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YAP proposal #427: Al-Hadhar Family Agriculture and Fisheries (Aklan M.Majaliwa, Tanzania)


1. Introduction

Al-Hadhar Family is the group of Tanzanian students who graduated from Mkwawa High School located at Iringa region, Tanzania who joined together to form an entrepreneurship group in various areas in agriculture and fisheries. This group was formed on August, 2014 and based at Dar es Salaam, Tanzania by looking for those who would like to join the group and inject their time and cash to make the group active and invest. Currently there are more than 15 members with its members aged between 25 to 38 both males and females from various academic background including agronomist who joined the group for entrepreneurship and investment by subscribing on a monthly fee of 15 $ (USD).

After a series of meetings on finding out what the group can do so as it can boost the income of its members finally we agreed to invest on agriculture and fisheries, hence some of the group of members were appointed including one member who is a land surveyor to find for the best place an affordable, not only affordable but it is also reachable. By April, 2015 we manage to buy 30 acres along Dar es Salaam – Mtwara main Road almost 100km away from the city center of Dar es Salaam.

  1. What we do and what we intend to do?

Currently we started by cultivating 8 acres of sesame and little maize expecting to harvest in the near future just to start exploring the field and expecting to add more acres according to our capacity and hence we are looking forward to utilize the whole acres and to add more acres in the future so that we expand our scope by venturing in Fisheries, Animal keeping, poultry and processing of the agricultural products and fisheries to add value on the product. There are a lot of potentials in those areas selected since they have a high demand and the market has not yet been exhausted, hence we hope we will make it.

We hope with these projects we will be in the position to eradicate poverty to some of the village members by buying some of their products that we would like to buy from them to boost up the out from what we produce, but also it will provide opportunities to the local villagers along the farm hence boost their income and have assurance of their life and education for their children. But also we expect to be a center for local citizen around to come and learn few things regarding agriculture so that they can also to adopt some of the technologies to boost their agricultural activities.

  1. How we do?

Currently we are working remotely, the land lord who sold her 30 acres she is now in charge of the operation since she is familiar with that area, that’s why we gave her that chance to take care of all activities including seeking man power for preparing a farm and sawing seeds up to applying pest side to kill all pest around the farm. In the near future we are planning to Build the better house for her around the farm to improve shelter since we would like add more man power at the farm to easy work on time. We are planning to drill a bore hole for irrigation scheme and not depending on rainfall of which is seasonal and sometimes not come when needed. Planting since availability of enough water has been one of our big challenge.


Drill small dam for fisheries which has been one of the major food across the country and yet the demand has not been covered. Bee keeping is one of the areas that we would like to venture this year, since this involves of just setting the beehives in the reserved place along the farm, and pack the honey collected in best containers to add values on it.

Generally, we can say that so far we are in a good position since we started at the end of the 2015 we managed to plant sesame 8 acres within short period of time, apply pest side and keep following the progress with little funds and resources to manage, the project but now we are moving along to make sure each and every thing is under control.

To add on that, we have started to mobilize funds from group members to get fund to drill a bore hole so that we can have a constant period of planting so that we produce more compared by depending rainfall alone. We hope to be one of the biggest young entrepreneurship group in agricultural and fisheries in the near future since we have passion, vision and perseverance to make our wishes realistic.

  1. What can we do with grant if granted?

As I have explained earlier on where we would like reach within one year. The first thing we would like to do is to review the market needs based on agricultural and fisheries products so as we can produce the best thing within a month, second to utilize some of the funds received plus our own fund to drill bore holes and drop pipes for irrigation system that can take one month time for 8 acres, third drill dams for fisheries activities that can take a period of one month drilling up to its completion a standard of 30x20metres, buy beehives and their associated equipment’s that can be done with a week, fourth buy processing machines to add values on our products as well as branding of our products to be sent to markets and medias for marketing. For a period of 4 month to one year all these can be done now supervision works come over.


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61 thoughts on “YAP proposal #427: Al-Hadhar Family Agriculture and Fisheries (Aklan M.Majaliwa, Tanzania)”

  1. Great initiative considering the truth that we are dependent on agriculture yet young people take agriculture as something they would like to rid themselves of.

    Agricultural projects done well will reduce if not end youth unemployment and the never ending rural- urban migration by the youths in Tanzania.

  2. This is a wonderful initiative, first meeting together people of values and you know each other, but also going further and think of business na investments especially in agriculture. Me working in agriculture sector I’m happy to see more young People see this as opportunity for poverty alleviation. All the best. Hope you win.

  3. This is a very good idea for the youth and I believe this project will benefit the whole community with modern methods of farming, food security, employment through manpower etc. The benefits are too many to mention. If all youth can emulate and implement this brains then the world can be so great. Congratulations my brothers and sisters.

  4. This is a great initiative to help poor countries raise up their economy through agriculture. In Tanzania, agriculture is the backbone of our economy and I’m glad to see such young graduates engage themselves in such activities.

    Hopefully they can be helped to prosper in the right direction and enhance the living standards of poor Tanzanians.

