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YAP proposal #424: A Multipurpose Agriculture Consultancy (Sablah Bright, Ghana)

IMG_20160204_083451.jpgI am Sablah Bright, 27, a determined young Ghanaian entrepreneur who seeks to impact people and communities with life changing service and initiative.

As young man who decided to start a business that will focus on improving agriculture. Together with my team, I undertook detailed feasibility studies of the agriculture sector targeted at identifying agriculture-related problems and finding solutions.

We came to realize that farmers who provide us with the food we eat are considered the less privileged and the poor among the community due to their outdated farming styles, access to modern farming equipment, enhanced farming knowledge, farm management styles and access to market (marketing strategies).

I started Agrizone ventures, an agri-based firm that has its interest and expertise in providing farmers/agriculture workers with problem-solving services, and an initiative targeted at rebranding and making agriculture a reliable, sustainable and dependable brand.

Agrizone ventures are a multipurpose agriculture based company that began operation in the year 2015 and officially registered its operations in August 2015.

The firm was started by Sablah Bright a young marketing professional who decided to focus on marketing of agriculture product and ended up starting Agrizone group limited a firm that has its interest in agri-business and agro related activities.

Some of our activities /service as an agro based firm include the following:

  • Vegetable production through modern and improve open field as well as greenhouse technology farming.
  • Sale of farming input and equipment
  • Sale of fresh vegetables through a chain of vegetable retail joints called agro joints.
  • Agri-business consultancy services
  • Farm management and operation services

Farming is the occupation of about 60% of the population but most of the farmers are considered less privilege and poor due to their improper farming technique and lack of farming equipment, as well as inadequate farm management skills as a result.

Agrizone ventures intend to help farmers with capacity-building workshops, provision of modern equipment and technologies in farming and access to reliable and sustainable market base.


Am a young man who is influenced and motivated by individuals like Strive Masiyiwa a Zimbabwean business tycoon who is doing great in the telecommunication sector with Econet; Mr Joseph Siaw Agyepong, a Ghanaian business tycoon who is doing great in the environment sector with zoomlion limited (waste management); and Jack Ma, a Chinese business tycoon who is the founder of Alibaba group.

As a young and upcoming African entrepreneur, my motive and interest is coming up with service and initiative targeted at rebranding and making agriculture a reliable sustainable and dependable brand in the country and Africa as a whole since majority of the African population are mostly farmers.

The steps I intend to take to achieve my goal:

  • Setting up an agro input store that will Provide farmers with agriculture-related service and initiative as well as farming equipment
  • Organizing farmer capacity -building programme for farmers in order to enhance their knowledge base
  • Setting up an agri-retail shop that will be a sales joint for vegetable product

The success of the will business will be measured in the in the following ways:

  • Profit—Profitability is the first thing since the business a a for profit business therefore we will consider if the business is making money after we have paid our monthly operating expenses and debt, then things are looking pretty good.
  • A growing customer base—In addition to profitability, a growing customer base is a sure sign that we are effectively reaching our target market since reaching our target market is what the business is all about.
  • Without a vibrant customer base, our success will be limited since the long-term growth of your company is tied directly to our ability to not only reach our customer base, but to expand to accommodate your long-term goals.
  • Customer satisfaction—Customer satisfaction is an indication that our business understands the needs of our customers.
  • Employee satisfaction and owner satisfaction—other key indicators our business had been successful

As at now I my firm has undertaken the following steps in order to achieve our goal:

  • Registered an agribusiness firm
  • Organized capacity building workshop for farmer
  • Acquired a 10 acre piece of land
  • Have started farming on about 2 acres

How to use the USD 5,000 grant

         EQUIPMENT        QUANTITY              COST (USD)
Agriculture input store                1 1,000
Agriculture equipment’s                1 2,000
Operating capital                1 500
Product retail joints                1 1,000
advertising and miscellaneous                  1 500
               TOTAL      5,000


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10 thoughts on “YAP proposal #424: A Multipurpose Agriculture Consultancy (Sablah Bright, Ghana)”

    1. the project will impact farmers in the following way:
      – building their capacity by organising workshops and seminars targeted at enhancing their knowledge base.
      – providing them with access to modern farming equipment and tool.
      – providing them with extension services as well as marketing services…

  1. The is what the ministry of food and agriculture should be doing and it is refreshing to see a young entrepreneur taking it up..good job bro

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