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YAP Proposal #355: Piggery for agricultural waste management (Warren Arinaitwe, Uganda)


I’m Warren Arinaitwe from Kampala, Uganda, aged 36 years. I’m a practicing farmer with both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Agriculture.

My project will be based on the utilization of agricultural wastes as alternative feed for pigs.  In Kampala, Uganda, where the project is based, over 1000 mt of organic waste are generated on a daily basis. However, only 30% of generated waste is collected by the city authorities and dumped in a landfill located 13 km from city center and only 1 0km from the location of the piggery project. From my time working at companies like: Eagle Dumpster Rental, I learned just how massive of an impact waste makes.

With these startling garbage statistics in addition to other benefits such as low initial investment requirement, high feed conversion ratio of the pigs, faster multiplication rate and high demand for pork, we decided to start a piggery with only 3 piglets as a trial in 2015.

To date we have increased the number to 16 pigs with a goal of 500 pigs by the end of 2017. The farm is run as a family business on part of the family land.

The pigs are currently fed on agricultural waste, mainly potatoes, banana peel and food leftovers gathered carefully from specific markets, hotels and schools with the city before being dumped at the designated collection points. These feeds are obtained at a barely any cost and have proved effective.

With the start-up capital, we intend to boost the enterprise by procuring improved breeds from Kenya and South Africa. We will also procure and install a maize milling plant which will boost the family income through milling charges and provide employment to women and youth in the neighborhood who will be involved in sorting, grading and other operational activities.

We will also benefit from maize bran, a byproduct of maize processing.  In the long run, we hope to introduce a farm training program for the communities around and the farm locality. Other benefits will include generation of organic manure for production of vegetables.

Currently, the project sits on ½ acre of land procured with my own savings. We have managed to raise a housing structure with an accommodation capacity of 40 pigs. The project currently employs two youth to clean and collect feed.

Given this background, we hope to increase the farm from the current 16 pigs to 100 by March 2017 through procurement of high quality breeding stock from Kenya and South Africa.

WarrenArinaitwe2The increase in pigs is expected to generate 1/4 ton of manure/day. These droppings will be composted and used as organic manure in the banana demonstration garden already established at the farm.

We will procure and install a maize milling plant with a capacity of processing 1 ton per day by June 2016. We already have designated space for this establishment. With this processing plant we expect to employ a minimum of 20 women and youth in drying, sorting, grading, processing, packing and storage of maize and associated products.

Again, we hope to attract farmers from across Uganda for farm training in piggery, banana and vegetable production in urban and peri-urban settings.

Lastly, with this expansion our demand for agricultural waste is expected to triple, thus translating into reduced expenditure on disposal by the city authorities.

Our expenditure line for the $5000 startup is summarized below:

Expansion of the piggery Housing structure = $1000
Purchase of 6 improved breeds 6 @ $250 each = $1500
Purchase and installation of maize milling plant = $2500
Total = $5000


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151 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #355: Piggery for agricultural waste management (Warren Arinaitwe, Uganda)”

  1. Thanks Warren Arinaitwe for such an innovation. it will not only help you but also the community around you and its also environmental friendly. God Bless You.

  2. Woo i like the proposal. Surely its a timely solution to ugandan challage. Given the 85% population depending on agriculture. It’s a challange to ugandan youth to come up with such innovations.

  3. Great work with a big vision

    Truly your plans will go along way in turning waste into value which will not only reduce on waste disposal costs but also save our communities of waste stench as well environmental degradation

  4. I have visited the farm and am now happy that you are taking this to a higher level. The lessons we learnt when we visited would make a difference in the lives of many Ugandans. I like the selflessness you exhibited when we visited the farm. I wish you the very best.

  5. We had an opportunity of 30 young men from St. Francis Chapel- Makerere University to visit the Arinaitwe’s farm. We were motivated by what him and his wife have managed to do with their personal savings. They have a zeal for agribusiness and am certain that youths shall benift much from this farm.
    Sabiiti Herbert
    Managing Director
    Ridgeline Uganda.

  6. Wonderful innovative idea! This can be elevated into other cities of Africa where kitchen waste is posing a huge problem.
    The government and well wishers can fund this idea so that it expands as soon as possible.

  7. Congratulations on making us all green-eyed monsters. So envious of your success. And so happy for you

  8. I like the structure of the proposal and ideas there in such as ;- conversion of food waste, involvement of the community, employment opportunities to the youth and women, linking animal husbandry and crop husbandry; these ideas make it a comprehensive and great proposal; I have for sure borrowed a leaf.

