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Do you get hangry?


Money may not buy happiness, but I am certainly happier when I am not hungry. And, while I sit here typing away, satiated after a nutritiously fulfilling lunch, people are hangry…chronically hangry.

We need money to feed the world. To achieve goal number 2, Zero Hunger, of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, we need money. Let me make this clear though, we are not simply throwing money at an issue in the hope that it will go away. We are investing money in order to develop the capacities of those who are chronically hungry to be able to feed themselves and others too.

We do not use the term ‘investment’ lightly, we are serious about this. When we make monetary investments for people, we are providing them with the capacity to develop so that they can then make their own investments. Money is the catalyst; it enables one person to eat.  We are therefore investing in their health, their employment, their community, their economy…everything! This is a short-term investment for long term achievements, that’s achievements, plural.

Read the full post on the CFS blog here.


Blogpost by Jana L. Phan, #CFS43 Social Reporter –

Image Credit: Jana L. Phan

This post is part of the live coverage during the 43rd Session of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS), a project GFAR is running in collaboration with CFS. This post is written by two of our social reporters, and represents the authors’ views only.


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