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YAP proposal #384: Hydroponics: Growing into the Future (Pacifique Nshimiyimana, Rwanda)


Pacifique is 24-year-old graduate in biotechnology from the University of Rwanda. He is a trained laboratory technician in the areas of biotechnology and molecular biology, where he also served at the National Reference Laboratory, Rwanda Biomedical Centre Division.

Pacifique is a passionate young entrepreneur and he is a graduate of the Regent University Centre for Entrepreneurship through Rwanda Business Development Centre (BDC Rwanda) and Rwanda Development Centre (RDB).

His startup business of organic banana production and packaging and his company, Real Green Gold Ltd, was launched in September 2015 and nominated to the Africa Rethink Awards held in Paris last year (through the famous network of Land of African Business). And still is a fellow of These Numbers Have Faces/Accelerate Academy, an US nonprofit organization that promotes sustainable development in Africa through entrepreneurship.

Today, he is also working with Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT Rwanda): a Canadian nonprofit organization working in youth empowerment worldwide. At DOT Rwanda, Pacifique is a StartUp! Programme Facilitator and Coach through the Youth Leading Change Programme that DOT Rwanda is delivering to train rural youth on starting to own their small-to-medium businesses.


My project is the organic banana production and packaging, this is a cash generating project that sells high-quality organic bananas of the Gros Michel variety, primarily to the local market, i.e. hotels, restaurants and supermarkets in Kigali.

This project has been going for five months, though we have not yet made sales are waiting for our first harvest in nine months coming. But still we are having problem with limited capital issue where we are working on a quarter-hectare of the total two hectares on our disposal and still as our vision to export our bananas.

This project is intend to valorize our community bananas first as my community is facing challenges in accessing the good market. Second, it is about changing banana farmers’ minds where most of them have been cultivating banana for subsistence while as an educated young entrepreneur I am willing to promote this banana industry by exportation, transformation into wine, liqueurs,

etc. And sure at my bachelor’s degree final research I have made my first banana liqueur with 40% alc. Vol., with banana aroma and sweetness, which I intend to commercialize next to this project. Again, as Rwanda is a growing economy with tourism and big hotels and restaurants taking part of our market, we are planning to take advantage of that opportunity and build a successful business in organic agri-products.

Our plan for growth and market penetration is built on the first phase we are in now, where we expect our first harvest into the next nine months and start by supplying two to our restaurants or hotels in Kigali.

And today’s production capacity on the first harvest is nine tonnes of fresh organic bananas that worth 1.8 million Rwandan francs equivalent to USD 2,400; our price for a kilogram is 200 Rwandan francs, equivalent to USD 0.27.

Furthermore, we are looking forward for other capital that will help us to expand our plantation to the full two hectares on our disposal to sustain our business by producing up to 24 tons of fresh organic bananas that can bring us to a turnover of US$6,400 in one year.

To reach our vision of exporting organic bananas, we have one mechanism to find a good number of bananas to export as us alone we can produce that much bananas to be exported.

Our plan is to train other local banana farmers on organic farming, provide them with minimum viable toolkits and contract with them to sell their production into our market connection. Through this we wish to impact these local banana farmers’ livelihoods as they were doing banana farming just for subsistence.

Our plan for the USD 5,000 grant is to expand the size of our plantation from today’s quarter-hectare to two hectares and this would take 30% of the grant is some of the job related to preparation was done. The other part would go to the construction of a small washing and packing station, which might take up 35% of the grant as we will not need to buy a land because we have it already.

Finally, the resting 25% of the grant would help us to add other two employees to the actual two workers on the farm and marketing. If we make it get this grant, it is going to helps sustain our three-year plan we are working with, first through the phase we are in with production, marketing and team building.

Blogpost and picture submitted by Pacifique Nshimiyimana (Rwanda): pacifiquens[at]

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445 thoughts on “YAP proposal #384: Hydroponics: Growing into the Future (Pacifique Nshimiyimana, Rwanda)”

    1. many thanks to you, wish to change the banana market in Rwanda and improve my community….. live bananas and #GCARD

      1. good agriculture project which a great vision to satisify rwandan market

      2. That sounds great pacifique, hope u won’t remain in the working or your specific community, expand also in all districts

      1. very good, especially to be done in Eastern region where alot of bananas is grown, we really needed this improvement

      1. Yea this great, but share with us what excites mostly about this project?

  1. You are bringing the solution at the right moment Pacifique.
    Good idea. Brilliant projections.
    Wish all the best.

    1. just wondering how our country can be transformed if all our young people are coming up with such innovations. good example, lets learn from him.

