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How artificial intelligence can speed up innovation – Partner Spotlight on CropLife International

Computer technology has been around for decades, but the machines we use today are light years ahead of where we were even a decade ago. They are faster, more accurate and easier to use. This is cutting-edge technology.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence help plant scientists to run millions of “microsimulations” that give researchers insights into how a pesticide might interact with target or non-target pests or how it might impact the environment.

This can lead to a reduction in the amount of active ingredient being used, a reduction in the toxicity of an active ingredient and help ensure no harm to beneficial species like honey bees.

Learn more about how artificial intelligence is helping change the face of the crop protection industry here:

PARTNER SPOTLIGHT logoThis story is part of our Partner Spotlight on CropLife International. CropLife is committed to bringing farmers the plant science they need to help them grow crops in sustainable ways. The innovations in plant protection shared through this Partner Spotlight are some of the many examples that are helping farmers cope with increasing threats worldwide. As a Partner in GFAR, CropLife’s researchers believe that the future of farming can only benefit from informed discussion and knowledge sharing, and that engagement and partnerships are key to improving agriculture. They know that to progress farmers and rural communities they must be empowered to take ownership of their own futures and become drivers of the innovations they wish to see.

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