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YAP Proposal #350: Growing fruit trees for schools (Lukwago Umar, Uganda)


My Name is Lukwago Umar Kiggundu of Kampala, Uganda. I have a degree in Education, aged 35 yrs. I deal in germinating tree seedlings and I strongly believe that trees are for life.

Trees are everything on this planet: its medicine, its food, and above all trees are sources of income.

Therefore, as teachers we came up with a fruit tree growing project of which I am the coordinator that is to benefit not an individual but the whole community.

In fact, this is an environmental education project. It has been found that participation by the people is essential for environmental protection program to be effective. Public participation requires a process of education, to inform people about their environment and the means of protecting it, and to encourage them to participate in environmental protection efforts.

The project targets schoolchildren and can get kids involved at an early age, so they will know from the beginning how important the environment is.

By focusing on Uganda’s children we hope that the Fruit Trees for Life project can educate a new “green generation”, who will be well-prepared for the task of protecting Uganda’s environment in the coming century.

It is also a reforestation project. Planting trees from seed is a very important aspect of Uganda’s environmental protection efforts. Trees can prevent soil erosion, improve air quality, help to counter the threat of global warming and provide habitat for indigenous animal life. Therefore, the usefulness and need for trees is very significant.

The project aims to build the capacity of young farmers from Kabasanda primary school to engage in or upscale integrated fruit and vegetable growing and agroforestry activities for improved food security and income generation for the school with minimum environmental damage.

The project also aims to address the pupils’ livelihood needs such as income generation, fuelwood, timber, fruit, fodder and other non-timber forest products while halting and reversing the trend of the forest loss and related environmental degradation in Butambala district. We plan to do this through promoting vegetable and fruit tree growing and agro-forestry systems.

Through such projects, the pupils and teachers of Kabasanda primary school in Kalamba sub-county, Butambala District, have mobilized to grow vegetables and plant trees for fruit. As a result, household food security, income generation for the school and biodiversity conservation have been enhanced.

Every year the school invests in a likely project. At least three school tree nurseries have been established to promote large-scale production of native marketable vegetables and fruit trees.

For the success of this project, teachers and students have already started clearing areas where the nursery beds are going to be. Based on past experience, the community always visits the school for tree fruits and vegetables and indeed the school has registered the project as a success.

Therefore, the success is measured on the high demand from clients and the community.

The project targets to plant at least 3,000 trees and vegetables over 12 months. The types of fruit trees and vegetables to be grown will include: avocado, mango, oranges, guava, jackfruit, papaya and passion fruit; cabbages, pineapple and egg plants, tomatoes and onions among others.

The project will involve the following substantive activities:

  • Organise an awareness workshop on the potential and benefits of sustainable fruit growing, agroforestry and school gardening initiatives, including one for local leaders.
  • Establish at least 3 nursery structures/ beds to provide seedlings to beneficiary groups.
  • Undertake regular monitoring and evaluation of major activities.

The project will be implemented for 12 months in three main phases, namely: the preparatory phase, the implementation phase and the evaluation and reporting phase.

The preparatory phase (1-2 months) will involve establishment of the project steering committee, recruitment of the project staff, procurement of project equipment, and school/community mobilization and initial awareness-raising.

During the implementation phase (2-10 months), a series of activities will be undertaken including assisting young farmers to:

  • Access improved seeds and seedlings;
  • Acquire the necessary farm inputs;
  • Establish group gardens, and other agro-enterprises;
  • Adopt modern agricultural technologies and farming practices.

The second phase will also include most of the awareness and capacity-building activities including:

  • Production of awareness materials;
  • Seminars and training workshops.

The final phase (11-12 months) of the project will include evaluation and reporting activities, including:

  • Shooting of the final documentary video about the project;
  • Preparation and dissemination of the final evaluation report of the project.

At the end of the 12 months of the project, it is expected that the beneficiaries will be able to sustain their efforts without direct support from donors. Major training and awareness interventions will be aimed at creating primary beneficiary and school level independence and cooperation.


The project will cost a total 17,000,000/ Uganda Shillings ($5000) over a period of 18 months. Major undertakings will include the following:

  • Organise awareness workshop on the potential and benefits of sustainable fruit growing, agroforestry (including tree growing) and school gardening initiatives including one for local leaders, estimated $1000 USD
  • Seedling preparations, about 3,000 @ at $1 USD each totaling $3000 USD
  • Undertake regular monitoring and evaluation of major activities including midterm project review, estimated $500 USD.
  • Administrative costs for 4 administrators @ $100 USD each, totaling $400 USD.
  • Award for the best participant $100 USD.


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171 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #350: Growing fruit trees for schools (Lukwago Umar, Uganda)”

  1. My name is abass ali i happened to read this umar proposal about fruit tree growing its indeed interesting basing on the impacts of trees. Indeed trees are for life.

