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YAP proposal #337: Quality Onion Seed Production (Elitumaini Rweyemam, Tanzania)


My name is Elitumaini Rweyemam. I am Tanzanian, aged 26, with a Bachelor of Education in languages and management from Mzumbe University. I was born in the Mangola Valley in a farming family. The valley is famous in East Africa for onion production.

Growing up, I witnessed a number of onion growers burying their produce due to poor return. I have learnt that there are several factors to poor onion harvest but that the quality of the seed is the biggest.

Poor seeds result in poor yields, no matter what other efforts are made. From this experience I was driven to start quality onion seeds production to help farmers increase their yield and make more money from farming.

Onion seeds are produced by replanting already harvested onions, this is called the ‘bulb-to-seed’ method.

In order to get the best quality seed, one has to plant the best bulbs, of good size, uniform, typical colour, free from disease and physical damage. But most farmers are obliged to sell the best they produce for profit and grow seeds from remained inferior bulbs. This results in poor seed production and the chain goes to poor onion harvesting.

We need to produce quality seeds for our farmers and also teach them to grow onions organically.

It’s a fact that our farmers are not in a good position to produce quality seeds by their own. Onion seed production needs time, knowledge, technology, and enough capital which are challenges to most farmers.

Project description

Quality onion seeds production is the project focusing on growing and producing standard onion seeds organically, without use of industrial fertilizers, and to distribute to farmers at a reasonable cost, to discourage the use of imported GMO seed. And help our farmers increase their production, produce healthier food and keep land undestroyed.

Our seed production farm will be a centre for local farmers to learn organic onion growing and seed production. Our core goal is to transform onion farming from chemical-based farming to organic farming, by producing the best seeds that will result in high yield.

Inferior seeds encourage the use of fertilizers. Our desire is to discourage fertilizer use, as we understand the side effects of agrichemicals to the land and people’s health.

Currently, I have two acres of land with available water for irrigation all year seasons. Where I grow onions.

The grant of USD 5,000, would help to expand my farm and transform it from onion growing farm to a quality-onion-seed-producing area and an organic-onion-growing-learning zone.


  • Expanding the farm by buying other three acres and make them total of five acres. USD 1500.
  • Buying seeds Red Bombay and Adama Red, which are good and the most marketable onion varieties, with higher bulb yields and they grow early. USD 200
  • Nursery preparation and management USD 150
  • Farm preparation USD 600,
  • Modifying our Irrigation system, buying solar water pumps USD900.
  • Transplanting and crop management USD 800.
  • Harvesting onions USD 150
  • Re-planting bulbs and carrying 450
  • Onion seeds harvesting and storage 250

We believe that, through our project, our farmers will improve their financial gain from onion farming, because organic farming is cheap and healthier than chemical-based farming.


Blogpost and picture submitted by Elitumaini Rweyemam (Tanzania): relitumaini[at]

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718 thoughts on “YAP proposal #337: Quality Onion Seed Production (Elitumaini Rweyemam, Tanzania)”

    1. Waoo nice idea, and your a truly poverty fighter you it’s a nice one, well done frend.

    2. it’s a nice idea, and your a truly poverty fighter, well done friend God be with you and. best of luck

  1. I can personally recommend this Young man and his proposal. He has shown great initiative in learning about permaculture and about production of onions. He is serious and thoughtful and energetic. I wholeheartedly endorse this and encourage you to vote for this project.

  2. This i good idea Elitumaini, but my question is? Do you think is possible to cultivate unions withouth the use of pestisides? Especially for large scale farms?

    1. Yes Amanimaho farming without pestisides is very possible. There are several ways to do that. Like, crop rotation, crop diversity and intercroping also using pest to fight pests, that is through intergrating predatory insects into farm.

