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YAP Proposal #386: Integrated catfish and livestock farm (Lukman Lawal, Nigeria)

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I am Lawal Lukman, born on August 21st, 1983 in the city of Gusau in Zamfara State, Nigeria to the family of Malam Lawal Abdulhamid. Zamfarms  is owned by myself, its founder, a graduate of chemical engineering. I have undergone several trainings in the agricultural sector with agro-entrepreneurship as common culture right from childhood.

I have a passion for business, for development and for trying out new concepts with the business skills, financial literacy and vocational skills I have acquired to become a successful entrepreneur.

Economic impact of my project

Zamfarms ltd. is an integrated farming business which has plan for a fish farm, animal husbandry and poultry farm section. Presently the farm is in its growing stage and the farm is into only catfish farming now. The animal husbandry section will consist of cows, goats, rams and sheep and has a capacity for up to 100 animals.

The poultry house can accommodate chickens, turkeys, ducks and guinea fowls, up to 2000 birds. The fish farm section consists of catfish of different sizes including fingerlings, juveniles to be sold to other farmers to stock their farms, fresh table fish and smoked fish to be sold to the society and general public.

We have a capacity for 50,000 heads of fingerlings/juveniles and a total capacity of 20,000 table fish.

Zamfarms ltd. is situated in Mareri village along Zaria Road Gusau, Zamfara State. The business goal of Zamfarms ltd. is to produce high quality fingerlings, juveniles and table fish, eggs, healthy and hygienic breeds of poultry and meat products to our customers.

We also wish to make available to the customers a better packaged and quality controlled product at a reasonable price that will allow the farm and its owners to realize a profit. It will later on include ready-to-eat fish packages, dressed chicken, fresh meat, well spiced suya and kilishi meat product.

It is also the mission of Zamfarms ltd. to foster a healthy working environment, to pay competitive and fair wages to its employees and to provide training and consultancy services. The business will enable creation of a sustainable market and thus enhance trade in fish, chicken and beef products.

These business enterprises shall create several direct and indirect jobs and will always consider the 7 Ps of marketing: place, price, promotion, product, positioning, packaging and people to ensure the growth and sustainability of the business. Zamfarms intends to operate 50 retail outlets with a hygienic environment where fresh and ready to eat meat, chicken, eggs and fish products will be sold to customer.

What motivates me

In Zamfara State, farming is our pride. I opted out to start business, as I wanted to have greater control of my life and not have restrictions in exploring new fields and opportunities.

I am always motivated by what I do, and have patience to see work done. With the passion I have for agro-business I am keen to develop and try out new concepts. With the recent drive by the Federal Government on diversification of the economy, there is a great opportunity for Zamfarms and other agro-entreprenuers.

In Nigeria there is unlimited demand for fish and meat products. Fish consumption accounts for about 35% of animal protein consumption while poultry and animals account for about 65% of animal protein consumption in Nigeria.

In turn, animal husbandry, poultry and fish farming is a vibrant and dynamic commercial sector in Nigeria, ripe with investment and employment opportunities. Recent data show that Nigeria produced less than consumer demand. On the other hand, it was also reported that the unmet needs are met only in part by imports on a yearly basis.

Meeting local consumer demand is in line with Zamfarms commitment to global food security and its positive impact on nutrition. The contribution of Zamfarms to the nation’s economy is very significant in term of employment, income generation, poverty alleviation and foreign exchange.


Success in business is never automatic. Starting up a business is always risky but the chances of success are higher when you plan. Zam-farms will ensure that it makes proper use of the SWOT analysis in the day-to-day business activity of the farms. SWOT analysis has to do with the strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats of the business.


  • Prime location with easy access.
  • Exceptional staff with the can do attitude.
  • Combined several years of experience in the Industry.
  • Because owner has experience, he already has established a customer market and approved vendors.
  • Due to our small size, we believe we can provide exceptional quality by hand-selecting our market specials when compared to our larger corporate competitors
  • The same concept holds true in our staffing requirements. By hand-selecting our employees we will strive to offer unsurpassed service when compared to our larger competitors.


  • Recruiting and retaining quality employees.
  • Tight margins will allow little wiggle room for error.


  • Few barriers to entry allows for immediate business opportunities.
  • Offer consultancy services.


  • Government policies.
  • Rising operating costs.
  • Building/maintaining sales volume.

Strategy Pyramid

Strategy:  Customer Satisfaction.

Tactics: First create awareness. We ensure that awareness of our products will bring customers to us and once we gain them, we will always treat our customer with the warmest and most sincere greeting and ensure they get satisfaction, anticipating repeat customers.