      1. This shows u followed paci, but tell me what do u think this Rwanda will be ? Your own projections pls?

  2. Such a a good project which isn’t only good to pacifique but also to Rwandan community
    Go pacifique!

  3. This is a very nice project and it will be wonderful if you implement it. Go ahead put in action Pacific

  4. Très bonne initiative!! Enfin le vin et le liqueur de banane pourra être valoriser comme il faut . Bon courage #GCARD3

  5. yes Pacifique you’re genius.
    what do you think about the East African growing market??

    1. Can you please tell me, if pacifique asks u to invest in this project, what can be your response to him and why?

  6. nice initiative bro, didn’t know you would go this far! Ndakwishimiye Nshimiye. Komereza aho

  7. Rwanda needs graduate as you. we need your project to be most productive in order to show the youth that it is possible, and showing the value of local agrictural products.

    1. What do u think can make u more attractive about this Pacifique’s project @Fructuose?

  8. Woow! This is very interesting Pacifique, organic farming should be taken into consideration because it contributes to health sustainability.keep it up

    1. Gatete clearly u like bananas, and its good and healthier, but what do u think about producing wine andd liqueur from these bananas?

  9. keep it up brother this is a good project. courage and improve it because the most thing in this time is to have own job. ie to enjoy own profit from in your own property or own job and being own boss brother

  10. Wow I like it!!!!much thanks and congratulations to this young entrpreneur Pacific keep it up

    1. Yes Gentille nice to see u agree with pacifique, so what do u think he can add or innovate in his project?

  11. Pacifique, it sounds like you have done a lot of research surrounding your business of organic banana production and packaging. I am especially impressed by your insight into switching from subsistence farming to exporting bananas on a larger scale. Your business will go on to impact many people — from the farmers, to your employees, to your buyers and consumers. I look forward to hearing about your progress!

    1. Oh Taylor, you’ve got my vision! I wish you to one of the potential consumer as my bananas are so special

      1. Pacifique share with us about your channels, how are planning to reach some customers far from the working place?

  12. That’s great bro ! I remember u calculating the alc.% vol. of ur beer in the lab !! hope ur project takes u higher !

  13. Great read and an even greater idea, Pacifique! I plan to try your banana liquor during my next visit! I’m proud of you!

    1. Wow! James, it’s really nice that you want my liqueur!! Do you know that after the sample production I given it a nickname of god’s milk!!!!!!!

  14. Very innovative Pacific. This is a good project for a future of human being. Keep doing this. Very good!!!!!!!

    1. I can see you understand the project, Rodrigue what can you suggests pacifique to accomplish his tasks!

  15. Wow! So amazing! Anyone who knows the importance of organic food can’t hesitate to support this project. Keep it up Pacifique!

  16. Keep going on Pacifique. we really need that form of agriculture that relies on sustainable techniques. we are proud of you our young entrepreneur

  17. Good for you and great for the consumer. I’ve visited banana farms in central America and going organic is not only healthy for the consumer but healthy for the farmers as well

    1. Yes Jacob, I mean to save even the environment too! Farmers are in need for this revolution!!!

    2. @Jacob, I mean to save the environment too….. Banana farmers here need that revolution……. Thanks

    3. You are right Jacob. The use of chemicals in agriculture is dangerous, I am glad to see that Pacifique chose a healthy way to do it.

  18. Great idea Pacifique and the market is assured. The plantin consumed in Rwanda is mostly imported and I think the KG price is on a lower side check it out.

  19. We remember you in our childhood , u was very innovative I remember , Keep growing man. This country need people like you to fight against country budget deficit .

  20. Keep it up mzee, it sounds revolutional with our small land what counts on international market is quality not quantity! I would advice to contact organic certication entities as early as pissible to meet their requirement sooner! big up

  21. The market is there for you to take, you are focused and yeah I like bananas. Can’t wait for your first harvest. Great project overall

  22. Good initiative Pacific
    Waiting to see your project changing the livelihood of farmers in your community .

  23. woow!That is Great project especial young graduate Rwandan like you dear colleague keep it up

  24. Waow! Pacifique , I am happy for you and this project you are doing is very important to us, especially to myself, I used to struggle a lot to get these kinds of bananas, whether yellow ready for consumption or fresh, I want to let you know that I am included in your target customers, as I am a final retailer distributing those bananas, add me please! Then go ahead and improve courageously!

    1. Yeah, you’re right @Jean Bosco, our price are low for the market penetration strategy where we found out in our market research that a number of Rwandans can just accepted to pay expensive at the beginning od this industry. That’s why we chose to start with our budget pricing as we’re developing this new market in Rwanda.