  9. Oh this is a great think thanx bwana arinaitwe for sharing and this is so inspiring. May God bless the works of yo hands

  10. I always wondered when and how you were going to develop this project.
    Now I have seen the vision. I wish you all the best brother especially because you do this with a passion.

  11. Very enthusiastic proposal. Great solution to Uganda’s agricultural waste.I love the idea and wish you the best

  12. Great ideas Warren.
    I hope the youth of this country shall atleast borrow a leaf and stop crying for help from the government. Start and then have a vision…very good.
    All the best

  13. I like the idea .if you don’t mind training me about piggery kindly reply with directions to your farm or permit me to contact uou in your inbox. am doing piggery but locally and I know not much about it.
    Thanks Warren and best wishes

  14. Am impressed. I believe the youth shall benefit amidst the 75% youth unemployment in our country. Keep it up warren

  15. Good ideas only if they can grow and benefit the public especially the public and the youth. Harder Warren, you can make it there.

  16. Warren that’s being a Ugandan at heart. Good creativity. May God help you implement it to your dream for the good of all.

  17. Great job. Indeed, nothing is a waste. Your work supports the three Rs. It is friendly to the environment

  18. Wow…am glad to have visited yo greatly challenged me..many lessons were learnt as you moved us around..all the best..may God bless u!

  19. This is an interesting project and given your hardworking you will be able to succeed using the model explained. Additionally I do agree with you on the food waste all over in schools, hotels, social gatherings, homes. The only thing needed is networking with those entities in order to access the wastes

  20. I personally hv been on the piggery farm and trust me its a project worth funding for the betterment of both the country and individual especially the youth at large..# wish u gud luck brother and hope to see you hit dat target v 500 pigs by 2017

    1. @Mr. Kagundu, Piggery is less capital intensive when it comes to management as long as you get the right breed and right source of feeds. They multiple faster and have one of the highest feed convertion factor. Please visit us and we share more

      Looking forward to hosting you

  21. What a great proposal Mr Warren..the fact that I have personally visited the project gives me all the rights to witness a great deal in Agriculture ….gud luck bro

  22. Hello Cleopas, thank you for pointing out the area of networking with waste provider. We will endeavor to organise them in groups and establish accessunless collection centres

    Many thanks once again

  23. Thumbs up for Warren Arinaitwe. This project will be resourceful for many unemployed youth and women in the communities around. I’m pledging my support when it comes to the vegetable project. I wish you the best.

    Asiimwe Mathias Tinkah
    Safari Seeds Uganda Limited


  24. Many thanks Mathias-Safari Seeds Uganda for the pledged support in the vegetable production line.

    Your resource is always very highly appreciated

    To Alex and others who already paid a visit to the farm, we appreciate your suggestions and credits whenever you visit us. They help us focus foward!

  25. This is what our scientists have been missing. Integrating technical knowledge with socio-economic transformation or call it development. I strongly recommend this with three reasons:
    1. The aspect of smart waste management (using pigs to reduce vegetable wastes)
    2. Employment along the value chain
    3. Knowledge transfer to the community
    This is what our communities need to over come poverty & unemployment. There is alot to learn from this model. I personally can’t wait for the project to take off & come to learn.

    1. Thank you Rolland for your humbling comments. You’re always welcome to share knowledge at the farm

  26. Thanks for brilliant ideas Warren. If I was a donor, i would be more than willing to fund that.

    1. I like the market provision at Joseph. We’re hear to produce enough food for the increasing population

  27. i have always looked at my piggery project from one angle. this is surely amazing. idea seen, idea copied and idea implemented. thanks for being the teacher in this warren. GREAT IDEA

  28. i have always looked at my piggery project back in the village from one angle. i now have an idea on how to improve it. this is so great for the community. warren keep giving us such ideas.

  29. This is incredible brother.
    Agriculture being our economic backbone this is the way to go. Wish u success and all the best

  30. Warren, this is a perfect venture for your community, with your education and experience, I believe this project will be a model in uganda with time.

    1. Giovanni:

      Our target is to roll it countrywide based on documented success stories from this pilot

  31. Waren,you have always gad a passion for effective agricukture and now see how far you have gone.How i pray you get funded a d we see you fly.As a farmer too,i can feeel yo passion and you hard work.The pictures can tell it too.Thanks for involving your wife.Blessings to you.With this passion,even the sky is not the limit.

