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YAP proposal #336: Fish-cum-Poultry Farming for Resource Utilization (Manasseh Gala Ezekiel, Nigeria)


I am Manasseh Gala Ezekiel, 33, from Kaduna, Nigeria. I am a graduate of Agricultural Economics and Extension, presently studying a Diploma in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Kaduna Business School.

I am currently the Farm Manager of EasyMangala Farms, Nasarawa, Nigeria. My business location is in AngwanAdamu village,Karu, Nasarawa State, North Central Nigeria.

I studied in Benue State, Nigeria, popularly known as ‘the food basket of the nation’, where I learned the act of farming as both a practice and a skill.

I am involved in keeping fish and poultry as well as offering consultancy services in general agriculture and business plan design.

My objectives target mostly rural-dwellers.

Due to the prevailing nutritional deficiencies of most Nigerian rural-dwellers, high unemployment rate, and improper waste management, I propose a fish-cum-poultry farm to meet protein demand, provide economic boosts by creating jobs, and minimizing waste by treating poultry droppings to feed fish.

The main purpose of this business is to help solve the problem of land tenure which has caused great loss of lives and properties in recent times here in Nigeria. Thus, there will be maximal utilization of space and resources.

Income generated from one venture is channelled into the production in the other venture simultaneously. This enables multiple land use that would have been underutilized.


My motivation for proposing this venture emanates from my desire to meet and satisfy the nutritional needs of my society, gain control over my career as an agriculturist alongside my work environment, get and keep customer in business, generate income and create profit, and create job opportunities for my community as well as to have a flexible working hours for self development.

To achieve my dream of being an agripreneur, I have acquired relevant techniques in both fisheries and poultry production for better service delivery. I have purchased a piece of land which I am gradually developing to fulfil my dream and currently undergoing a study on innovation and entrepreneurship for creative thinking and excellent management respectively.

The cost of putting the farm project together is USD 5,000 and will comprise:

  • Capital equipment, such as buildings, borehole, feeders, drinkers, among others (USD 1,500)
  • Operating expenses, such as stock, feeds, vaccines, wages, and utilities (USD 3,000)
  • Other expenses, such as pre-start, set-up, and accreditation (USD 500).

Fish-cum-poultry integration is a multiple-land-use approach that combines fish culture with poultry table egg production.

The increasing use of this method is due to the fact that the economic prospects have been well recognized worldwide.

The poultry droppings will be collected, treated and served as fish feed and thereby reducing feed cost by one-third.

This brings three production advantages: cost minimization, profit maximization, and correct resource allocation into business growth and sustainability.

Blogpost and picture submitted by Manasseh Gala Ezekiel (Nigeria): easymangala[at]

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85 thoughts on “YAP proposal #336: Fish-cum-Poultry Farming for Resource Utilization (Manasseh Gala Ezekiel, Nigeria)”

  1. Elitumaini is a most reliable man and has proven many times to be a person of determination and perseverance. Additionally he is kind and thoughtful and shows talent for future leadership in whatever field he chooses. This proposal is well conceived and is based on first hand experience. Investment here is a vote for the future.

    1. Thanks Christawillms. I appreciate you vote and promise to deliver on my proposed project.

  2. Great and thoughtful proposal. Indeed, sky is not your limit but a stepping stone for a great and successful agripreneur and consulting venture. I am overwhelmed by your indebt analysis of what you have to offer to the society. Your resolve and tenacity to succeed in life irrespective of unfavorable societal environment to excel as a young entrepreneurs is a pointer to the fact that nothing can stop your dream of becoming a national and international business and consulting don in no distant time.

  3. Isreal, added to the resource utilization of this venture is the introduction of 100% crude protein to the diet of the fish resulting to the production of bigger and healthy fish for consumption.

  4. Austin my friend, I am encouraged by your words.
    One thing that kept me going is forgetting my past into future opportunities.

