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YAP Proposal #415: The Village Pond (Gulo Setiawan, Indonesia)

My name is Jaya Setiawan Gulo, 25, from Medan, Indonesia. I am currently taking a Project Management certificate at Edmonds Community College with a scholarship from Northwest Community College Initiative, sponsored by the United States Department of State.

Sei Paham is a village located in a very rural area in North Sumatra, Indonesia where most of the people work as farmers in the rice fields. They also make their living from the coconut trees and fishery in the pond, river, and sea.

Because the village has many small rivers, water flows in almost every corner. Looking at the water potential in this village, I came up with an idea to create a project called The Village Pond.

In this pond, we will grow up the babies of goldfish, mujair or tilapia fish, and shrimps. These are the perfect combination because all of these fish live together and they do not compete for food.

At the first stage, we will create 10 ponds sized 6m x 8m. Each pond will consist of 500 goldfish, 100 mujair, and 200 shrimps.

After feeding them for 3 months, we will harvest them and sell them to the market. Usually, in that 3 months, the mujair and shrimps will have had small babies in the ponds. Therefore, there will be some mujair babies and small shrimps left in the ponds after harvesting.

When we put the next 500 goldfish, 100 mujair, and 200 shrimps, their numbers for the next harvest will be greater than the first harvest.

GuloSatiawanWhen the ponds are finished, we will create 5 large rice fields. These rice fields will get water from the ponds that earlier contained the pups of the fish and shrimps. Their pups are a very good organic fertilizer for the soil and the rice field. Thus, the farmers at Sei Paham will significantly reduce their expense on the fertilizer.

My team and I will engage young people and the community there to work together to create the ponds and rice fields. Thankfully, the community is enthusiastic and open to welcome us to run this project.

The profits of the sale of the fish, shrimps, and rice will be used to give workshops to the community about farm and fishery, provide lands and ponds for the community to breed fish and rice fields, provide fish fry and rice seeds and help low-income families by providing food and shelters.

It will also provide scholarships to the schools so the community does not need to pay any school fees, provide school supply to the students, and build a market to sell the fish, shrimps, and rice.

Moreover, this project will benefit the community by teaching them how to farm their pond and rice fields, increasing their family income by 80% annually, facilitating them to own a pond and a rice field, providing market access to sell their harvest, and help their kids to go to school.

Sei Paham village needs to be developed by giving farm and fishery expertise and knowledge to the community while providing education access to the kids. They have water, fertile soil, and natural resources but apparently they do not know how to use it.

I visited this village when I was 3 years old. This is the village where my mother comes from. Since then I committed to contributing to the community and making a difference.

The project budget of USD $5,000 will be allocated as follows:

To buy empty lands, remove invasive plants, create the ponds, make irrigation, and the rice fields.
To buy 5,000 goldfish, 1,000 mujair, 2,000 shrimps, and rice seeds.
To buy the food for the fish and shrimps, and adequate fertilizer for the rice field.
To buy equipment such as knives, choppers, pipes, and other farming and fishery needs.
To build two small huts to shelter, to maintain the pond and rice field, to store the harvest temporarily, and to gather with the community.
To provide training to the community.


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104 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #415: The Village Pond (Gulo Setiawan, Indonesia)”

  1. Hi Gulo!
    This is a great proposal. Our environment at a rural area is so fertile but we do not come up with any idea of combining the fish pond and the rice field. I hope that I can connect with you and implement this project in Nigeria.
    Good luck, my friend.

  2. I think your proposal is very good and efficient. I like how you planned the curriculum and involved the community which would be a great help to your cause. I am wondering on how do you plan to monitor the progress of your proposal.

    But over all, this is a great proposal and I think this project will have a big impact in our society and economy. Good luck!

    1. Hi Tim,
      Thank you for sharing your opinion. To monitor the project progress, I will do steps as follows.

      Step 1
      To write down the project goals and when they should be met. For example, For selecting the fish babies, I will set a benchmark and standard for the fish criteria from the fish supplier, when they must have sent the fish, and how the payment system will work for both of us.

      Step 2
      To make a list of team and the responsibilities assigned to each individual participating in the project.

      Step 3
      To divide the project into segments to track the progress easier.

      Step 4
      To hold regular meetings twice a month. In this meeting, we will assess the project’s progress. If a team member comes up with a problem or have run into obstacles, we will formulate a plan for identifying and solving the problem.

