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#GFARImpakters Series: Sharing the Impact of the Partners in GFAR

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GFAR and Impakter have recently launched an exciting new online media campaign: #GFARImpakters.

Impakter, a cutting-edge online magazine dedicated to topics of sustainability, is now working with GFAR Secretariat to showcase the valuable work done by Partners in GFAR to transform agricultural research and innovation systems. Impakter wants Partners in GFAR to share, and the public at large to discover, their various actions and how these are contributing to sustainable development.


Impakter delivers high-quality articles and interviews that draw links between current global events and trends and sustainable development practices. Impakter Magazine promotes content across several series relating to society, culture, style and impact. Impakter creates a bridge between influential people and key decision makers. One of their ongoing series is focused on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It documents progress made on the United Nations 2030 SDG Agenda and tracks global leaders from UN organizations, NGOs, research centers, human rights activists and many more whose work has a social impact and furthers the implementation of the 2030 SDG Agenda.


With the #GFARImpakters Series, Partners in GFAR are being invited to share written contributions on key topics related to their work with GFAR and involving other GFAR Partners that will enable the public at large to engage with and reflect more deeply upon their work and impacts. By taking part, Partners will raise awareness and further the
public’s knowledge on issues of global importance for our shared future. This knowledge sharing will improve learning from partnership processes and Collective Actions in practice, a cross-cutting outcome that improves our capacity for monitoring and evaluation of our collective impacts in GFAR.

Following are examples of pieces recently contributed by these #GFARImpakters, our Partners. The team at Impakter has provided editorial support throughout the creation process. A new #GFARImpakters newsletter will soon be released which will feature these articles and blog posts, increasing reach and engagement.

The International Agri-Food Network: Creating Opportunities for Farmers in Food Policy

In this blog post, IAFN Chair Donald Moore showcases some examples of work being done by IAFN and PSM members that contributes to GFAR’s four thematic focus areas.

The International Agri-Food Network (IAFN), via its member CropLife International, is on the GFAR Steering Committee. IAFN serves as the focal point of the Private Sector Mechanism (PSM), a unique platform that facilitates the participation of the private sector in all activities of FAO’s annual Committee on World Food Security (CFS). In a side event to CFS45 entitled “The Future of Farming“, IAFN and partners will explore some of the best examples of innovations to advance agroecological outcomes and sustainable farming systems.

GODAN: Collaborating with GFAR on Data Driven Agriculture

Informed Farmers are Successful Farmers

ICAR and its Institutes: A fascinating 128 year journey, and we are asking for more…

Ava Initiative: Growing Our Own Food Beyond Subsistence in Nigeria

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Image Credits: 1- Impakter; 2-International Agri-Food Network; 3-Agar Vision Africa

Blog post by Charles Plummer

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