    1. Thank for the complement @Pamela. Farming without family involvement especially women is most times not sustainable.

  32. Oh my God,what a timely innovation,personally I am a beneficiary of your young innovation,am very sure and convinced beyond doubt the determination I know in u,u will never stop until u achieve the target.may God grant u all your wishes as I know many people off all age groups Wil surely benefit.

  33. One out of a million…..piggery at a different angel. Thanks for the idea Warren and hope we benefit especially training wise

  34. Not shocked, Warren you have always been brilliant. When such comes from you, with your hard work , I know you will go far. God bless you

  35. warren, This is a good idea since it is away of recycling wastes and improving agriculture this project will provide employment to many people so thanks for this good idea

    1. Dear Moses,
      Thank you for your comment!

      We are convinced that the project will check youth unemployment.

  36. This whole experience is humbling. This project will make a success story. And many communities will stand to benefit from it. May God bless you.

    Nicodemus Duhimbaze

  37. This project will revolutionalise waste management in major cities of Africa. Are open to public for learning at your farm

    1. Dear Musoke,

      Thank your comment . Yes the farm is open to public for information sharing

    1. We share the same thoughts at Hasifa. We anticipate to contribute to employment to women and youth around and beyond our local community

  38. i like this idea, Now i can use this knowledge to start my own piggery project.kip it up.

  39. Agriculture is one of the un exploited ventures in Uganda yet highly yielding and beneficial to many. Wish you the best Mr Wellen

  40. I am proposing that if you can also engage people in that cell where you reside to allow you use their manure as well. They will benefit at the end of the day

  41. Mr Arinaitwe, kindly advise on the medicine I can give to my 6 months old pig that passes out funny stool. I am scared that I may loose it. Otherwise, nice project

    1. Dear Mr. Mugisha,

      Sorry about your pig that passing funny stool. Right now I may not give a definite treatment looking at your concise diagnosis. But quickly, that could be worms that are common in pigs. Moving foward I advise you to contact a veterinarian in your area for proper diagnosis and treatment.

      Once again I’m sorry about your pig but all shall be well once get a proper expert.

  42. Warren you are capable of implementing this. Zealous man way back from the time we were together at the university. I wish you well brother

  43. Mr Agriculturalist, how are you going to ensure a revolving fund in all this( sustainability of the project) if at all you win this funding?

  44. How are you going to balance your work at ciat as indicated in your write-up and the project. Do you employ some people on the farm?. Otherwise, it is a unique and good idea. All the best

    1. Dear Frank, I certainly work with other able men and women under daily supervision of a Manager. I do more of overseeing and trouble shooting job but once the business grows to the leave we expect it, I will definitely drop formal employment.

      Thank you for your keen observation

  45. Wow! Great idea. Hope u will also share you achievements against your set targets as well as goal specific success stories offcourse not forgetting the challenges. Many young people can pick up some thing to emulate.

  46. Warren: This is very innovative and workable. Can you offer trainings to our farmers in South Western Uganda

  47. Agriculture being the back born of Ugandaz economy I see a great deal in Such a great proposal n to me u a gud to go Mr warren.

  48. I wish you could share your story in a public forum like newspaper for many to learn.its a great idea. God bless

  49. Interesting ideas, just target to keep the timelines because it’s the biggest problem in Uganda.
    Bravo Warren

  50. You will make it Warren, I have known you to be a greatly motivated, hardworking enthusiastic man.all the best

  51. The Lord shall be on your side brother. That’s lovely for a family business.
    Good and great ideas.

  52. Hard work pays Warren. Keep up you will get to your dreams.shoot to the moon…..even if you miss you will land among the stars.

  53. Surely this is the kind of Uganda needs. People with their doing such wonderful agricultural projects;

  54. Great ideas leads to great achievement hence success keep up brother, Your vision Will not only benefit you as an individual but also the community keep it up

  55. Agriculture is the way to go. This program will not only benefit u but also the surrounding society. The greater Idea of thinking about the agricultural school is really outstanding. Many of our youth can take advantage of such vocational studies to deal with the current high unemployment rates. We are behind u

  56. Thanks for sharing your idea warren. It is an encouragement to those of us that have similar dreams. Wish you success in your endevours

  57. Great project my brother. I love the way this project is designed to address most of the pressing needs in our country – waste management, food security, training and job creation. Wish you all the best.

  58. This is great work Warren, there is alot to learn from your project especially by most of our young people who are looking for what to do. May God continue to bless the works of your hands. looking forward to visit your farm

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