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YAP proposal #402: ‘Ebites’: More than a blog—becoming a business (Enricka Julien, Trinidad and Tobago)

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How it all started…

My name is Enricka Julien. I am a 29-year-old professional working in the agriculture industry in Trinidad and Tobago, and I have a dream. The dream is to own my very own agribusiness.

Ever since I was a child growing up in the countryside, in a rural community called Hardbargain, I have been curious about the inner workings of the agriculture sector. In my village the cultivation of sugarcane and small-scale farming were the main sources of income for many families, including my own. This experience to a great extent has influenced my passion for agriculture.

Why me?

I have since been propelled to discover new techniques to contribute in a meaningful way towards the development of local farming communities, with the aim of expanding to other Caribbean islands.

My interest is not only evident in my educational pursuits but also in my hobby as a self-proclaimed foodie. I originally started my blog about food to teach my friends how make value added products from local/traditional foods. However, more research was required to take value chains to the next level.

What now?

I researched the topic and learned that the agriculture industry was slowly on the decline. According to a report from the Central Statistical Office of Trinidad and Tobago for 2012, the agriculture industry’s input to the Gross Domestic Product was 0.6%. This figure steadily declined in 2014 to 0.5%.

Outdated, inadequate and unreliable access to information and communication technology has been blamed for the poor economic performance of Trinidad and Tobago’s agricultural sector.

This is because ICTs are among the most effective drivers of agricultural growth and transformation in ACP countries.

With this perspective in mind I created the blog ‘Ebites’. Ebites is poised to play an important role in promoting the application of ICTs in the agricultural sector and will place a specific emphasis on livestock issues, youth leadership, rural cooperation and policy development and advocacy for the inclusion of women in agriculture.

My Vision is to create an interactive diary which uses social media tools such as WordPress, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to strategically funnel consumers towards farmers, manufacturers of value added products and acquire new site visitors.

With my vision documented the next step was simple, I created four strategic objectives that would support the extension of my blog into a business. These objectives are as follows;

  1. To identify strategic partners in key sectors such as government agencies, not-for-profit and for profit organizations, educational institutions and the media for the development of the agriculture industry and its stakeholders.
  2. Develop promotional material for each key segment to create awareness of the challenges and successes of smallholder farming.
  3. Develop proof points and address any concerns with becoming an Ebites customer.
  1. To create a platform for dialogue and to be inspired by the innovations taking place in agriculture and rural development.

How will I change the world

Part of the dream for my business is to change the way people perceive agriculture by making more success stories available to readers and viewers. Below I have outlined some ideas that I have envisioned with the aim of ensuring that the blog sparks its readers’ interest and addresses issues affecting the family farming community.

2016 –2017 Planned Activities

img-20150705-wa0014Web series entitled ‘Women in Agriculture—Pathways to Success’. The purpose of this web series is to highlight the contribution of women towards the development of the agriculture sector.

The series starts by visiting women in rural communities within Trinidad and Tobago. This programme will eventually be expanded to podcast interviews which will be an unparalleled learning and networking opportunity for both viewers and participants (interviewees). The series is projected to start on May 24, 2016.

Mentorship Programme—For young agripreneurs between the ages 16 to 25. The intention of this program is to help young agripreneurs develop their business ideas from incubation to maturation.

Internship Opportunities—To provide up to date information on practical work experience for young agriculture professionals in the areas of Marketing, Research and farm management.

Potential sources of income

  • Consultancy services
  • Advertising – product placement in videos and advertising on the website.
  • Assistance in conducting research studies.
  • Organize/Host agricultural events

Estimated Budget  

USD 1,500 –  Videography and podcast equipment such as camera, microphone, etc.

USD 300  –   Cost to convert blog to website includes domain name, hosting, and template.

USD 2,000 –  Travel expenses to conduct web series in Guyana and St. Lucia

USD 700    –   Training in graphic design and video editing

USD 500   –   Promotional material

I truly believe based on my knowledge and experience that I would be able to satisfy all the requests of The YAP Programme and prove that agricultural blogs can be successful business ventures. I look forward to broadening the reach, interest and face of agriculture in my country for young agripreneurs and by extension the wider agricultural community.


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68 thoughts on “YAP proposal #402: ‘Ebites’: More than a blog—becoming a business (Enricka Julien, Trinidad and Tobago)”

  1. I look forward to seeing the Web series entitled ” Women in Agriculture” because it’s time we put some emphasis on the women in Agriculture. Great Proposal!!!

  2. Great proposal hopefully you will get the grant to carry on with this great work. Hopefully the women in agriculture sub theme will contribute in advocating for gender equality which is a necessary step in breaking the poverty cycle

  3. Looking forward to this web series on women in agriculture documenting their success. This is much needed to inspire youth and women to pursue agriculture to change the image of this sector to one that can be rewarding.

