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YAP Proposal #417: Groundnut oil and cakes (Mercy Haruna, Nigeria)


My Name is Mercy Haruna Wakawa. I’m from Hawul Local Government Area of Borno State, Nigeria. I was born on the 25th of April, 1986. I studied Food Science and Technology B. Sc. (Hons) from the University of Maiduguri, Borno State.

I’m a simple businesswoman who has taken up agriculture not just as the area of doing business but also as a way of life. I’m the CEO of Confianza Global Resources (Food Production and Processing Services) located at Number B8 State low cost Biu Borno State, Nigeria.

I have a cottage nut oil industry currently employing 2 young women and 2 young men. We have processing machines of 2 tons per day capacity that process groundnuts into groundnut oil, groundnut cake and sludge.

The Industry processes on average 0.5 tons of groundnuts per day due to inconsistency in power supply which has affected the output and the availability of the products in the market. With the current production rate, the Industry is only able to serve 20% of the local market to which there is high market demand.

But if it were able to operate at a full capacity, it would serve the local market and even a greater percentage of the state. I am looking forward to supplying the Northeastern Part of Nigeria where groundnut oil is a major commodity.

The groundnut cake is being supplied to feed mills for the production of animal feed whileMercyHaruna2 the sludge serves as a major raw material for reprocessing by local women. This activity serves as another source of business and livelihood.

A cross-section of the production process

Agriculture in Nigeria these days shouldn’t be considered just an old fashioned job, but as a sector that can absolutely solve the unemployment problems among youth both in the rural and urban areas and also serve as a source of wealth creation.

Therefore, the motivation behind this business is to create job opportunities for youth and also to make a profit.

This cottage nut oil industry started production in January 2016 thanks to the N2AFRICA Borno Project funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It has been able to produce high quality products from a natural source at an affordable price.

From the commencement of production, the business has employed 4 youth and the products (groundnut oil and cake) have been available to the local market at an affordable price. Processing the sludge has engaged 3 community women in small businesses which has also reduced the rate of unemployment among housewives in my community.

The USD $5000 grant will be used to increase the production rate of my Industry by securing a power plant (50KVA Generator) and purchasing raw materials for the first three cycles of production.

This in return will increase the number of youths employed to 6 and increase the availability of the products in the market and raw materials for the community women.

The money will be used accordingly:

Coding Machine USD 1,080
50KVA Generator USD 2,420
Packaging material USD 950
Raw material USD 550


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234 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #417: Groundnut oil and cakes (Mercy Haruna, Nigeria)”

  1. Great idea. With people like you Nigeria has a great future. Therr is hope and I can see the light in the tunnel. God bless you Mercy

    1. Mercy served under me as a “copper” when I was the SO 2 Adimin at Nigerian Army School of Education in Ilorin. She was couth, disciplined and meticulous. I then had it in mind that sky would her limit. I am not surprise by her exploit as I knew she would be a good manager of men, money and materials. Any investment on Mercy’s project is a good venture. I wish her the best opportunity available anywhere in the world.

  2. I’m highly impresseda elated in such venture taken up by this young woman. This should be encourage and supported by all n sundry in order to develop our agricultural industry. I support n challenge d youth n government to support her.

  3. Opportunity meets Passion in an avenue of educational preparedness.

    Does what she loves and loves what she does.
    An encouragement will do.

  4. You are doing a great job with such a wonderful innovation and reducing un employment and making Goil accessible and affordable Well don the sky is your limit.

  5. This is very interesting. You are on the right path. This is going places in Jesus name. It’s worth emulating by all!

  6. This project is worth supporting. Its impact to the community is worth funding and the initiative is passion-driven. I endorse this!

  7. This is a great idea, in the dwindling economy, agriculture is one of the major salvage to the situation in our country. I support her project and since she will create more jobs for the young ones out there…

  8. Feel free to consult me on any issue regarding the processing equipment. I am a speciality in this and any processing machines.

  9. its interesting when graduates discover d potentials in Agriculture..i pray u move higher & b a role model to other unemployed graduates.

  10. This project is superb. It has direct impact on the society and livelihood of the masses including feeds for animals. It is worth funding. As a member of the community, I support it, I endorse it.