      1. It true that farming without pesticides is possible but, for small gardens. Management of a big farm without uses of pestisides is a big task a farmer can have, to encourage our farmer leave that is big challange as most of farmers need to farm for profit. Oganic farming is not that much cheap as you explained in your proposal, i hope you will win the grant remember you have a big task ahed to transform our farming system from chemical based to healthy food production. All the best

  3. That is good idea!
    He needs financial assistance! the grants should be offered for him , i like his creativity,regardless his profession,he still performing normal activities for community developmeny’well done Tumaini

    1. Onions farmers can grow onions all seasons of the year, we also need to divide our farm into differnt parts that we will be producing seeds for every farming season. Ths is because onion seed can not be stored for long time. Also we need to allocate the portion for organic farming demonstration.

  4. Congratulation for good idea, Elitumaini. I am from the place. I like your idea about discouraging the use of GMO seeds. These destrous or soil and it not good for our God help you suceed on this project

    1. Thank you for vote and comment. We will go and help our people make more money from agricultire and bring back the love of farming to the people as the have given up due to poor return.

    1. I am more experienced with onion seed, and its the only crop that is highly cultivated in the area. Currently we see number of young farmers engaging in Agriculture, i hope there people who will be intrested to the same kind of projects at different places and other crop.

      1. That Ok Elitumaini, but some of pest control ways are intercroping and crop rotation. Cant you see that growing various kid of seeds will be more advanteous to your project?

    1. I learn to help others reach their goal is the best way reaching your own goals. Our farmer have to increase their income and its possible. I am eager to be part of great Agricultural revolution in my country abd region.

  5. It is good idea Elitumaini. Our farmers have been facing this challange and there is a group of business people who only focus on profit making have been selling GMO seeds to our farmers, currently most of farmers showed intrest to that seeds but i think it is because they dont know the negative impact of the seeds to their farms as well as peoples health.

  6. Sometimes farmers can have good seeds, but poor management of farm can reault to poor yields. I like the idea of farmers training. Then would you be visiting farmers on their farms? I think this would be much better as u can see what they do and progress of their crops.

  7. congratulations sir! you have done a good work..hope you are going to be among the winners.. all the best!

    1. Its because we need to produce enough seeds, currently there is high demand of onion seeds to our farmes. But also because we need to dividw the farm into portions where we will be growing seeds differntly.

  8. Good idea…Do you think other farmers will be able to stop using GMO seeds…because it seems most of them are interested in using those seeds

    1. Farners uses GMO seeds because they are not aware of its negative impacts, i believe they will stop after they test goodness of our seeds and getting knowledge from us and other intrest groups.

  9. May God bless you!!its good idea we hope we will benefit from your project!!thanx and all the bext

  10. it’s a nice idea, and your a truly poverty fighter my God bless you so as you can archive this, well done friend and best of luck

    1. We need to grow onion organically because almost everyone uses so, poisoned onions affect us all, we eat onion everyday…ofcourse we need to change our agricultural system and leave the use of pestisides in all crops, i starde with onion due to the factor i above but also my interest and experience on it.

    1. Thank you for comment Eduard.

      What you said is purely true, seed caring and management of farm are important things. Because our goal is to help farmers we will provide them with best seeds and help them grow organicaly.

  11. Might be good start friend. I and my friend will vote for you as much as we help you win this as we believe in your efforts and hard working habit. Your proposal is also one of the good.

    1. Yes friend Ismail. I had a plan foe so long, and i have been hardly working to put idea into practice. I feel like God has opped the way to farmers of my place through establishnnt of this project. I pray to get the grant and i believe its going to change the siuation of farmers.

  12. The project will really be successfully implemented,
    The idea is great and this will add efficient to the production and expand the yields as well.
    Let’s join and encourage the onion production as we know how important the onion is in our daily use.

  13. For sure the farmers can have good seeds,
    but poor management of farm can result
    to poor yields.if you will be visiting
    farmers on their farms it
    would be much better as u can see what
    they do and progress of their crops.

