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YAP proposal #393: Bridging the Gap Between Farms and Consumers (Ojehomon Oritsebubemi Aigbodion, Nigeria)


My name is Ojehomon Oritsebubemi Aigbodion, 32, of Maryland, Lagos. I lost my Mum at the age of two. I live in Sabongida Ora (originally called Evbiobe), Owan West local Government Area of Edo State, Nigeria.

I will break the gap between farmers and consumers, local and international. I came into agriculture with little experience on farming, but l was well grounded with information technology, which I gathered while working with Etisalat Nigeria and mass communication, which I studied and came out with Hnd in Moshood Abiola Polytechnic.

I came into the agricultural sector through buying produce (plantain, maize, cocoa, and cassava called Garri or grand an converted to flour ). I hauled these products to cities and made a profit as a middle salesman between farmers, wholesalers, and local consumers in Lagos.

I later discovered buying from farmers was a risky business considering the capital cost of produce and accompanied with haulage/tax on carrying produce interstate along with personal profit. This would also be increased by wholesale agents and also increased by retailers, which makes the cost of produce in the cities high.

Yes, at times I smile to the bank with profit. But please note there is a disadvantage which I personally experienced: You’re buying from farmers at a particular cost excluding transport and operational expenses. There could be serious loss when expected selling price drops below your cost price of purchasing produce.

I decided it was time to be the source rather than a middleman. It was that very moment I decided being a farmer was my major goal.

  • I have planted 12 hactares of plantain
  • Poultry with 6 weeks old broilers 200 at five-weeks-old, 150 layers, and 2 weeks old broilers 107 (I have land space that can manage over 20,000 birds. The land is 200 metres from a residential area.)
  • I have achieved 2 h/c of cassava (planted)
  • I have achieved 15 h/c of land space for Maize (Not planted awaiting April planting season, due to lack of irrigation system)

How will I implement my project?

I intend bridging the gap between farmers and consumers by creating s supply of fresh and cheap produce, directly from my farms and fellow farmers around. I will also create an awareness campaign among farmers around Edo state (Owan west is active already—Sabongida Ora Youth Farmers Association) by creating a mobile delivery system with fresh produce direct from Ehimika farms.

I have been able to organize free training programmes for over 300 farmers on acceptable seedlings, pest control procedures, and bookkeeping.


For Ehimika Farms, mechanized farming would utilize its strength to bring all farmers along Owan West and East together to all have a common goal of striving to establishing a common channel for food supply locally and for export.


I also would consider exploring other areas of agriculture after our first year of being mechanized on already planted crops.

My farms would use its compliance with information technology to continue exploring agricultural training experts locally and foreign to share their experiences with us.

Our association has not been fully registered under the laws of Nigeria. I came up with the idea of setting up a common ground where our voice could be unified and understood. So far, we have been able to get the attention of nonfinancial bodies, both locally and internationally, through the Internet.

Ehimika Farms has set up various social media channels (Facebook, Ehimika Farm) and a news-stand on current affairs in agriculture as they affects us generally ( This brings in global and local companies intrested in ordering our harvest, and also have been seeking procedures and details on how export works.

Ehimika Farms, in collaboration with Monsanto, organized free training for farmers all around Sabongida Ora on the need for mechanized farming and hybrid seedlings.

Benefits for Me and My Community

I would be empowered by expanding farm for commercial farming and also would create a huge awareness considering the level at which I have been encouraging youth like myself to key into agriculture as a profession

My community has already started seeing the level at which we the upcoming educated farmers intend taking agriculture.

I have sent various petitions and complaints to the authorities as regards the only existing road for over 50,000 local farmers moving produce out of farm before selling to middle agent or transporting to city markets themselves with unbearable hardship. The Federal Government has responded and work would soon commence on a 60% constructed and abondoned project 12 years now.

Personal and Community Benefits

There are a few disadvantages of farm mechanization such as: being dangerous if not handled properly, initial cost of investment is quite high, and some may argue that the tools are not environmentally friendly. Nevertheless the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages.

In my own opinion, agricultural mechanization will play a vital role in aggressively boosting food production, thereby promoting employment and also making agriculture more attractive to youths, who are the next generation of farmers.