      Step 5
      To update project records as we complete segments and meet goals. If the project is on time or early, it means that we are in good shape. If we are significantly behind, we will make adjustments.

      Step 6
      To make necessary adjustments to keep this project on track. We will assign tasks, modify schedules or reassess your goals. This will help us keep moving toward the finish line.

  3. Good job, Gulo!
    Your passion for the community empowerment and your expertise in Project management are a good package that you have to make this proposal into reality.
    Good luck!

  4. You connect the pond and the rice field. This is an interesting and unique idea, Gulo!
    I hope your proposal will get selected for the next phase.

    1. Hi Nana,
      Thank you for you kind words. I really appreciate it.
      I try to connect all of the possibilities into opportunities in this project for a bigger impact in this community.

  5. It’s a well-written proposal.
    I can read through the initiating, execution, and the goal of this project.
    You make it very well, man!

  6. I would like to to give comments on this proposal because this project is realistic and innovative in terms of its application and engagement.
    I believe that you can make it, Gulo!

  7. Your commitment to organize projects at rural area has never stopped. And this time, you will empower more communities through agricultural project. Apparently, I am impressed by your passion.
    May the luck with you, friend!

  8. I suggest you to collaborate with more local governments, NGOs, experts, and community to make your project impact bigger.
    I like this proposal!

  9. Hello, Gulo!
    I’m definitely excited that your bright idea has come up into a proposal and it is informative and addressing community in rural area. Therefore, I agree that your proposal must be supported.
    Let me know if you need a consultation with me or I can connect you with my network.
    Good job!

    1. Hi Bollianag,
      Thank you for supporting my idea in this proposal. Sure, I will soon let you know to discuss about this project and I really appreciate for letting me connect with your network. I’m so grateful for your kindness.

  10. Thank you for sharing your idea, Mas Gulo.
    I have read all of the content and it is very good. I really want to join you to implement this project in Indonesia.
    Please feel free to contact me.
    Best of luck for you.

  11. Good job, young man!
    I have been to Indonesia and apparently found a reality in a rural area just like your proposal here. Keep up your great work and do something for your community.

  12. so excited to know that you start making a project in your country. I am willing to help you execute your project. Your passion towards this project is very strong.

  13. Hi bro, what an amazing project!
    I recommend you to partner with my friends here in Vietnam because you guys have similarities with this project. Soon, I’ll liaise you.
    Good luck 🙂

  14. Gulo, you always come with brand new ideas with your projects. My comment here is to fully support you. I ave reviewed your project and it’s absolutely worth to be implemented and developed.

  15. Nice project, Gulo!
    I appreciate your side of increasing the family income by 80% annually, aping market access, and providing scholarships through this project benefits. It’s lovely one!

    1. Hi Bryan,
      Thank you for your comment.
      I have planned this idea by not only giving impact to the community but also ensuring that the kids in this village will have an opportunity for their education.

  16. This project is very challenging. I am so inquisitive to join you to breed the fish babies. I believe that your project will get selected until the final.
    Let me know your project progress!

    1. Halo Jowdanee,
      Thank you for your great hope for this project. For this project, I will make an updated report for instance by posting the project progress through social media with pictures, stories, and opinions from the community and the team.
      We will let you know the progress!

  17. I really enjoy reading about your project. It’s a smart initiative and will help the community in term of supply of fish and market access in the island.

    1. Hi Dikecruise,
      Thank you for your comment. The supply of the fish is pivotal to the sustainability program of this project. We need to set the standard of selecting, growing up, and breeding the fish.

  18. This project provides an opportunity to the young people and community to involve together to make ponds and rice fields. You could possibly engage volunteers to help contribute to this agricultural project.
    It’s very good though!

    1. Hallo Guruexchangers,
      Thank you for your suggestion. I really appreciate it. It’s a good idea! I will open an opportunity for volunteers to participate in this project. Please let me know if you have more suggestions.

  19. Your project is a very interesting and it is an integrated one. It also will help create employment and which are also environmentally friendly.
    You’re very good at what you do. I wish you all the best for the future.

    1. Halo Bagus,
      Thank you for your comment. This project integrates the community, market, stakeholder, and environment. We need to make an eco-friendly action for every single step we will implement. Once again, thank you.

