GFAR Webinars: Connecting Communities – Inspiring Innovation

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Looking for insight, information and interaction on a timely topic that supports agri-food research and innovation?

GFAR, the unique multi-stakeholder global forum on agri-food research and innovation organises year-round, high quality, and thought-provoking webinars based on the needs and requests of the partners in GFAR. Webinars are open to all and offer participants the opportunity to get informed on the best practices, tips for success or simply learn more about a new subject.

These webinars bring together professionals and specialists from the agri-food research and innovation community to discuss topics that can make a difference in shaping the global agenda on research and innovation in agriculture, food and rural development.

The webinars are interactive, giving participants ample chances to ask questions and connect with experts, and access that may otherwise not be available.

The GFAR Secretariat solicits ideas from the GFAR partners for webinar topics that are of direct interest and value; and build upon the collective actions of GFAR as outlined in the GFAR Medium Term Plan. These have included such topics as:

Each past two-hour webinar has attracted up to 150 participants with a high degree of engagement. All materials from the webinar (presentations, audio recording) are freely available to participants after the webinar.

GFAR partners are warmly invited to propose a webinar topics for 2017. Current suggestions already put forward are:

  • “Email Newsletters”: sharing experiences on tools and tricks to generate electronic newsletters
  • “Webinar/video conferencing software”: An overview of some tools you can use for webinars, online consultations, or video conferencing
  • “Webcasting”: what does it take to webcast or livecast a conference or a workshop: technical tools, organisation, pitfalls
  • “Participatory video”: how to organize, pitfalls and tips
  • “How to communicate for uptake”, project synthesis…
  • “Successful science communications”: Facts, figures and other happy stories (e.g. uptake, downloads,…)

If you have any topics you’d like us to cover in a webinar, please let us know! Send your feedback via peter.casier(at)

The GFAR Secretariat will work with you in preparing the webinar, announcing the webinar through the GFAR social media channels, providing a moderator if required, and convening/running the webinar technical tools.

The GFAR Secretariat will host the webinar materials on the GFAR website and blog for archival purposes.

Join in. Gain perspective. Grow your network.

Picture courtesy Ghozt Tramp (via WikiMedia)

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