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YAP Proposal #382: Pig farming and processing (Evans Kimosop, Kenya)


I am called Evans Kimosop, a.k.a. the ‘Village Boy’ from Kanes Farm located at Eldoret, Kenya.  I am 28 years old and was raised by a family that relied on farming to have income for paying school fees and other bills.

Two years ago a group of friends and I wanted to set up a fund to invest in agribusiness start-ups that have challenges accessing credit. The funds were not enough and that was when we concluded that the next frontier is agriculture and we settled on pig farming.

The first step at Kane farm was the knowhow. We started with 2 in-pig sows which farrowed 14 piglets. In total, 12 survived. This was a learning step for us to understanding the feed costs, diseases, and husbandry.

This enabled us to think on how to reduce feeds cost. From the initial stage feed cost us $0.3/kg and now it costs us $0.22/kg, which has improved our margins to 33% with planned reduction of feeding cost through planting of on-farm feeds.

The reason why we set up the pig farm was to address three global issues; food security, unemployment and creation of opportunities that can create wealth.  Over the one year we have been in operation, the farm has achieved some milestones including the employment of 2 full time staff and 3 part time staff.

We have also increased our breeder stock of sows from 2 to 14 with other matured pigs valued at $12,000. Thus we are on track to addressing the global challenges mentioned earlier.

Agriculture has been foreseen to be the next game changer with a lot of Agri-tech and funds being set up to finance projects in this sector.

Africa has some of the fastest growing countries in the world, and we envisage that Kanes farm will not only solve the problem of food shortage but also have social impact to the communities through creation of employment and empowerment of other farmers to set up pork farms.

We have mitigated the challenge of the knowledge gap, poor feed quality and lack of improved breeder sows by having in our advisory board a top authority in pork in East Africa (Dr. Mosoti, Mr. Rotich and animal health experts at the farm) and the strategic advisors who have experience in their respective fields.

Additionally, with the help of these advisors we are working on farm feed formulation to improve on the feed  quality given that our current supplier do not have feeds for each stage of pig growth. Our sows are being ear tagged to improve our traceability and thus reduce inbreeding.

The USD $5000 will be used to acquire more breeder stock and thus reduce our payback period. It will help us scale up the farm to the level that we can start setting up an abattoir. The abattoir will eventually be a game changer for improved margins and also a step towards the farm setting up a processing plant.


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188 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #382: Pig farming and processing (Evans Kimosop, Kenya)”

  1. This is very outstanding,at 28 years with the level of confidence and commitment to the point others have believed and placed funds is admirable. 33% margin on pigs …wow.I want in too

    1. Big up Evans! Zero grazing for pigs.Strive for Quality.expansion.innovation.
      #Very best Evanspreneur.

  2. Good to note that a large number of youth are seeing the ever present opportunity in agribusiness. Improve on available funding, diversify and add value for optimal yields.

    1. Africa has the largest arable land but sadly we still import food from arid countries..why? we need to change and we as the youths lead the forefront on this

      by 2050 the world population will hit 2.5B, they all need to eat?

  3. This is great when young people take the initiative to solve problems. This is encouraging. Youth turning from job seekers to job creators is fantastic move. I support this.

    1. Great work Evans, we have always been taught that agriculture is the backbone of Kenya’s economy so your project is in tandem with this principle. Keep supporting the economy

  4. Agribusiness is very profitable however keen focus is required for pig farming to be successful. Also having a scalable model like Kanes Farm is well positioned for big success

    1. Thanks SK
      We are Kanes farm we are changing the perception that pig farming by doing it clean. our pigs are washed weekly and we they feed on quality feeds and not food waste

  5. Bright idea and more so the project is in rural it will change the perception of youth to go smart farming

    1. With next level being setting up more more farms for the community, we envisage the model to be multiplied in other farms thus more employment, more food for the country and in the process create wealth. Thanks for the support

  6. Evans. Congratulations for your great work. Its people like yourself that bring a lot of can do attitutude to the lives of many young people. I hope more 28 year old will join you and more funding will come your way. I will invest in your project. As Africa grows, it will need to provide food- meat specifically for its people. And Kanes Farm will be at the centre of that

    1. Thanks Tim

      Its us the youths who will have to change the perception on farming that it is preserve for the old. with the Mckenzie report (2014) stating that 400m youths by year 2030 will need employment it is such projects that can bridge the gap as well us provide food security for the nation and we reduce imports and provide local food

  7. Good work Evans, God bless you sir, I really like your hard work and determination

  8. Great job Evans. Agribusiness is the where we’ll create employment, solve food challenges and create wealth. Kudos for the idea.

  9. This is a quality master piece as well as a brilliant idea. Keep the pace going. Something brighter is ahead.

  10. I am impressed. This is the way to go. Income generation,employment creation,poverty reduction and food security solution. Good work Evans. Be blessed.

  11. Kimosop I appreciate the mathematics you’ve done on the investment. Would like to follow your footsteps very soon. Keep your eyes open for more opportunities .

  12. Great job Evans. Good to see how the youth are playing their part in job creation and food production

  13. Good job Evans. I must say I am not surprised. Even in Uni you were always very committed to what you set out to do. Would love to visit your farm.