Needed Equipment

  • Tractor (Expansion) Rent = USD 500
  • Micro irrigation system (All-year planting possible) USD 1,000
  • Haulage Truck (movement of fresh produce in large quantity for wholesale and retail). Renting would be implemented presently, while a projected purchase date would be planned on income from plantain and poultry (broiler sale)
  • Minivan for retail distribution (Distribution implementation) USD 2,000
  • Poultry Expansion, USD 1,500

Profit from plantain sales in three-months’ time, would be added to truck purchase price to reduce the logistics cost of moving produce.


Poultry farming would create income within one year to purchase a truck for haulage to cities

Plantain farm and maize farming would be and all year harvest due to irrigation system


Blogpost and picture submitted by Ojehomon Oritsebubemi Aigbodion (Nigeria): ehimekafarm[at]

The content, structure and grammar are at the discretion of the author only.


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28 thoughts on “YAP proposal #393: Bridging the Gap Between Farms and Consumers (Ojehomon Oritsebubemi Aigbodion, Nigeria)”

  1. This writer is on point, we at Ugbaja Farms Sabongida Ora are working closely with Ehimeka Farms towards improved agricultural practises.

  2. You life experience will be your key as you explore to attaining a Greater height in the Farm Industry. Carry on.

  3. O j I no u a very hard working man kip it up in ur area of agriculture God will help u out b cos Nigeria is going to count on u very soon

  4. Exciting read, well laid out plan for growth and expansion & good community impact.

    All the best!

    1. Thank you Sir ,Kindly feel free in asking questions as regards my proposal because you all see better from outside

    1. Good morning All ,Please do ask questions on my proposal ,I strongly believe in time to come Agriculture would be a platform to which the world would place their hopes of surviving on ,We the youths are coming up with various ideas and channels to put Agriculture produce Available, affordable and healthy for our consumers and fellow humans .Kindly support us all .
      A Farmer OJE

      1. Hi, thank you for sharing your story, I would like to know what your advise would be because I would like to become an agency between farmers and wholesalers

  5. Pingback: ojehomoncom
  6. How do you intend meeting up demand on small Quantity Supply in consideration of distance to delivery point

    1. On small Quantity Supply we intend having dispatch bikes with POS , which would create instant delivery service , The cost of retail produce supplied would be added prior your online booking and included on every purchase you make .

      You still get a far cheaper Quality produce because we have successfully taken out the middle Agents in our Major local Markets (wholesale and Retailers) Mile 12 market ,Oshodi Market , Idioro Market ,Zuba Market(Abuja) and the rest .

  7. How would you like fresh food stuffs direct from Ehimika farm delivered to your Door steps.

    Taking away the stress ,The unhealthy storage , The price hike going through wholesale agents and Retailers ? Start up locations Lagos / Abuja

    If intrested kindly indicate ,Our 24 hrs mobile dispatch unit would update you . Do have a blessed Day

    A Farmer

  8. Great innovation, dis is definitely a time for the youths of dis country to lookin inward and invest into agriculture cos dats d way to go considering d economic situation we find ourselves. I’ll love to be part of dis project to find out where i can fix myself withing d supply chain. Big up Mr Oje, great job u doin out dere….

  9. I observed you aren’t talking about storage facilites how would you manage glut?Really OJ I have being following up in a couple of weeks I will be in Ora we go talk more.Lastly you are nt a farmer but An Agric Businessman.

  10. Mr Okhai thanks for bringing the aspect of storage up .
    Firstly I need you to understand am dealing with fresh demands which has been pre ordered a week before harvest , e.g a normal unripe plantain can mentain it’s freshness for 2weeks starting from the day of harvest .
    Secondly Storage facilities come into play when the crops you dealing with are needed under a 24 he time frame , I dont intend practicing storage of Fresh produce because It is the main challenge we are trying to work around if we become a mechanized farm
    Thirdly being a farmer or an agric business man dosnt play a role in my productivity to consumers ,but such statements with out findings can only be seen as and element distraction . I ununderstand what it means to hold a cutlass and hoe , I came into farming with little or no funds ,I worked on my farm with little or no help .
    I wouldn’t say am surprised because people passive farmers in Nigeria as uneducated .

    Mr Okhai I am a Farmer and a business man ,like you said you would try and see me when you get into Sabo , I would have appreciated you coming before your conclusion to see whats on ground .

    A Farmer

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