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Let’s talk about the price of food


One third of all food is wasted. Much of that comes down to consumer behaviour.

Every year, consumers in rich countries waste almost as much food as the entire net food production of sub-Saharan Africa. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization,  40% of losses in developing countries occur at post-harvest and processing levels while in the industrialized countries more than 40% of losses happen at retail and consumer levels. So there is a difference between food waste and loss in developing and developed countries.

How can we reduce this food waste and food loss? Making food more expensive could be an option in addressing these issues.

Read the full post on the CFS blog here.


Blogpost by Myriam Welvaert, #CFS43 Social Reporter –myriam.welvaert(at) 

Photo Credit: Didier Weemaels on Unsplash

This post is part of the live coverage during the 43rd Session of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS), a project GFAR is running in collaboration with CFS. This post is written by two of our social reporters, and represents the authors’ views only.

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