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Be part of the global conversation on the future of agri-food research and innovation



Do you want to help determine how agri-food research and innovation can best meet the world’s development needs?

Join hundreds of scientists, researchers, farmers, civil society, rural women and youth, policymakers, education, business and investment agencies from around the world at the GCARD3 Global Event, to be held in Johannesburg South Africa from 5-8 April, 2016.

 Registration for the Conference is now open: GCARD3 Global Event


The Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development (GCARD) was created to link science and society and bring greater development benefit from agricultural research and innovation. Following on from a successful GCARD1 (2010) and GCARD2 (2012), the third cycle of GCARD dialogues, GCARD3, is a conversation that is taking place around the world about the future of agri-food research and innovation.

No One Left Behind: Agri-food Innovation and Research for a Sustainable World” is the theme of the GCARD3 global event and it promises to be exciting and inspiring event, with an influential line-up of keynote speakers, workshops and breakout sessions.

The program is based on five key themes, identified from national and regional GCARD3 dialogues through 2015 and 2016. The Conference themes address important challenges in strengthening the impact of national and international agricultural innovation to meet the Sustainable Development Goals:

  1. Scaling up: from research to impact;
  2. Demonstrating results and attracting investment;
  3. Keeping science relevant and future-focused;
  4. Sustaining the business of farming; and
  5. Ensuring better rural futures

A major outcome of the meeting will be the GCARD3 Pledge to Sustainable Development, in which GCARD stakeholders will identify and commit to collective actions to deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Like the GCARD1 Road Map, it will provide a touchstone for partners across public, private, and civil society sectors in developing their agri-food research and innovations programs and activities to 2030.

The first two GCARDs proved to be milestone events and had a big impact on the way we work as partners in agri-food research and innovation. Don’t miss this chance to be part of the future of agricultural research for development.

Visit the GCARD3 Global Event website to register and receive information on the program, exhibition space, special events, and travel, accommodation, and visas.

Don’t get left behind – be part of the GCARD3 Global Event!  


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GCARD3 is organized by CGIAR and the Global Forum on Agricultural Research for Development (GFAR). The GCARD3 Global Event is co-hosted with the South African Agricultural Research Council. For more information about GCARD3, contact, or visit the GCARD website (also at CGIAR).


11 thoughts on “Be part of the global conversation on the future of agri-food research and innovation”

  1. Really a good initiative sir. As our’s is a agriculture dependant country with more than 70% population earning livelihood from it. But due to lack of proper guidance and information farmers are not able to get that much of output which they should if get proper guidance. In this 21st century, atleast one member of the family have smartphone using social media. So , it will really help them as your project is planning to give. It will really get a great success. All the very best for such a informative agricultural extension project.

  2. Great initiative,the software will be a great,tool to daily farmers,and it will also modernize dairy farming

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