  5. Great man! What a purposeful and adventurous initiatives. Bro keep it on. The sky is your beginning.

  6. Manasseh I always know you will stand out. I look forward to collaborating with you in many ways.

  7. A very inspiring and scintilating piece. I hope and pray that someday you will be a star in the firmament of agro – business in Nigeria and beyond.

  8. What a nice and excellent idea piece of idea. Good job, it will really go a long way in helping the youth of this great nation. Thumbs up.

  9. Manasseh this concept beats my imagination, this is so amazing but considering your level of intelligence from way back in secondary school i am surprised you came up with this hypnotizing idea. Best wishes bruv!

  10. You have my vote Manasseh,keep up the good work.This shows that your days in UAM is paying off and your are part of the change we are talking about in this country.

  11. You have my vote Manasseh,keep up the good work.This shows that your days in UAM is paying off and you are part of the change we are talking about in this country.

  12. Nice proposal. This will go a long way to develop Nigerian economic status by providing employments to the youth of the country. Keep it up.

  13. My son, this is a very thoughtful and innovative idea. Good shot. I wish you the best in your endeavour.

  14. This proposal is worth investing on. It focuses on cost minimization and profit maximization which are the two goals of a business man. It is scientific and has simple technology for adoption. I buy into the idea. Bravo

  15. Great idea, innovative strategy for enhanced production. Also quite sustainable.

  16. Wow, this is a brilliant idea. It really sound profitable and capacity building.

  17. This is a welcome idea my brother. This will create job opportunity for our teaming youths.
    Keep the good job going.

  18. An achieved proposal I will say. It will be a success. It says it all. Wish you God’s blessings.

  19. That is a grate idea keep up the good work. as a country we need people like you to change our present economic status and reduce the unemployment rate though Agriculture.

  20. Wow. This is really encouraging. May you grow from strength to strength in Jesus Name.

  21. Mr manasseh the very first time I met you, from the conversation we had I knew you are loaded I will gladly invest in ur business.
    may God elevate you to the level you wish to attain.

  22. Agicpreneur,the way forward.this is a good one my brother as there is a great need in your identified area.

  23. What an idea!
    You are very creative and innovative.Time is always with the kind of people who have the courage to fly. Not with the kind of people who stand on the ground and watch the sky!! MY BEST WISHES.

  24. The concept is both cost effective apt and worthy of consideration. A project like this adds value immensely in food production and wealth creation. I will be interested in the progress of this business. Quite apt.

  25. I love it when youths use their intellects to help create wealth and job opportunities to their fellow youths. Kudos brother and bravo. The good Lord will make you soar higher than your imagined heights.

  26. your proposal in farming is a good work done. u have push us to the light of the day, now we knw that we can do something and also engage others for the great future ahead.. little support by the government will make a change… ur proposal in fish farming is an eye open.. also in the farming industry.

  27. The project seems to be well thought-out. Looking at the plan for the business, one can rightly say it is achievable with proper execution. Good luck with your agricultural pursuit.

  28. Manasseh great work and ideas in motion I salute your tenacity and innovation on this project… My question is why focus or rural dwellers why a large chunk of the the masses live in the city secondly what is the long term effect of feeding fish with these droppings and how healthy it is to our consumption(Fish) in the long run?

  29. What a great vission u have this is really encouraging we need people like u to change the Economic situation of our country Nigeria because this will create job opportunity for our unemployed youths in this country I wish u the best and I want to let u know that u have my 100% support

  30. Wow! That’s superb idea. I love that. I am interested in farming and will love to partner with u.

  31. Its an awesome movement I will lve to be a part of. Seriously link me up, its the way foward.may God take you there

  32. @Daniel Simon Dangu
    1. With rural dwellers we will be able to start small & grow big into the city as well as prevent rural-urban migration. Moreso, most rural dwellers are deficient of protien.

    2. There is not going to be any ill-effect as a result of feeding the fish with protein droppings since it will be treated before given them.

    1. where exactly are you in nasarawa? what means of communication would you prefer for us to talk- phone or email?

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