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Partners meet to redefine The Global Forum

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The GFAR Partners’ Assembly takes place on 5 April 2016 in Johannesburg, immediately before the GCARD3 event. The Partners’ Assembly brings together representatives of the many Partners in GFAR from around the world and from all sectors concerned. These representatives have already been identified and invited to attend.

Who will be there?

The Partners attending the GFAR Partners’ Assembly represent each sector concerned (farmers, national and international researchers, advisory services, civil society and private sector organizations, universities, youth, women’s groups, consumers, development partners and UN agencies). They come from all regions of the world and globally. Through this Assembly, new mechanisms will be established for rotating representation in GFAR’s governance and ensuring that the representatives of each sector in GFAR’s governance are engaged with, and accountable to, their wider communities.

What will be discussed?

GFAR is now 20 years old and the world has changed. In line with decisions of the 2015 Constituent Assembly, the GFAR Charter has been reformulated to better reflect the agricultural and food system needs and challenges of today and the future. These principles were resoundingly endorsed by the Bangkok Constituent Assembly.  The Partners’ Assembly will work with this updated Charter, to discuss its detailed implications for the Global Forum’s operation, what the new Governance arrangements will mean for representation from different constituencies, the expectations and responsibilities for Partner representatives and the practical implications of Partners in GFAR working together in collective actions.  This will include establishing the basis for a new Steering Committee, which transparently represents – and is accountable to – stakeholders in each sector and region. The Assembly will include the formal endorsement of the updated GFAR Charter.

Why is it important?

For Agri-food innovation to deliver greater benefits in sustainable development, it is essential that all the required actors are involved and work effectively together. Partners in GFAR share the common agenda of ensuring agri-food research and innovation deliver the best possible development outcomes for resource-poor farmers and rural communities, in particular for women and youth. GFAR is a truly unique Forum, sharing knowledge, advocating and triggering collective actions to transform agri-food research and innovation systems around the world.

This Assembly, of the Partners that make up the Global Forum, is the strategic body that will determine the direction and role of GFAR and shape collective actions among the many and diverse Partners involved. It provides a vibrant mechanism for representatives, from farmers and consumers to upstream research, to discuss strategic needs as true equals and to set out the future direction and processes of the Forum. The Partners’ Assembly will deliver key decisions and recommendations that will help shape and strengthen the future path of agri-food research and innovation around the world.

Please note that the Partners’ Assembly to be held on 5 April 2016 is by invitation only. Please stay informed on the decisions made at the Assembly by visiting If you are interested in expressing your interest in becoming a Partner in GFAR, please contact the GFAR Secretariat at

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  1. gfar blog is a good renovation that will help also to empowering our youth in Agriculture which will help to improve our economic especially now that our petroleum will dependent on the international price is falling causing our economic instability in our country.

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