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YAP Proposal #416: Vegetables and agro-processing (Siyanda Duma, South Africa)


I am Siyanda Duma, 31 years of age, from a small town in KwaZulu Natal Province called Greytown,  South Africa.

Growing up in a rural area, my family and every other household had a piece of land they used to plant vegetables.

On daily basis when coming back from school we were expected to go and water those plants or take care of cattle. And the love of planting grew within me.

Now I am a policeman but I see the gap in youth involvement in agriculture. Also, with lack of job opportunities in my society I decided to use a piece of land we have at home to start planting vegetables.

I have two ladies that are helping me in my small project, an example of how I am helping to create job opportunities at a small scale. These ladies are looking after their families.

Siyanda (2)My latest harvest was of butternut squash which I managed to sell to my community. The rest was bought by a local supermarket.

I am looking further towards starting my Agro-processing company that will supply my community, local schools and local shops, with the vision of growing throughout Africa.

With the demand for food in our society, one has to look at different ways of helping out in the community by employing a few people and creating job opportunities.

At this stage I am working very closely with my mentor who is helping me with starting up this business. In the meantime, I am continuing with my vegetable business.

I am prepared to learn more about the industry.

This grant will help grow my business and also will help my community.


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16 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #416: Vegetables and agro-processing (Siyanda Duma, South Africa)”

  1. Well done Siyanda. We see you growing from strength to strength. This is a beautiful initiative will will change the community of Greytown especially the youth. We are proud of you.

  2. I saw him having a very good start last year when he sawed butternuts,the outcome was enormous because he was very focused on what he was doing. He’s a very determined young man who wants nothing but success and to grow his community the best way he knows how.

  3. Wow a job well done mr Duma this is really inspiring to us as youth keep up a good job and good luck

  4. We wish you all the best and I hope u gonna make us proud with this since our parents have been doin it for years jst to raise us up bt they were never recognised because they didn’t hv the same platforms as we do. Good lyck Syanda

  5. This is what our country needs, and coming from Greytown myself, I am super proud of seeing one of our own occupying the agricultural space and more especially moving towards agro-processing. Good luck Siyanda!

  6. I share your passion for growing vegetables – all the very best to grow further your business

  7. Well done Siyanda, I’m so proud of you.
    I know you are a great leader who is not afraid to initiate or take risks. Moreover I thank God for the selfless spirit you have, in everything you do make sure that aall the people will benefit from it, whether through emolyment or learning from you. The people of Greytown are blessed to have you!

  8. Well done Siyanda, I’m so proud of you. From the very first day that I met you, you showed drive and determination tp achieve so Much more in life. You’re destined for greatness young man, keep on keeping on!!! #Salute

  9. Well done Duma kaMthombeni, I’m very proud of u ngenxa yento oyenzileyo of taking away that pride of being ipolisa wayoLIMA changing it to MALI. You are one of the few focussed police within our proud men and women in blue

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