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YAP Proposal #349: Community cassava and maize farming (Charles Ekeh, Nigeria)



My name is Charles Ekeh, 27 years of age and a native of Obibiezena, Owerri North, Imo State, Nigeria. I am currently based in Ekiti state. I am a graduate of Agricultural and Environmental Resources Engineering and am passionate about agriculture.

I have been involved in personal research on wilting and permanent wilting point of Amaranthus on Vertisols and Sand loam soils, and also the effect of Albit bio-fertilizer on maize from germination to growth stage V4.

CharlesEkehMy project is Cassava and Maize farming. I want to set up a farm with 10 hectares each of cassava and maize in the Gbonyin local government area. Four hectares each will be located in five communities in Gbonyin LGA (Ijan, Aisegba, Agbado, Imesi, and Ode), of which 2 hectares will be allocated for maize and 2 hectares for cassava cultivation.

CharlesEkeh2The farm will be owned and managed by me and a smallholder group made up of interested community youth. The major farm operations will be mechanized as every member must participate fully.

I feel pain in my heart when I see youth blessed with agricultural land yet wallowing in poverty and joblessness. This project will not just be a farm but most especially a learning centre, an eye opener, motivation and encouragement to community youths.

This project in the long run will bring about self-reliance, job creation and insight to mechanized agriculture in Ekiti State as a whole.

To achieve this, I will:

  • mobilize community youth leaders of each community.
  • create small holder group in each community.
  • lease required land and source tractor services.
  • source for ready buyers of our harvest.
  • invite successful indigenous farmers for monthly lectures and encouragement.

I have already secured a 4-hectare demonstration farm in Ode and 50 kg of maize seed. I have secured the moral support of an indigenous farmer and Ode community leader. I have also secured the interest of some community youth in Ode.

The success of this project will be measured by the success of each participating community group and individual participant in establishing and ruining their own farm.


ITEM                COST PER UNIT(Naira)            QUANTITY      AMOUNT(Naira)

Land lease                     8,000                                      20                                 160,000
Ploughing                      8,000                                      20                                 160,000
Harrowing                     8,000                                      20                                 160,000
Ridging                           8,000                                      20                                 160,000
Spraying                         10,000                                    20                                 200,000
Seeds                               9,000                                      20                                 180,000
Planting                          8,000                                      20                                 80,000
Fertilizers                      4,000                                       20                                 80,000
TOTAL                                                                                                                     1,180,000


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186 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #349: Community cassava and maize farming (Charles Ekeh, Nigeria)”

  1. Great project Charles… i know you passion and commitment to agricultural advancement..and i hope you get all the support you need..go charles…

  2. nice proposal. keep moving, God will take you Dear… but maize farming wuld profit us well

    1. Yep, maize is the most widely consumed crop in Nigeria because of its industrial uses and food processing

  3. Cassava is a good cash crop mainly in the Southern part of Nigeria, and planting cassava is indeed a good idea. God bless your hustle.. (They will beg you. Lolzz).

  4. Cassava is a good cash crop mainly in the Southern part of Nigeria, and planting cassava is indeed a good idea. God bless your hustle. (They will beg you..lolzz)

  5. Kudos Consultant! I have regained my passion for agriculture since reading your proposal….keep it up! “They will beg u” is on its way, say Amen

  6. This is an outright call for the diversification of our nations wealth. The destiny of our great Country lies in the hands of our warlords which is the YOUTH. Go Charles…. You got it.. Its a positive move which if emulated by many others will definitely eradicate the likes of Boko and Militants for our dear nation to prosper. Only if the Executive arm of our government play their role.

  7. I believe in you… through this, the rate of unemployment will reduce… this is want we(Nigeria) need…

  8. Funding such a project is the key thing.. The Idea is bright. Did you also consider pest control in the budget, what’s the duration before harvesting.? How would you pay your workers? I didn’t also see Contingencies in a case of shortcomings…

    1. Yep, for the fund, that’s why am participating in this project contest. Pest control has been considered. We will employ both traditional and chemical method of pest control. For the participants, 50% of the total profit would be shared amongs US.

  9. Talking about unforseen circumstances… Brother you really need to think on the managerial structure and how to put up a PR (Pay Roll) in your budget. Thanks

  10. You ve got an awesome idea Mr charles & I just hope this idea of yours is fully utilized…goodluck

  11. I know you had a passion 4 this field since the time I knew you. wish u success in ur endeavour.

  12. Nice work Charles, you have done a great job, keep it up. I see you winning the contest.

  13. Maize and cassava , perfect combination and choice to maximize resources in terms of nutrient distribution.

  14. I never for once doubted your abilities and passion. i
    If it’s you, I can give my full support. Let’s move agriculture forward my brother. Wish you the very best brother.