  25. You are right @Pacifique, and u know entrepreneurs never stop working, because of this spirit of innovation, and this prompt the ongoing of actions despite of challenges, a good one still continues the journey; c’mon brother, go ahead!

  26. banana project is so good, but how will it reach to all Rwandans and even out side the country

    1. @Landry that’s a good question though! Our speciality is the way we want to direct our relationship with the community we’re working in, growing this organic culture not only to sell but to educate and improve the farming stereotypes where most our local banans are doing it for subsistence rather that business oriented

  27. Nice project ma boy wish u success keep working hard and pray hard All Rwanda we are proud of especially all African

  28. This project will boost banana production of Rwanda whose economy is based on agriculture,keep it up Pacific

  29. Morning friend! That’s very good project really! Surely, it will increase your skills and make our country knowledgeable! Big up

  30. it’s too much interesting to see a young entrepreneur like u invest in Agriculture sector

  31. u did a good job dear courage bro! what is ur project SWOT analysis Paci? explain how u find out investment

  32. Wow! That’s a good initiative and money generation business as see its impact to the community. Keep it up!

  33. yeah, pacifique your project is very good for improving citizen’s life area settlement.

  34. Organic banana production is very needed in our community. We encourage you to make another step.

  35. It is what is missing,value addition on banana products,it is not new but need further technology.

  36. This project will use forward and backward linkages when operating,and this will increase its production

  37. I have red it and read it again,and I become overwhelmed with the knowledge inside

  38. Good project and I went to invite you to come and try to impliment this project in our area

  39. Keep it up Paci.and continue to work hard you meet your objectives.Good project

  40. congratulations keep it up,,,,,,,,,, i see this project will really impact on lives of many.
    thanks a lot

  41. Ohhh!!! Pacifique go on, never give up, that project is very interesting please!!!!!

  42. Oooh very wonderful and interesting ideas , keep it up your project ma boy! Try to bring the innovations in your project coz its not new but need more technology and innovations !!

  43. Thanks to very one here posting on this blog, you really improving my thoughts in this business of mine…. Some of you are really potential customers, partners, friends and so on…..
    Your contribution is encouraging me to go forward

  44. The main idea I can give you is to learn how to rapidly develop and test ideas by gathering massive amounts of customer and market place

  45. You want to be successful? Quit searching for answers. What evidence is there to be substantiate your value proposition?

  46. As you are planning to expand this company and just use the whole land you have, think of loss that due may due to diseases that may attack the bananas and find out the preventive methods!

  47. Waow! Pacifique , I am happy for you and
    this project you are doing is very important
    to us, especially to myself, I used to struggle
    a lot to get these kinds of bananas, whether
    yellow ready for consumption or fresh, I
    want to let you know that I am included in
    your target customers, as I am a final
    retailer distributing those bananas, add me
    please! Then go ahead and improve
    I like this

  48. I want to add also that it will be better if you make it easier for everyone to get the updates about this project!

  49. I want to ask if the price per kg mentioned in the project will remain , or if it may change! Thx

  50. Good idea Paccy this it will help in growing our Economy by reducing importation!keep it up pls!

  51. This is very interesting, as a very young man, with such an idea, which has already implemented, u will get more interest, pls carry on @Pacifique!

  52. This is time to start the green consumerism in Rwanda, good job with Real Green Gold……. Big job ahead.

  53. Economic growth and human development need to go hand in hand. Human values need to be advocated vigorously.

  54. Good! It is now time to grow your company ! And I wish to invest in this business or have some shares in it! Is there a defined condition to access that?

  55. yes brother that’s sound like a good idea that will contribute more for you and your society keep going high the sky is the limit

    1. I like that complement bro,,,,,,, let’s build our economy on the available resources we have here… What’s we need is just to be creative

  56. Young entrepreneurs that are as dedicated as you are will surely change Africa and the world!! Courage Pacifique! I do believe in this project! #GCARD3

  57. Guys let’s join and as we support this man in the project, and try to learn from him, and create business that will benefit the population as this one from pacifique!

  58. You are good innovator!try to implement it and see how u’ll grow and change ur community. Courage!

  59. congatulations Mr N.Pacifique infact your project is very good especially for the production of the liqueur . I think this will help gros Michel banana farmers to step forward to improve their standards of living. ok keep up brother with this high profit generating business.