  11. This idea is a very good one I hope you will grow beyond expectation and employ many jobless youths in your community.I notice the shortcomings you mentioned.” power supply”but that shouldn’t discourage you keep managing until things get better.once again good idea and best of luck…

  12. This is the kind of mindset we need to instill in our young people. Breaking away from the ordinary, exploring every opportunity to excel and make a difference in the economic and social lives of others. This project is a masterpiece and the CEO(Mercy Wakawa) is a true African millennial.

  13. Beautiful idea. Agriculture is the ultimate in generating employment for African Youths.

  14. Its a good. proposal and I believe if supported it will help alleviate the problem of unemployment and also serve the need of the immediate market and beyond.

  15. This is a great and enterprising business idea coming form a young Nigerian girl. Agriculural processes like this is what our Nation currently needs to provide employment and generate foreign exchange through export. Made in Nigeria goods using local raw materials is the future.

  16. This is a good agribusiness venture especially because of its potential to develop and grow, and possibility to engage more community women and youth.

  17. Well Done. It’s a good job you are doing. The Agricultural sector needs more people like you..

  18. That is a good proposal. Having known that groundnut oil has cholesterol there is a need for refining to reduce yhe rate of heart diseases also your sludge/fines can be used to produce soap. I believe is a gradual process wishing you the best of luck.

  19. That’s great sister Mercy! May this idea and hard work succeed. Am highly impressed with what I read and may it see the light of the day. Supporting such dream Will go a long way in addressing youth unemployment, goodluck madam.

  20. Its a good thing as a young person to have the spirit of hardwork and making a dream a reality, am very impressed and happy, moving forward.


  22. A very good initiative. Agriculture is the way forward. Every by-product can be reused in your set up ( sustainability ). Best of luck.

  23. I never for once doubt your ability of being a good leader. Nice innovation dear,keep it going

  24. We at Beacon Youth initiative comment you on this great initiative. We hereby appear to all meaning individuals to support this young girl for productivity.

  25. Your present entrepreneurship drive attests to your vision, hardwork, focus, and discipline which you displayed during your National Youth Service with us at the Nigerian Army School of Education, Ilorin. It was common knowledge that you were one who could be self-reliant, going by the display of your enormous talents and innovative ideas. It is my earnest hope that you will get the necessary financial support to actualize your dreams which will not only be beneficial to you, but to the nation at large. As always, I wish you every success in this endeavour, Mercy.

  26. Great work,i pray you get the grant inorder to expand and creat opportunity for our community especially the unemployed married women.make the byap proud.

  27. Well done, we need more people like you that are focussed and determined. pls give this candidate all the support she needed.

  28. Wow am so impressed my senior colleague. Hope I will be among the four youth to be employ.

  29. A very gud initiative gal,really proud of u. also try to produce Ur raw materials too, it will go a long way in reducing the cost of production. Really proud of u.

  30. I’m so proud of you Mercy because I know you are a strong woman like me. This is the kind of women Nigeria and the world at large should look up to and assist them because they are the one not looking at government jobs but how to change the world. Go make us proud Mercy

  31. Very fantastic mercy. Here is a food scientist that knows her onions. Good ideas u have here, this project comes highly recommended.

  32. This is a brilliant idea Mercy! We need this industry to produce at a large scale, to help boost the agricultural industry, reduce unemployment and harness our natural resources. Wish you all the best dear! Really proud of you as a colleague .

  33. Congrts… Dearie. U can achieve dis. U arent limited by nting. Breakforth on every side. Chidinma

  34. U are always a hard working girl since from our undergraduate days in school. I admire ur courage. I wish u success and hope to partner with u when necessary.

  35. Its a sign that you didn’t just pass through the four wall of the university, that’s how most big entrepreneurs started

  36. This is one of the most interesting YAP proposal amongst the few I read through. However I would want to suggest to you that instead of purchasing these raw materials which is Groundnut from the market, you could also go into cultivating it…(i.e putting the capital meant for purchasing the raw material into farming which in turn yields more raw materials for you and also labour opportunity for farmers) i believe hawul has a fertile land for groundnut cultivation cos the terrain is blessed..! Moreso keep keep up with the good works.

  37. this is really great with people like you Nigeria story of economic crisis will be change. sky is your starting point

  38. Am highly impressed by your determination to make a difference in what have been in use. Your passion to modernise this is very impressive. I can only see you taking things to the next level of production, processing and marketing big time. We’ll done young interprenuer.

  39. Iam quite impress by your zeal to succeed and impact positively to our society, we will continue to support your in prayers and action

  40. Nice one Mercy, with people like you, Nigeria is blessed. You have to do everything to make this dream a reality and God ll crown your effort.