    1. Thanks Milkah
      I have always have the passion in farming, as far as we are employed, farming is with the blood. I would love to use this pig farm project to demonstrate that youths can create employment and provide food for the nation

  14. Such a Great and easy agriculture business project. I like that he has learned on a daily progress and is not afraid to say it.

  15. Good job brother. Farming/agriculture is the only way to liberate our societies from the grappling levels of poverty, malnutrition and food insecurity.. Good project.

  16. pretty impressive,self-reliance,the only way we can be helpful to ourselves and humanity,Kanes farm well done.

  17. congratulations Evans. This should be the best solution to the perpetual problem of unemployment and food security.

  18. It is said, “do not despise the small beginning”
    With hard work and consistency, you will achieve your dreams. More so, creating wealth and thus alleviating poverty and ensuring a prosperous society

  19. This is incredible brother, it’s the most useful and most noble employment of man. I look forward to what the future holds for you. Keep it up.

  20. Great work Evans. You are an inspiration to everyone. We need to provide solutions to the unemployment problem and agribusiness has the potential to do this. All the best

  21. I also do pig farming..but the perception of people including my family that pigs are a dirty thing pi s me down completely…I started way back in 2012 when. I was still in form three but I seem to be doing a negative investment..due to lack of feeds my pigs take up to 1 year to be full grown..I sell them at a through away price of 4500ksh..which sometimes suppress the amount I have spend on them.

  22. Youth should maximize use of their brains by engaging in projects of this nature. A MAN WHO DOES AGRICULTURE IS PURER AND NOBLER

  23. Good job Evans,I agree with you that farming will bring forth the next millionaires in this Africa.

  24. Great idea Evans, the future of the upcoming generation is anchored on self employment just like you did .Bingo!

  25. I feel that I have a call from Jah to join partnership with u great guys, I love u a prosperity and intergrety …So how can I become a member? !

  26. This is a wonderful project,we need such projects to enhance our capabilites in unexploited areas.Agriculture has been neglected for a very long time and a mindful person like you should be supported in every way.Congrats boss keep it up.

  27. Kimosop,I admire the entrepreneurial spirit particular in nurturing your agribusiness.Your passion and determination,that has had you nicknamed Pig Farmer,coupled with your expertise and hard work will ensure you get the best profit margins out of this lucrative venture.I wish you all the best.

  28. Keep up the good work. It demands effort and hard work. Read the world bank report on importance of agriculture in our economy for you to know you are on the right side of history

  29. Good write up and very encouraging story. Indeed agriculture is key in job creation especially to the youths in kenya and africa at large.

  30. Impressive. If the youth can embrace this…then issues of unemployment will be a thing of the past.

  31. Gentlemen, I wish I had a facility for wise comment to impart here. Having none, I make do with commending you on your enterprise. You know better than I its challenges, demands- and rewards.

    And how far the horizons you’ve set.

    I only wish you the attainment of those hoeizons, and those beyond them.

  32. Great Idea. Agribusiness is the next frontier that can surely solve unemployment problems among the youth and provide food security to our communities. We need to spread the gospel and dispel the notion that agriculture is dirty but a lucrative venture. Agriculture is cool and Evans, you’ve showed the way. Thumbs Up.

  33. Great job, this is really job creation and being self reliant is the best way. This is an enlightenment to the youth.

  34. Coming from the same locality, i must say Evans has identified a market that has been calling for exploitation…with the kind of profesionalism depicted in plan presentation, Evans i have no doubt you will make…
    Great idea.

  35. A very touching initiative at age 28 Evans and the entire Kane’s farm you have done us proud. I admire your initiatives guys. Wish to follow your footsteps.

  36. i remember…..we met near Barclays and you told me that you had bought a pig and your plans to venture into pig farming…….and now……this achievement makes me proud of your efforts ….keep it up my friend

  37. From our village to global stage. kudos the people behind this idea for showing youths can still lead in farming

  38. Pigs have a very efficient protein convertion ratio. Very good business and very useful to feed mankind.

  39. Good job Evans and team. Way to start on the journey to eliminate hunger and create employment. Proud of you. Keep up the good job

  40. Great enthusiasm and great strategy. This is what’s needed in today’s Africa;people who dare to make a move.

  41. This is awesome work done by youths who grew up in village set up and want to change the world through farming

  42. I believe the Margins in fact it will be way more .statistics show africa imports pork,work on it village boy and I wish you success

  43. Am inspired by my agemates doing this I hope to start my own next year so any help will be a relief for me.

    Keep it up

  44. Its great work from youths great enterpreneural skills the sky is your limit a great motivator you are

  45. I like the resilience in searching and driving towards desired results bearing in mind the risks and uncertainties involved. Keep it up.

  46. Good job, great thinking small enterprenures develop to great business people, kudos…keep it up

  47. Brilliant…. Such projects will boost our economy n help in the realisation of vision 2030 thumbs up

  48. This a lucrative n a great project too.we as the youth shld b enterprenuers create employment as apposed to job seeking…..amin the planning stage n any helpful info. from you guys is welkam..kudos.

  49. This project has come so far in such a short time. I am proud of you Evans and team! All the very best.

  50. nice project,great idea behind great minds kudos this will help in boosting the economy whn it picks up well.i suggest if possible u start your own processing firm where u slaugther the picks and package by your own brands.thnkz

  51. Thanks Evans, where are you located I Endured. I want to start pig farming and I need advice

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