  5. The idea is great, Aklan. Hope with your groups’ dedication that I have known for quite sometimes, the grant will take you to a new heights. Its nice to see you guys thinking of expanding agriculture, the most paying sector that youth have ignored. You have also opened my eyes that there is existence of this special opportunity for grant. Hope I and my group will as well apply for the grant. Bravo, Mkwawaz

  6. This is a good project introduced with our brother and sister on how to fight against poverty in Tanzania and to show the way to others how to success through to participate in economic activities like GFAR

  7. I’m part of this group, we have a lot of potentials within a group I hope once we get that grant we will go extra miles to make our dreams comes to real.

  8. This is a vital prpject. The group is going to make not only a benefit of its own but it will make a change agent to the majority youth who only think to make life through white collar jobs.

    I congratulate the initiative because it aims at opening eyes to the majority youth of Tanzania. I also like the group as it includes members from various professions. This will give a good merging of thinking and creativity to do beyond the products of agriculture.

    I know Allan a young energetic, determined and a result oriented man. I suggest to the group to make sure the project aims not only for the group but should a at showing a way to many to do the same. There should be a media component to display the processes and results. The project must s at using minimum costs so that those who learn are not fristritwd from doing the same.

    I am wishing all group members good health, good spirit, and never get frustrutwd any how. This is the most important project ever. It need to be supported both technically and financially as it have wider advantages.

  9. Nice project but it’s good to share ideas with others and to support other small enterprenuars in Tanzania and out side

  10. It is a good approach towards poverty elimination.I’m pleased with it and i recommend it to be considered for grant.

  11. It is good approach towards poverty elimination…I’m pleased with it and i recommend it for grant so that the projects aimed at are succesfully implement

  12. Sooo nice
    Is something which not only beneficial for the one who is doing but for the nation in general

  13. I see the green future is on your hands.

    Great people think great things like this and they do great as I expect from you.

    Br. Aklan you the great goant as I always appriciate you.

    Just kick on Brothers

    Wish you all the best

  14. It is indeed a breath of fresh air seeing that the youth are taking up agriculture. This is a great initiative that will see the use of mdern technology yielding sustainable results. A promising project this is.

  15. Brilliant idea and I think it will raise agricultural activities and production and will result to wide GDP especially in developing nation’s economy

  16. I’m 100 Percent convinced “These Guys Deserve YAP Grants”. I can see, upon completion the project will make tremendous positive impact on the lives of Tanzanian people bearing in mind that Agriculture is the Backbone of Tanzanian Economy

  17. MashaAllah that is great initiative Amir i have just heard of the project i will like to put my contribution on the project please let me know of how to contribute,shukran

  18. Marvelous! This country needs more of your kind. Many think of working in offices is enough while can start projects like this and and live happy life.

    I encourage our generation to follow your footsteps.

    Also my advice is you can develop an application whereby clients will know the products from your group from time to time,they can order through the app etc.

    Looking forward to hear more..

  19. OMG!You own 30hectres in almost a year? This is enough to congratulate addition to ur very achievable plans u deserve the grants,this might b the stepping stone towards ur very interesting goals.

  20. The idea is constructive as it is likely to be panacea to an unemployment problem among the youth but also food insecurity. We hope that the project will serve the mankind within the soonest possible.

  21. The special appreciation should go to the initiators of this idea. So long as agriculture is a backbone of Tanzanian economy,this idea has come in right time and we welcome it.

  22. This is a good initiative that most young people should embrace. Agriculture is the backbone of the economy of many African countries and a source of employment.

  23. Huge congratulations Aklan. What you have done will inspire thousands of youth in Tanzania who walk around seeking white color job. Agriculture is the only venture which can absolve the backlog of unemployed youth. It is estimated that agriculture can take up to 80% of unemployed youth should they opt to go into agriculture.

    This isn’t only going to help you but it will go a way further to create more jobs for other youth, but also contribute to ending hunger and malnutrition. Congratulations once again.

    Being one of my student I have huge trust and confidence that this venture could come to be a living university.
    Keep innovating

  24. Supporting the group especially in the country whereby 90% of its citizen depends on agriculture is very important. Farmers from Tanzania also feed east Africa especially those country affected by civil war. Please support them!

  25. you have done remarkably well, a hard working and sincere person like you will be a winner all the way. you really deserve YAP Grants.dream on,achieve on.all the best.

  26. This is very perfect i dea , am sure this will increase to develop agriculture sectors in Tanzania as the access point to other nations.
    i supported your proposal as the treatment of poverty and unemployment disaster in african nations.
    All the best with Hand to Hand till successfully will appear.

  27. Very interesting project, the guys deserve serious assistance. May the Almighty God leads them to success. Keep it up brother Aklan.



  30. This is a great initiative. Projects like this should be supported and more of this nature should be started. Wish you all the best!

  31. I like and support the initiative because it’s going to boost people’s incomes and livelihood . Poverty will be eradicated in these areas.

  32. That’s great MaashaAllaah.
    More than a good Idea Brother Akhlan. As agriculture is the best paying project, what you have shown should be a lesson to us that if you are well organized, you can do wonders that no one can believe. Keep it up Mkwawas.
    Wish U all the best in your project.

  33. Congratulation for such a good project. I hope it will bring positive impact to both villagers and community as whole. Keep it up and stay focused to achieve it.

  34. Very nice idea….
    It is true as young Tanzanians we have to transform our thinking.May allah stand by your side.

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