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Does a student need grading?


Imagine a school system in which examinations, sanctions and grading do not exist. Personally, I think a small group would still feel motivated to study and do their homework, but a considerable number would set other priorities. I believe this is a good analogy for the situation of global governance for food security and it exemplifies the need for a monitoring system.

Ever since I got involved in development work, I heard people expressing their aversion to monitoring and evaluation. It is considered technical and complicated.

Nevertheless, within the 43rd Committee on World Food Security (CFS), this issue has been addressed frequently. This is promising, since this has not happened to the same extent before. I am delighted with this development.

Read the full post on the CFS Blog here.


Blogpost by Josh Geuze, #CFS43 Social Reporter – josh.geuze(at)

Photo Credit: Rhoni McFarlane on Flickr

This post is part of the live coverage during the 43rd Session of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS), a project GFAR is running in collaboration with CFS. This post is written by two of our social reporters, and represents the authors’ views only.

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