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Upcoming webinar: “The Crystal Ball: Predicting the future of online media”

Reflections in a crystal ball. Captured on London's South Bank.

“If you do things well, do them better,
be daring, be first, be different.”

― Anita Lucia Roddick

GFAR strongly believes in the power of communications to bring – with our partners – our common messages to the public, and to network within our own communities. That’s why we continuously support trainings, workshops and webinars on communications.

So, we are happy to announce our next communications webinar:

Webinar: “The Crystal Ball”: Predicting the future of online media

Date: Wednesday Oct 26th at 13:00 Rome time
Duration: 2 hours
(Use this tool helps you convert “Rome time” to your timezone)

We are saturated by online information. Our messages, no matter how just and important they are, often get lost in the midst of other online news, presented to our audiences every day.

One of the key “tricks” in bringing an effective message, apart from “generating quality content”, is to stand out, beyond the crowd. Effective communicators constantly look for new ways to present their messages, and to engage their online public.

This webinar looks at the current and future trends in online communications: where is social media moving to? Which tools and tool sets should we focus on, to bring our messages successfully? What is the latest in website design, web development and online engagement?

Our speakers:

fabiofidanzaRetired software engineer, Fabio Fidanza works as a Creative Director in his company, Macaroni Bros., sharing his 20 years experience with big and small organizations, helping them to find innovative solutions to empower their communications strategies, both online and offline.
He has delivered successful outcomes in graphic design, video production, web design, music, software engineering, photography and teaching. And he is a pretty good italian cook too!

peter-avatar-with-dog-copyPeter Casier is an online media consultant for nonprofit organisations. He loves to hang out in spaces and places “where few have gone before”, experimenting on the edge of things, but always “for the greater good”.
Peter is originally trained as a printing engineer, worked as a software developer, systems engineer, telecoms technician and for 16 years supported the UN humanitarian interventions across the globe. He is also our resident GFAR social media coordinator.

Register now!

You can register for this webinar by sending a simple email to Peter Casier – peter.casier(at)

Please mention the webinar you want to participate in, your name, affiliation (organisation/institute) and function.

We will send you a confirmation email. You will get a reminder with the technical details to join the webinar, one day before.

Register fast! Our webinars are limited to 100 participants and the available “seats” are often taken in a matter of days.

Our webinars are open to GFAR partners as well as other nonprofit organisations or individuals working in the area of agriculture, ecosystems and sustainable development. They are often attended by scientists, students, communications staff as well as agricultural practitioners.

We do not ask for a participation fee, but we encourage participants to actively engage in the webinars with feedback, questions, and sharing of their own experiences.

About the GFAR webinars

Our webinars are organized and funded by GFAR, the Global Forum on Agricultural Research, and presented in collaboration with our partners. (if your organisation is not a GFAR partner yet, join now!)

The webinars are moderated via BlueJeans, an online tool running within any internet browser. It requires participants to have a good and reliable Internet connection and a computer running any browser.

Past GFAR webinars on the topic of online media include: “An introduction to social media”, “How to read updates from hundreds of websites easily”, “How to define and measure your social media performance”, “How to find and use pictures for your websites”, Basic Search Engine Optimization and The Art of Website Revamps.

Top picture courtesy Garry Knight

1 thought on “Upcoming webinar: “The Crystal Ball: Predicting the future of online media””

  1. Dear all I like this program because it help us to open mindset in all aspects, I am proud to be in touch with you
    Thak you very much
    Noel Nizeyimana
    CEO Of Greencare Rwanda
    Tel 0784030834

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