    1. Thank you for your comment Justin. Sometimes it happen farmers invite us to their farms.i think when we start producing seeds we wil visit their farms and advice then, in any changes they will be observing

  14. Its the best farming idea i have seen so far , targeting developing farmers productions and market by starting with seed production in a best way its the core of farming activities!! Im very thrilled with this idea. Great idea.

  15. Bombay red is the most widely grown onion variety. It has high yields, you can focus much on it. It can benefit the farmers than Adam red and the other vaieties. I am in the field and i am so excited with you idea. Thank wishing you all the best of luck.

    1. Yes Said, Bombay red is one of good variety, the challange with it is.. only that is not suitable in rain season. Red bambay and Adama red seeds are all good onion varieties and they all have some unique quality over each.

  16. you really need this financial support in order to succeed and also it is good for you to expand your farm

  17. Am so proud of you…very good job and this should inspire Tanzanian youth to follow the same path.

  18. I personaly wish you all the best, heared from friend, that you need votes. Yes if comments counts here is my Vote. I could even coment a hundred times as i see the importance of this project. By the way do not give up. Wether you get grant or not. Move forward with your idea, its implementable and sustainable. I can project the success.. go on. And all the best of luck.

    1. Hi, Eduard! I am so thankful for this courageous comment. I will always move forward and make it happen as much as i can, good thing is..i have good people like you whome we can join hands.

  19. Good project idea, all the best of luck my friend, i shared with friends as much as i could i hope you are going to get enough votes to make your proposal win.

  20. Short shelf life of union seeds have been discouraging factor to many seed angents informa and formal agents. Its one year under favourable condition. I think this is one of the great idea about onion seeds. I tried this business some years back and i ended up blamed, i stored the seed and sold to farmers after two seasons of cultivation, but almost all my costomers come back complaining. Produce and sell instantly…this work rather than parking in bags.

  21. I am inspired with your idea. Seed and soil are the first thing to look at in agriculture then water. Poor seed…all other factor are meaning less.

  22. Will join you on this friend. I am onion Farmer too, my farm is at Ruaha mbuyuni. We also face the same challange with seeds, they sell very expensive.

  23. Great proposal, it’s wonderful when farmers want to improve the quality of their product organically and not use pesticides. Someone asked why you couldn’t use the 2 acres you have ? Obviously the more land you can utilize, the better you are able to expand and increase production and not be dependent on non organic means to farm. No farmer has 100% return on their crop, so obviously you always want to try and increase the odds of a bigger crop. Very proud of you!! Good luck!

  24. Waoooo!!!! Congratulation for nice idea,I really interested with your project as it carries good and applicable ideas un Tanzanian environments!!! Hope your proposal will bring positive changes to Tanzanian onions growers!!! And I hope you will be the winner and be a role model to other youths who are complain about unemployment

  25. Congratution Elitumaini. This is strategic plan. I hope financial barrier will be solved. Let this be lesson to other youth who didn’t like farm activities.
    Much best of luck Elitumaini.

  26. Congratulation for such productive idea!! I wish you all the best in becoming the winner!!

  27. great….to see the problem and working out of it ……is really what living education we need…not only how proffessional you are but how your proffessional works….i really appriciate that broh….itc GREAT!!!!

  28. I agree with your idea of stressing much on quality of seeds. But the technology of growing is the other thing to consider, well organic growing is helpful but our people are still slow on learning that and the dont trust that its possible farming without use of pests. Maybe fertilizer they can agree and use organic manua. Anyway all the best of luck

    1. Hi Mawalla.
      Its true that i encontered the challange of people not trusting the possibility of growing crop without pesticides. But our model farm will help on that, before the invession of pesticides and industal fertilizers people were farming and harvesting. We will go back to nature but in a new and better ways.