  2. Growing trees especially for fruits its something very important, i have seen umar’s proposal and its really interesting more so the target group of the younger generations makes it more important.

  3. Oh this is something interesting, growing trees for fruits! very good this like promoting better healthy services to the people since trees are for life therefore trees are everything.

    1. Yes mr sebyala thanks for your comment, this is indeed and educational project where people need to know the importance of trees.

  4. Mr Umar,, thank you very much for the information in your paper, but dont you think ,,you had to tell us about the quality of the soil fertility, where you want to carry out / operate your project?
    Because, in many cases, not every tree or fruit can be grown any where.

    1. Very good question, so in uganda especially the proposed area for the project, there is Roam type of soil however am also planning to apply manure so that i come up with good and better project.

  5. i think this is a good project because in Africa we have a problembof deforestration

    1. True, especially in Uganda deforestation is getting serious so i hope through this project we shall be solving such problems

  6. Yap, what a nice project? after reading through i really get interested in it Fruit growing, when i look at the project its really more than enough to solve the problem of deforestation, Trees for life its true considering the advantages of trees.

    1. GOOD, and this project will not only deal with that but also improving the livelihood of its participant since it will act as source of income.

  7. This is something interesting, am Amalia from indonesia i have liked your proposal, however in future like if you happen to get sponsors enlarge the project from planting less to large.

    1. Thanks Amalia for liking the project,every year we deal in such project because its the school’s source of income and 3000 trees there just for the likely funds from the sponsor but we invest in more than that thank you.

  8. This is something interesting, which infact every one must get involved into.Planting trees especially those for fruits since fruits is part of healthy. however you need to encourage more people to do the same.

    1. Nice, Mr Sunan its true fruits are part of healthy that why am trying my level best together with the school to save the community by encouraging them to plant fruit trees.

  9. My name is lubwama ugandan but based in sweden, i have read your project proposal and its really interesting, People need to be educated the importance of tree indeed you even stated it clear that trees is for life, it a good project go on with it so that our country be saved from the dangers of defforestrations, good idea thank you.

      1. Lukwago I wish you the best thank you for replying it shows sense of responsibility.

  10. With the on going deforestation in Uganda today we deserve such projects.and its good you have included the younger generations so that they grow up well knowing the impact of reserving trees.thanks for that proposal.

    1. Your Welcome,ya once understanding at the tender age the importance of trees, then in future such problems shall be dreams.

  11. I have come across your project proposal post but its very interesting. Especially in the areas where your going to carry it out being the village areas i think the proposal suits them very much. Planting tree more so fruits its like creating jobs to the people basing on that advantages of fruits. thanks for that good ideal please. God bless you and you succeed then yoy teach others since its an educative venture.

    1. True, by nature of our people in the villages they misuse trees, cutting them for burning charcoals, firewood etc so thats why i had to come up with such project.

  12. Its something encouraging, where have you got that idea which suite in today’s situation in Uganda, there is much more need to plant trees, tree is for life as you stated it. Its something that you not benefit you as an individual but its for that community thanks.

  13. i loved the idea the enviroment everywere has been destroyed so its high time we got such projects to give life to our environment. this is our planet and its only us to save it. big up.

  14. ooh thanks for the project. we need such useful ideas that can benefit our continent. draught is killing us. hope it goea through

  15. Being part of the community I hope to benefit, let wait for it. Good and encouraging especially where the younger ones are involved.

  16. its a good innovation lets hope you will carry it on to save the defforested trees in our country.

  17. its a good proposal for real and quite important for our country if supported and financed

  18. Is it possible to expand such interesting project even to other area so that we too benefit ? Like in my area no trees at all and fruits are indeed expensive so its my request.

    1. Ya, true its indeed very possible we shall just need to get in touch.I promise, thank you

  19. its wonderful the way its exaplained and organised we hope such proposals are put in consideration for the betterment of our world.

  20. I love the idea everything seem to be good and wonderful for our world you know our country has been destroyed by people cutting down trees and now it’s our responsibility to plant these trees in order to save the nature of the environment and avoid drought .so thank you for this proposal

    1. Ya, true its indeed very possible we shall just need to get in touch.I promise, thank you

  21. My name is mustafa from sudan, an environmentalists, am pleased to your project targeting planting trees, in fact trees is healthy because of its impacts.your project is really good in sudan we also strongly fight deforestation and we encourage people at least to plant trees.its good go on with it

    1. I think Mustafah since your dealing in a similar project in sudan, we need to get in touch to save the world from phenomenal

  22. Its something that I always think about because I see it as one way to curb down unemployment since you invest in tree seedlings and the same time its so essential on our environment so that very project its really my dream. Lukwago thanks for being creative and innoventive at the same time and targeting school children again it’s good.

  23. The project is very creative especially since it involves the inclusion of the young generation…
    I have liked it but more information is needed on the soil fertility availability for the different vegetables and fruits to be grown.