  41. Good work dear, I trust and believe that you will do exploits and give the youths if Our great country hope in humble beginnings. Gods speed all the way…GFAR watch out for this great mind!

  42. this is the a good one especially as it is coming from a young woman please give her all the necessary support.wish you all the best.

  43. Mercy served under me as a “copper” when I was the SO II Admin at Nigerian Army School of Education in Ilorin. She was couth, disciplined and meticulous. I observed that that sky would be her limit. I knew she would be a manager of men, money and materials. Therefore, her new exploit is not a surprise. Investment in Mercy’ project is a good venture as she displayed her managerial ability as a member of students’ kitchen. I wish her the best of opportunities in the world.

  44. The determination to make it in a field were others discount stands you in good stead, creating employment rather than seeking employment shows you have the required mindset to be a success in this. I buy into your idea because I believe you are passionate about it and you are willing to to take your business to the next level. I wish you the very best Mercy Haruna Wakawa.

  45. I really commend ur initative on this project… I will really love if the Agricultural sector will look into it because it will create room for more employment opportunites… God bless u…. The sky is your starting point….. Move ahead to greatness ma

  46. Good proposal coming at the right time,please give her all the necessary support she deserve.

  47. O yes this is what we actually want,young people with great minds keep going wish you all the best

  48. We need such innovative and hard working young women in our communities.communities . Please let’s encourage her.

  49. With Such people in our country the issue of unemployment will be a thing of the past.past . Please give her all the necessary support she deserve.

  50. This is our progress in biu local government .. and we are very very happy about it that it is coming from a woman of our own town who need our progress.

  51. This is a great innovation coming from a young woman,kindly give her all the necessary assistance.

  52. We trust,we like what she is doing and we are all happy about . please give her the necessary support.

  53. This is superb, the best initiative from the best brain around here. This is worth a million dollar sponsorship. Go ahead great Agripreneur.

  54. We are proud of . borno youth agriprenuers are in full . go and rrepresent us well.

  55. This is what we need. She deserves all the support. Keep it going Mercy, we are willing to partner with you. All the best.

  56. Have known Mercy Haruna for a couple of years now, she’s humble, hard working and she has integrity, you can trust her with anything and she will not disapoint you. Happy to see this innovation my darling sister and pray for God’s grace and greater you.100% support.

  57. Good thinking, good product. This is just the begining of better days ahead. The sky is your starting point.

  58. This is interesting, pls keep on sharing this wonderful work. I’m sure it will serve as source of encouragement to some brilliant and hardworking minds out there. Keep it up dear, hard work always comes with excellent results.

  59. Fantastic iniatiave at the right time where North East is fighting for economic recovery after insurgency, this will have a great multiplier effect on Nigeria economy. Great one!!!

  60. My friend this the d best idea av read in a long time. God will c this idea to a successful to the light.

  61. impressive and highly commended this lady is an example to the youths not just in borno bt the world at large of a truth grtness is d function of creative ideas and dt is the exact defination of this blessed lady…..may God empower u with more wisdom to succide n ideas to expand….go ahead u will make it well n u will make a name

  62. Really proud to have you, and in total support because greater it shall go, giving youth job employment opportunity carry on.

  63. so impressed with this great inspiration. you shall know no bound in this business by the grace of God. May God Almighty provides all your need & bless it.

  64. The good Lord that started this project with you will take you up and keep you going. Wish you luck.

  65. Mercy am proud to know you cos I can see you are going places. We need more people like you to help turn this country from import depended country to an industrialize and export country. #proud of u

  66. It’s so heart warming to see you have achieved so much. You are a beacon of hope for youths in the North East and Nigeria at large. I really laud your passion and achievements and I wish you all the help you need. Shine on

  67. This is very encouraging, using Nigeria’s Raw materials and producing locally. This is exactly what our country needs right now. All the best!

  68. Dream come true. so innovative and inspiring. with a little help sky will be your starting point. I wish you success!

  69. Wow!!! I’m blown away. Even though I’ve known Mercy for a considerable number of years, as amongst the industrious and hard working few, I must admit that she has swept me of my feet with this one. If something this amazing can work in troubled Borno land, it is an evidence that no youth should hide under the pretence of unemployment to be lazy in Nigeria. I’m proud of you Mercy; always remember support is only a phone call away. Go girl!!!

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