  4. I think this is great idea. I love your vision. You have my full support, Good Luck Enricka.

  5. You make me proud Enricka! I know another agribusiness that can help with the webseries *wink wink*

  6. Great Proposal!!! ….Many of the young women today find so much things to do that would not be of great help for the next generation .But the few who see that they can make a great input in the future make a great effort to do so .A GREAT ROLL MODEL…….

  7. Good Luck with your proposal. This is a great opportunity for women in agriculture to be expose.

  8. Great idea Enricka. I would love to see this blog and your future business become successful. Your focus on the Internship Opportunity for the youths of the Caribbean also sparked my attention especially how it can help increase the Agricultural Sector. you can also use Instagram as another social media, seeing as this type of media is very popular among youths nowadays. Good luck with your web series.

  9. This idea is one that is different yet intriguing. Given the information technology era that we are in, this may be the direction needed if agriculture is to remain a vital contributor to the economy.

  10. Excellent proposal, I hope to use your consultancy services in the near future. I am confident that with your determination, enthusiasm and entrepreneurial skills you will succeed at this and any other venture you undertake.

  11. Very perfect project,hope to your success in sustainability & reality.your history will inspire us.

  12. Enrica, this is a great proposal and hope you will produce professional videos and interviews to highlight women agribusiness initiatives in the Caribbean region. Good luck

  13. Good stuff Enricka. Wishing you all the best with it. Look at collaborations. You know more than enough persons who are doing work in the Region, especially as it relates to short videos re agri related information and jointly, funding can be pursued as well.
    Also, recall that critic column idea, with reviews on the food industry. Maybe that way, the link between farm and fork can be made.

    1. Hi Tristan, since i posted this I have gotten some feedback from person interested in collaborating so I am excited to see all the ideas we have discussed in the past slowly but surely become a reality.

  14. As a young person I can see myself getting involved. Love the idea of your mentorship services. Good luck with your proposal.

  15. You have brought forward so much valuable information to us from your many research. Looking forward to the video. Keep moving forward, you’re on the right path.

  16. This certainly a unique and very innovative solution to our needs. Best of luck with this venture.

  17. Agriculture and Icts aren’t fields I am familiar with but your proposal has me curious. Hopefully you get a chance to bring your ideas to life.

    We love this idea and fully endorse it 100%
    Let us collaborate, let us make this work, let us make this a success.
    Youth AGRIpreneurship is what we need to develop a food secure world.

    1. I am up for the challenge if you are. Who knows this may lead to us joining forces to make AgriWoman a reality.

  19. This initiative is quite interesting and superb, I must say.
    I will love to see this follow through and become a reality
    Caribbean Agriculture needs this
    Congratulations Enricka

  20. Excellent proposal! This initiative is capable to inspiring women locally, regionally and internationally. Keep spreading the word!

  21. Excellent proposal! This initiative is capable of inspiring women locally, regionally and internationally. Keep spreading the word!

  22. Looking forward to the web series ‘Women in Agriculture—Pathways to Success’. This is absolutely you contributing your little quota to development of Agriculture. Keep up the good work.

    NB: I do hope the link would be made available once the web series commences.

  23. This is a very unique and dearing proposal that i would love to see accomplished. This is a great way to saturate the agricultural industry and boost the economy. 👏👍

  24. Interesting concept here! Potential for collaboration with WiAgri (YAP #87 🙂 ) good luck bringing this to reality!

  25. Hi Enricka, I really like your idea hopefully this is something you can break to reality. If there is anyway I can support bringing this initiate to life please let me know.

  26. I like the web series idea but its the mentorship program and internship that peaked my interest I wish you had given more detail on those opportunities.

  27. Hey Enricka, sounds really good and with such an opportunity i knw you have what it takes to make it into reality and even carry it further….Bet of luck

  28. I know what its like to have a dream. I wish you the best in this venture. Whether or not you are successful in this particular competition, perhaps all the entrants from the country should come together and lend support and hone each others’ skills and ideas to really transform the sector…

    Im seeing soooo much opportunities for collaboration among us youth.

  29. Great proposal, seems feasible wish you all the best and I hope I could get to discuss it with you in more detail.

  30. Great initiative Enricka. Your approach addresses all the critical areas for success; the trick is to operationalize the idea and the mentorship perspective will be key. Best of luck!

  31. This is an endeavor that deserves recognition and support. In our current economic climate where our country is going through a bit of a slump due to the global oil crisis, more efforts such as these should be given it’s due support in every way possible. Enricka, keep doing what you do. You have my support.

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