    1. Am glad great agriculturists like you are in support of this project. It’s a new dawn for NIGERIA!

  15. Go Charles. I never doubted your abilities. It’s a good combination. Let’s move agriculture forward my brother. Wish you the very best sir.

  16. Dis dream must be actualized.. cos it started a long time ago.A project all youth should wake up to and grab with two hands…lovely charlie!

    1. Thanks Matthew, i hope more youths embrace this project especially our extensionist for rural youth

  17. This idea is superb and I believe is the way forward for Nigerian youth. A very brilliant initiative. keep it up.

  18. Look at at this proposal Mr Charles I really believe in your passion. And I believe this project will go along way in improving the living standard of unemployed youth in the localities mentioned. I am hoping one day some body will bring up something of this nature in my state. Yobe state.

    1. Many thanks Mr. Sule. This project is open for adoption. I just want to eradicate poverty through agriculture.

    1. Thanks Olamide. I will be glad to support anybody who wants to adopt this project. God bless NIGERIA!

  19. Good project. It will go a long way in correcting some of the problems in our agricultural sector.

  20. Good job. Agriculture is Nigeria’s biggest employer of labour and with minds n energetic personalities like u, we’ll soon surpass the Asian world.

    1. Thanks Agatha, am glad there are fellow youths who believes and supports agriculture irrespective of their discipline.

  21. This project will surely impact life and bring about new development in those area, know you have passion for this and believe God will see you through.

  22. This is a great and nice initiative, with benefits not just to you but also to the residents around.

    It would be worth it to give this project a green light

  23. This is a beautiful plan that would improve not only Nigeria but Africa at large… Kudos Mr Charles

  24. Nice one my boss but my question is do u plan on extending this good vision to other part of Nigeria let’s say my state(Borno State) so that they can also benefit from the effort of knowledge given to you. Thanks

    1. Yes JAMES, am ready to work with any interested community/state in creating a sustainable living through agriculture.

  25. Wonderful idea. I Believe such project is worth investing in. Baba God is your Strength.

  26. Nice work my great colleague. With this kind of thinking we can see light at the end of the tunnel. Nigerian agricultural system will rise again. Nice work!
    Nigerian government should try and see sense in agriculture.

  27. I like your passion 4 agriculture. A nice project and prospect. May God help your aspirations…..

  28. Am interested in buying of the products when ever is ready.. GOD bless you more. It’s a good idea keep it up

      1. Am so so hapi dat dis great invent is happenin in my time. Honestly charles, u hv dne rilli a great job here. I lik ur passion n ur zealous attitude. Pls do kip d gud wrk going. I lik dis n dis is what d economy need at d moment cos nigerian hv being depending on d oil sector 4 so lng. I thnk wat we need at d time is 2 luk in2 d agricultural sector. So charles, u hv my full support on dis. Wow!!!

  29. That is a great on. Your involvement of community leaders and labour will really be a grassroots employment opportunity for the local unemployed youths.

  30. Charles’ passion for agriculture is a sure way of making Africa self reliant. You are a motivator.

  31. More Food. More Employment Opportunities. More Solutions.

    Of course, you are still the Charles I used to know. Just remembered when we talked about this agric dream you have over at Chijioke’s place. Thank God this fire still burns… And thank God I know the light bearer!

    Congratulations in advance, man!

    1. Yes Uncle P, the fire burns now more than it has ever especially in this our economic crisis. thanks

  32. Great work indeed. This will definately be an eye opener to Nigeria youth. Keep the flag flying Charles.

  33. Brilliant choice of products, the Nigerian agricultural sector needs to expand its production capacity for these, so we have enough to feed our food processing industry.

  34. This is beautiful, I pray that this becomes a reality for u, please continue the good work as u encourage other youths and keep them busy.God bless your project

  35. This is a very creative approach and will be quite productive for you guys in the future. Thumbs up for your amazingly creativity of analyzing the fundamental and hidden benefits in agriculture especially towards the youth generation.

  36. l sincerely want to appreciate your effort u are skillful and forcus.Sky is yr starting point,ride on is a nrw development.l hail u..You are mindful

  37. Nice one Mr Charles I have always know you for hard work determination and ideas and I believe this project would never be an exception. Am supporting you on these and I pray it would get it’s approval by God’s grace.carry go my brother.

  38. Smart choice of products, the Nigerian agricultural sector need to expand its production capacity for these, it will go a long way to in feeding our food processing industry.