  29. I am encouraged to see young and educated youth having intrest in Agriculture. I read somewhere that African Agriculture need younger blood. You young people are the one who can transform our Agriculture, you are investment in onion is good, as onion is among highest demanded vegeatable. Across the continent. Its easy to make profit from farming onion and good thing with it, it grows in almost all types of soil and all year season. I wish you and all other young farmers all the best of luck

  30. It was difficult to vote for you. As i didnt had WordPress account but tried as much as i could to learn on how i could succeed to give you my vote and finaly i am voting for you through my comment. I support you fully my friend..i support the project it is good

  31. Elitumaini you planed, something good. I wish you all the best on this. I am not that much in farming but i believe this is going to do something with people of your area.

  32. All the best of luck Elitumaini. My clasmate and long time friend. I know your love of farming. May your idea come into reality by wining the Grand, we will vote for you! I hope judges will also appreciate your project.

  33. I am so excited with your idea, young man. You wrote what i have been thinking for so long, it was just living in my heard but i can now see you are taking it into reality. I will join you on implementing this project, i believe you are going to get the grant. And even though you it will not happen as we all believe and desire never leave this Idea, go for it in anyway you can so. I and you can make great revolution in onion production.. May God bless you on this and in everything.

  34. You had explained your proposal well Elitumaini. Very short and clear. This shows that you are smart, i believe you will implemend this project.

  35. Young people has to go back farm Elitumaini you showed the way. Go and prepare the seeds we are comming. It we who will feed the world with fresh food, organicaly produced

  36. All the best Elitumaini, u started the war be strong and confident. Tranforming to organic farming wont positively received by all, Remember there are big companies distributing the pestucides to farmers and probably the might be among the sponsors.

    1. Hi James.
      You are correct in spoting out that challange , we who produce and sell pesticides we buy fresh food from farmers who are using the poisons we sell. In that way we are killing by ouslves. Its upon us to think..should we kill our generation for the love of money?

  37. I dont know you Elitumaini, someone has just sent me this link. I was convised to read your make it short but i appreciate everything in it. Congratulation, i wish you all the best

  38. may u be blassed young bro. I would like you to visit other places like Nar after your project at Mangola so as to discover what is happening and the way to improve the
    production at those places.

  39. Well done broo!!I bealive in the spirit of your hard working,i recomend the grant for yuo

  40. I believe in your idea, only because you presented well. Your presentation shows you know what you talk about. Best of luck friend.

  41. As youth we should focus to the projects that are going to change the life of our people, and bring economic developent to individual person as well as nation at large. Congratulation Elitumaini, you project is kind of that

  42. I can see many onion growers benefiting from this project…not very long. May God make this possible to you for the farmers and us consumers.

  43. Farming is employment of many people, especialy those in rural areas. If this project could succesfuly implemented it wil change the income generation of many people.

  44. We are what we eat, i loved the idea of onion farming organically, though some friends have possed the challange in above comments but seem you still can make it Happen. I just wish you all the best of Luck my friend

  45. I appreciate the efforts you are making in changing the situation of Onion farmers at your place, where you were born and witnessed onion growers getting loss from poor harvest caursed by poor seeds they use. I trust will come out with wonderful results

  46. Thank you for teaching hope to the world. Your hard work is truly inspirational. Your beauty runs deep. Thank you for sharing all this goodness!

  47. Quite a disruptive idea. Your models looks pretty simple and sustainable. All the best with this.

  48. Elitumaini i agree with your Idea on improving onion production. Its true that seeds have been a challange for many years leading to farmers getting loss. But for my experience single crop farming is the most problem to people of Mang’ola, they only grow onions all time of they year. This causes easy transfer of deseas, the
    Purple blotch is the major production constraint of onion resulting from cultivating only onion in the same farm. How have you planed to help farmers get rid of this, or your plans and focus is only on seeds?

  49. Congratulation Elitumaini, you think big, every kitchen need onion for acomplishing its flavour… good idea of private earning money

  50. This incredbly wonderful Elitumaini, I appreciate your explanation about situation of onion farmers, regarding to seed problem. I wonder you didnt explain in your proposal about soil, this is the most important factor. Organic farming needs much concentration of soil treatment ., what measures will you take to rebuild the destroyed soil because. Mangola is a place where the chemicalized agriculture have been highly practised for many years, and nothing can grow there without use of fertilizer even grass.

