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GFAR, the Global Forum on Agriculture Research concentrates on making agri-food research and innovation systems more effective, responsive and equitable, towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals.

Partners in the Global Forum, at national, regional and international levels, advocate for, and catalyse collective actions that strengthen and transform agri-food research and innovation systems.

“Communications” is key in our endeavors.

During the past year, we built an online community of professional communicators (or communication focal points) working for organisations/institutes focusing on agricultural research (“agriculture” in its wide sense which might include forestry, livestock, fisheries,…), sustainable agriculture, food security and sustainable development.

WHY are we doing this?

Many communications staff in “our line of business” face similar challenges. While we try to find solutions for these communications challenges by ourselves, often, others have fought the same battles, and came up with solutions (some which work, some do not).

There is a real added value of being able to plug into an online community to share the challenges and solutions, so we don’t have to re-invent the wheel ourselves, over and over again. Such a waste of time and resources…

As a Global Forum, GFAR is the natural “common ground”, where we, the communicators, can come together and join efforts.

HOW are we bringing communicators together?

All communicators work together virtually, and contribute on a voluntary basis, in a Google Group email discussion forum. Through the group, we call on each others’ support for projects we are running, share technical challenges we face, or events we are organizing.

Through this online group we also organise trainings, webinars and workshops on communications within our field, with the emphasize to learn from each others’ experience.

HOW to join?

“Membership” to “the GFAR-Comms community” is free for any communications staff working with GFAR partners or any organisation/institute focusing on agricultural research, sustainable agriculture, food security, nutrition or sustainable development.

There are no fees nor obligations. Join to contribute or just “watch and learn”.

To join, send an email to peter.casier(at), who facilitates the community. Clearly mention your organisation and function. The community is open to communications staff only.

Join now!

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