Programs: Provide employee training on customer service and retention. Offer ongoing training programs for employees, keeping them current on industry trends and safety at work.  Keep track of employee’s progress through performance reviews and offer employees incentives for attracting and retailing customers

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

LukmanLawalZamfarms will offer better service delivery, quality, hygienic and affordable catfish, poultry, and meat products. We will keep our prices in check by meticulous monitoring of our controllable production expenses, that is, by keeping a close eye on our Prime Cost and Inventory.

Zamfarms is located along Zaria Road on a 100 by 180 piece of land. Presently  has in place 4 concentrate ponds, 2 earthen ponds, 3 plastic ponds for the catfish fattening, 1 bore-hole and a well for water supply,  1 pumping machine, 2 gasoline generators, farm offices, a brooding room for broilers, and a security house all well fenced on the acquired the land.

The pond has a capacity for up to 5,000 juvenile to table sized fish and a capacity for brooding up to 500 day old chickens (DOC) and area reserved for animal husbandry.

With sufficient working capital the forecasted revenues and sales should be within the forecasted market demands for our products. From the second year onwards, the various divisions should be able to bring in adequate sales revenues.

We are expecting a conservative 20-30% increase in sales revenues annually over the next 3 years.  The growth is adjusted for inflation, with the addition of the consultancy service revenues.




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52 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #386: Integrated catfish and livestock farm (Lukman Lawal, Nigeria)”

  1. We need to encourage more business like this. This is the only way Nigeria and Africa will progress economically

  2. It’s a perfect business idea that has the capacity to create employment in our country where unemployment is a menace. I applaud this proposal.

  3. I Love Nigerians…………….. we are very responsible people…Nigeria will be great again. Pls take time to read this proposals by a graduate of Chemical engineering…who has opted to be a farmer…why? He want to see to it that Nigeria is great again…..I know you can do it bro.congratulations

  4. We youths, need to change our orientation of been employed to been employer, we need to be entrepreneurs and the time is now, good establishment Mr Lawal

  5. Waw! This is indeed a highly innovative practice. Please device more platforms to share such a skill and commitment toward selfreliace with our ever growing young men and women in the region.

    Kudos Mr Lawan.

  6. This is highly commendable. Please let it pass through, the idea is just too good. All the best.

  7. Thinking in the right direction Lukman.We love such iniative and we are proud of you.We pray for more wisdom to run this agribiz.

  8. what a creative idea. I am already thinking of a partnership with you. I have passion for such an amazing investment. I believe we can achieve more together, “the more we are, the merrier “

  9. What a sound business plan! I’m very much inspired by this initiative. You need to be encourage to make this work workable. Well done..

  10. This is good, Nigerian youth are really stepping up the game, with improved agricultural engagement, nigeria will be grate again.

  11. Brilliant idea Lukman. Farms like this will help the country achieve its goal of food self sufficiency. More power to your elbows.

  12. This is a nice concept,agriculture needs to be reformed back in Africa,self dependency brings in empowerment and poverty alleviation including zero hunger…”Adam Smith
    (1723-1790) a Scottish philosopher and economist who is best
    known as the author of An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth
    Nations (1776)”.

  13. My big bro, that was a great idea and a good entreprenuer, am looking foward to join you sir.

  14. A very meaningful and wonderful business plan I support you 100%, we need such kind of businesses as it is the only way Nigeria can be salvage from the mess of food
    insecurity and bottleneck of unemployment.

  15. This is creativity at its best, I wish our undergraduates seeking Government Employment will tarry and go through this. This is a savvy ticket, it is more useful than the certificate we bag. I wish to key in. I will come for consultancy.

  16. This is a well thought-out plan. More power to your elbow Lukman. Your story is a wake-up call to all of us, especially the youth, to nurture ideas that will make us self-dependent.

  17. A well thought-out plan Mr Lukman. It serves as wake-up call for all of us, especially the youth, to nurture ideas to become self-dependent.

  18. Wow!
    (Engr.) Lukman Lawal, this is a great work, a motivation to all young people of the country.
    It is worth awarding, giving grant and supporting because it will create employments, boost the economy of Nigeria and provide contentment for the farmer and his co-workers.
    More blessing!

  19. Very good idea… As my dear Country’s economy declines, going into such Agricultural Businesses will be the only way to revamp the Economy. We support you and likes.
    Move on, you can make…
    Let’s make Nigeria great again!

  20. That is just an interesting piece of proposal,keep it up.Just what we need in Zamfara State.

  21. This is good, I believe if successful, it will help to provide job for the unemployed, thereby contributing to the economy. Nice one, wish you success

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