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Submit your idea for sustainable farming to WIN


Are you 18-40? Are you passionate about developing a sustainable farming future and do you have the energy, passion and creative ideas to do it? Would you like to attend the world’s largest conference dedicated to finding sustainable crop protection solutions? If the answer is yes, read on.

We are looking for 50 young people from around the world to win attendance to a week-long Next Generation Summit in Ghent, Belgium. The programme will include a social media workshop to help you make the most of online opportunities alongside workshops, lectures and discussions on the future of crop protection.

The Next Generation Summit will run alongside, and include attendance to, the 14th IUPAC International Congress of Crop Protection Chemistry hosted at Ghent University on May 19-24, 2019.

The Congress, which takes place every four years, will focus on emerging trends in the crop protection industry. The conference theme is “Crop Protection: Education of the Future Generation” and around 1,500 scientists from academy, government and industry are expected to attend.

Biologist pouring chemicals in pot with sprout

In the true spirit of GFAR we are proud to be working alongside and in collaboration with Young Professionals for Agriculture Development (YPARD), the International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences (IAAS) and Ghent University to bring together an extraordinary programme and opportunity for young people.

If you would like to attend our Summit and the Congress, all you need is an idea or innovation about sustainable crop protection, and some time to fill in our application form. The deadline has just been extended to February 14, so apply now (click here) to avoid missing out!

PARTNER SPOTLIGHT logoThis blog post is part of our Partner Spotlight on YPARDCropLife International and IAAS to promote youth participation in the IUPAC 2019 Next Generation Programme. The Programme aligns with GFAR’s key focus to empower youths to turn knowledge and innovation into enterprise, and builds on the success of the Youth Agripreneurs Project – YAP – an innovative mechanism created by GFAR and YPARD to stimulate smallholder youth entrepreneurship and to ensure that the voices of youth are engaged in shaping the future of agri-food research and innovation.

26 thoughts on “Submit your idea for sustainable farming to WIN”

  1. I have intention to any sustainable agriculture I was working the last 7 years. I will like to attend

  2. Mes travaux sont intitulés # maraîchage et développement des terroirs volcaniques du Plateau bamoun :implications territoriales et sovioenvironnementales de la période post deprise caféière.

  3. je suis un jeune ingénieur agronome et passionné de l’agriculture et aimerais savoir d’avantage sur le développement durable et des nouvelle technique agricole pour préserver notre environnement.

  4. Bonjour, je suis un jeune camerounais résident a douala. J’aimerai bien participé a ce forum. Comme m’y prendre. Merci

  5. I like this program I want to kwon much because am young than 25 year i have energy to change/ improve agricultural practices in my country Tanzania my education level is diploma in general agricultural I want to use my knowledge in agriculture to help others In order to move forward in agricultural sector in villages which having more challenge about agriculture.

  6. J’ ai une idée géniale à soumettre , mais depuis longtemps je fais tout pour postuler sans y parvenir. J’ai cherché le formulaire de candidature à remplir sans le retrouvé . le processus pour postuler n’ai pas du tout clair pour moi. Merci pour votre compréhension.

  7. Vis à vis de la croissance démographique qui sera la principale source d’accroissement de la demande alimentaire ,moi jeune agriculteur je m’intéresse beaucoup au développement d’un avenir agricole durable . Et aussi j’aimerais participer à ce congrès ,et je souhaiterais avec enthousiasme que vous me sélectionnez parmis les 50 personnes.
    Merci !!

  8. Dear sir/madam,

    It is great to see and hear the opportunity of sustainable agriculture and crop protection, but it is too late for me to come across the announcement here!

    I have been working on agriculture business in Cambodia since the last 8 years and pleasure to support growers for sustainable farming business. However, knowledge sharing on technical application for low cost and higher yields with standard are still the challenges for farmers, especially market linkages.

    I think two important parts for agriculture sustainability is.
    1. Technical knowledge for production
    2. Market linkages

    Kindly regards



  9. I’m a graduate and Entrepreneur in Agriculture. My major interest is in Organic farming. I want to also teach fellow farmers on organic Farming.

  10. je suis très intéressé ,parce que ça va me permettre d’approfondir ma connaissance , et avoir l’expérience .

  11. Hello I from venezuela and i have 25 years old, I have the energy to change.
    Understanding that sustainable agriculture consists in the management of ecosystems where complex interactions between soil, water, plants, animals, climate and humans take place; with the goal of integrating all these factors into a production system that is appropriate for the environment, society and economic conditions

    Based on this vision, references that range from soil preservation based on crop rotation techniques, reduced tillage, to health care of pollinators could be implemented on a daily basis through the implementation of hotels for bees and flower trails that improve the habitat for feeding and proliferating them. Other important initiatives to expand the productivity in the field in line with the local reality go through the use of high quality seeds adapted to climatic conditions and meteorological monitoring to optimize tasks in the field, improving the prediction and control of diseases and pests

  12. Bonjour je suis un technicien a L’Institut de L’Environnement et de Recherches Agricoles ( l’INERA) à Ouagadougou au Burkina faso .Je suis en partenariat avec un ami qui 10 hectares de terrain qu’il veut que je m’occupe de sa mise en valeur ,donc ont veut produire le soja parce que au Burkina la population grille pour consomme et ensuite le maîs qu’on va vendre frais et ensuite la culture des ognons ;tomate;nous allons construire un serre et un forage pour l’irrigation goutte à goutte ; et plein de l’innovation si tout va bien .Donc je serais content de participé à votre conférence .

  13. I am glad for thuis proggrame this had been my great passion and area of interest.Globally agriculture as become the bacbone of our economy and this is due to our newly agricultural skills and techniques as we now venture on agricultural activities lets take it os our innitiative and maintain these great improvement on our fields and inorder to improve our productivity

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