    1. Yep Olusegun, these crops where chosen because they are the most consumed staples in Nigeria and regionally versatile. thanks for your comment

  39. Wow Charles! I must admit this which you’ve set is very commendable and impressive. And as you mentioned above, the ramifications of your embarkings influence is tremendous and lucrative. Very insightful as well and we wish the success. Kudos and cheers

  40. Wow Charles! Admittedly I’m very impressed such initiative deserve a good commendation, and you’ve just earned mine. I sincerely hope that that ramifications of this projects influence will attain a good fruition. Wish you the most success, Kudos & cheers.

  41. U are purposeful,focus u will meet your target in life.What a development .Sky is your starting point never to relent

  42. Thanks EMMY, the aim of this project is to eradicate poverty most especially in the rurals and imbibe self reliance.

  43. Truth be told, I’m short of words. Bravo! We need creative and go-getting minds like yours that could always think up more positive, creative and constructive ways of effecting the true “Change” our communities, society and our nation deserve(s) in order to successfully liberate us from the current status quo bedeveling our beloved fatherland. This project is definitely a good (no, an awesome start). All the best bro.

  44. Unforseen circumstance which is not in our control is atmospheric, “rainfall” most especially. when it starts and its duration. but every other unforseen circumstances can be handled by good farm management.

  45. good one chalse. it’s good development
    in gbonyin local govt. I served in aisegba and I know how fertile their land is. am sure you are trying to apply the knowledge of Prof. ohu on the farm land. wish you the best.

  46. Very impressive, with this work our nation will be reform to a productive nation in agriculture.

  47. This is a the blam!
    Can’t wait to be a part of this project… to show everyone how important ICT is to agriculture.

    Charles my paddy
    Don’t forget to call for or website… to start with!

  48. wow! I am really impressed by this project. I believe that it will encourage youths else where to embark on similar project with time, because I have faith in you and what you are doing. Wish you success, strength and favour.

  49. Great wrk guy. Its neva bein easy wit d nigeria economy all dis yrs. It has bein up n dwn bt wit d project u hv at hands nw, I thnk its smethng worth lukin in2. Again n again, I lik good thngs n dis is rilli gud, so tak it frm mi, u r gud 2 go. U hv my full support charles

  50. This is a bright one Mr. Charles Ekeh. All i can say to you is congratulations as i see you emerge the winner.
    Some things i did not see in your budget are;
    1. Cost of weeding ( weed control)
    2. Cost of transportation
    3. What means do you intend to achieve this; by Irrigation or Rainfall?
    4. Cost of transportation
    5. Miscellaneous (cost of mobilizing youth, community leaders and also organizing the said seminar for the community)

    God bless you real good

  51. I have been part of those who smile with eulogy for u each time I everything that has to do with u carrying atleast a green leaf on it. This the time to show the world what u’ve been showing us. I wish finance won’t be an Issue this time again!
    I’d like to be a part of this…to show u how I.C.T can be very important to agriculture.
    For a start… Don’t forget to call for ur website design!
    Charles “The green”!
    Keep the good work going…m’right behind u.

  52. let me start by saying am well impressed with this your project Charles, keep it up and never relent in ur efforts, all i know is that nigeria needs youth with this kind of thinking. And am sure you will make it Insha Allah.
    all the best Charles Ekeh

  53. Good one Charles. I will like to invest into this project as an investor. Setup a meeting where we can see and discuss because I have a desire to improve my finance but don’t have the time and idea to go into agriculture. Set the date.thanks

  54. Yep Godwin, I only included the major activities we need the fund for. If every thing is provided including their transportation and labour for wedding, their might not be sense of reponsibility. It should be a hands on program. The land preparation which is the tedious part will be done by tractor services but the maintenance of the farm has to be taken care of by the group. Also each member can not be transport to farm location they will responsible for their transportation. I just want a sense of responsibility and commitment.

  55. Consultant Charles I know u as a great achiever,I believe your dreams over this will come to pass. Excellent performance keep it up.God bless

  56. Great project from a passionate youngman,i hope this project gets the funding it deserves!

  57. Superb Charles! With your dedication and effort I believe that this project will definitely be a great success! Best of luck and may God bless U! 🙂

  58. Kudos bro. I’m a strong believer in the prospects of agriculture and also an admirer of those who see those prospects. Once more kudos bro.

  59. Wow this is excellent, i always believe in u and ur abilities, wish u more of god favour,

  60. Wow! I support this wonderful effort most especially concerning the rate of poverty among the youth which you intend to see to it that through this medium it’s been reduced. More grace and God’s favor my brother

  61. I 100‰ agree with this ur proposal becos it will really go a long way. Most especially in the aspect of providing jobs to the unemployed once. All the best and good luck…..”‘ I believe say one day u go make us(Nigeria) proud and now is the time……'” Good luck once again

  62. Many thanks to you all for your support and encouragement! Will let you know as soon as the project commences. We still need your moral support. Once again thanks

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