  60. Rwanda needs graduate as you. we need
    your project to be most productive in order
    to show the youth that it is possible, and
    showing the value of local agrictural
    I Like this statement

  61. Our speciality is the way we want to direct
    our relationship with the community we’re
    working in, growing this organic culture
    not only to sell but to educate and improve
    the farming stereotypes where most our
    local banans are doing it for subsistence
    rather that business oriented

  62. That’s good idea @ Paci! Wishing to expend that project. As it help to change our community positively

  63. Wow this really a very great initiative! With a very great innovative business idea! Keep it up Pacifique your business is really falling in line with the government policy of transforming Rwanda agriculture sector from substance to market oriented agriculture by promoting agriculture value chain thus increasing export! Proud your contribution to the country Pacifique

  64. It is impressive project for younger agri entrepreneur, go ahead you will achieve your . I like bananas I can wait to buy from you. God bless you

  65. Keep it up brother, this will contribute to the Rwandan economy, push it brother let our Rwanda shine

  66. This is a good idea, Excellent though. I have a question about those who were supplying those restaurants /hotels, what are you going to do better than them? To Or what have done so far to guaranty you that market?
    Good job, keep up….

    1. Nice question Sylvie! Our way to meet this market is just simple, we go head to head, meet them and try to show them what we do! And surely most of them when are ready, on the other hand we have problem that the production has not yet started! And about those who use to supply them, it’s ease as my work start down there in the village where bananas are produced, some of them are going to to be my partners others will continue to serve as alone I can’t supply the whole market with my two hectares

  67. Dear Pacifique, I liked your project.
    Organic banana production and packaging is very key. Luck enough, Rwandan climate and soil is enough conducive for banana production. I liked that packaging is among your key activities but would like to draw your attention this issue of storage and packaging given the existing gap in Rwandan banana chain.
    If packaging is well done you can easily enter the international market.

  68. For all of you who made it here Thank you! You’re really a blessing and what wish and say makes our aim and courage go higher!
    I continue to count on you

  69. eeeee Pacific, you have good idea in the development of your country, all peoples in general you can give the jobs, self confidence in you we are together brooooo!!!!! kdi birashoboka so, courrage

  70. waooooooo courrrage !!!!!?!
    hhhhhh drinking banana beer in this moment noooooo we have the young youth who want to transform that beer to licker beer like vin so, its mean analog———–=> digital
    jobs, training, development in general,etc. we are together brooooo

  71. Pacifique my friend, I am now expecting more to come , and hope you’ll do it in a professional way, so you can go above competitors.

  72. Woww Paci I like the project,I will be your customer ,keep promoting our banana production

  73. Paci I would like to know if I someone can invest in the project cz it look interesting

  74. thank you @Mr.Pacifique for your Passion of entrepreneurship and Organic Environmental Preservation project as well , I also take this as A Job creation project which will certainly generate income and Profits, I encourage you to go on ,the sky is no longer the limit but a point of View,

  75. Dear Pacifique I see that your project will help farmers to find the market. Of their product, I encourage you to go foward and work hard in orfer to achieve your goals.

  76. This very wonderful idea my brother , to see a young entrepreneur like u !! keep at up my dear!!

  77. I liked the way you want to use involving the community, because the farmers really need to rethink their way of doing Agribusiness. So your young age must help you go far

  78. Wow This Is Potential Project To Our Society Through entrepreneurship ,i Wish U all the Best And Never Give Up.

  79. Kanyamuceli if you are near, tell me a little bit, can specify what will you gain/benefit from this project personally?

  80. More many, found out that the company’s name is Real Green Gold, that’s a nice name…… wish you to find those gold in this business of yours

  81. This must be the solution to the limited market problem too! As sometime farmer produce to sell their production at a low price

  82. Try and fail but never fail to try,Pacifique I hope you will harvest the fruit of your hard work

  83. Whenever you wish I am sure you can make it there…. Seeing how this idea is conceived you are the right person to go for this

  84. you will never walk alone brother we are there to support you anywhere anytime we must promote MADE IN RWANDA SPIRIT!!!go go go

  85. we need to know, the quality of your product that make it more attractive for the customers

  86. From this idea I got a spirit of creating a business, and what is more encouragement is that u managed to do it and u are a youth like me, so I can too.

  87. Thank you! You made me think a lot and your comment have enough massage to make think of the next phase to this project

  88. Thanks to everybody who commented here, your thoughts here are a treasure to my way of building this new business! Wish you all blessings from God. Thanks to the #GCARD3 for this opportunity too cause it’s also a way for me to gather more thoughts about what I have been doing with limited thought though it shown to be good

  89. Big up Pacifique!! Sky is the limit!! I am very happy of you!! I remember you as a little boy, now you’ve grown and become an entrepreneur, I am proud of you, and I knew you will be a big man with your intellect! Big up!

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