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YAP proposal #394: Please, Please, Plant and Protect me! (Naanyu Manei, Kenya)

Pastoralists in degraded lands

My name is Naanyu Manei, a 28-year-old Kenyan lady who has graduated with a Master’s degree in Agriculture Information and Communication Management from the University of Nairobi, Kenya.

Currently, I work in an international NGO as an agricultural officer among the Kenyan pastoralists. My passion has always been issues on environment, mainly through adaptation measures to climate change and variability effects.

Most of the people have heard about the Maasai community in Kenya. They have been branded everywhere on this globe mainly due to issues such as their beautiful attires, tourist attractions, conservative culture, and the many herds of cattle they have.

Unfortunately, little has been done concerning conservation of their environment. Due to their pastoralism nature, land division, charcoal business, and massive land selling for development, their lands have continued to be degraded day-in and day-out. This has affected livestock production which is their main source of livelihoods.

Adaptation measures to climate change’s negative effects, such as tree planting (afforestation and reforestation), conservation agriculture, and use of indigenous knowledge and techniques, is the way to go to save our environment.

Planting trees in such degraded lands will provide forest cover which will act as carbon sinks therefore significantly reducing the effects of climate change and variability effects on pastoralists.

I therefore want to initiate a project on establishment of tree nurseries in schools in Kajiado County where majority of the students come from pastoralist households.

I chose on schools because it’s easy to manage and hold the school responsible as well as most schools have sources of water supply that will be able to maintain the tree nurseries.

The schools will then form clubs of students who will be taking care of the nurseries. They will then plant some in schools and sell others to parents to go and replicate the same at home.

The parent and his/her child who is a student in the school will be responsible for trees taken to homes. The trees will be of indigenous species and fruit trees to also serve nutritional purposes. The schools will therefore act as tree seedlings banks for the community.

Example of a tree nurseryThe project will observe conservation agriculture measures throughout the implementation period. After successful implementation of the project, our vision is to initiate carbon trading mechanisms with industries that are emitting a lot of carbon to the atmosphere.

The project will be measured in terms of number of tree nurseries established in schools and the number of students replicating the idea in their households.


The first steps will be :

  • Identication of schools to initiate the project USD 500
  • Training of students, teachers and parents on importance of trees, effects of deforestation, conservation agriculture, tree transplantation and post harvest handling of fuits. USD 500
  • Preparation of tree nursery beds and installation of drip system- USD 3,000
  • Buying of tree seedlings USD 500
  • Monitoring and evaluation of activities USD 500

Being a young passionate lady, active in issues on climate change and adaptation among pastoralists, this will be an opportunity to transform so many young students to actively involve themselves in protecting their environment hence safeguarding their livelihoods and those of future generations.

Let’s protect and save Mother Nature.


Blogpost and picture submitted by Naanyu Manei (Kenya): kianyux87[at]

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50 thoughts on “YAP proposal #394: Please, Please, Plant and Protect me! (Naanyu Manei, Kenya)”

  1. Good job Nanyu. I believe your project will make a great impact having studied in Maasai Land for about 8 years I clearly understand all the challenges you mentioned and I believe this project is a step towards the right direction.

  2. this is a good initiative in adopting and mitigating the effects of climate change. However, more capacity building activities should be included for school management Committees who are the Representatives of parents in schools. Introducing a business module to the schools will also be a viable activity in the project. These will enhance sustainability of the project and effective continuity after exit.

  3. This is a very noble course and will help in conserving the environment as well as reducing land degradation.

  4. Yes. Trees are essential in Maasai lands to redeem the environment much dilapidated by overgrazing, charcoal burning and urbanization. Having an environmentalist willing to revamp the habitat is of at most importance. It is long overdue, and my support for the project is instant! Kudos for such a venture.

  5. I believe in your work. I am glad that all those years of your commitment to helping the Maa live a sustainable life of dignity is finally coming coming into fruition. We believe in you. Thank you for using your education to serve our people.
    So much admiration,
    Fellow Maa Sister Jo

  6. Good work for the maa community finally some light at the end of the three for our community… Kudos

  7. with you all the way.change begins with me.u will bring change to our community.way to go

  8. This is exactly what our maasai community needs. This is a very noble venture. Thanks Naanyu for the project. We shall support you through this journey.

  9. A good good course.As a pastrolist i feel thet our land can be equally productive in cultivation.I hope you continue with this strong spirit all the way.Be blessed n may God guide you.Thankyou for thinking about the community.Thanx for having it at heart.

  10. Hey Naanyu. This is a very noble cause and a practical intervention with regards to adaptation to climate change and conservation. Its a real struggle for the natives at the micro-level. Live the passion. All the best!

  11. A long journey begins with a single step! U already several steps dear! Keep going as itz evident there is light in the long run!!! A role model u r worth emulating!!!

  12. All the best in your noble course you deserve the award..proud of you,what you have become and what you will become….congrats sky is the limit

  13. Great work Naanyu ,this is indeed a worthy cause! All the best as you take this idea to the next level.

  14. Great work Naanyu ,this is indeed a worthy cause! All the best as you take this idea to the next level.

  15. The degradation of out environment is at an all time high. It is refreshing to see young people step up to the plate and start projects that will mitigate this and make a difference. Good job Manei. May you continue using that awesome brain of yours to help make a difference in your community.

  16. Very noble course, congratulations and all the best. We are all about environment conservation.
    Keep shining, keep going…

  17. Congratulations and all the best. This is a very noble course and will benefit the community. Great work

  18. Thank God someone else has seen the danger that the Maasai people of Kajiado are facing. Very unfortuate however thankfull that there is hope. This is a very good initiative. Wish you all the bestand support you fully.

  19. I like the idea, it’s for a noble course that will change the lives of the Maa people. Keeping pushing girl and i believe you will make win. Best of all

  20. Good work Nanyu. Such initiatives will make a difference in the lives of many. Fully supporting you.

  21. This is so awesome Naanyu, wishing you the very best in all that you do, and especially to our community. Blessings dear Naanyu

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