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YAP proposal #371: Enabling Local Fresh Organic Producers to Succeed in the European Market (Joel Robert, Tanzania)


zoeland international LOGOI am Joel Robert, a young agripreneur from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. I am 25 years old with an irresistible passion and a burning desire for feeding the planet and eradicating poverty by creating more jobs opportunities through sustainable agriculture. I am a director of procurement and logistics at Zoeland International,, a partnership venture which is at an early stage that dealing with agro-products supply, distribution and exportation.

My discovery

So far, I have come to discover that local fresh producers stand the best chance of succeeding in European market if they focus on sustainable production, for instance by offering organic fresh products.

Why organic?

Market stability

According to the trade statistics of 2013/2014 done by CBI market intelligence of the Netherlands, the statistics show that European countries import a wide range of fresh products from developing countries.

Over the last five years, European consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables especially organic ones has been stable and ever increasing in which countries like Netherland, United Kingdom and Belgium are major trade hubs for fresh produce from developing countries.

Healthy living and better taste

Health has always been a selling point for fresh fruits and vegetables. In coming years, the importance of communication on the health benefits of these products will increase, as will organic products. The demand for pure organic products is increasing, especially in North-Western Europe. Consumers associate organic fruits and vegetables with health and better taste.

Ecological balance

Organic fruit and vegetable uses harmless inputs and using the production methods that restore and improve ecological balance produce.

The problem that calls for attention

Despite the higher demand for fresh products and business opportunities in Europe, selling fresh local produce to international markets has been the dream and quest of most local producers in Tanzania, yet very few make it in the international markets due to various reasons such as lack of clear insight into European market and unsustainable production.

My sustainable solution.    

For local fresh organic fruits and vegetables producers to have a big stake in the European fresh organic market which is projected to reach about USD 62.97 billion by 2020. As a problem-solver, I am aiming to provide a creative and sustainable approach to the problem by enabling local fresh organic producers to succeed in European fresh organic market.

This is how it will be done,

  • Setting up an organic fresh farm as a modal farm.
  • Building an offline and online platform which will;
  1. Activate organic seeds producers, local fresh organic producers and European fresh organic importers/buyers.
  2. Establish a win-win long-term partnership with organic inputs producers, European organic importers/buyers and freight forwarders as well.
  3. Mobilize local fresh producers to get into fresh organic production for economical and environmental impacts.
  4. Provide European market data analysis like market requirements, market size by crop and by region, key players, distribution channels, competitive situation and trends, importer/buyer profiles and so much more about the European fresh market.
  5. Link local organic fresh producers with European fresh organic market.
  • Enrolling local fresh producers into fresh organic production and fresh export coaching programs.
  • Facilitating the exportation of the produce by air and sea transport.
  • Providing premium packaging and labelling.

Impacts on my community

Economic prosperity and social development

Exporting fresh organic produce to Europe will result into more business breakthrough to local fresh producers especially rural ones, more jobs to young people who consist of 70% of the population in the country and more economic developments.


Sustainable organic production does not only contribute greatly to nation’s economy but also protects the planet and preserves the soil from pollution and wastage through the use of organic inputs like organic fertilizers and pesticides.

Success indicators

  • Number of local fresh organic producers enrolled in export coaching programs.
  • Number of local fresh producers mobilized to get into fresh organic production.
  • Number of long-term partnerships established with European importers/buyers.
  • Number of long-term partnerships established with fresh organic inputs producers.
  • Number of tonnes for fresh organic produce exported to European market per year.
  • Number of positive feedbacks received from our European customers.
  • Number of orders and enquiries received from European and local customers as well.

The USD 5,000 seed funds will be invested as follows

  • Setting up an organic farm (a model farm): USD 2,700
  • Hiring an organic expert: USD 500
  • Building an online platform: USD 500
  • Packaging and labelling materials: USD 500
  • Awareness and coaching programmes (offline platform): USD 800


Blogpost and picture submitted by Joel Robert (Tanzania): joel.robert[at]

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189 thoughts on “YAP proposal #371: Enabling Local Fresh Organic Producers to Succeed in the European Market (Joel Robert, Tanzania)”

    1. Hi, Andrew

      Thank you for the comment, the important thing for Tanzanian local fresh producers is for them to venture into the ever growing fresh organic industry and become the largest fresh organic exporters in the globe. This very possible Andrew!!!

