities for agricultural research for development, working back from the desired development impacts to ensure research and innovation are focused on meeting development goals.

3) The reform process of the CGIAR includes a review of global processes and assessments to frame the strategic operation of the international agricultural research centres. Consideration of the CGIAR Strategic Framework and impact-driven programs will be included in the consultation process as they evolve, to ensure that their focus, mutual accountability and relevance is to national development needs.

4) The Conference will be held from 28 to 31 March 2010 to align diverse stakeholders in agricultural research around a common agenda and develop the linkages required for its delivery.

5) Follow-up actions: The Conference will lay the groundwork for a reshaped global AR4D system and will initiate new ways of its working. These policies, principles and practices will be further developed through 2010 into extended cycles of learning and feedback over the years ahead.

Broad Outline of GCARD 2010 Program

The 2010 Conference will span 4 days focusing on the following themes:

Date (2010) Main Theme
28 March Examining investment needs for systems of agricultural research, innovation and knowledge sharing. The sessions on this day will feature high level consultations and focus on policy change
29 March Enhancing North-South collaboration with specific examples from the Mediterranean basin, as well as other issues such as attracting young people into agricultural research and extension
30 March Priority development challenges and the potential role of research in delivering desired impacts
31 March Possible solutions and ways forward to address the challenges identified. Participants will strive to identify better ways in which AR4D actors can work better together to achieve development goals

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