    1. It is true Hamidu, soil is great factor to consider in farming…but the quality of seeds still remain the biggest. Soil you can add manua, or do anything to make it fertile but no way you can change poor seed to quality or better seed. Its good idea to produce quality seeds then other factors come last..though are important too.

  51. you have got great ideas friend en nice project. ….I believe in you. great job en congratulations

  52. I am young enterprenour to, intrested in agriculture. You inspired me with this.! Its kind of a very creative idea. Designed to benefit both stakeholders. I suggest you should also encourage the growing of other crops. It good for soil and peoples income. Market for farming products is unpredictable if you have one crop and price fall down you will get loss and hate farming.

    1. Hi Samwel.

      There is truth in what you say. Intercroping is one of important tool in organic farming. Also the matter of price instability has some truth within but this can be solved by the quality of good you produce. We believe our farmers onions will bring competetition to the market. And they will get high price.

  53. University graduate going back to farm..its so amazing, i wish young people just roaming around the streets in town has to Go back farm. You showed the way.

  54. Hi Elitumaini.
    I read your proposal and understood it well. Its kind of good idea well presented. But i would like to post you a challange, and this is about discuouraging use of pesticides.
    There are many pests in the world which attack plants or compete with them for the resources they need to grow. One way that farmers prevent these problems is with the use of pesticides, and this is true in both organic and conventional production systems. Its fact that we will still continue using industraly manufactured pest because the locally made pest control tools are very limited. I believe you understand this. Its true that the system is unhealthy but we should think how to go along with it and reduce the effects, rather than entertaining imposibilities.

    1. Hello Brighton.
      Thank you for posting this challange though i differ with your view. It is very posible to farm without use manufactured pesticides, farmers like i, also control pests in many ways other than using pesticides. These tools and strategies differ based on the crop and the geography where it is grown, few of them being. Avoiding the pest, finding genetic resistance, modifying the climate, disrupting the pest’s life cycle and fostering beneficial organisms. Someone said it is not possible for comercial farming especialy crops like onion and coffee. But this is really false..welcome to my farm and see what we do and how we manage.

  55. I pray for your success, I love you and i appreciate the effort you are making in Agriculture.

  56. You kind of the poeple world needs for now..May these ideas happen into reality…financial problem is going to be met with the grant you are going to win. I pray and believe

  57. I comment to vote for you and support you Elitumaini. You are young who is dreaming to change life of people. We youth when hear of Agriculture we used to ignor, and when we show intrest on it, many times we only think about making money.. you come with an idea that touches both, making money helping people and making changes. Congratulation

    1. Sometimes, come with poor exuses like lack of capital and the like matters, but in reality capital is not that much deal to start farming. All a young man need is decision and stength to dare. There are lots of opportunities at farm.

    1. Hi Christa!
      Onion seeds can be stored in a cool and dry room, that allows fresh air. And it doesnt need a big store to keep onion seeds harvested in 5 acress of land, there fore we will be storing in our home store until the production goes up and need for another big store arise.

    1. Hello Ryan. I always share with friend whenever the plan or information i had to seek for advice or more information as we believe that everyone knows something. I welcome any one who is intrested with onion farming and want to know from me, i am open to share my knowledge and experience i got over years living among onion growers.

  58. always plan like this take a long time think about ,so how long did you take to think about it?

    1. Hello Ryan. I always share with friend whenever the plan or information i had to seek for advice or more information as we believe that everyone knows something. I welcome any one who is intrested with onion farming and want to know from me, i am open to share my knowledge and experience i got over years living among onion growers.

  59. tough time never last but tough people do,the plan you have is good but,what will you do after completing this?

  60. always there is a lot of challenges in every good plan can you list the most among them in your plan?