      1. Hi Joel, am I also a young growing agropreneur doing greenhouse farming, i real wish to get ur contacts for more information and enquirers

    1. Hi, Mwendi

      Thank you for the comment, i believe that through this sustainable idea the breakthrough for local fresh producers is well assured.



  1. excellence,awesome,marvellous…positive way for the East African countries to follow through

    1. Hi, Paschal

      I strongly agree with your thought, the better way for the East African countries to win the European market is to engage in sustainable fresh production.

      Together we can.



    1. Thank you Charisma

      Always problems solvers look for the root cause of the problems, there for the whole world needs fresh produce for good health, there fore through research and other studies enabled me to come with this proposal

  2. I congratulate you for taking a step forward to such a big project…..but my question is,is it really possibe to maintain the fresh quality of vegetables and fruits for export to far reach countries?

    1. Hi, John

      Thank you for the good question.

      It is very possible to meet and maintain the quality of fresh produce for European market.

      The important thing is to have a clear knowledge of standard required by the European market and making whatever possible yet sustainable to comply with the standard needed.

      God is Able


  3. This proposal is good and best in every way. Perfect ideas. The venture will prosper to the apex.

  4. excellence, I agree, the better way for the Tanzania n East African countries in order to win the European market is to engage in sustainable fresh production.

  5. Wow t you come up with the best thing that local people in Tanzania will benefit.Best wishes on the establishment…

  6. For sure investment in agriculture is a good idea and of course the return is assured. I suggest when you set up the farm kindly remember irrigation as currently weather is not predictable. There are so many opportunities in agriculture but most youths we lack sharp eye to see those opportunities , utilize them and few who manage to see are constrained with investment capital. Good idea and go on comrade

    1. Hi, Kudely

      Thank you for your support and for the constructive suggestion. In fact irrigation is not an option to this initiative but it is a must for the success of the project, so i real appreciate your concern on the matter.

      We believe that through this initiative many youth will get to realize and see the untapped success potentials and opportunities which are in Agriculture.

      Together we can


  7. Good idea brother I believe youth can make it and help the government’s efforts in poverty eradication.

    1. Hi Kaluse

      Thanks for your comment, i’m very thankful to see how my fellow youth support this initiative surely we youth, we are the game changers and development makers.

      This way poverty can never tolerate.

      Together we can.

  8. Woooooow excellent propasal keep the good work big bro and all the best.
    We got your back👍

  9. congratulations brother…its the best idea and its so inspiring.i believe that through that poverty will greatly be eradicated.May God bless you.

    1. Hi Dorah

      Thank you for your faith and support, sure this is one of the best way to eradicate poverty in our developing countries.

      Together we can

  10. a great vision and optimistic idea. it is well applicable and for sure will involve most of the small scale farmers and peasants. i support you on this and pray that it succeed, it surely can be a life changing opportunity

  11. it is such an extraordinary idea and a great thing that will change the lives of many people

    1. Hi, Jamal

      Thanks for your love and support, for i know that it takes focus, personal discipline and determination to make things happen. So i promise i will never loose focus on this brother.

      Together we can

  12. Tanzania needs such bold,thoughtful and patriotic intellectuals/youth.I strongly believe that this thing will surely succeed and pave way for the rise of Tanzania’s economy and motivation to the local agricultural producers.All the best brother..

  13. Man,this is great!!Keep that kind of fire lit in shall make it.
    For Tanzanian youth and intellectuals,this is a challenge.Dream Big!!

  14. Nice approach as a Tanzanian i am well impresse. Your appeoach is feasible as Ugandans and Kenyans are exporting fruits and roses to the UK. East Africa is blessed witha very captivating land agriculture wise. Such products will be an epitome of good utilization of our resources.

  15. Your proposal is well analysed,i am totally convinced this will be a life changer to us Tanzanians. The beat thing about this proposal is that you backed it with sttaggering facts which will alleviate the commence of such projects in the country.Well noted

  16. Very wonderful and encouraging for a Youth of Tanzania having this wide and great ideas for the benefit of others and it should not only persive European market but as well African, Asian and other aewas where good health is required.

    But all in all the proposal is very wonderful.

  17. Amazing idea….. If you dont win this now… You will surely win some other time….
    #see you at the top

  18. your idea is a clear path to the improvement of our agriculture and economy as well, I think if we could have people like you before may be we were far better than what we are now. hope to have more people through your project.

  19. great idea we wish to have more committed people like you with great thought about the future agriculture and economy as well. keep it up

  20. Brilliant idea, not only preserving the environment through ecological balance on the ecosyatem but also alleviate poverty through opportunities presented through this proposal. I also see sustainability of through the proposed solution which will add value to the entire supply chain of organic products produced and ultimately bring about sustainable development.