    1. Nice comment Nanyunja, so am likely to apply manure to come up with the best soil for both vegetables andfruits

  24. Yap, I had about it, I think you have move in that very line and your proposed project is Good, since trees is medicine, so planting trees is important.

    1. Thanks for your comment, nur, this project also aimed to check on unemployment since its schools source of income.

  25. Good idea but looks to be a small project, do you have it in mind to expand the project from 3000 trees to at least 10,000 so that the community benefit equally.

    1. True mr aging.s 3000trees is for the budget of 5000USD, but the project is really beyond that. Thanks for your observation

  26. Avery good project, To me as an environmental management officer, in Bogor, I support such project, since its all about conservation of resources.

  27. Why sponsors only deal with youth? Because with such interesting project better all categories be involved. However your proposed project of growing trees is interesting.

    1. I think its this project of below 39 age but other projects for everyone am sure they are yet to be announced, Peter you can asisit me to answer that question since your the initiator of the project. Thanks

  28. Many areas are facing enviromental degradation, and other problems, so dealing in tree planting I see it as a clear direction to save the world’s today’s phenomenon.

    1. True and that why i had to involve the younger generation to grow well knowing the dangers of deforestation.

  29. So Mr Lukwago your proposal is it only focing on income or dealing with deforestation problems? But it looks to be a good idea, especially here in Uganda where entrepreneur skills are still lacking.

    1. Good question Mr, sentongo, the proposal deal with all, when you look at its aims you will find out that its the sources of income to the children livelihood and the school at the same time dealing with dangers of cutting trees.

  30. I thank the Yap, for being focused first in the world day the youth need to get involved in all ventures, so Mr Lukwago really its a good project hopefully you will succeed and many are to benefit.

  31. I like the idea of growing trees especially fruit trees because we shall kill two birds with one stone the environment part then nutrition especially in school children. Thank you mr.lukwago for that brilliant idea..

  32. Dealing with trees it needs patients, being vnot your first time home you’re? May God make you go through.

  33. Where there is conservation of natural resources, that is every must focus, so umar when I look at yo project its indeed have a sense.

    1. thanks its my sole aim to conserve natural resource though the project is a source of income.

  34. Yap, not all people have good ideas, but ideal of dealing with younger generation making them grow well knowing g the tree impact. Its so beautiful.

  35. Why do yo limit yourself only to 3000 trees no think about enlarging the project since the tree are useful to society.

  36. You can only ignore when not read but going through it, you see a wonderful project on the planet. Go on mas Umar.

  37. Oh good project, have seen it deal with pupil’s livehood, so its indeed fitting especially in a situation where youth are looking for job.

  38. Go green behavior from childhood will be more effective to deal with mitigation of global warming. the ideal project is the real solution

    1. Thank you sir we need to ensure green everywhere, food, drinks and medicine its all about green.

  39. We need sustaining and preserving current environment and resources for future generations, but the only way to this is planting trees. so the idea is good.

  40. This is a good for you and a healthy one and I support it 100% in Africa people have cut a lot of trees and it’s high time we planted new ones and this is our responsibility

  41. The good one and we should all support it because drought has eaten up a large area in our countries due to defforestration. so i think this will help

  42. This is something that should be adopted by most of the countries that take environment as a serious issue about global nature its us to save it and you can only do that by planting more and more trees thank you for this.

    1. Ya we need to conserve the environment, and this serve dual purposes, income and conservation.

  43. it’s a good proposal I mean it matches our situation monster in Africa where the climate has changed so so much Sunny is much rain has become scarce. so his proposal is nice.

    1. Very exciting, trees provide, shade, its medicines, fruits for healthy, so thank you for that observation

    1. Thank you sir for your comment, this project is aiming majorly to curb curb deforestation, improve livelihood of children and teachers of kabasanda primary school as well as being source of income

    2. Good , this project vhas wide objective for both the participates and the community, for instance through the project, deforestation shall be dealt with, vegetables are food, medicines etc

  44. well my name is David Mendy from the Gambia. Sincerely projects like growing plants is very important for the development of Africa. on that note i look forward for its approval.

  45. This is something interesting,
    which infact every one must get
    involved into.Planting trees
    especially those for fruits since
    fruits is part of healthy.

  46. 2016 at 07:55
    Oh this is something interesting,
    growing trees for fruits! very
    good this like promoting better
    healthy services to the people
    since trees are for life therefore
    trees are everything.

  47. Thank you for sharing this very interesting project! I would like to learn more about it. I am an American partnering with an orphanage in Uganda, Save Street Children Uganda (SASCU). We just completed a land purchase of 75 acres in the Luwero region, north of Kampala. Our vision is to have a semi-self sustaining orphan village where farming and livestock are instrumental in teaching important skills to the children, earning money, producing food and creating an awareness of the importance of caring for the environment. I would love to have our team in Uganda meet with you and learn more. It sounds awesome! Thank you for your work!

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