  61. the plan is good and very clear,keep it up one day you will arise and shine through this

  62. Good!!!, but do you employ the labors??? if yes congrats for making the job opportunities to others.

    1. Yes we would need people to work with, in some days later we will create some more and more jobs as we believe the project will grow higher and higher. The support you showed is evidence to that.

  63. What a woow! This wonderful! This is what I call creativity at it best. Keep it up my brother. Let nothing stop you. You are full of ideas and these are people Tanzania has been lacking since….. Keep on keeping on my brother and I know one day, you will surely be recognized.

  64. It’s really a great project which needs to be implemented because I can find some possibilities of sustainability of this project and boost its areas

  65. Good to see the youth in action to solve the major concerns of the Nation. All the best for this project

  66. Great project!. this will help the development process of the country. God bless you for conceiving such a plan!!

  67. Life is sweet at farm with blessed mind like you..i project better life to onion growers of Mangola

  68. The idea is implementable, i believe you are going to make it Happen Elitumaini. But the government has to take this challenge, its the duty of formal govement seed agents to meet the seeds need of the farmers. Not unorganised project to do that. You did something good, see the unmet need and working on God help you accomplish this goal of helping farmers of your home place.

  69. You planed something big, and its result are tangible within a very short period of time, i wish you all the best my Friend.

  70. Succes is there friend, ha! One day i will pay a visit to your oganic onion growing learning zone.

  71. Hi Elitumaini,
    I am so impressed with you idea, there are few things i am eager to know. Will farmers be paying for the lesson about oraginc farming.? Will you start a seed suplying company or how you plan, with the seed distribution..i saw in your proposal that seed will be distributed to farmers with a reasonable and affordable cost.

    1. Hello Efraim.

      Thank you for your support, commenting on my blog post. Regarding your questions. Farmers will be learning for free, we wi have special days for workshop of how to make soil fertile, how to control pest and excetra. But als o the farm will be free for any one to visit and learn from us. And about seeds yes we will be selling seeds with a reasonable cost that will be affordable to farmers. This will not be for profit making but a way to add sustainability to our project.

  72. Waoooh! This is great creativity! I can see the bright future on your ways! Go ahead Son, i trust your mind!

  73. You deserve it Bro, congratulation and all the best. I would like to advice you think of producing localy made pesticides to provide to your farmers while they are still learning from you how to produce or make it by their own. You did not incude that in your budget though.

    1. Hi, Selina thank you for this great advice, i knew that and planed of it too. I didnt include in budget, as we have those material in our area all we need is time ti make them. And most farmers also have these at their homes.

  74. Thank you Everybody for your likes and comments. Your supprot is unexplanable.
    Sorry for delay in responding to some of your questions and suggestions. The comments take time to show up. They pass under moderation for some time.

    I am trying my best to make sure i respond to all of your questions.

    Thank you once again for great support.

  75. I appreciate the role that social network plays, i saw this link in more than 10 Whatsup groups. Here is my vote..

    Blessing .


  76. I never hered of the same Idea, not only about onions but any other crop, there are companies distributing seeds but almost all seeds they distribute are chemicaly preseived. I dare to call poisoned seeds! This is kind of unique project to be implemented. All the best.

  77. Elitumaini you elaborated well the challange you face. And the measures you are going to take…i just comment to vote for you and wishing you all the best

  78. There is a saying that if plan A fail, try out plan B. Can you share with us what is your plan B if the grant wont come to your way? I read your budget and it shows that, if you succeed to get this grant you can make great things. How if you wont? Will it be end of your idea?

    1. Tank you for comment Habiyalimana. As wel as poaing such a good question. I feel my project is important to be emplemented, i wont stop it but will try my level best and do to the point i can make for my own. Also will encourage other people to join me in a mission, i know world understands the negative impact of agrichemical so i believe i will get support from friends and interst groups.