    1. Hi, Innocent
      Thank you for your constructive views, we are problem solvers and the entire supply chain of organic products aimed at feeding not only Europeans but also other people across the globe

  21. Great idea… With the current level of awareness on economic development… I see this as a solution to improving welfare of the youth in villages.

    1. Hi, Olympia

      Thank you fro your great views.
      Youths needs attention and motivation in order to improve their welfare. Thank you fur being one among many people supporting this proposal

  22. firstly i would like to say thank you for the wonderful proporsal on Agro-production due to the fact that it will be easier for the youths to be employed and thereafter the growth of individual economy and countrywise…..
    futher more it will reduce the social crimes to a minimum rate due to the reason that people will be bussy in production and marketing…..

  23. We need people with vision, people like you!
    Agriculture is the best investment.
    All the best!!

  24. Welcome My young!
    A good thing is that, your proposal is enforceable..
    Easy way to eradicate poverty in LDC’s is through agriculture.
    Qn: How the citizen will benefit your project

  25. Its an epic idea, in boosting the economy’s backbone. Ur smart, patriotic and seem eager to make our agro products competitive….
    Where u have just moved your feet…you have tanzanians stepping right there.

    You gave your best, be sure to get the best brother!!!

    1. Hi Raynada

      Thanks for your support and i’m real grateful for the support i get from the Tanzanians in this initiative.

      Keep on supporting Tanzanians

      Together we can.

  26. Hi, Moses

    Thanks for your support and for the good question.

    First of all the project will contribute much to the income growth of many local fresh producers as the matter through this project many of them will be introduced and enabled to sell their local produce into international markets.

    More jobs will be created and youth unemployment will be reduced.

    Healthy living as we all know that organic products are good for the health.

    And so much more.

  27. Great idea Mr Joel.

    Tanzania farmers need to capture such a huge reliable market in European country.
    They miss encouragement and connection to reliable market.
    Hopefully you will connect them and encourage many farmers to practice organic farming.


  28. Hallelujah hallelujah !
    Finally someone has taken up a stand on a very powerful area that no most people were previously mind it so much as they do it today. It is very holy impressive for Tanzania fresh producer to come out and share with others (I.e. neighboring countries, Europe and even Asia and USA) on Organic products. I am a certified CFT & Nutritionist with a knowledge on other areas including Organic products and its importance to a human being. Still lots of people around here in Tanzania do not know much about it or care much on Orgsnic unless an education on these areas is shared to the society and much more is highlighted to them.
    I can testify so much on organic products. For I am a living proof and always educating family members, friends, co-workers including youth on the importance of Organic products etc. let me end here.

    Joel, I will drop you an email and we can discuss offline.

    God bless you and guiding you to fulfill this project up to the end.

    1. Hi Babs

      Thank you so much for your great support.

      I agree with you that most of the Tanzanians know nothing about organic production and organic products. However your testimonies on organic products is what people on our community needs hear.

      I am ready for the discussion and i’m waiting for your email.

      Together we can

  29. Marvelous Excellent Brilliant Proposal

    Well thought idea, Joel. Bless you. That project will indeed help minimize Poverty in today’s society and also allows a number of unemployed youth to have a job on Agro production and later support a growth in economy development in the country. Organic products is very beneficial in human’s body but not many are aware of it. My advise to you ensure the EDUCATION on Orgsnic products is well given to the farmers, society and the team that will be driving this project.
    You have my support.

    May God lead you through with this project, amen.

  30. Zoe ndugu…Joel that is an intiative that is very promising as you have done ample research,I have read through and am very’s viable and it’s something that young men alike can pick on,since agriculture as we well know is our Sky’s the limit.Good morning.

  31. this is wonderful proposal son of God, keep it up for the best is yet to come,, keep the fire burning

  32. Tanzania needs a people like you who can think big than what mostly of youth can! indeed It’s good idea and i don’t think if there is any young Tanzanian like you ever had this thought of enabling local fresh organic producers to step into abroad markets.

    1. Hi Fadhil

      I real appreciate your support, this is just by the grace of God because the hour has come for local fresh producers to enlarge their scope and make an impact on the international markets.

    1. Hi Revelation

      Thank you for your support and a good question.

      The project is going to bring more foreign currency to the government, create more jobs to young people who consist of 70% of the population in the country and improve health of many through fresh products.

      And so much more to mention here.

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