  20. I hope there are more agricultural youths and entrepreneurs like you and all of those in this Global Forum on Agricultural Research. This forum is really effective and beneficial to facilitate projects and foster the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Good luck with your proposal, young leader!

    1. Halo Carol Samantha,
      I’m so grateful for this amazing platform that gives an opportunity for agricultural entrepreneurs and connect us with the world. I hope that more support will go to Global Forum on Agricultural Research to give more action, impacts, and stories for a better world.
      Thank you for your motivation!

  21. Opening a new market access is a very great idea. Sometimes, third party will buy the farmers’ products in a very low price and sell them to the market in a very expensive price. I see that this project will create and grow up Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the village. It’s good!

    1. Halo Rahmad Agusnadi,
      Thank you for sharing your opinion and idea. This project aims to give as best and much as access and opportunity to the local community in rural area. We must give them knowledge and expertise on how to be independently managing their business. More training and educational practices on agriculture will empower the local community to grow with SMEs.

  22. It’s a nice proposal, bro!
    I would suggest to work together with youth organization that focuses on environment and agriculture.
    Good luck 😉

  23. This initiative is very good for a start-up and its greater scale of impact in the rural village.
    You need to focus intensively in order to maintain your project development.
    Good job!

  24. ‘Small action for a big investment’ fits to your project proposal.
    I’m keen of the flow of your proposal, which describes your start, process, and finish clearly.

  25. This project is so interesting for me. I wanna talk with you more about this because I want to make a project like this in Nigeria. I would really appreciate if you could share.
    Thank you.

  26. The charter and plan of this proposal is well-organized. You can prove how to write it in details and convincing.
    Good luck with your masterpiece!

  27. What a fascinating proposal!
    The way you (still) engage young people in this project proves your commitment to the empowerment of young people. I highly support your initiative.

  28. I really support your project.
    Your idea about the combination of fish and rice field is very interesting. I would like to meet you to get more insights about this project.

  29. Thank you for sharing your proposal pitch. This is interesting because you integrate the system of the irrigation to the ponds ans rice fields.
    Good one!

  30. What a good job, bro Gulo!
    I suggest you to work together with the local government who knows that they will help to attract investors to visit and contribute to this village and support this project.

    1. Hi Joni Rinaldi,
      Thank you for your support and suggestion, bro Joni!
      We have put this idea into our project list to engage the local government. However, engaging an investor to contribute to Village Pond is a very good idea! Thank you, Joni.

  31. Your initiative project is very good on how you attract local community to participate and involve in this program. By providing them a workshop is a plus point for this proposal.
    Good luck!

    1. Halo Andika Purnama,
      Thank you for your interest in Village Pond project. I really appreciate it. I believe that b proving is on of solutions to equip the community with knowledge and expertise.

  32. I like your idea to provide a market access for the farmers to sell their products directly. With this approach, I believe that they will also learn about their small business system.
    I hope you proposal will be selected for the final decision. Good luck, Gulo!

  33. This is a green movement by young people for sustainable development in the community. All of proposals in this forum are awesome.
    I hope your project will be a sustainable solution for agricultural world.

    1. Halo Luke Boltson,
      Thank you for your comment. I totally agree that all of proposals in this Global Forum on Agricultural Research blog are awesome. Moreover, I hope that all of projects here will make a difference in our community for sustainable world.

  34. Wow, awesome!
    I’m glad to read your agricultural proposal, Gulo. The content is very feasible to accomplish. I’m strongly confident that you can make this proposal into a great project.

  35. Halo Gulo,
    It’s a nice project proposal you’ve made so far. I hope you can continue working on this project to help empower the community in this rural area, Sei Paham. People like them need to be engaged.
    Good luck with your project!

  36. It’s a good initiative of you, Mr. Gulo!
    I am so excited to know that you are currently working in this project. The content is very clear and feasible.
    Good luck!

  37. Integrating fish pond and rice field is an innovative idea in this project. You also provide a market access to the local farmers to sell their products.
    I like this project. Good luck!

  38. I like this proposal.
    I feel impressed when young people work in a rural area to empower local community there. It is such a big honor that helps those in need.
    Good luck and I can’t wait to hear your success story!

  39. Hi Gulo,
    It’s very cool to read your social, agricultural project in this forum. Your social idea is very challenging and generous. May the luck be with you, friend!

  40. Hi Gulo,
    Your proposal is so inspiring because you work for rural area community. It’s so generous and humble.
    Keep up that good job!

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