  79. I am so insiried with your Idea as wel as your time i will try also. Thank you for sharing this opportunity with us.

  80. This is a good idea Tumaini. I know that you are doing this so as to help poor farmers improve their productivity. Best of luck

  81. Hi! my lovely brother Elitumain congratulation in advance,u proposed a a good project in our mbunganyekundu valley it much better if u spread a siminar to people in mang’ola valley,that it wl be a good because ur going to reduce a poverty at maximum point in our community,Big up bro is my Honor one day u wil be great one lyk PATRIC NG’OWI.

  82. Most of the time we think that, the seeds we buy from industral producers are the best seeds..and forget that we can produce our own seeds and preserve it localy. Quality of seeds doesnt mean addition of chemical but, good management of seed crop and well presevation..this is what Elitumaini has said in his proposal..Many many votes for him.

  83. God help you to win this Grant my friend. I know you will make great things..and improve life of farming families at your area.

  84. I just hered of onion farming from Mang’ola. And was intrested to go there for farming. Am thankful to meet this post you will be my model there. I must come, this blog post encouraged me, especially when i see educative young man is doing farming.

  85. This is a very good idea for the youth and I believe this project will benefit the whole community

  86. We wish this project win the grant to help this young man, implement the proposal and meet the seeds need of farmers at his area.

  87. I hope that this project will demonstrate possibilities and techniques for permaculture farming.

  88. With all my heart i owe you my support. All the best of luck…i am thankful to vote before they close hopeful you will win

  89. I knew this plan for so long my brother, i knew one day you will make it..and now the time has come..all the best of luck

  90. I recomend this project to be one of the projects to be financed, i read some of the proposals young people are all smart…but this is kind of unique

  91. Hardwork pays…how you work hard to write your plan and spread it over the social networks will work out for you.
    All the best of luck.

  92. This is a distinct idea that proposed the project. Very few determines the seasons and act responsibly. As per current unemployment astronomical figures in Tanzania, the project is a way forward to enrich you and the societ around. Keep it up brother…keep going and never backslide! Remember ‘hardwork never goes unrewarded’.

  93. I feel so confident to say that you deserve all the support Elitumaini. I owe you mine,

  94. I wish world could change to organic farming…this is a challange as everyone going to farm is dreaming of a lot of money thats y they emphasise the use of fertilizers and agrichemicals.

  95. Produce better seeds, grow them organicaly, and you will protect land, environment and peoples health. I agree with you ideas. Shows greater impacts if implemented.

  96. As a young man you showed, the other graduates way to go.. working with nature is the wonderful thing on earth…lets go back to nature..all the best our model.

  97. Congratulation Elitumaini. You are man of the people, you always think positively of others before you think of yourself. The proplem of seeds to people of mangola, has been there for many years such that, they already agreed that could be their life.(growing poor seeds). You now come up with the solution..congratulation i believe its going to work.

  98. You really have bachelor of Education in languages, i like the way you presented your idea. In a very simple and understandable language.

  99. I wish you success my friend Elitumaini, your plan is one of the best in changing situation of the farmers.

  100. I appreciate you idea, wish i could join you in making this great differnce to our people

  101. The world will recognize you one day Elitumaini.. you have great ideas in everything..wether farming or politcs, business or education…i appreciate you.

  102. i comment to support you Elitumaini, i wish there could be something more i could do showing you my appreciation to your project.

  103. this is what we call social entrepreneurship..congratulation for this idea, we your brothers are there o support you,

  104. Thank you for this blog post, its good to see youth going farm to help our people in rural areas, i pray for you to get grant so that you can help farmers increase their income.

  105. Brilliant idea..we have few youth of you kind who can figure out issues like this, that can make life of people better. You have decided to take the task of taking care of your peoples health by feeding thm with fresh onion, as wel as improve income of farmers at your area

  106. well thought and put together, good to see young people think out of the box and come up with healthy ideas.

  107. Hey Tumaini! I like the idea but do you think this is something you need in your environment?

  108. The challenge you mentioned is costing almost all African onion growers, you start it at your place and you opened the door for the same project to happen at other places.